" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 26, 2017

'Those Conspiracy Guys' Makes You Tink, I Think ;-)

I came across a pod-cast show on iTunes called
'Those Conspicary Guys' just before St.Patrick's Day this year and this show is run by a bunch of Irish guys out of Dublin, Ireland.
I bought a carton of Guinness stout the week of St.Patrick's Day this year, so it felt like I was sitting in an Irish pub somewhere in Ireland listening to a group of Irish guys at the next table in a drunken ramble...and boy do these guys ramble on, sometimes for seven and a half hours when you look through the times their various pod-casts run for.
And what is it with Guinness these days?
It tastes like shite (to use an Irish term) now compared to how it used to taste years ago.
Admittedly these bottles I bought were only brewed under licence in Australia, but the tins that were brewed and exported from Ireland were only 1.5 standard drinks per can compared to the bottles which were 1.8 standard drinks per bottle and I bought the tins last year and they tasted worse than than the stuff in the bottles that I bought this year. 
I was listening to the Peak Oil and the 9/11 podcasts, but didn't get through to the end of either.
It's not that they were boring, but the Peak Oil one runs for 6 hours and 41 minutes and the 9/11 one runs for 2 hours and 14 minutes.
So, if I was on a long haul flight from say LA to Sydney and had nothing else to do, these podcasts I could probably listen to, but I just can't stand listening to podcasts that go for over an hour and a half, unless the podcasts are really interesting to me...but unfortunately these guys ramble all over the place, instead of sticking to the subject matter of the podcast they are meant to be discussing.
Mind you, I have only listened to part of three of their pod-casts (I'm listening to the Titanic Conspiracy pod-cast right now) (because I had listened to the 'Mysterious Universe' pod-cast this morning where the guys brought up the Titanic Conspiracy) so far, so I can't really comment on their other shows, although some of them do look intriguing to me and other subjects they discuss hold no interest for me personally.
Down Among The Dead Men
I do like the t-shirts these guys sell in their e-store though.
A Full Plate of Shrimp...with Only One Shrimp?
It's not only the shrimp t-shirt that caught my attention here, there was also the picture of the pug that was on their subscribe to their show on iTunes page that got me, as I saw a news story about pugs in the news on March 13th this year that has recently tied a bunch of synchs together for me recently
Pugs and bulldogs living miserable lives because of reckless breeding, vets say
"Australian veterinarians and the RSPCA have called for all short-nosed dogs including pugs, Boston terriers and bulldogs to receive corrective surgery because "reckless breeding" has left them struggling to breathe.
Brachycephalic breeds are known for their wide skulls, squashed muzzles, short coats and stocky builds.
Pugs and bulldogs have become increasingly popular around the world because they cope well in apartments.
They are also the breeds of choice for celebrities, with Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio all owning French bulldogs.

According to the RSPCA, over 80 per cent of British bulldogs are delivered by caesarean section because their large heads and narrow pelvises make natural birth virtually impossible.
Some brachycephalic dogs have trouble breathing while lying down, so they are often sleep deprived.

Others develop oesophageal issues which require their owners to feed them in a baby's high chair.
The dogs are also susceptible to heat stress, exercise intolerance, eye problems, dental disease, skin infections and spinal deformities.
Because of their respiratory issues, most US airlines refuse to transport short-nosed dogs.
Qantas does accept brachycephalic dogs, but owners must sign a form absolving the airline of responsibility if the animal dies on the flight.

RSPCA veterinarian Dr Jade Norris blames unethical breeders who she claims are deliberately pairing parent dogs with exaggerated features.
"The flattened face and the shortened muzzle is caused by defective cartilage, and that is deliberately selected by breeders. It is an artificial selection, and it can cause man-made health problems," she said.
But Karen Hedberg from the Kennel Council of Australia (ANKC) insists that responsible breeders prioritise the health of their dogs and do not aim to exaggerate their features.
Ironically, I just listened to the latest 'Mysterious Universe' podcast, which is about the Titanic Conspiracy and Tree Therapy
(Forrest (Trees?) Gump/Shrimp?!) and they mention pugs at around the 48 minute mark of that podcast.
I'm currently writing a post to explain all the latest Pug synchs and how they link hold your horses on the pugs in the current and past synchromystic pop culture.
But in the mean time, if you like guys talking conspiracy theory in an Irish accents in marathon pod-casts then check out 
'Those Conspiracy Guys'.
But Crust no one.
Follow the signs?

March 24, 2017

A Full Plate of Shrimp...with Only One Shrimp?

I've been writing in my posts all week about the "plate of shrimp" analogy out of the movie Repo Man and I am still working on one more involving coincidence and Australia's biggest shrimp/prawn.
69, 2(0)17? Coincidence, or Just a Plate of Shrimp?
Then I see this story in the local news -
Forearm-sized prawn caught in Gulf of Carpentaria
"A huge leader prawn the size of a forearm and weighing 300 grams has been caught in the Gulf of Carpentaria.
Austral Fisheries northern division manager Andrew Prendergast said it was rare to catch a prawn weighing 300g.
"That's a pretty significant prawn," Mr Prendergast said
"They're not a target species of ours. 
We catch them incidentally and they're generally always bigger than the grooved or brown tigers.""
The weird thing also was my post is titled, 'The Longreach of Synchronicity', because it involves the Queensland town of well as a big prawn.
I knew I should have written it sooner.
Shrimp on the Barbie
""Barbie" is Australian slang for barbecue and the phrase "slip a shrimp on the barbie", for Americans, often evokes images of a fun social gathering under the sun. 
Australians, however, invariably use the word prawn rather than shrimp.
Because the commercial was commissioned for broadcast in the United States, the change was made to limit audience confusion."
Why Would You Want to Throw a Shrimp/Prawn on the Barbie?

March 23, 2017

A Walk of Art and Synch in Redcliffe

Me trying to find my true north in Redcliffe

 Authors of the Impossible

The fictional appliance (ANTBV) and the distant OPTO
Looking across to Bee Gees Way from the OPTO
The Redcliffe "Portal" and the Bee Gees Way
I picked up a brochure on my last visit to Redcliffe titled
'Redcliffe Foreshore Public Art Trail' and decided to walk it, while I waited for the sun to go down so I could watch the Bee Gees Way light show last Saturday night.
Truth is sometimes stranger than the fictional appliance (ANTBV) 
Something Strange Happened to Me on THE WAY out of a Taoist Temple
Being born on the cusp of both the Virgo/Libra star signs might explain my love for art that makes me think...or at least I like to think it does:-)
And on Saturday I found a lot of art in Redcliffe that made me think and also synched with a lot of current themes in my life at the moment.
The Lore of Synchronicity?
And a lot of that art wasn't in any information centre brochure, although the brochure was a good point for departure.
Bianca Beetson Visual Artist
I love Bianca Beetson's story poles and while I did see them during daylight hours I didn't get to see them lit up at night so I pinched the above picture from Bianca's blog-site, which is worth a look.
Arthur Henry "Artie" Beetson
(22 January, 1945 – 1 December, 2011)

Being a Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks supporter I loved this portrait of Artie Beetson of Bianca's from her blog-site, as Artie was the Cronulla coach in 1992-1993.
Artie playing for the Redcliffe Dolphins #11
"Beetson became the first Indigenous Australian to captain his country in any sport and is frequently cited as the best post-war forward in Australian rugby league history. 
He also had an extensive coaching career, spanning the 1970s to the 1990s, coaching Australia, Queensland, Eastern Suburbs
Redcliffe Dolphins and the Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks."
A Walk Through Centennial Park and Then Off to the Football
Mythology = History, plus a mix of truth and lies
Looking out towards the Redcliffe jetty and whale watching boat
History = Mythology, plus a mix of truth and lies
Looking out towards the Redcliffe jetty and whale watching boat
I'll have to do some whale watching this year come whale season
Makes you feel special and creeped out all at once, doesn't it?
The Redcliffe Public Art Trail is worth doing, but it was the accidental art around Redcliffe that spoke to me, as well.
On the subject of art and 'Main Couse' some of the food shops in Redcliffe are works of art in themselves, take 
'Yabbey Road' fish & chip shop for instance, it's a work of pop art and nostalgia all rolled into one. 
I am the Walrus/We All Long for Yellow Berberine?
And while it may sound like I'm "Jive Talking" in this post, everything became a work of art to me in my walk around Redcliffe last Saturday and I saw a lot that I had missed from my previous visit.
And no, I wasn't on drugs...unless you count the one tin of Boddington beer I consumed with my Walrus burger.
Odd, I thought that Robin Gibb was nick-named "Bodding" from a young age and that the town he grew up in (Manchester) sells Boddington beer.
And there are two "Bees" pictured on the "yellow" can, as well.
Isn't a yellow submarine just a tin can, too?-)
Life in a Tin Can
No walruses were harmed in the making of this burger, but the cod's f#cked
Just about the whole menu at 'Yabbey Road' is Beatle themed, but I couldn't help thinking if the shop is also a sly nod to the 'Bee Gees', as well, because the 'Bee Gees' were in that stinker of a film about one of The Beatles most famous albums singing most of the songs.
A blue peddle car on the roof above my Yabbey Road dining table
I had just read a story about how Barry got in trouble as a kid living in England for stealing a peddle car and as I'm eating my burger I look up and there is a blue peddle car on the roof above me...I wonder if this is where he stashed it?-)
But anyone who has read my blog would know that blue peddle cars strike a synchromystic cord with me.
Blue Cars Too
The thing with the 'Bee Gees' connection to
Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band is that The Beatles album was released in 1967, which was the same year the 'Bee Gees' had their first hit in England and 2017 is the 50th anniversary of both.
And 2017 is also the 40th anniversary of the 
'Saturday Night Fever: The Original Movie Sound Track'.
And on a personal note, it also happens to be the 50th anniversary this year of a football team that I have followed for most of my life.
And on another personal note I have been thinking of buying a unit somewhere to get out of the rental game, so I have a place to call my own again and put down some roots.
Then I see this place pictured below on my walk.
#67? Move On Realty?! 
A more  modern fictional appliance (ANTBV) ?
And on the subject of Yabbey/Abbey Road and Abbeys in general if you walk across the road from the Yabbey Road fish & chip shop and head left along the beach you'll come (together?-) to a rock from a real abbey.
And if you don't mind carrying a bit of weight around Redcliffe there are other shops that offer works of art made out of sugar and dough.
There is even a Subway sandwich shop where you can design your own digestive works of art, if you are so inclined. 
And on a synchromystic level there was always some pop art, or a shop that would tie in with what I had recently read about the 'Bee Gees' and in this case above it was both, because I had read about the 'Bee Gees' going on stage in Manchester as kids to mime a bunch of records they had brought with them, but one of them dropped and smashed the records and they were forced to sing live, so they decided to sing a cover of the Mudlarks 'Lollipop' as their first live song, because they had been practicing it at home.
Another thing I thought was funny was 'The Mudlarks' were named 'The Mudlarks', because they were a brother and sister group who had the surname Mudd and I had just read Paul Carter's last book, 'Is That Thing Diesel?' where he starts of the book saying, "my name is Mud...or it should be" and when I read that I thought that now there was a saying I hadn't heard since the days of my cartoon watching, then next thing I hear is about the young Gibb boys singing a Mudlark song, which is a group I had never heard of before, even though the song seemed familiar to me. 
Paul Carter: When Taoism and Synchronicity Collide
Not only that, but the free March edition of the 'Redcliffe Guide' had the word "mud" on its front cover along with a person covered in mud doing a mud run.
And I've just realized that I wrote that Paul Carter post on March 14th this year, which was Pi Day, which synchs into my -
Blue Cars Too
post I mentioned further above.
If Paul ever finds himself in Redcliffe on that bio-diesel bike, he'll be able to fill up his tank at the Yabbey Road fish & chip shop then sit down on a Redcliffe beach and look out towards the mouth of the Brisbane River at all of the oil refineries out there;-)
Looking out to the oil refineries at the mouth of the Brisbane River
I discovered a lot about my own part of the world on my two recent trips to Redcliffe and "the home of the Bee Gees" and I highly recommend a trip out this way to check it out for yourself if you ever happen to be in Brisbane.
At least that's another thing ticked off my bucket list, now all I have to do is to do it again some other time.
It's a shame that there is only one Bee Gee left now.
It will be a sad day when Barry's spirit flies and the close of a great chapter in the music world, but the music will live we all do I think.