" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 27, 2011

Medium Solves Murder Case

I must say that I am not one for going to Spiritualist Churches.
I've been twice in my life and both times felt much like the little boy in the movie Hereafter who goes into a Spiritual Church to seek answers, only to run into deluded, although well meaning people trying to bring back messages from the other side.
I'm not saying that there aren't people in these Churches who can contact the other side, but my experience with these visits only showed me egotistical pretenders who seemed to be doing more harm than good to the cause.
Having said that though, I do anonymously follow 
a blog by the Enmore Spiritual Church 
which had the above You Tube clip of a woman, named Marita.
"Marita, who comes to have a reading with Medium Debra Martin in Arizona to connect with her deceased Aunt that lived in Peru. 
Marita did not know that her Aunt was murdered. 
She was told she passed from a heart attack and stomach cancer. 
This was shocking news Debra had to reveal. 
Not only did Debra find out she was murdered, she gave details of how it happened, why it happened and gave the name of who committed this crime. 
Justice was served! 
Marco's was arrested and confessed to the murder of Marita's Aunt. 
He is now serving 20 years in the Peru jail."
Interesting stuff!


  1. I've seen several mediums in action but have yet to personally witness one I believed to be 100% genuine. This also applies to many fortune tellers, palm and card readers and the like I have visited.

    I still feel sure there are genuine messages from the 'other side' - the video is impressive for example - but I think these are more likely to be personal experiences as opposed to a third party being involved.

  2. Interesting stuff, for sure! Glad this one worked out.

  3. My mother-in-law,my wife and eldest son went to a psychic who was recommended by a relative a few months back,and I must say that she was really impressive.I told them not to give the lady any more than basic yes/no answers and not to feed her with an information that she could feed on.
    The reading was recorded on to a CD,which I later got to hear.This lady told us things which were uncannily accurate,not to mention things that would happen in the family not long after...which did.I have to say I think she was the real deal.
    I also had a one hour palm reading years ago by a man named Andrew Fitzherbert,who I wrote about in a post in May called
    " Speaking About Fishy Things and Libriarians"

    and he was also very impressive.I wish I still had the cassette tape of that reading.
    I feel sorry for him,because he is serving a life sentence for a murder that I am sure he did not commit.
    If you get a chance to read the book
    "Five Drops of Blood",I'm sure you will see who should be serving that sentence in his place.
    He was the reason I went to a Spiritual Church the second time (it was his Church...the one mentioned in the book).
    The only memorable thing I remember about that night was how he got into a very public argument with a lady he was giving a talk about psychic surgeons in the Philippines and how he believed they were nothing but clever stage magicians.
    I do believe there are good psychics about,but they are well overshadowed by fakes and egotists who want the limelight to themselves.That's my experience from my only two ventures into a Spiritual Church...which I found uncomfortable to say the least.
    It was a completely opposite feeling to coming out of a service from my little Liberal Catholic Church,which would always fuel me with peace.
    But everyone is different I guess.That scene just wasn't for me.