" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 25, 2012

World War (O)Z?

A poster King Uke made at my suggestion...mabe a little heavy on the brains, though?
I'm a big fan of The Wizard Of Oz (and no, I'm not gay FYI) and I don't mind the odd zombie movie, as I see them as analogies of the dullness and thoughtlessness of modern living.
Oz dolls with Bush and Schwarzenegger (zombie) dolls.
They are the only Barbie dolls I've bought in my life...and I'm still not gay BTW.
My blogging mate King Uke is a big fan of zombie movies and bad Japanese graphic novels that look like math book doodles repackaged to the public ;-) 
Tokyo Zombie (2008)
You can watch the whole movie in an English dubbed soundtrack in the above You Tube if you want to.
The King made The Wizard Of Zom poster at the top of this post after a brainstorming session in the comments section of his blog between he and myself in the Tokyo Zombie post.
"Actually I just had a vision of a reverse Wizard of OZ zombie story, where Dorothy teams up with the Munchkins to do battle against Scarecrow brain munching, Tin Man heart eating and Lion gut chomping zombies in the land of ZO(M), as she tries to get to the Emerald city and get the Wizard a new brain.
Maybe that's one to throw at the Tokyo Zombie boys?

That's if they aren't scared of getting sued by Disney.
Now I'd buy that one for sure and would probably give it an OK review on Amazon, too;-)

 I see now that Disney have a Wizard Of Oz movie coming out and 
World War Z written by Max Brooks (the son of Mel), a movie about zombies is also coming out around the same time.
Brooks (right) and George Romero
 Cliff Pickover posted a link to this You Tube yesterday at his 
Reality Carnival blog.
of The Zombies 1964 hit She's Not There with a clip from the TV show Outer Limits, which other bloggers rave over, like these bloggers,
So there seems to be something for all the sync-heads here.
 Looks like we are in for some good movie going over the Summer.
Summer in Oz, that is.
The Wizard of Oz (Australia) 
This is a live recording of the Australian revival of  
The Wizard of Oz in 2001, based on MGM's 1939 movie
It features Nikki Webster in the role of Dorothy Gale
 You might remember Nikki Webster from the opening of the 2000 Olympic Games in Oz?
Wizard of Oz and Zombie inspired movie t-shirt
 I think someone may have been reading our blogs King. 
OK that does it.
Let's make sure we keep our Snow White And The Seven Zombies project under wraps KU;-)
Now I know how Chris Knowles feels -
Say sNOw to Hanna!!!


John King said...

I can't believe that we've had your idea stolen before I've made any money out of it! I'm right in thinking that we're going with the 'gay' angle in Snow White and the Seven Zombies? ooo... almost let the cat out of the bag there...

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I was going to save the gay angle for the story after that,
"Priscilla,Queen of the Zombies"
Where Priscilla and her/his zombies take a bus ride through the southern suburbs of Melbourne singing french songs in their never ending,almost hopeless quest for brains.
At least it's got the makings of a successful viral You Tube,
if nothing else.-)

Mike Perry said...

Re the sync head video: ah is also a computer virus and, according to one urban dictionary, a sound made during sex. Interesting as per norm

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

" Ah is also a computer virus and, according to one urban dictionary, a sound made during sex."

I always thought the sound made during sex was pronounced "Oh"
like in " oh,Yes,oh yes!" and talking about viruses and sex,I heard it once said that life is nothing but a sexually transmitted terminal disease.-)

I did a post last September on the guy that made that video -

He is a big basketball-er in the States named Joe Alexander.

So he can sync a few baskets as well,by all reports.-)

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Oh,and Mike,some of the scenes in the movie "World War Z" were shot in Cornwall.

" Some scenes were shot in Cornwall, before production moved to Budapest in October."

John King said...

World War Z could be brilliant, but it could also be quite rubbish...

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

"World War Z could be brilliant, but it could also be quite rubbish... "

Well at least they can't make a sequel.
What would they call it if they did?
"World War Z II"?

John King said...

Well apparently Brad Pitt is meant to be making a trilogy of films from World War Z... hmmm