" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 3, 2012

Looking For Draws In The Sync Pool to Make My Fortun(a)e?

My blogging friend Foxi
in Germany has done it again.
(you'll have to hit the translate button to read the post in a language other than German)
My current 4 week match list, with 2 weeks on front and 2 on back.
Each week if the jackpot is big enough I play the Australian soccer pools, which is a lottery based on football teams that draw their matches.
A bit too hard to explain here, so go to this link if you want to know more on how it works -
The current week number 1427.
You have to have them on by Saturday afternoon for the European matches, so Saturday morning I was trying to figure out which teams might draw by looking up the European tables of each league.
Match 22 became Catch 22 for me ;-)
 I was having trouble deciding on match 22 between Dusseldorf and Frankfurt.
But when I looked at the results it said the game had already been played Friday night!?
So obviously match 22 was not going to be between Dusseldorf and Frankfurt, because
Dusseldorf had already won 4:0.
Then I  saw this post at Foxi's blog Sync Power -
" Drew a lot of attention a strong private response to the football game last Friday,
between the two rising stars
in the Bundesliga top flight, Fortuna Dusseldorf and Eintracht Frankfurt "

 He says that Fortuna is understood histoicallly being Isis-Fortuna
a composite Goddess who manifested in the cultural ferment of the Roman Empire, primarily representing a pairing of the Great Roman Fortuna with the universalized All-Mother Mysteries Goddess Isis of Hellenic Egypt.
Which tends to come back to this movie once again.
A movie starring Megan Fox -
 Not only that but the second goal of the match was scored at the 42nd minute of the match!?
 So now we are syncing in the soccer pools too ;-)

" Düsseldorfer Turn- und Sportverein Fortuna 1895 e.V. to give Fortuna Düsseldorf their full title, are a football club from the industrial city of Düsseldorf in Germany's North Rhine-Westphalia region. 
The club were formed as part of the Turnverein Flingern gymnastics club in 1895, with the team moving to play home games at Lichtplatz from 1908.
Two other local clubs; Düsseldorfer Fußballklub Spielverein who were founded in 1908, and Fortuna (earlier FK Alemania) who were formed in 1911 amalgamated to form Düsseldorfer Fußball-Club Fortuna 1911 in 1913. Another club "
 Beaumont Livingston in Jackie Brown is Chris Tucker from  
Rush Hour 1, 2, and 3.

Flipside of the Dartboard

Andras Jones in Nightmare On Elm Street 4
Andras Jones: Psycho Cinematic Analysis
Andras about to break someone's balls?-)
Andras with a pool ball, the 8-ball.
Accidental Initiations 
Writing about football teams, what colours do Russell Crowe's team wear? 
Steering Synchronicity by Surprise
 "Born in New Zealand in 64, a hot-headed actor named Russell Crowe..."

 "Jacket on ...jacket off. " instead of "wax on ...wax off".
 Isn't Kangaroo Jack also about a jacket? 
Watch the above You Tube and remember...
 Sync, or swim!


Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

No. No, this just can't be. At the v very end of this post, I was expecting to hear you had won something like 40 million. But let's start there. What would you do with 4e0 million??

Trish and Rob MacGregor said...

I was waiting to hear you had won $40 million. What would you do with all that money?

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

There was no $40 million to win in this jackpot,it was only (only?)
$900 000,but the good news is nobody won the 1st prize,so next week it is $1.07 million.
I'd better improve on the one number I got right out of the eight I picked this week.-)

Now tomorrow's Oz Lotto jackpot is $13 000 000 and I wouldn't care if I only won a quarter of that one.-)

Mike Perry said...

Perhaps you should base your selections on numbers you are 'drawn' to during the day.

Since the lottery started in the UK the Football Pools are dwindling. I remember my dad studying the form each week but he never won much.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

It's dwindled over here too,since the lotteries have come in.That's why it is only worth playing when the jackpot is reasonable.
When it goes off it usually starts off at about $30 000 and builds up by a similar margin each week.
I won't play if the jackpot is below $300 000.
I have been close in the Pools a few times following the form,but the last month has only resulted in the odd number,which means no prize.

Oddly enough,I win more money in minor prizes in the other lotteries,and have been painfully close to winning the lotto by just going with my gut choices,which I don't do for the Pools,because rationally I'm convinced following form is the way to win.But the reality is the way you say to pick the numbers probably is the better way.

Foxi said...


I checked your EPost on my second Notebook, it is old and slow.
I pressed some Keys to open the Task Manager, unfortunately too many Keys and the NumLock was switched in a ghostly Way .

Then i wrote the Word "Fortune" in Google-Search, and it is shown as F6rt4ne. Weird!