" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 13, 2013


Knife by King Uke & Pancho (2013)

My mate King Uke after riding the wave of success with his Christmas smash hit "Snow"
 has teamed up with another musical outlaw to collaborate on a song called "Knife".
I thought I would do him a favour and promote the song by sticking 
posters on telephone poles all over Brisbane.
But while the King thought the song had a Spaghetti Western-type feel to it, some of the Sicilian community were knocking on my door demanding to know where this "King" lived.
Sorry about that :-(
I gave them the above address, but that joke kind of backfired, so I came clean and said that he lives somewhere in the UK(e).
That didn't go down much better either when they threatened to give him a Spaghetti Western-type feel the only way Sicilians know how, when they are mad at someone.
Then they force fed me a Findus lasagne, vandalized my bin and then made me listen to the King & Pancho on full blast till the neighbours rang the cops to complain about the King's poor use of the Sicilian language.
There's no need to worry about the posters though.
As the bin reads "We Recycle" ;-)
And don't worry KU the song is pretty good.
Just because the cops tasered me for refusing to turn the song off can't really be seen as criticism of your singing, as they were only doing their job...even though next door were playing 
"Russell Crowe's Greatest Hits" and allowed to carry on ;-)
Well, King I've got to say that you are better than this lot who call themselves "The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain" and just sit there with them in their hands without using them. 
 Now they should be arrested for not pulling any strings in the musical crime scene you outlaws operate in ;-)


  1. Ha ha! I've been well and truly busted! Just you wait until Pancho finds out... he's got all the connections ;-)
    Thanks Daz. Working on track 2 as we speak. But first, I must go to Bruges!

  2. Beautiful!! Now we are true outlaw! :)