" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 11, 2013

Do Bears Uke in the Woods?

Pawel Kuczynski
My blogging buddy King Uke was recommending a ukelele player 
by the name of Ukelele Russ on his blog and I thought -
Oh no! 
Not Russell Crowe?
 But to my relief it was an Alaskan guy who actually could play a decent tune;-)
 Here's a bit of a sync.
King Uke says - 
" I happened to see a video of PHB on Ukulele Russ's facebook page which blew me away. 
It is Episode 422 of Alaska Underground Live."
The above music clip "The Turtle Song" goes for 4:22 minutes,
even though is says 4:23 on the screen shot.
His singing and uke playing are great, but I  have to say that it wasn't the kind of turtle song I enjoy listening to. 
The lyrics make me gag...sorry...and yeah, pun intended. ;-)
I like the instrumental tune on King Uke's blog post much better, I have to admit.
Ukulele Russ
It's funny how you tend to equate ukulele playing with Hawaii 
(well I do anyway) and not places like Alaska.
I found this bit of info enlightening too from KU -
" Russ is a hunting and fishing type of guy. 
I thought he was pulling my leg one night when he said he's been out bear baiting. 
Surely not! :-O 
FACT: Alaskans are allowed to catch 3 black bears and 1 brown bear a year for food. 
Russ's dinner that day was going to be moose ribs. "
I wonder what the Grizzly Man would have thought of Ukelele Russ
if a bear hadn't eaten the Grizzly Man and his girlfriend?
Maybe there is a song in there somewhere?-)
Which brings another tune to my mind...sorry King;-)
You won't get that tune out of your head for a while, I'll bet.
Rejected Kids Books
“Exit, in pursuit of a bear” - Work in Progress ... ;-) 

King Uke assures me that they do.
Although I think one of them may be the King in a bear suit?-)


John King said...

I think we have an answer!

John King said...

This is off at a tangent, but you are going to love this Daz!
Check out the Harp Twins
And this is what a Harp Twins / King Uke collaboration might look like...
Beats a bear suit!

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

I'd like to see if they can make music out of this HAARP .-)

This HAARP is in Alaska too,BTW.