" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 29, 2016

The 37th Parallel

I was listening to a podcast over at Ryan Singer's site -
Experience 136 – Ben Mezrich, Author of The 37th Parallel
just after I was listening to my late father's favorite record, which had his favourite song on it, 'The Gambler'.
Ryan starts off the podcast by saying he was raised in an Irish gambling family, which really got my attention, as my surname is an Irish surname, even though I don't really have any Irish blood in my veins.
UPDATE: I did one of those '23 and me' type genetic tests and it turns out 18% of my genes are Irish according to my spit sample.
And the next blog-post I'm working on involves gambling and that surname...although I'm not really going to spell out my surname, but in a way I do, because of the synchronicites involved in that post.
You would have to be pretty dumb if you couldn't figure out what my surname is when you read it.
I'm still pissed that I didn't put my foot down and include '
The Gambler' in my dad's funeral service, because this is the song he really would have wanted played, but because of my mother's health I let her pick the songs for his service.
My father really burned gambling and that metaphor for life into my brain by taking me to horse racing events as I grew up.
At first I was bored when I went to the racetrack, but as I spent more time among the trainers, jockeys and punters I got to see life on a bigger canvas and knew that life was nothing but one big gamble, whether you thought that way, or not.
My Nana was a Roman Catholic and one thing I liked about going to my local church hall was all of the horse-racing pictures on the wall, which made me want to become a Catholic, too.
Although I only became a Liberal Catholic later in life and that suits me just fine.
SPOILER ALERT, but life is one big f#cking gamble, weather you want to put your money on the table, or not.
Ben wrote this 
There are more things to gamble with than money, if you haven't worked that out yet.
I haven't read Ben's book yet, but Ryan's podcast makes me want to read it.
I've thrown money on some bum horses in the past, so I'll take a gamble and lay down some money on Ben's book hoping for a win.
I don't like putting money on authors of UFO books, so fingers crossed with this bet.
I also noticed that on my side of the planet there is a 37th parallel south, it crosses the Atlantic Ocean, the Indian Ocean, Australasia, the Pacific Ocean and South America.
An exploration of the 37th parallel is the theme of Jules Verne's novel In Search of the Castaways

The phantom reef of Maria Theresa Reef is supposed to lie on the parallel in the Pacific Ocean.
In Search of the Castaways
Which kind of reminds me of the route Jessica Watson took on her round the world sailing adventure.
 Jessica Watson's route around the world
In the Doldrums of Everyday Living
Jessica Watson: Finding Point Nemo

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