" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 1, 2017

Happy New Years

My new Powerful Owl 2017 calendar hanging in my kitchen
Two New Years down and one to go for me.
New Year skies explode in colour as Australia rings in 2017
New Year's Eve: Two killed by illegal fireworks in Victoria, New South Wales
I celebrate three New Years in the course of a year.
Honey with gold flakes in it?! That's Gold!
The honey-pot I bought in Berrima
I celebrated the Jewish New Year in October on grand final night with honey, apples and sparking wine (we aren't allowed to call it Champagne if it's not from Champagne right?-) and my football team winning the grand final that night.
I bought a jar of honey with eatable gold flakes mixed in with the honey when I was in Canberra at the National Museum and I bought a honey pot on my visit to Berrima.
Me and My Shadow Visit Berrima
Me on grand final night about to congratulate #11 Luke Lewis
The sun setting over the Olympic Stadium NRL Grand Final night
Sport is my religion;-) 
The new Jewish new year is 5777, which suits me as my 
life-path number is 7.
I agree with Rabbi Allison Conyer in the above video about 
the "Bad Jew" jibes.
My brother gave me one $5 scratch-it for Christmas this year and I won $30.
One of the winning games had three 7s with a 6 4 2 between those 7s, which I thought was rather personally synchy as I was born in '64 and 42 is the meaning of life, right?-)
I liked the three winning cars, as well, because I did three road-trips in my new car this year across Australia.
A Powerful Owl Synchronicity at the BBWF For Me
So I've hang all my new 2017 calendars up, but there is still one more New Year to see in at the end of January and that is the Chinese New Year - The Year of the Rooster.
I'm looking forward to getting the monkey off my back;-) 
Happy New Years everybody.
Is that monkey a Storm supporter?-)
I also bought this "Athena Owl" from the National Museum shop in Canberra when I went to see the 101 objects that changed the world exhibition from the British Museum.


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