" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 19, 2017

Musical Truth?

I was listening to one of the new shorter 'Those Conspiracy Guys' You Tube interviews with a failed(?)/retired from the industry DJ Mark Devlin.
I had never heard of him before.
He runs a pod-cast series called 'Good Vibrations', which looks interesting when you look at some of the people he's interviewed, some I find credible people, some I find outright nut-bags.
Plus he has a book out called 'Musical Truth' about "the music industry and the devastating truth of who really controls these institutions, and the deeply malevolent agendas for which they're being used."
I'm listening to the Max Igan interview at the moment, as I like Max Igan's stuff at his site 'The Crowhouse'...not that I agree with everything Max says, but he is one of the more saner voices in the "conspiracy movement".
Good Vibrations podcast Vol. 16: Max Igan
Mark for one believes the real Paul is dead, whereas I just believe the real Paul is dead...boring.
John and George were my favourite Beatles and they are dead...or are they?-)
If nothing else 'Good Vibrations' makes for good listening around campfires at night if you happen to be camping at the various music festivals around the world, such as the Byron Bay Bluesfest -
Sunset over the Byron Bay Bluesfest Easter Sunday, 2017
Easter SUNday at Bluesfest...and a Plate of Shrimp
I'm sure the musical truth is out there...somewhere;-)
Maybe that should be the XX Files?-)

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