" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 10, 2018

Vegetarian Zen: Vegetarian and Vegan YouTube Channels?

Having been on a vegetarian/dairy free diet for the last few months, barring my St.Patrick Day Guinness and the odd splash of Worcestershire sauce on my eggs (I still eat eggs) and beans,
The Nightmare of being a STRICT Vegetarian or Vegan?
I find the 'Vegetarian Zen' site a wealth of information for someone like me who has been on a meat and dairy diet for years prior.
Vegetarian Zen?
I was listening to the 'Vegetarian Zen' podcast -
VZ 225: Vegetarian and Vegan YouTube Channels
and was blown away by the creativity of some of these You Tube cooks and kooks (and I mean that in a nice way for most of them) out there.
I thought I would load some of my favourite You Tubes in this post, just to show you all out there that vegetarian/vegan food can still make your mouth water just by looking at these videos.
I have to thank Vickie, Larissa and the gang in the 'Peas and Carrots' group for these great tips about these You Tubes channels and if you click on that VZ 225 link above you will find a list of links to even more You Tube channels.
Bon App├ętit.
"Cooking with plannnts", don't you just love the way those Aussies talk?
I hope you do, because that's the way I talk:-)
Oh yes, I can still eat doughnuts while watching 'Twin Peaks'.
I shop at Aldi, so that 'No Egg Craig' video above may just come in handy for me, but unlike Craig, I do eat eggs. 
Hmm...looks like you can have yer pudding if you don't eat yer meat, after-all -
Vegetarian Graffiti: If You Don't Eat Your Meat, You Can't Have Any Pudding?!
Wow, my mouth is really watering now, so it's time to open my tin of lentil soup and heat it on the stove.
Ciao and don't forget to checkout those 'Vegetarian Zen' links for yourself. 


Maria Rigel said...

I never understood people who say they don't know how to cook vegetarian meals. First, there are plenty of recipes around. Second, you can take just about any meat meal and instead of meat have your favorite meat substitute. Which doesn't even have to be very meat-looking, if you aren't into that sort of things. Mushrooms, beans or nut and seed mixes work as meat substitutes for many recipes.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

Re: "I never understood people who say they don't know how to cook vegetarian meals."
When I was eating meat and dairy I was never much into cooking fancy meals that you see on shows like "My Kitchen Rules", "Master Chef", etc.
In fact, I personally hate those food snob shows...although if they made some kind of show like "Vegetarian (or Vegan) Victory" where vegetarians or vegans competed like these mainstream "master chefs" I might watch that show for the novelty of it:-)
The thing is I never ate, or cooked fancy recipes in my meat and dairy days, but when I went on a vegetarian diet it was like, "what can I eat now?"
I loved pizza, burgers, ice cream and even the occasional doughnut and I now thought those things were lost to me on a vegetarian/no dairy diet...but apparently not by looking at the You Tubes above.
I still won't be spending anymore time in the kitchen than I did when I ate meat and dairy, because I like to keep it simple and my dish-washing to a minimum.
But it's good to know that there are probably restaurants out there where meals like the ones above are available to me if I want to go out and eat something fancy instead of my usual Thai, Indian and Subway Veggie Delight takeaways.
Last night for instance I just cooked myself brown rice and steamed broccoli combined with olive oil, tomato, soy and Tabasco sauce.
That's my idea of cooking and it's a meal I like and is good for my health too, I hope.
Afterwards I grabbed a beer and watched the movie 'Fed Up' from Netflix on my iPad and that was an iOpener:-)
I'm glad that I never ate or drank half of the stuff those poor food junkies were hooked on in that movie.