" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 8, 2018

Sugar-Free(dom) and the Monkey Mind?

I've been reading and hearing a lot about sugar-free diets in my quest to educate myself about all things diet related, but my quest is not to cut sugar out of my diet, but to educate myself about the vegetarian diet and how to stay healthy while on it.
I've been listening to the fine podcasts from the gals at the 'Vegetarian Zen' website and it's helped me quite a lot on my journey on a vegetarian/dairy-free (but with eggs) diet.
VZ 239: Battling Sugar Addiction
I was surprised to hear that there was such a thing as sugar addiction, even though I'm aware that there is way too much sugar in the food you find in processed foods on supermarket shelves.
I don't put sugar in my coffee or on my breakfast cereal, (but I do use honey on my cereal sometimes), I rarely drink soft drinks like Coke and Pepsi and my sugar consumption would be pretty good compared to most people when it comes to the western diet.
But I know that there is still a lot of hidden added sugar in the foods that I eat.
Still, I couldn't see myself on a sugar-free diet, which seems to be the latest craze, especially with women.
Katherine, uni student: “I’ve never felt better!”
I read the above article about a young Brisbane blogger who is "rolling in the (sugar-free) dough" with the following that she has built up at her sugar-free food blog -
It certainly makes for good sugar-free eye candy, but it's not a vegetarian website.
That reminds me of a catchy song sung by a recently deceased singer who I wrote about in this post recently -
Paul Gray GONE?
I was also listening to another pod-cast about food cravings and overeating at the '11:11' podcast linked below -
Freedom From Food: Patricia Bisch
May 28, 2009
At about the nine minute mark Patrica makes a comment about the "monkey mind" and I found this rather personally synchy, as I have monkey-headed food clips which I put on my opened packets of food, like chips, cereals, lollies...and even a packet of dark brown sugar I bought a few weeks back, because sometimes I get the craving for a tea-spoon or two of the dark sugar, as there is something in the dark sugar that white sugar or honey doesn't have and that I sometimes crave.
I liked the podcast Simran did with Patricia Bisch and a lot of what Patricia said, but I don't agree that someone can eat what they like and not put on weight.
That to me is a very unrealistic thing to say, as even someone like me who can seemingly eat what they like without putting on weight will start putting on weight eventually if they keep eating junk foods.
And the "monkey mind" is something that can't be let to get out of hand when it comes to anything, not just diets.
I actually threw out my packet of dark sugar after listening to the '11:11' podcast, because I don't really need to have that sugar sitting in the cupboard for my "monkey mind" to see.
Dieting and staying focused on your diet is just the same as meditation and keeping the "monkey mind" at bay I think.
I guess it is sink or swim when it comes to food blogging?-)
I actually don't mind 'The Balanced Blonde' podcast, although Jordan strikes me as a tightrope walker who teeters from side to side on that high-wire adventure she is on and is barely balanced at the moment in my opinion taking advice from some rather flakey so-called shamans.
Shaman Durek??!
My Tony Robbins alarm bells are going off listening to this guy and my advice for Jordan is run away faster than I would run from a Tony Robbins convention.
Be careful of anyone who refers to themselves as a shaman, rather than someone who is into shamanism I think.
I like Biet Simkin and her story though, some very tough lessons learned there for sure, but does that make her a teacher who can tell you how to live your life?
I found some good vegetarian snacks for my "monkey mind" too;-)
Staying balanced in life no matter what you do is always hard with a monkey on your back.
But even harder with a "monkey mind" in your head.
Time for a banana I think:-)


Maria Rigel said...

In my experience, the worst combination seems to be sugar and starch, that is, cakes! Nowadays I try to avoid cakes, and if I do have one, I go for something with lots of cream and fruit, rather than something that is essentially sugary dough.

Brizdaz (Darren) said...

That's interesting Maria, because something I promised myself when I embarked on a vegetarian diet was that I would break my diet in the case of friend's birthday cakes if I was offered a piece of cake at a party or celebration so I didn't offend them.
I also said I would break my diet at Christmas time to eat prawns, as I love eating prawns.
It also means that I can't refer to myself as a Vegetarian, even though I pretty much am at the moment.
I don't like how people label themselves as Vegetarian or Vegan, as it sounds too political to me.
I just prefer to explain to people when asked about my current food preferences that I'm following a vegetarian diet, not that I'm a Vegetarian, because I don't see myself as aligned to the same values as most Vegetarians.
Animals eat other animals and that's just nature's way, so I don't have a problem with people eating animals, I just have a problem with people destroying the planet and their children's lives and future on this planet.
So, I'm not on a vegetarian diet because I'm against eating animals, it's because I don't think the dairy industry is a sustainable industry for the planet anymore with it's use of huge amounts of water and it's byproducts of pollution.
I also think a vegetarian diet is a healthier option, but I see nothing wrong with eating eggs to get my B12 and iron and other goodies lacking in a vegan diet.
As far as sugar goes my diet is pretty low in sugar compared to the average westerner's diet.
Just like "The Balanced Blonde", everyone has to try and find their own equilibrium when it comes to whats right for them, but once the planet goes off balance we are all going down with it.