" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 2, 2018

The Nature of Nature, Pets and Cryptozoologists?

Last week while going through my stack of recent newspapers and listening to some current podcasts on my iTunes list, I came across these two news stories in my local paper, which seemed rather appropriate considering the podcasts I had just been listening to that day.
I don't own any pets right now, but if I had to choose between a dog or a cat, it would be a cat, because I'm more of a cat person.
I normally listen each week for the latest 'Vegetarian Zen' podcast to listen out for any tips the ladies can give me for following my non-dairy vegetarian diet.
I skipped a week when I saw that week's show was about pets, since I don't own one anymore, but if I did I would be feeding them meat in their diet.
When I did own dogs the book below really did work wonders for the dogs after my ex-wife ran their health down feeding them commercial cereal filled tinned and dry dog food.
Their coats came back nice and shiny, they stopped farting all of the time and their teeth looked good again just after a few weeks.  
I'm all for cruelty free products, but I'd be feeding my animals a meat diet just like the girls in the podcast do.
I'm only on a veg diet for my health and the sustainability of the planet, not because I believe eating animals is wrong, although people eating dogs and certain kind of animals I find personally disturbing.
While I might not be eating animals on my diet, animals do kill, eat and torture other animals and that won't stop any time soon...such is life.
Cats kill almost 2 million lizards a day in Australia
Funny thing was though that I gave the girls a 5 star rating months ago on iTunes and after listening to episode #261 I went back to listen to the 5 star rating that is read out each week and sure enough the episode I chose to skip the week before was the one where my rating was read out.
VZ 260: Cruelty-Free Pet Products
VZ 261: Are You Really Hungry…Or Just Bored?
Hmm...what could I eat for a snack from my fridge?
Probably not a good idea considering the food rating on the packet?
Mmm...chocolate...vegan mint chocolate
The June 20th, 2018 Queensland major newspaper featuring a story about a panther-like cat roaming around

After listening to the 'Vegetarian Zen' podcasts and reading about the crypto-cat lurking around off the Fraser coast looking for a feed...and I doubt it was a vegetarian feed this cat was after...I listened to the latest 'The Paracast' podcast of June 24th and strike me pink, my old cryptozoologist friend Loren Coleman (big facetious smile there) who just happens to be an expert on celebrity suicides and school shootings was on the show hoping that no UFOlogist or paranormal expert was going to croak on June 24th.
Well Loren got his each-way wish, because nothing happened to anyone in the field as far as I heard on that day.
So wasn't that great news that Loren was WRONG?
 June 24, 2018 — Loren Coleman with J. Randall Murphy
"On an anniversary of Kenneth Arnold’s UFO sighting, Gene and returning guest cohost J. Randall Murphy host cryptozoologist and Fortean Loren Coleman. Loren discusses the weird deaths of paranormal authors, Ufologists, Mothman-linked folks, Superman personalities, and celebrities
Do these clusters of deaths have any significance, or is it all about coincidence?
Will those copycat hangings involving such notables as fashion designer Kate Spade and comic actor Robin Williams continue?
What about the reality behind such creatures as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and Thunderbird?
Loren is founder and director of the
International Cryptozoology Museum in Portland, Maine."
Don't worry Loren, as I'm sure there will be more nut-bag shootings for you to cover or encourage in the future, especially when blogs like 'The Twilight Language' glorify such shootings.
And just hang in there, too, as I'm sure the hangings aren't over yet either.
I kind of thought that you were daring the Trickster to take you on the 24th Loren, but maybe you had to be a real expert to get the Trickster's interest?-)
The podcast wasn't a total loss of my time though Loren, as you reminded me of the 'AMOK' book I bought years ago and am yet to read.
And the reason I got my CLAWS out for you Loren was to prove you wrong again and show you that the big newspapers do cover cryptozoologist stories and about big black panthers, too.
Looks like you've put your bigfoot in your mouth once again Loren.
John A. Keel, the Superspectrum and the Eighth Tower
Sometimes stories are just myths people swear are true, right Loren?-)
Is Australian sand on Hawaii’s Waikiki beach?

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