" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 15, 2012

Look At All The Happy Creatures - The Novel

 I haven't quite got to the end of Alan Abbadessa's novel
Look At All The Happy Creatures, but I think this would make an excellent graphic novel ... but I mean better graphics than the storyboard look of the You Tube versions on this post.
Something like The Watchmen is more what I had in mind.
The story is a cross between 1984, Animal Farm and 
Alice in Wonderland, (not too mention a Phillip K Dick story as well) in a way, but set in the near future.
For those who like these types of novels and conspiracy theories, you should find this right up your ally.
You can purchase a copy at, if you like to read Orwellian story-lines in your spare time.
But be careful that Big Brother isn't watching you 
in his spare time;-)
And here's a song with the title of the book in it, by a man I saw play at the Byron Bay Bluesfest on Easter Monday 2012. 
John Fogerty playing Bluesfest 2012
I'd like to see this book get so successful that Disney turns it into a movie and launches the character collectables in a
"Mc Happy Creature Meal" ;- )
Alan is also the editor of The SYNC Book.  
A book that I really enjoyed reading.
And I hear that there might be a SYNC Book-Part 2 in the works.
Can't wait for that one.


  1. Your posts are always fascinating. Like mazes. Now I've got all these new books to read.

  2. Synching out on this interview. Thanks for posting it!

    1. I just finished reading the book,and I thought it was quite good,not just in storyline,but in symbology as well.I'm off to Amazon now to give it a review.I would love to see this made into a graphic novel along the lines of Alan Moore's "The Watchmen".

  3. An inter-tangled post which captures the flavour of the book. Will I read it (the book that is)? I don't know - there seems to be more than a lifetime of books waiting for me.

    1. The SYNC Book is one I think you would like,I don't know whether you would like
      "...Happy Creatures",but it was a sync that brought me to read it and I had some syncs reading it that have sent me down other paths I would not have wandered down if not for reading it.
      All I can say in regard to reading books is go with your flow,not mine.Everyone has a different life path to follow.Which is why I like the sync community,we are all different,but the different pieces fit quite well when it comes to we all have different parts to play in the same project...whatever that is?

  4. You might like this. I bet you get it a bit quicker than I did Daz...

    1. I can't get that link to work for some reason,sorry.

  5. Thank you Darren for laying the book like this. I might have good news for you--I've been talking with an artist I really respect about turning Look At All The Happy Creatures into a graphic novel. Your post has inspired me to push that project forward. Thank you for that.

    PS: How was John in concert?

  6. Well,I'll be buying a copy of that when it comes out and the concert was really good.
    I took some pictures and did a post called
    ""The Tombstone Shadow"Dark Sync"...oddly enough...on April 12th this year,and it had nothing to do with the Tombstone syncs that I was referring to regarding Emmett Kelley...or did it?

  7. I need a lifetime just to read books. And another lifetime just for movies.And probably another life just for You Tube