" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 31, 2013

Starr/67/White Feather Syncs

67/Starr, coincidence?
White Feather by Linda Starr
Mike Perry's post on white feathers at 67 Not Out
Mike Perry at 67 Not Out had written a post on white feathers at his blog which mostly features stories on coincidence -
White Feathers as Messengers From Beyond The Grave  
Then I read on Starr's blog about a painting that she had given away to a guy named Luc(k?) who was wearing a 67 on his shirt -
Then when I go back to Mike's blog he has a new post about winning stuff  
(luck?) -
10 Posts Featuring Money In Synchronicity And Magic 
Then I Google Starr+white feather and come across another artist named Linda Starr who has a white feather vase in her gallery -
Blue Starr Gallery
Whitefeather by Frank Perry.
Then I find the above painting called Whitefeather by Frank Perry who lives in the UK, as well, the same as Mike Perry does.
Kattie Perry wearing a dress
 with a white feather

March 30, 2013

Well, Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport!

If the rumour mill is right, it looks like a dark curtain is about to fall heavily on another well respected entertainer's career.
Without putting a name to that entertainer, let's just say if these two clips below added up to an answer, you might be able to put two and two together for yourself, especially if you have seen the movie Donnie Darko and know how it turns out for the character played by Patrick Swayze.
Patrick Swayze in Donnie Darko (2001)
I know that's not a kangaroo in the images above, but as you are about to find out in the media soon, things are never quite how you thought they were.
If this news is right it will rock the foundations of the entertainment world in Australia and Britain.
You'll wonder just who you can trust in this world.

Good Friday (?) at Bluesfest

Rainclouds over Bluesfest on Good Friday 2013
I had a fairly good Friday at Bluesfest apart from a few minor things that put a damper on my day.
For one thing, I got caught in stop/go traffic which took me 45 mins to get through at the Gold Coast part of the freeway, so it took me over two hours to get down to Byron Bay, a trip that usually takes about an hour and a bit under normal circumstances.
So I missed Hat Fitz and Cara,who I was looking forward to seeing, so the above song of theirs was really appropriate after that debacle, which was my own fault in some ways for not being as organized as I should have been.
Pirate popcorn sailing the
stormy seas
on Good Friday
I love that guy's psychedelic pineapple shirt
My life at the Crossroads;-)
I just got in the gate to Bluesfest took these photos and then the heavens opened up and I had to run for cover.
Jake Shimabukuro at Bluesfest Good Friday
So the lyrics to Hat Fitz and Cara's song Wiley Ways seemed even more appropriate to my day.
Jake Shimabukuro  was the first act I caught and what an act it was.
Jake Shimabukuro at Bluesfest
He played the two tunes above and a few others.
My UK friend King Ute would have loved this session.
Ben Harper playing at the Crossroads tent
Then I checked my program and thought I had better head over to the Crossroads tent to catch Ben Harper, as I had been playing his CD in my car all the way down to Byron on loop. 
I got there 15 minutes early by my watch and he was already on.
Not only that, he seemed to be nearly finished.
I thought that there must have been something wrong with my watch.
And there was.
It was daylight savings time in New South Wales, and in Queensland where I live, we don't have daylight savings, so my watch was an hour behind Bluesfest time.
I forgot about that.
And since I couldn't get anywhere near the tent, I just had to walk away, get a drink and get my bearings right for the next shows.
Joan Armatrading at Bluesfest Good Friday 2013
Joan Armatrading. I need a better camera
 than my 2 meg cell phone:-(
I saw Joan Armatrading play and she was good.
I tried to get a photo of her butterfly shirt with my crappy cell phone camera, but none of them really shows the butterflies on her shirt well enough.
She had butterflies on her t-shirt,
but that's the best shot I got of them
It was probably the shirt in the above photo, I think.
Anyway it was a bit of a synchronicity to see that my friend Trish had written this post at her blog, which I read when I got home from Bluesfest -
Lotus Palace, the new stage at Bluesfest this year
It's like being in a spaceship:-)
I checked out the new Lotus Palace stage, which is more like a small theatre, or bar than a stage, but it was a little stuffy in there and I had to get out and back into some cool fresh air.
Sixto Díaz Rodríguez playing at Bluesfest
Next was the performance I was waiting for - Rodríguez.
Rodríguez playing at Bluesfest Good Friday

Searching for Sugar Man

I picked up the DVD Searching For Sugarman yesterday at the Bluesfest shop and was planning on getting it signed by him later on in the day.
If you haven't seen this movie, rent it, you'll love it, even if you don't like his music.
It's probably the only reason he was playing Bluesfest, because this movie resurrected his career.
Unfortunately, I had to miss The Steve Miller Band to see Rodríguez play.
Can't win them all, I guess?
This woman was getting her
boobs signed by this band
After Rodríguez finished his set I headed for the signing table at the merchandising tent, but so did everybody else by the looks of the ridiculous line-up to get things signed :-(
Crazy line up for Rodríguez
signings in the pouring rain
I decided to wait inside the tent and just snap a photo of Rodríguez, rather than get anything signed, as I wasn't going to get soaked waiting.
After waiting at the CD table (above) pretending to be deciding which CD to purchase, so that I had a good spot in the tent to get a photo of Rodriguez when he finally turned up, news came through that he wasn't coming over to sign anything, which made the soaked line up really happy, and I was glad that I had decided not to line up:-)
While I was at the CD table there was a band called 
The Snowdroppers signing stuff and one lady (a few actually) got one guy to sign her breasts ... talk about being in the right place, at the right time ;-)
The Snowdroppers
Red Dog Star Koko Dies 
Now I know what they sing, but I didn't yesterday.
Yet another band I missed because of Rodriguez. Doh!
"Nelson and Koko (Red Dog)" by Adam Cullen
Adam Cullen, Gone at 47
Santana from afar at Bluesfest 2013.
Sometimes it is a blues fest, too
With all the Rodriguez shenanigans the closest I could get to Santana without getting drenched was in the shot above.
At least I could hear him and see the screens.  
Heading past the lights and
on my way back to
Well that was about it for Friday, and I'll be heading back down Sunday.
I hope the rain goes away, but the guy I'm heading down to see is Roger Hodgson, and his forecast doesn't look very promising;-)

I might have to batten down the hatches?-)

March 28, 2013


Brazilian president at the BRICS 
summit on 
March 27, 2013
Everything is connected?
" While Europe remains in turmoil some of the world's emerging economies are pushing for a larger role in managing global debt.
At their fifth annual summit, held in Durban, South Africa, the leaders of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, known collectively as the BRICS nations, have agreed to set up a $50 billion development bank.
It will be the first institution established by the informal grouping, and is a direct snub to the World Bank.
The leaders began holding forums at the start of the global financial crisis in an effort to set an economic path that was not dominated by the West.
Emerging economies plan World Bank rival 
International affairs analyst Brooks Spector says it's not likely to be an easy task.
 "It is not just the devil was in the detail, the actual working of it is in the detail, and for that they haven't really got clarity yet on what it'll be," Mr Spector said."
" Together, the BRICS economies account for 25 per cent of global output and 40 per cent of the world's population, and their leaders are not shy about talking up their contribution to the global economy.
Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff told the summit that last year, BRICS countries received $263 billion in investment flows, the equivalent of 20 per cent of worldwide foreign direct investment.
Russian president Vladimir Putin insists the countries should carry more influence.
"Our countries have 40 per cent of the planet's population," Mr Putin said.
"BRICS nations have large natural resources, have a well-prepared industrial basis and well-trained staff."
While most of the rest of the world's economy has been in a long-term slump, it has been left to the BRICS economies to drive growth, but they believe they have not received enough respect and influence in existing forums.
The director of the Institute of Global Finance at the University of New South Wales, Fariborz Moshirian, says nations such as China believe a BRICS development bank will help them target key nations with which they have direct bilateral relationships.
"We know that for instance China has got great interests in Africa," Dr Moshirian said.
"They have been very active in tapping into mining resources, in turning African communities into more cohesive economies where they could basically buy and sell from China and to China." "
" Pope Francis will wash the feet of prisoners in a youth detention centre near Rome on Maundy Thursday.
Thousands of pilgrims and tourists are arriving in Rome to attend ceremonies during the holy week ahead of Easter.
The washing of feet on the Thursday before Easter is a Christian tradition commemorating Christ's Last Supper.
It is part of a papal calendar of events running up to Easter, the most important festival in the calendar of the Catholic Church.
On Easter Sunday morning, the new Pope will deliver his first "Urbi et Orbi" message to the city of Rome and to the world.
Brick (BRICS?) wall collapses
killing pedestrians
in Melbourne
" Two people have been killed as a wall collapsed on Swanston Street in the Melbourne suburb of Carlton.

One man and one woman are dead, while another woman has been rushed to hospital in a critical condition.
Police say all three were pedestrians.
A large number of passers-by rushed to clear debris from the scene between Queensberry and Victoria streets."
Two dead after Melbourne wall collapse
Big trouble?
I'm not a psychic, but this looks like BIG trouble to me.

The mayor of Rio de Janeiro has said the stadium due to host the athletics events at the 2016 Olympics will not be demolished, despite structural problems that have led to its closure.

Cyprus worries rattle 

global share markets

UPDATE: 1st April (and not a joke BTW).
Tragic story indeed.
Bridget and Alexander Jones
" Services are being arranged to remember the lives of a brother and sister who died after a wall collapsed onto them in Melbourne's inner north last week.
Eighteen-year-old Bridget Jones died in hospital yesterday from head injuries she suffered when a brick wall crushed her and her brother Alexander on Swanston Street on Thursday.
Alexander died at the scene, along with a 30-year-old woman from Mount Waverley.
The 19-year-old, also known as 'Zander', was trying to shelter his sister from the collapse."
Memorial to be held for wall collapse victims
Not all syncs are good ones.