" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 30, 2012


The Lipton Iced Tea vending machine
 at the
Metro Arts Theatre.
"Somewhere over the rainbow, Blue birds fly"
I was amazed yesterday when I read this post at by Kevin Halcott called 
Lipton Tea, Kundalini, and the New Aeon
"The Sign of Cancer which we are in right now is given to the Chariot tarot Trump, which is also known as the Merkabah, or the Spiritual Body of Light. 
The Golden Chariot pictured here is a symbol of Soul Consciousness. 
The Summer Solstice is the peak time when light is upon the Earth for the longest period, before the nighttime hours slowly begin to return to take dominance.
Cancer/The Chariot is also given the Hebrew letter Cheth, or Ch. 
Which is interesting because it also pops up in such words like the Sanskrit Chit Shakti meaning the Energy of God, as well as ye Chida meaning unity which all things are from. 
When we connect to the Life Force, also known as Kundalini, our bodies and Souls are enriched with the highest Light of consciousness.
The Chariot points toward our Subtle Body, like this new 2012 Lipton Tea commercial I saw the other day and linked below resonates with our Soul Consciousness and Summertime resonating with the Solstice at Cancer/the Chariot. 
We resonate with Spiritual Truth."
The Chitty 3
This blew me away on a synchronistic level, because in my latest post 
My Night in Motherland
which I had written and posted before this post was written, was a photo I had taken on the night that I saw Motherland of a
Lipton Iced Tea drink vending machine. 
It was a view of the space between where I was sitting at a table drinking my beer, and the ticket counter/bar (that had a bottle of "Bobby Dazzler"on it) where I had just collected my ticket for the play.
Katherine Lyall Watson had just walked in and was at the ticket counter talking to friends at the bar.
I was trying to avoid getting the machine in the shot, but to do that I would have had to get up and away from my table, which I didn't want to do anyway.
But I had a feeling that somehow the machine was important and since I had never noticed a Lipton Iced Tea machine around before I decided to leave it in the shot.
There were so many synchronistic things between the two posts of ours that I decided to do this post about it, just to point out this cosmic strangeness.
This opening paragraph in the Heart Nectar blog -
"A recurring theme in my interests and my writings is the context surrounding the spiritual and social evolution said to be underway as we transition into a New Age or New Aeon on planet Earth. 
According to Western Astrology, the Mayan Calendar, and countless other cultural resources, this particular time in Earths cosmic story is a time of transition into a Golden Age of enlightenment, expressed as fractals in the social and spiritual renaissances and revolutions of the turn of the century. 
This age change isn't something that just happens on a particular date but is woven throughout the History of our modern time and is directly related to our collective pasts."
really resonated with my own interests and experiences.
Now I've seen and written about Kevin's kevin23420 You Tube's before;
Film: A Thin Skin or Membrane
but here's another weird thing, this morning I was reading
Lyall Watson's book Supernature.
I was up to the sub-chapter called Poltergeists, were Lyall writes;
"There is no shortage of good evidence for the poltergeist activity, much of it provided by skeptical scientists, professional police officers, and hard-nosed reporters.
The phenomena are the same all over the world.
Things fall off tables, light bulbs drop from their fixtures, liquids are upset, meaningless knocking occurs, stones fly through windows, and taps are left running.
These apparently childish tricks often seem to be associated with an adolescent, usually a girl at the stage of puberty, or a teenager in a stage of emotional adjustment. See page (142)."  
In my post on the play Motherland, I point out that the stage area is 42 metres squared.
In the above You Tubes of Kevin's, he points out that the house in the movie Poltergeist is at 4267.
This was just a sync, because according to this site;
The Poltergeist House
This is a real street address : 
Address: 4267 Roxbury Street, Simi Valley, California, USA.
Here's a late breaking sync.
Mike Clelland at the Hidden Experience blog has just posted this  
You Tube, called The MATRIX vs Carl Sagan which is basicly what Lyall Watson writes in his book Supernature about the atom and the space inside.
Getting back to the reference to page 142 in the Poltergeists paragraph in Watson's book Supernature above.
On page 142 of Supernature he is talking about detecting the Aura that some suggest surrounds all living things.
Image of a small dog taken in
("thermal") light
He says; "Our eyes are sensitive to light that lies between the wavelengths of 380 and 760 millimicrons. 
With very-high-intensity artificial sources we can extend this at either end of the spectrum into the areas of infrared and ultraviolet light.
The fact that man's body sends out electromagnetic waves just too long for most people to see has been vividly demonstrated by the new "thermographic" technique, which translates heat radiation into wonderful colour pictures.
Atoms generate infrared rays by their constant motion, and the warmer they are the more active they become"
Thermographic image of a snake around an arm
On page 42 of Supernature Lyall also writes; 
"So we know this much: Life arose by order out of chaos and maintains this order by collecting information from the cosmos.
Cosmic forces bombard earth all the time, but the movement of celestial bodies and the movement of the earth in relation to these bodies produces a pattern that provides useful information.
Life is sensitive to this pattern because it contains water, which is unstable and easily influenced.  
Which means that living things are involved in an open dialogue with the universe, a free exchange of information and influence that unites all life into one vast organism that is itself part of an even larger dynamic structure.
There is no escaping the conclusion that the basic similarity in structure and function are ties that bind all life together and that man, for all his special features, is an integral part of this whole.
Another interesting Lipton sync occurred today.
I had just ordered the whole series of the TV show Twin Peaks and started watching the pilot episode today and I noticed an actress by the name of Peggy Lipton.
Twin Peaks was co-written and directed by David Lynch.
David Lynch at the
42nd Primetime Emmy Awards
in 1990, where Twin Peaks
was nominated for 14 awards.
 He was nominated for directing
 and co-writing the pilot episode
"Lynch and Frost went on a location scout to Washington and a friend of Frost's recommended Snoqualmie Falls, just east of Seattle
They drove there and found all of the locations that they had written into the pilot episode. 
The towns of Snoqualmie and North Bend, Washington—which were the primary filming locations for stock Twin Peaks exterior footage—are only about an hour's drive from the town of  
Roslyn, Washington, the town used for the series Northern Exposure. 
Many exterior scenes were filmed in wooded areas of Malibu, California."
Snoqualmie Falls in June 2008
Interestingly in the start of the  show are the  Snoqualmie Falls and if you go to the Wikipedia page for Twin Peaks, there is a photo of the falls taken in June 2008 with a rainbow visible through the falling water.
Lyall Watson passed away in June 2008
In episode one of Twin Peaks, Sheriff Truman says to Agent Cooper,
"I'll have to get a degree in medicine, because I'm beginning to feel more like Dr.Watson."

June 27, 2012

My Night in Motherland

My ticket to Motherland
I went to see Katherine Lyall Watson's reading of her play Motherland last Friday night.
The play that I wrote about in this post;
Katherine/Lyall Watson
I hadn't been down this part of town for years.
The last thing I remember seeing here was a film about Jung 
(which I loved) and that was when I was about 20 years old.
The sign outside the Metro Arts building
The funny thing was it cost me only $10 to get into see the play, but $15 to park my car in the city.
Royal Albert Hotel, diagonally
opposite where I parked my car
I parked in the Myer's Centre carpark and walked to the 
Metro Arts building.
If you're reading along Mike, that's the old Perry Brothers building in the shot above (Royal Albert Hotel) from this post -
Our Lady of Victories Sync  
It's hard to believe that the Perry Brothers building was once the tallest building in the city.
The view from my bar table looking
 towards the ticket counter/bar.
Once I got there I went down to the bar with the white arrow above the door, but it was too crowded and stuffy down there, so I came back upstairs and relaxed at the corner table that I took the photo from above.
On the ceiling above me was painted this mural of some heavenly type of scene.
I decided to go over to the ticket counter and collect my ticket and noticed that they had a few beers and two different bottles of wine to buy, to drink there at the theatre.
I just bought a beer, since I would be driving home after the play, but the bottle of red wine with the cartoon beauty caught my eye, and since I had never seen this wine before I turned the bottle around to see what it was called.
Well, would you believe it was called Dazzler
or Bobby Dazzler Shiraz, to be precise?
Daz being my nickname, as it is short for Darren, struck me as quite a coincidence.
I'll certainly be buying a bottle of that in the future.
2007 The Bobby Dazzler Shiraz
I let everyone go in before me while I was asking the guys at the bar about the wine and taking a few photos of the cool artwork on the bottle.
I didn't mind if everyone went in before me as I planned on sitting up the back somewhere anyway.
But when I got in the only seats available were right in the front row ... gulp!
View from the front row, looking
towards the back of the theatre.
The front row is literally right on the stage, so it's like being on stage with the actors, in a way. 
Which reminded me of this post of mine from the other day;
"All the world's a stage, but you have to act on it !"
View of the stage from up near
 the back
of the theatre.
Oddly enough, when I checked the details about the
Sue Benner Theatre on the Metro Arts website, it told me that the theatre's performance area is 42 squared metres!?!
Rainbows are created by light refracted at 42 degrees
The Dark Side of the Rainbow, Jupiter 42, The Crab and the Underworld
"The Land of Oz in the Wizard of Oz is said to be Over the rainbow, or the spectrum of Light. Interestingly the Land of Oz has been said to be the Underworld or Duat of the Egyptian Mythology
Osiris was the rebirth god of the Duat, going over the spectrum of light, into the only color that is the absence of light; Black
The Night-Time or Twilight hours, the Twilight Zone is between the worlds of Night and Day, the Duat is the evening hours of dark knight where the sun goes into unconscious and imagination or Moon rule. 
Going over the rainbow is symbolic of going into the underworld or unconscious, symbolized by the Moon, gestation cycles connected to the female eggs, eggs connected to rabbits, and solar Easter rebirth also resonate the lepus-duats 42 gods and principles and
42 degrees of the rainbow. Going over the rainbow, into Oz or OZIRIS, is approaching the twilight zone of Rebirth"
Peter Cossar who plays Kerensky & Chris in Motherland.
"When we enter the light of day we share what we have discovered in our moonlight underworld rebirth of the evening. 
The cycles of day and night certainly reflect the cycles of birth and death. 
The polarities of the Tarots The Fool and The Universe in Tarot also sum up these cycles. 
We wake bare of abilities as a child free of all attachment, its a new day, we are not the person we were yesterday, we are a fool unable to experience the realities exactly the same as the day before,. And at the very end of the night we sum up the whole of our entire life and its memories up until that point, the Universe or
World Tarot card sums up all that exists in the Material/Spiritual experience . 
The Rabbit Hole also resonates the exact location in Astrology where the Transition of Ages occurs. 
The Transition we are currently experiencing is that of the
Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius.
This shift will be officially marked by the Suns Spring-Vernal Equinox or Easter Location."
The programe for the play Motherland
I was certainly going down the rabbit hole at the Metro Arts on Friday night.
An old elevator in the Metro Arts
building. Going down
Rabbit hole
You can see the name Warrick Fraser on the programe as the  
Visual Designer for the play.
Now, I had no clue at all that Warrick was involved in this play until I had read this post on Katherine's blog;
Warrick did some beautiful work here on the night. 
Just to give you an example, check out his  Intro Theme to Motherland at this link; 
'Motherland' Intro Theme
My mate "Wazza"
(he hates me calling him that ... so I do)
Check out his bio here;
you may even want him to do some multimedia work for you?
More of Warrick's visuals which
I ruined by taking a blurry shot.
I ran into him before the play, and after the play was finished I sat with him up the back of the theatre (where I feel much more comfortable) for question and answer time.
The play was a great success, I thought.
And Katherine sure is a talented play-write. 
Katherine Lyall Watson
I hope the play gets the accolades it deserves.
And I can't wait for her to write a play ... or two about her uncle, Lyall Watson.
Katherine and Lyall in Egypt
I'm currently reading ... or re-reading (I read it years ago when I was young, but most ... not all, went over the top of my head then) Supernature and it is a classic.
If you get a chance to read it, don't pass it up.  
I couldn't help noticing that the grape shot coming out of the vine at the Journey's End Vineyard site is the same colour of the orchid coming out of the egg on the Supernature book of Lyall's.
Journey's End Vineyard are the vineyards responsible for 
"Bobby Dazzler Shiraz".
Also notice on the programe that Katherine's play Motherland is in the Free Range 2012 project.
To me "Free Range" is associated with eggs, and eggs to Easter, Easter to rabbits, rabbits to rabbit holes.
42 anyone? 

Update: June 27, 8.36 PM
I was at work thinking about the 42/Rainbow thing in this post I had written this morning and this song came on over the PA and it was this guy singing it.
I swear on everything that is dear to me in life that I am not making this up.
I haven't heard this version for months, in fact I never knew who the singer was until I just found the above You Tube.
All I knew was that it was a guy singing along to a ukulele.
I didn't even know he had died, which makes it even more of a rainbow sync.
What really struck me though were the lyrics - 
"Somewhere over the rainbow, Blue birds fly"
Blue birds have played the part of messengers in my life for some reason and when I heard those lyrics I couldn't stop thinking about the Lyall Watson book I had chosen from Google images ... a book that I haven't read yet of his.
When I was re-reading the post this morning, I kept thinking is this some sort of cosmic message through Google?
But I demised it as just coincidence ... that is until I heard those lyrics, and then the song got cut off anyway, by a store announcement about some customer who had left their lights on in their car. 
So I didn't get to hear the rest, but I'm glad I heard it or I never would have found out about this gentle giant with the angelic voice who once roamed this planet ... and maybe will again.
I noticed in the You Tube at his funeral that there were flags with Israel Kamakawiwo Ole's nick name of IZ and I couldn't help but wonder if this meant IZ is in OZ;-)

June 21, 2012

Katherine/Lyall Watson

Image designed by Warrick Fraser
 I'm off to see a play written by Katherine Lyall-Watson, the niece of author and adventurer Lyall Watson.
"Lyall Watson, who died on June 25 aged 69, was an adventurer, explorer and the author of New Age books about the paranormal, including the bestselling Supernature (1973); he introduced the psychic showman Uri Geller to British television audiences, and in the 1980s imported sumo wrestling to the West, presenting coverage of sumo tournaments on Channel 4."
Katherine's play is called Motherland and plays for two nights at the Metro Arts Theatre this weekend. 
(note how her play is on the "What's On"[Watson] page of the Metro Arts site?- )
It states in this newspaper article on Lyall that,
"Although he had no children, he indulged his five nieces on their 18th birthdays by taking them anywhere in the world they wanted to go. 
On the first of these trips – to Egypt – a diner in a restaurant offered Watson 200,000 camels for the hand of his eldest niece, Katherine
After a lengthy, pregnant pause, Watson successfully called the admirer's bluff when he replied that her price was her weight in gold."
 I wrote about Lyall and his book Supernature here in February his year;
Supernature Syncs 
and it's funny now reading what I wrote in that post.
I remembered thinking "It's a shame Mike Clelland never got to do a podcast with Lyall at Mike's Hidden Experience blog, as I would have loved to of heard him being interviewed.
Because it was a post on Mike's blog about Talbot that prompted me to pick up and read The Holographic Universe, which led me to Lyall's book.
It's also interesting that there is an artist by the name of   
Lauren Clelland on the same "What's On" page that Katherine's play is on.
Here's a few You Tubes of (strange?) guys reviewing  Lyall's books -
... and a You Tube of a young Lyall on the BBC.
 Katherine writes on her blog about her new play Motherland, saying;
 "After four years of researching, writing, developing, rewriting, researching again and more developments, my play about Nelle Tritton, Alexander Kerensky, Nina Berberova and Vladislav Khodasevich is getting a showing at Metro Arts. Whoo hoo!
I’m excited and terrified at the prospect.
The showing is a rehearsed reading at Metro Arts’ Free Range and I’ve been having nightmares where it all goes horribly wrong and the audience turns on me. 
 (Kind of like those getting up to give a talk and realising you’re naked nightmares.) 
In the last one, a man in a wheelchair yelled at me for giving him the worst night of his life. 
I woke up in a cold sweat and realised that I might just be a control freak.
You see, creating theatre is an act of trust and collaboration. 
As the writer I can work alone for as many years as I choose, but to get the play staged I have to trust other people with my precious baby. 
I have to take a step back and let them choose how to dress her, what to feed her and which school she goes to. 
All I can do is hope and pray that she’ll come out okay.
While I keep her in my head and on a page, she is stillborn but perfect (in my imagination at any rate)
When others take her and play with her, she has the chance to live and breathe and be complex, flawed and glorious. 
She also has the chance to stuff up and show all the genetic flaws I gave her.
The good news is that my baby is in wonderful hands. 
I respect and love all the people who are taking this next step with her. 
Now I just have to take a deep breath and trust that I’ve given her the bones, muscle and heart she needs to grow and be everything she can be.
If you’re in Brisbane on 22 and 23 June and would like to join me to see the birth of this long gestating baby, I’d love to see you there. 
(You can book tickets at this link.) 
I’ll be the anxiously pacing parent at the back of the theatre."
 Another weird sync is that a good friend of mine Warrick Fraser designed the cover for Katherine's playbook.
He has never talked about Katherine to me, nor I to him.
So, it was a complete shock to me to see Warrick was working with her.
Small world isn't it?