" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 31, 2018

The Invisible Gorilla in the Room, Plus Those Bigfeet?

I'm not one to listen to podcasts on Bigfoot, not because I think Bigfoot is total BS like "The Flat Earth" theory, just because I don't really care whether Bigfoot is real or not.
But I did listen to this TED talk with Laura Krantz and oddly found it interesting -
But it wasn't the Bigfoot component of the talk I found interesting, it was why would an NPR reporter want to do a podcast about Bigfoot, apart for the $$$$ to be made?
By the way, I had only just read about that selective attention test video above in the book 'Elephants on Acid' in a chapter titled 'Sensorama', in a sub-chapter titled 'Sight', in a sub-sub-chapter titled 'The Invisible Gorilla'just before I listened to the TED Bigfoot talk.
So that kind of got my attention when it came to listening to a podcast about an elusive big creature that people don't see often. 
I'd also heard Laura on that "s#its and giggles" MU podcast site where the two schizophrenic clowns who can never really make up their minds what they believe in (probably just $$$$?) talked to Laura about her podcast show - 
Mysterious Universe: Laura Krantz/Wild Thing?
Another reason I decided to listen to those podcasts and ultimately to Laura's Bigfoot podcast show was the name of her show, 'Wild Thing'.
Which reminded me of a book called 'Wild Things' I once read written by the late lead singer of 'The Troggs', Reg Presley.
Troggs Lead Singer Reg Presley Dies
I also liked the little synchronicities mentioned in the TED podcast, such as the fact Michael had another unrelated guest he was interviewing next with the same last name as Laura's.
And Laura did mention that she only became interested in Bigfoot when hearing about a famous Bigfoot researcher who had the same surname of Krantz.
Laura Krantz's photo at the TED site
Oddly enough, yesterday I spotted this weird looking slug near my front door in the garden, and I've been living here for over a year and had never seen any slug with those markings before. 
And I noticed on the TED site there was a photo of Laura holding up a slug.
Maybe Laura's next podcast show should be on the phenomena of synchronicity ... real, or imagined?-)
And to be honest, after seeing how humans treat gorillas (and themselves) just for $$$$, I hope if there are Bigfoots out there that they forever elude being caught by humans.
Also, on the subject of big gorillas, I see that they will be filming 'Godzilla vs. Kong' at the studio just down the freeway from me.
So, I'll have to keep an eye out for that;-)

UPDATE: 2020

Being the Grace You Really Are?

I just watched an interesting movie on Netflix called 'The Last Shaman', which I feel is really worth viewing, not because it will give you any real spiritual insight into life from seeking out a "shaman" (unless you watch very carefully and think deeply that is), but it shows you the pitfalls of the all of the charlatans you will meet on the journey (both big Phama and big Shama:-), who are nothing but snake oil salesman after your snakes.
Not to say that there aren't real good shamans to be found ... but it's a jungle out there for sure:-)
A 33% splat at Rotten Tomatoes?-)
I laughed when I saw the 33% splat rating at 'Rotten Tomatoes' for 'The Last Shaman' from the critics.
That's a bit harsh I thought.
And not that I'm into Jesus on a fundamental Christian level, but that above picture is a big hint to where God hides within yourself and where you ultimately must look to find that connection.
Vine or no vine juice I think.
And while I have no idea of Miranda Macpherson's true motive when it comes to her spiritual teachings, whether she is sincere or just after your snakes, her words in the You Tubes below are true when it comes to the spiritual search I think.
U R Not My GURU, But Everyone is My Teacher
The bottom line for most "gurus"?
Wherever you go, there you are ...
 and so is God ... if you look closely
Where the rubber hits the road?
You don't need to drink the vine, find a "guru", join a religion, or read a book to find "God", because "God" is within and without and is always there if you if you are willing to listen.
Not that the trip will always be a safe or happy one, which is why we are here in these "born to die" bodies in the first place.
Life's lessons are hard, not easy.
And 'The Last Shaman' gets two thumbs up from me, not that I'll be heading to the Amazon to spew my guts up anytime soon.
If I want to see the wonders of nature I just step out my front or back doors.
A weird looking slug in my front garden yesterday
But whatever floats your boat ... or not, I guess:-)

October 30, 2018

Francis Crick, LSD, The Origins of Life ... and Starseeds?

A couple of interesting You Tubes to listen to over Halloween for your ears and eyes.
Something has certainly been mucking about with our DNA I feel, but WHO, or what?-)
Foul Owl on the Prowl?
Douglas Noel Adams?-)
Ever notice how green Moore's eyes are?-)
DNA is like a cosmic rabbit hole I think.
WHO are you really?
Happy Halloween and keep an eye out for UFOwls;-)

October 29, 2018

The BrizVegas Bohdi Tree?

A beam of sunlight appears to hit
Bohdi Tree outside GOMA
I wrote a post a while back about a Bohdi tree in my hometown of Brisbane that was a direct linage to the original tree in the Indian state of Bihar where Siddhartha Gautama, the founder of Buddhism is said to have achieved enlightenment -
A Hike Through the Black Forest and Hitting the Turps?
I thought I had never noticed the tree written about in the GOMA magazine before, until last Friday when I was visiting GOMA and decided to look for this Bohdi tree.
It turns out I had walked past the tree quite a few times before when I have visited GOMA, but never took any real notice of the plain looking tree near the entrance, always choosing to look at the motel sign instead.
Flame Tree near the Gallery of 
Modern Art 
(GOMA) in Brisbane
A Sign from a 'Working Class Man'?
The other trees around GOMA always got my eyes attention, but never the Bohdi tree until last Friday, when I knew what it was and where it had come from.
The funny thing also was that on Friday I had read this passage in Mark Anthony's book, 'Evidence of Eternity' about the Buddha sitting under the Bodhisattva tree.
I finished reading 'Evidence of Eternity' on Friday and started reading Gordon White's 'The Chaos Protocols' the same day and as I'm reading the introduction to Gordon's book I see this passage, which reminds me of the tree and the resort/motel sign outside GOMA"You may be aware that the term samsara refers to the continuous circle of incarnations through the various worlds for those that have not yet reached enlightenment.
It's original etymology means "perpetual wandering".
Like visitors through a museum, we wander from gallery to gallery."
"A new method of dealing with perpetual wandering is required in a world where there still may be even the slightest hope that you can accomplish great things with your incarnation."
The last resort?-)
 "Magic is always the tactic of the last resort for those who refuse to give up hope ...
It is only a certain kind of person who is willing to take the road we are about to walk.
This book is written for that person."
""Last resort" is just another way of saying "last drinks".
Even if this is the apocalypse, that is no call to avoid making things interesting.
The above attitude notwithstanding, there really is no way to sugarcoat this.
We do live in a "last resort" world.
I think I see in more ways than one what Mark and Gordon were writing about:-)
The BrizVegas Bohdi Tree?