" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 17, 2019

What Peak Experiences Reveal About Consciousness?

I've written posts about the work of Dr. Robert Davis before and now today Alex at 'Skeptiko' plays Skeptiko Jeopardy with the Dr.Who of the Woo -
Dr. Robert Davis, What Peak Experiences Reveal About Consciousness #419
Peak Experiences and the Brain?
Contact with Non-Human Intelligence?
Bob's work is a bit like trying to herd cats, don't you think?
But I admire his efforts when it comes to such an elusive task.

July 16, 2019

Hip Gnosis 1: An Introduction to Synchromysticism by Jake Kotze and Kevin Halcott?

If Jake Kotze is born on March 17th (St.Patrick's Day) wouldn't that make him resonate with the green man and the fool?
Jupiter Gets Hit on Jake Kotze's Birthday?!
I was listening to Jake in this podcast/Vimeo -
Hip Gnosis 1: An Introduction to Synchromysticism
where Jake says he shares March 17th as his birthday with
Kurt Russell.
Where's St.Patrick when you need him?-)
I decided to look up on the IMDB site just which other actors shared March 17th with these two and was rather surprised.
Rob Lowe in Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me (1999)
Surely St.Patrick can't be his real birth surname?!
Dana Reeve was in the TV series 'Oz' and she passed away in New York.
If you don't get those references then listen to that Hip Gnosis talk and listen to Jake talk about 'The Wiz'.
I notice that William Gibson also born of March 17th has written a movie yet to be made called 'Pattern Recognition' about a "marketing consultant, who has a psychological sensitivity to corporate symbols, who is hired to seek the creators of film clips anonymously posted to the internet - before uncovering a larger conspiracy."
I hate to rain on the St.Patrick's Day sync parade, but serial killer clown John Wayne Gacy wasn't only born on March 17th, but also in 1942.
God Does Not Play Dice?
I do find it rather synchromystically spooky that the late Dana Reeves was in the TV show 'Oz', as was the late Luke Perry and that Mathew St.Patrick was in an episode of 'Beverly Hills, 90210' a show where Luke Perry was one of the main stars.
The Apophenia of Oz in 02019?
Luke Perry as Reverend Jeremiah Cloutier in Oz
One of Luke Perry's last movies was the yet to be released
'Once Upon a Time in Hollywood', which also stars Kurt Russell.
I guess synchromysticism really is all in the stars, like Jake says;-)

Stranger Things 3, BTTF and Apophenia?

Watching the above episode of 'Stranger Things 3'  titled
'The Mall Rats' I think it is quite clear coincidental that the Duffer brothers are giving us sync-heads who worked on
'Back to the Future Predicts 9/11' a shout out, especially to Joe's Apophenia Productions label of sync films on You Tube.
But maybe I'm seeing things in 'Stranger Things 3' that just really aren't there at all, right Duffers?-)
I guess it's more fun if we don't really know if the Duffers are screwing with us, or it is all just one big cosmic coincidence, right Andrew?
Catch the Wave?
Stranger Things 3: Everything Gives You Cancer or Could Kill You?
Earl's Rib Palace's 2000/2001 twins poster
The Red Dirt Report: Another Blog Bites the Dust/That's All Folks?
I'm only up to episode three, but I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for other stranger things that might come up ... whether they are actually there or not;-)