" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 28, 2020

Inviting US to Wonder About Our Deep Nature, Our Spirit, Our Place on Earth and in the Society?

Aerial Views of Switzerland Capture Saype’s Massive Artwork Painted on the Alpine Terrain
Beyond Walls PROJECT by Saype
The farandole is an open-chain community dance popular in Provence, France
The carmagnole of the French Revolution is a derivative of the farandole
The first time I saw this massive art work of Saype's on a Swiss mountaintop was in the April 28th, 2020 local Queensland newspaper pictured above and below.
An accidental foot shot:-)
I included an accidental shot of my foot here, which I must have somehow taken unintentionally when walking to my mother's front door, but didn't discover until I was downloading the photos I had taken of the newspaper headlines onto my computer, and ironically that photo followed the front page headline of 
That same April 28th, 2020 newspaper had a picture of a black swan attacking a, what looks to me anyway, black dog.
The black dog is a term used by people to describe their depression, and a black swan event is some event that was something that arrives on the scene, but was hard to have seen coming.
The Swiss mountaintop artwork is on the next page from the "'Anxious' Truckie has 'panic attacks'" headline and picture of the guy who somehow ran over and killed four police officers who had pulled over an arsehole who was dangerously speeding on the freeway ironically endangering the lives of motorists on that stretch of the motorway.
That prick by the way got away with his miserable life, but not before filming and abusing a dying police officer and then uploading the footage to the internet allegedly.
The Swiss mountaintop artwork in the newspaper was surrounded ironically by other news stories of "a new arms race", a near miss from an asteroid, and a man being killed after shooting at neighbours.
A cartoon from the April 28th, 2020 Queensland newspaper:-)
Looking at the movie US and Saype's art from 2020, the
Year of the Rat gives me a rather Jungian perspective viewing all that art now;-)
And not to mention Banksy's art, as well:-)
Just thought I would include this e-mail pictured above, which I received the other day from Palace Cinemas:-)

May 27, 2020

What The Heck is Self Love Anyway?

Interesting talk at the 'Grief 2 Growth' podcast between Brian and Jonathon about their loss of teenage children and their efforts to heal the heartbreak and continue on living their lives.
I don't necessarily agree with Jonathon's reading recommendations, apart from maybe Wayne Dyer's material, but I guess you have to check it out for yourself and then decide if it's of any value to you.

Piss-memes in the Time of Corona?

During the Corona lock-down I thought I would try a new beer
Does Corona beer contain urine?
Looks like everyone is taking the piss out of Corona these days:-)
I was drinking a new XXXX Dry beer when I was writing up my post about the Randonauts website and I also stumbled across their "piss-meme" page where they claim that Randonauts typically report high-levels of urine-filled bottles laying around close to attractors
I discovered that I can even buy "Piss Bottle" merch at the Randonaut shop, like this hoodie pictured below with a bottle of piss on the front of it, which would cost me about the same price of a carton of XXXX Dry that wasn't on special.
Randonauts: Explore The World You Never Knew Existed?
Now I guess we[e] know the real reason why pool owners tell us not to go swimming on a full stomach;-)
A Dumbo Feather and a Duck?
I had also read about the rumour of Corona workers pissing in the beer, which turns out to be false according to, but it got me wondering about the XXXX Dry that I was drinking;-)
I did have fond memories of touring the XXXX brewery a while back with my youngest son, so I thought this new beer would at least be no worse than picking up some Corona, but I was wrong.
As Good as Gold: Beer Prices to Spike as Climate Heats Up, Scientists Warn?
I'd bought a whole carton of XXXX Dry thinking it might be like XXXX Gold, but it was more like XXXX Piss.
A black swan attacking a black dog in the water?!
The trouble is with the pubs being shut and everybody you know being out of work, and/or isolating at home with the fear and depression of a sick world and sick economy, it's easy to drink more than you normally would.
So what happens when lock-down is over?
Will we see AAs full of people introducing themselves as alcoholics to group members sitting 1.5 metres away from each other, with personal tales of being followed by the black dog of depression that emerged from this black swan event?
That's a random, but somewhat sobering thought, isn't it?-(
Battling Booze Addiction in Australia?
You Have to Set Your Mind on a Goal ;-)