" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 25, 2018

Down the Rabbit Hole with Synchromysticism?

'Peter Rabbit' was filmed mainly in Sydney
I just read a post at the 'Tek-Gnostics' website called
'Follow the White Rabbit', which was about all of the rabbit memes doing the rounds at present and a Reddit post about Obama and a QAnon theory.
While I don't have much faith in the QAnon theroy, I do find it interesting that on a synchromystic level how these rabbit themes are playing out in the synchrosphere and particularly in the Australian city that has the same name as my middle name of Sydney.
President Obama’s delivers invite-only address in Sydney
"Former US President Barack Obama said “fact, reason and logic is being tested around the world” at an exclusive private event at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
The former Democratic leader addressed a crowd of around 350 invited guests at the invitation-only event.

"Kelly Slessor, founder of Australian fashion app Shop You, was invited to the exclusive event and told it was “incredible”.
She said Mr Obama spoke for about an hour on everything from Facebook and Microsoft to bin Laden, raising children and diversity. She said he stressed the importance of young people, who “drive change”, and women in the workplace.
No tickets were available to the address, but Ms Slessor said the crowd included a wide range of business people including Celebrity chef Matt Moran and City of Sydney councillor Linda Scott.
The evening was not open to media and was billed as “driving positive change”.

I wrote a comment to the Tek-Gnostics post that said -
" Interesting post and while I have little faith in the QAnon theroy and the Reddit rubbish doing the rounds, I do find it synchromystic that Obama just held a big talk in Sydney, Australia, the city that 'The Matrix' was filmed in and that Australia is plagued by rabbits, as they were introduced by farmers to control pests and have since become a massive pest themselves to the farmers and natural wildlife.
Rabbits now outnumber kangaroos in Australia I read recently.
Scientists have been trying to develop a virus that only effects rabbits in order to control the rabbit problem in Oz.
Also this Easter the film 'Peter Rabbit' is being released in Australian cinemas and while the film is meant to take place in England, it was actually mainly filmed in Sydney, Australia.
Which like I wrote above is where 'The Matrix' was filmed, too."

I do find it rather weird that in a nation plagued by a rabbit problem that movies like 'The Matrix' and 'Peter Rabbit' were filmed in Sydney, Australia, and that Obama holds his talk in Sydney the first week that 'Peter Rabbit' is released in Australian cinemas.
Maybe that movie should be re-named 'Peter Reddit' in honour of the QAnon theory?-)
Ten Billion Rabbits Down Under Down-Under?
Deeper Down the Rabbit Hole?
And let's not forget that the latest "Alice" was played by an Australian actress who grew up in Australia's capital city, Canberra, which would be like Australia's version of Washington D.C.(comics?-).
How Many Cartoon Bunnies Do You Need to Balance It All Out?
On the subject of Sydney, you might want to read my post about the year 1973, too?
1973: Synchromysticism, Pianos and the Year of the Dog (2018)?
All I can say is try and keep balanced in these weird times for Christ's sake and happy Easter.

March 24, 2018

A Powerhouse Performance from DeAnne Smith

I got to see DeAnne Smith last Thursday night play the Powerhouse in my hometown of Brisbane through a series of fortuitous events in my life.
The main entrance to the Powerhouse venue in Brisbane 

The Powerhouse entrance on Thursday night
First of all, I had never heard of DeAnne Smith until I heard her being interviewed on Kelly MacLean's
'The Tao of Comedy' podcast show.
The Tao of Comedy: DeAnne Smith
"DeAnne Smith (HBO’s Funny As Hell) and Kelly try to figure out if the universe is really speaking to them or if they’re just ego-maniacs and then tell you why it sucks to lose a loved one in the digital age."
Death and Comedy?
I really liked Kelly's interview with DeAnne, as DeAnne sounds like she is into synchronicity (whether she realizes it, or not) and other woo-woo things, like I am.
So I looked up a few You Tubes of DeAnne performing her comedy routines and I was sold.
I vowed to keep an eye out for DeAnne if she came to Brisbane.
Luckily for me I went for a walk around the city just after watching the Oscars live at the Elizabeth Cinemas -
and in-between returning to watch 'The Black Panther' at the same cinema and I found a printed program for the
'Brisbane Comedy Festival' featuring DeAnne Smith's show "Worth It'.
I thought I had missed the boat though, because the comedy festival had already started when I found out about DeAnne being on the bill, so I figured her shows would be sold out, since the theatre DeAnne was playing in at the Powerhouse was one of the smallest ones.
DeAnne on stage at the Powerhouse last Thursday night
I thought the odds of me getting tickets now were slim to none, but I got onto the Powerhouse website and there were about six tickets left for the Thursday night show, so I placed two tickets on hold for the five minutes the website gave me and phoned my eldest son to see if he wanted to go.
He said, "yeah sure...but who's DeAnne Smith?"
So I told him to look her work up on You Tube.
He works in the city, so he said that he would meet me there on the night.
Normally, I don't worry about the parking at the Powerhouse, because if the car-park at the Powerhouse is full I usually park my car in New Farm park.
But after seeing this news story above about a drug-fueled maniac demolishing eight cars on a recent Sunday afternoon, there was no way I was going to park my car there at night with this dickhead still on the loose, because the cops let him go.
I do mostly feel safe in my hometown and was having a bit of a laugh when I heard Dean Radin on a recent podcast saying how safe he felt walking around the streets of Brisbane -
Mind Meld 100 | An Ocean of Meaning with Dr. Dean Radin
He is right in a way, but nowhere on earth is really safe when it comes to crime or unfortunate accidents happening to you...that's just life on earth I'm afraid. 
That sculpture is meant to read "flood", because it's in a flood zone:-)
 So I got to the Powerhouse well earlier than the show start time to get a car parking spot and then grabbed a beer from the bar and sat down at the back of the Powerhouse and watched the river and its inhabitants float by me.
Check that house out across the river from the Powerhouse
I couldn't work out why DeAnne wasn't on in the bigger theatre where a comedian I hadn't heard of named Urzila Carlson was playing on the night.
The next day, Friday, Urzila was on the 'Conversations' show and I got to listen to just who she was and all about the crime in South Africa she experienced while living there -
Urzila Carlson: a life without regrets
So Brisbane does seem rather safe compared to South Africa after listening to Urzila on the ABC radio show and I have no plans of ever going to SA...not that I did anyway.
I just think listening to Urzila talk is amusing with that weird mix of a blended South African/New Zealander accent.
I've never heard that mix before, so paying for a ticket to her show might be worth it for that amusement alone;-)
Anyway, me and my son had a good night out on Thursday thanks to Kelly for bringing DeAnne on to my radar.
Plus my car didn't get rammed by a drug fueled maniac, nor did we run into any crime on our travels on Thursday.
And when I left the Powerhouse I wondered if that outside bar at the Powerhouse was for all of those sheep-lovin' New Zealanders who had come to see Urzila Carlson on the night?
Which way to the Powerhouse Ha Ha Bar?-)

March 23, 2018

What is Synchronicity?

I wrote about the movie 'What is Synchronicity' back in 2013 -
What is Synchronicity? - The Movie
I never did get to see it though, because it never came out in my part of the world...that I know of anyway.
I did listen to the latest 'Connecting with Coincidence' podcast (above) this morning and Dr. Beitman was interviewing the creator of that movie, David Strabala, so hopefully I will be able to see it eventually, hopefully of a platform like Netflix or some such streaming service?