" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 13, 2021

The Science & The Remarkable Healing Properties of Sound?

Sounds good to me guys:-)
I laughed when Guy read out that English critic's complaint about the sound quality annoying her in previous podcasts at the start of the show, when this latest podcast was all about sound and healing:-)
And that gong behind Matt looks familiar to me for some reason.
I just wonder if it would sound familiar to me, too:-)
Matt Omo playing crystal bowls and the gong
Music, Vibration & the Secret Language of the Heart?

Thinkin About Drinkin ... Cold Southern Comfort?

Easter Saturday this year I sat down at my kitchen table with a bottle of Southern Comfort to share with my youngest son while we watched on my iPad through a KayO app the Sharks play the Cowboys in an NRL match that we did have tickets to go and see, until the game was switched from Queensland's Sunshine Coast to Sydney because of a Covid outbreak in Southern Queensland:-(
My glass full of Southern Comfort:-)
My souvenir Tamworth shot glass that is:-)
I've hardly ever drunk Southern Comfort in my life and only bought it because they are one of the Sharks new jersey sponsors.
Sunshine Coast, Queensland
The irony is though that I was reading Troy Cassar-Daley's book 'Things I Carry Around' over that Easter weekend and had read that his first band was named 'Southern Comfort' after the same drink. 
The last time that I had driven up to the Sunshine Coast was to visit Australia Zoo, and that is where I had bought Troy's book:-)
John Edward at Australia Zoo?
Cowboys hit new low; Sharks spine sizzles: 3 Big Hits
Apart from missing the Sharks play live at the Sunshine Coast, at least we could watch them win from the Comfort of home and have a drink or two:-)
And I bought that little Tamworth shot glass in 2016 the year the Sharks won their first ever NRL grand final.
Pop Culture and Synchronicity on the Road
Keith Urban walking past after singing at the 2016 NRL grand final
Sing & Don't Cry
Troy Cassar-Daley would have been playing the
Byron Bay Bluesfest this year over Easter, if it hadn't have been cancelled for the second year in a row.
I had tickets the year before and wasn't going to get burned again with a state border closure, so I bought tickets to the football in my home state of Queensland and even that still got cancelled because of a Covid outbreak:-(
Bluesfest 2020: The Festival That Never Took Place?
And the week after Easter the bottle-shop I bought my
Southern Comfort from dropped the price from $42 to $38 ... bastards:-(
Sometimes you just can't win whatever you do ... especially if you are a Cowboy:-)

I Wish I Was A Train ... But Not on the Day That Jesus Died?
I'm not into Jesus, but I do like a good cover song:-)
Run for Covers?

Strange Fruit?

A forgotten medieval fruit with a vulgar name?
"Medlar" and "open-arse" can be used to refer to both the fruit and the shrub-like tree on which it's grown?
I couldn't help thinking that this tree kind of does sum up the FUTURE when we look behind us to the recent past?-)
And as far as metaphors go this tree could be considered
"poetry in motion" I guess?-)
Now what if these lemons were medlars instead?-)
You could tell dad what you really think of him:-)
There's probably a whole new world of possibility and industry with this fruit, if we keep and open, ah ... mind about it.
Think of the bumper stickers now, "Medlars Happens" or 
And with all of that spare toilet paper stockpiled from recent Covid 19 panic buying, what better trees could you have growing in your front yard for a good old fashioned TPing?