" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 23, 2017

What Are the Eyes Actually Seeing?

I remember buying this book when it first came out around 1987 and I bought it pretty much because of the image (the alien, not the ringed "subliminal" image) on the front cover of the book.
I was pretty cynical while reading this book, because I knew Whitley Strieber was a famous horror story writer at the time and while I found the book interesting, I still took it with a pinch of salt.
Over the years I've gained more respect for Whitley's honesty, but I still don't know what that encounter was all about and Whitley seems to be in the same boat.
"The cover painting of an alien was rendered by Ted Seth Jacobs
The painting is considered one of the most widely recognized popular culture images of alleged "grey" aliens.
"The Communion cover," Jacobs recounts,"was painted in my small apartment on East 83rd St, in New York City. 
Whitley sat with me first for a drawing of the Alien.
As I sketched, he would indicate how to change the portrait so that it would more match what he saw.
It was, I believe, the process used by police sketch artists.
Every last detail was corrected according to his instructions.
At one point, he said the image corresponded exactly to what he had seen.
With Whitley beside me for the subsequent session, I began to paint the image on a wooden prepared panel, going through the same process as for the drawing, until Whitley finally said the image was exact.
... As to the gender of the Alien image, to tell the truth, the subject didn't come up.
I don't even know if the 'greys' have gender as we understand it. 
Whitley corrected the developing image to have a certain fragility, a vulnerability.
I suppose we Earthlings usually associate these qualities with femininity.""
Ted's commissions include the covers of Whitley Strieber's Communion, Transformation, and Majestic books.
I'm also a big fan of the books on subliminal techniques allegedly used by advertising companies and the like that were "exposed" by authors such as Wilson Bryan Key.
No wonder I like gin;-)
The movie 'The Exorcist' used quite a lot of subliminal techniques, which is probably a big part of the movie's success at the box office.
I noticed quite by accident when I was putting together my post on the year 1987 that there appeared to me anyway...a subliminal face painted into the background of the face on Whitley's novel 'Communion'.
1987: The Present Can Only Be Viewed from the Past?
I only noticed it when I had Peter Jackson's movie poster for his 1987 alien movie 'Bad Taste', next to Strieber's 'Communion' cover, because the "hidden "face looked very similar to Jackson's alien face.
Interview with Wilson Bryan Key
Ted Seth Jacobs: An interview with the artist
Q: The cover art for Communion is a classic image in our culture. I've heard of many people who are unable to bear to look at the cover, and as many who find it almost alluring. There's a trace of a smile on that figure that I've always found interesting. I'd love to ask you about how you came to paint that figure, what the process was and what your interest in the subject may be. Before we get to that classic image, though, I wonder if you could tell me a little bit about a mystery. When I designed my Whitley Strieber website, I came across an image of what seems to be an alternate version of your cover art for Majestic. It featured a soldier standing above a deceased alien being on the desert sand. When the book was produced, the soldier had been “painted out” of the scene.

A: Well my friend, you have touched what is a sore spot with me, about the Majestic cover illustration. I originally produced what in my humble estimation, was the perfect graphic synthesis of the story. It was an image suggesting the opposition of Authority and the Alien Phenomena. Whitley had emphasized the delicate fragile nature of the alien, and I contrasted it with a rather unfeeling brutal earthling standing over the fallen creature. To me, it was a rather terrifying image. I also personally think it would have sold the book much more successfully. Whitley had told me that the Communion cover had become a classic in the publishing field. As you may infer, my most endearing quality is my modesty, but I feel all this is only the truth as I perceive it! When I received a copy of Majestic, I was stunned and outraged. My painting had been completely emasculated. All the impact was gone. I was also offended to see that some of the light effects had been altered. This may not seem so important, but I am considered an authority on effects of light as applied to painting, and have a published book on the subject (now out-of-print) titled Light For The Artist. I also have a long ongoing career as a teacher, and my emphasis is on the interactions of light and structure, or form.

Q: Would you share your reflections on your painting for Whitley Strieber's Communion? Were you pleased with the painting? And were you consciously trying to convey a female alien being, and if so, how did you go about this without the standard clues that reveal gender?

A: The Communion cover, on the other hand, was not tampered with. It was painted in my small apartment on East 83rd St, in NYC. Whitley sat with me first for a drawing of the Alien. As I sketched...
As to the gender of the Alien image, to tell the truth, the subject didn't come up. I don't even know if the 'greys' have gender as we understand it. As was the case with the Majestic alien, Whitley corrected the developing image to have a certain fragility, a vulnerability. I suppose we Earthlings usually associate these qualities with femininity.

Q: So what is your own view of these phenomena, then?

A: Once in Boulder Colorado, I was doing a mural in a hotel where a whole convention of UFO experts was meeting - one of those 'synchronicities' so common in the UFO field - including Stanton Friedman, J. Allen Hynek, Jacques Vallee, etc. I made known my interest, and they included me in their lounge discussions. When I met Dr. Vallee, among other things, he said, “In all scientific disciplines, the more data that is amassed, the more one feels a solution is approaching. In the UFO field it is the opposite.” Despite my own ideas of time and reality and “Them,” I deeply feel that concerning anything important, I know absolutely nothing. 

If you are in touch with Whitley, please give him my best. ~
Aquaria by Ted Seth Jacobs
So what are the eyes actually seeing?
Good question.

May 22, 2017

Donnie Darko, 2001 and American Airlines Flight 587

 One of the engines from American Airlines Flight 587
A scene from 'Donnie Darko' where the engine is recovered 
"Donnie Darko is a 2001 science fiction film written and directed by Richard Kelly.
The film follows the adventures of the troubled title character as he seeks the meaning behind his Doomsday-related visions.
Filmed over the course of 28 days (coincidentally mirroring the time transpired in the movie), the film was almost released straight-to-video.
Donnie Darko was screened at the Sundance Film Festival on January 19, 2001, before receiving a limited theatrical release on October 26, 2001 by Flower Films.
Due to the film's advertising featuring a crashing plane and the September 11 attacks that transpired a month before, the film was scarcely advertised."
Donnie's bedroom ceiling and the flag
A lot of people comment about how creepy it was that this film came out the same year as the September 11 attacks, but I haven't heard anyone comment on how creepy it was that about two weeks after the movie's cinema release of October 26th that a plane (American Airlines Flight 587) would lose two engines before crashing into a suburban New York neighbourhood and killing another five people on the ground.
On November 12, 2001, the Airbus A300-600 flying the route crashed into the Belle Harbor neighborhood of Queens, a borough of New York City, shortly after takeoff.
All 260 people on board the flight were killed, along with five people on the ground.
It is the second-deadliest aviation incident in New York state; the second-deadliest aviation incident involving an Airbus A300, after Iran Air Flight 655; and the second-deadliest aviation accident to occur on U.S. soil, after American Airlines Flight 191.
The location of the accident and the fact that it took place two months and one day after the September 11 attacks on the
World Trade Center in Manhattan initially spawned fears of another terrorist attack.
Terrorism was officially ruled out as the cause by the
National Transportation Safety Board, which instead attributed the disaster to the first officer's overuse of rudder controls in response to wake turbulence, or jet wash, from a Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400 that took off minutes before it. 
According to the NTSB, this aggressive use of the rudder controls by the co-pilot caused the vertical stabilizer to snap off the plane.
The plane's two engines also separated from the aircraft before it hit the ground"
Elizabeth Darko's Halloween costume is a tribute to Vivian Darkbloom, a character in Stanley Kubrick's Lolita, so maybe that guy in the review above is on to something when he talks about the young dancers.
I'm a fan of the movie 'Donnie Darko' and I had no idea of some of the spooky parallels between this movie and the
American Airlines Flight 587 crash of November 12, 2001 until I was writing my last post -
2001: The Present Can Only Be Viewed from the Past?
I find the release of 'Donnie Darko' about two weeks before this plane crash quite eerie considering the plot of the movie about a boy who survives a jet engine falling through the roof of his suburban bedroom when he should have been in his bed at the time, if not for a rabbit Donnie sees in his visions.
Here is the skeletal plot
(without the meat) of the movie in a nutshell with SPOILERS -
"On October 2, 1988, Donnie Darko, a troubled teenager living in suburban Virginia, is awakened and led outside by a figure in a monstrous rabbit costume, who introduces himself as "Frank" and tells him the world will end in 28 days, 6 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds.
At dawn, Donnie returns home to find a jet engine has crashed into his bedroom.
His older sister, Elizabeth, informs him that the FAA investigators do not know where it came from....
As a vortex forms in dark clouds above his house, Donnie drives into the hills and watches the storm as an airplane descends from above.
The plane, carrying Rose and the dance troupe, is wrenched violently as one of its engines detaches and falls into the vortex.
Events of the previous 28 days recapitulate in reverse order and action, until Donnie finds himself in bed back in the early hours of October 2.
As he lies in his bed, waiting and laughing, the jet engine crashes through his room, killing him. 

Others with whom Donnie had interacted in the 28 days awaken, some looking disturbed.
Gretchen rides by Donnie's house and learns of his death from a neighborhood boy, David, but says she did not know him.
Gretchen and Rose exchange a glance and wave as if they know one another, but cannot remember from where.
The movie takes place in 1988
Frank tells Donnie the world will end in 28 days, 06 hours, 42 minutes, and 12 seconds. 
If you add these numbers, the sum is 88.
An 8 on it's side is of course the symbol for infinity and this movie is full of references to the numbers 8 and 88.
Donnie mentions the DeLorean vehicle, which was used for time travel in the movie BackTo The Future.
In the movie, the DeLorean had to reach a speed of 88mph to travel
in time.

"The climax of Donnie Darko occurs one week before the 1988 US presidential election.
Read this article to see what I mean -
88 Reasons To Watch Donnie Darko Again
I suggest that you read Jeff Kripal's book,
'Authors of the Impossible' to see where I'm coming from with this post, as far as Richard Kelly's writing of the 'Donnie Darko' script goes.
"The accident aircraft, registration N14053, was an 
Airbus A300B4-605R delivered in 1988, with a seating configuration for 267 passengers (16 first-class seats and 251 economy-class seats); it was powered by two 
General Electric CF6-80C2A5 engines.
The accident flight had two flight crew members, seven cabin crew members and 251 passengers."
There is some very interesting numerology in the above passage in regard to the number 8.
260 people on board lost their lives on that flight
(2+6+0 = 8) and if we take away the crew members there was 251 passengers who died (2+5+1 = 8).

And for people who find the number 13 a bad omen the airplane registration number was N14053 (1+4+0+5+3 = 13) and a total of 265 people lost their lives in this incident with the addition of the five people on the ground (2+6+5 = 13)
"The flight crew consisted of Captain Ed States (42) and First Officer Sten Molin (34), who was the pilot flying.
The plane pushed back from its gate at 9:00 AM. It taxied to Runway 31L behind a Japan Airlines Boeing 747-400 bound for Tokyo. 
At 9:11 AM, the 747 was cleared for takeoff. 
As the JAL flight climbed, the tower contacted Flight 587's pilots and warned them about potential wake turbulence from the 747."
The pilot of in charge of Flight 587, although not flying the plane at the time of the crash according to reports was Ed States.
Donnie Darko's father is named Eddie Darko. 
Rose Darko tells Kitty Farmer in the movie that her husband Eddie is in New York.
Holmes Osborne as Eddie Darko
"At 9:13:28, the A300 was cleared for takeoff on Runway 31L.
The aircraft left the runway at 9:14:29, about 1 minute and 40 seconds after the JAL flight.
From takeoff, the plane climbed to an altitude of 500 feet above mean sea level (msl) and then entered a climbing left turn to a heading of 220°.
 At 9:15:00, the pilot made initial contact with the departure controller, informing him that the airplane was at 1,300 feet and climbing to 5,000 feet.
The departure controller instructed the aircraft to climb to and maintain 13,000 feet."
November 12th, 2001 was also a Monday. MOONday?!
The song that plays as Donnie is riding his bike home is
"The Killing Moon" by Echo And The Bunnymen.
November 12th, 2001 was a Monday (Dark MOONday?)

"The stabilizer separated from the aircraft and fell into
Jamaica Bay, about one mile north of the main wreckage site. 
Eight seconds later, the stall warning sounded on the cockpit voice recorder.
At the moment the stabilizer separated from the aircraft, the plane pitched downwards, headed straight for Belle Harbor
As the pilots struggled to control the aircraft, it went into a
flat spin.
The resulting aerodynamic loads sheared both engines from the aircraft seconds before impact. 
The engines landed several blocks north and east of the main wreckage site.
Losing the engines cut off power to the FDR at 9:16:00, while the CVR (cockpit voice recorder), utilizing a battery backup, cut off at 9:16:15 moments before impact with the ground.
The fuselage slammed into Belle Harbor on Beach 131st Street, instantly destroying three houses (258, 262, and 266 Beach 131st Street) and spraying fiery debris along Beach 131st Street south of Newport Avenue.
All 260 people aboard the plane and five people on the ground were killed instantly, and the impact forces and a post-crash fire destroyed the wreckage."
Richard Kelly was born on March 28, 1975 in Newport News, Virginia, USA and the plane crashed around Newport Avenue.
On another eerie note Richard Kelly wrote the screenplay for 'Domino' for the director of that movie Tony Scott.
'Domino' was a film about Domino Harvey's life story.
The daughter of actor Laurence Harvey turned away from her career as a Ford model to become a bounty hunter.
"Harvey was arrested on federal charges of trafficking methamphetamine; she maintained that she was innocent.
Harvey continually denied that she was a drug trafficker, claiming to have been set up.

While under house arrest, she lived with a person whom she had hired as a "sober guardian" to help her refrain from drug use.
On the night of 27 June 2005 her aide discovered her unconscious in her bathtub.
She was taken to a hospital but could not be resuscitated."
"Due to his insistence that he has an invisible six foot-tall rabbit for a best friend, a whimsical middle-aged man is thought by his family to be insane - but he may be wiser than anyone knows."
"Tony Scott died by suicide on August 19th, 2012, by jumping off the Vincent Thomas Bridge in the San Pedro port district of Los Angeles."
A scene from the movie 'Harvey'
"Samantha Darko writes a story entitled "The Last Unicorn" about a unicorn named Ariel.
This is possibly a reference to Ridley Scott's Blade Runner: The Director's Cut.

Ridley Scott is Tony Scott's brother.
"Samantha Darko is holding a stuffed toy unicorn at the airport.
In another scene, as she is jumping on a trampoline, she is wearing a shirt with a unicorn on it."
Donnie and Gretchen watch The Evil Dead at The Aero Theatre
"At the screening of The Evil Dead, there are only three people in the theater: Donnie, Gretchen, and Frank.
These three characters all experience death in the film. 
In fact, these are the only deaths in the movie."
"In the movie theater scene, Richard Kelly originally intended to have Donnie and Gretchen going to see C.H.U.D. (1984).
However, there were problems with finding out who owned the rights to the movie.
Finally, Sam Raimi came to the rescue by allowing Kelly to use and distort footage from The Evil Dead (1981), free of charge.
This scene was filmed at The Aero Theatre at 1328 Montana Avenue, Santa Monica, CA.
The Aero closed in 2003 but re-opened in early 2005."
Released 1988
"The theater lists The Last Temptation of Christ as part of its double feature.
This movie was released theatrically in 1988 amid controversy 
(it was banned in my home state of Queensland).
In 2004, when the director's cut of Donnie Darko was released,
Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ awakened a similar controversy. 
Both Donnie Darko and The Passion of the Christ were distributed by Newmarket Films [usa]."
"One of the passengers killed on the flight was 
Hilda Yolanda Mayol, a 26 (2+6 = 8) -year-old American woman on her way to vacation in her native Dominican Republic.
Two months earlier, on 9/11, Mayol was working at a restaurant on the ground floor of the World Trade Center and escaped before the tower collapsed."
The jet engine has a spiral painted on it.
These are painted to tell if the engine is spinning.
The Fibonnaci spiral is based on the mating patterns of rabbits.
The memorial at the south end of Beach 116th Street
"A memorial was constructed in Rockaway Park, Belle Harbor's neighboring community, in memory of the 265 victims of the crash at the south end of Beach 116th (1+1+6 = 8) Street, a major commercial street in the area.
It was dedicated on November 12, 2006, the fifth anniversary of the incident, in a ceremony attended by then
Mayor of New York CityMichael Bloomberg.
A ceremony commemorating the disaster is held annually at the memorial every Nov 12, featuring a reading of the names of those killed aboard the aircraft and on the ground, with a formal moment of silence observed at 9:16 a.m., the estimated time of the crash."

Just as a side-note to this post, when I started this post yesterday I saw this news story on a national Australian news site when it had only been up on the net for 28 minutes.
Qantas flight from LA to Melbourne forced back after engine appears to spark
"A Melbourne-bound Qantas flight carrying nearly 500 passengers has been forced to turn back to Los Angeles after an engine failed, appearing to spark mid-air.
Flight QF94 was two hours into its trip when the pilots had to shut down one of the A-380 plane's four engines.
Qantas spokesman Thomas Woodward said the pilots turned the plane around and landed it safely back in LA.