" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 26, 2017


I was listening to a podcast about a ghost called 'Sir No Face' at the 'Paranormal Podcast' site last week, which I mentioned in this post - 
The Future of Pod-casting and Trouble at Ten
The island 'Sir No Face' apparently haunts in Sydney, Australia is Cockatoo Island in Sydney Harbour.
SIR NOFACE with Chad Calek – Paranormal Podcast 488
I've never heard of this ghost before, and I live in Australia, so it's a well kept secret that maybe only people who live in inner Sydney have heard about?
Next time I'm down in Sydney I'll check the island out for myself.
Sounds like an interesting film, but it could all just be a clever
New South Wales tourist campaign to lure suckers to the island.
I've seen the island from the mainland and it did have a bit of a spooky look about it, but I never knew it was haunted, even though I knew it had something to do with convicts in years gone by.
But that could be said of most of Sydney.

May 1st?! May Day?

Some scenes from the movies 'X-Men Origins: Wolverine' and 'Unbroken' were filmed on Cockatoo Island.
If they ever remake the movie 'Face/Off' again, then I know just the island to film it on ;-)

You've Gotta Laugh or You'll Cry

"There's a difference between art and entertainment.
Entertainment is really about forgetting about your life, and art is about remembering your life.
Sometimes remembering your life involves stronger emotions than the narcotic glow of entertainment."
Father John Misty
I saw those words above of Father John Misty's written in an article for Rolling Stone magazine and decided they were worth quoting.
I'd never heard of Father John Misty before reading the RS article.
I actually thought it was a young Nick Cave for a moment, which is odd, because I found out Father John had an album named
'The History of Caves'.
And there is an advert for Nick Cave's latest album on the back of the magazine.
Father John sounds like some serious talent to my ears ;-)

June 25, 2017

Sleepin’ in the Daytime (Words and Music?)

My view of Jimmy Webb's Brisbane show last night at the Powerhouse 
I saw Jimmy Webb play the Brisbane Powerhouse last night and the thing is that I didn't even know he was in Australia until I listened to a podcast yesterday morning, which I was going to put off listening to until today, in which case I would have missed out on seeing Jimmy's show last night.
It was mentioned at the end of the pod-cast that Jimmy was playing the Brisbane Powerhouse on Saturday night.
Behind the cake and the rain: the life of Jimmy Webb
It was only because this feeling came over me yesterday that if I listened to the podcast a day later I would be sorry.
I heard Jimmy on Andras Jones' Radio8ball show in 2015 and it was one of my favourite shows on how the universe is a much deeper pool of thought that we are ALL swimming in and just how serendipitous not only songwriting is, but life in general is.
Andras' show is kind of based on the Magic 8 Ball principle where you are asking the universe/God force/whatever you want to call it for an answer to a question through picking a number from 1 to 8, which has a song that the guest doesn't know about attached to it.
In the show that Andras had Jimmy on, the eight songs were all ones that Jimmy had written.
It's funny how you can hear Jimmy's attitude change as the show goes along from one of being on another boring radio show to really getting into it on a WTF(?) level of surprise and enchantment as the hits keep rolling...pardon the radio Top 40 jargon there.  
I liked when Chris "Sandman" Sand picks his own cover of 
'The Highwayman' to answer his own question.
The Sandman is the mythical figure who puts you to sleep...or into the subconscious realms, usually at night, which to me drew my attention to song #1 on the 8Ball list of songs for the show and made me think just how in most of our waking life it is still unconscious/subconscious forces which are really guiding our lives, even if we think otherwise.
When I listened to this show back in 2015 I never really knew who Jimmy Webb was and all the songs he had written, even though I was quite familiar with most of those songs having heard a lot of them before on the radio and records, etc.
To me Jimmy's song 'Sleepin' in the Daytime' was a great metaphor for how most great artists work, from digging into the unknown depths of their consciousness to the point that they don't really know what they are digging up from those depths, but that they like it and if someone really presses them on how they wrote a song, book or did a painting the artist really doesn't know how to explain it, because their conscious self only really channeled what their subconscious dictated to them.
My view of Jimmy Webb's Brisbane show last night at the Powerhouse 
I think it's the same for most song writers like Elizabeth Fraser, Tim and Jeff Buckley and even Paul McCartney and John Lennon.
They don't really know where those songs spring from and is why they can't really tell you what inspired them, because it's just as big a mystery to them as it is to anyone else who hears their songs that "they" wrote.
It was the domino effect of synchronicity that led me to Jimmy's Brisbane concert, which I would have missed if it wasn't for those events occurring at the right time in my life.
I had only started listening to the
'Conversations' with Richard Fidler podcast this week, because I had started reading his book 'Ghost Empire'.
Exploring Byzantium, the World of Ghost Empire
I had only started reading 'Ghost Empire' (which I had sitting in my bookshelf from last year after buying it after stumbling across Richard's talk at the 'Byron Bay Writer's Festival') because I saw the film 'Kedi', because I stumbled across a movie review of the movie in a paper I wasn't even going to read.
I think that's what's called synchronicity, but you can call it BS if you don't believe me...still the results are the same whatever you want to call it.
And when I booked my tickets yesterday morning on the net, there was only two tickets left.
Fate, or dumb luck?
I found it a really magical night being there and I knew that I was meant to be there on the night and I was grateful to the universe for guiding me there.
More about the night at the powerhouse in later posts, but for now it's time for me to sleep.
Good night and productive life dreams to you all...hopefully with no highwaymen chasing you involved ;-)
The entrance to the Brisbane Powerhouse

Exploring Byzantium, the World of Ghost Empire

Hagia Sophia in Turkey
I'm reading the book 'Ghost Empire' by Richard Fidler at the moment and there are a lot of synchonicites swirling around me at the moment with me reading this book at this time, which I will be writing about in future posts, but I just wanted to plug this podcast I heard today where Scott Stephens interviews Richard about writing the book.
Magical book (so far) I think.
Click on the link below to listen to it - 
Exploring Byzantium, the world of Ghost Empire: Scott Stephens with Richard Fidler
And if you would like to see what the modern city is like, check out the movie 'Kedi' where seven street cats are followed around the city.

If David Lynch Designed a Planet, It Would Be Uranus?

Uranus Is Even Freakier Than We Thought
"Much like every episode of Twin Peaks: The Return, Uranus is fiercely unique and weirdly endearing, even though it makes no f#@king sense.
The planet's spin axis is 98 degrees, so it essentially rotates on its side — and while we have some idea as to what could have caused that, no one's really sure.
That's just how Uranus rolls, literally."
"New research from Georgia Institute of Technology suggests that Uranus' unusual spin axis could be responsible for another one of the planet's oddities.
Uranus' magnetosphere, the magnetic field that surrounds it, gets flipped on and off every day as it rotates along with the planet.
"The study shows that this magnetic shield around Uranus is quite dynamic and heavily dependent upon — of all things — its rotation," she told Gizmodo. 
"That's completely different from the Earth or any of the other planets."
Truly, we've only begun to scratch the surface of Uranus' strangeness."

It's Hard to Beat the House When It Comes to the Cards You're Dealt

I've been reading the excellent eerie set of posts by Chris Knowles over at 'The Secret Sun' blog about the entanglement of 
Tim Buckley's 'Song of the Siren', the love affair between
Elizabeth Fraser and Tim's son Jeff Buckley and Jeff's drowning in 1997.
Chris wrote at the end of this post -
Interlude: Sirius Rising
"UPDATE: Darren reminds of 
that famous Beatles song that namedrops Albert Hall and also tells us of another doomed young prince, Tara Browne, dead exactly a month after Jeff Buckley was born. More 17s:
On 17 December 1966, Browne was driving with his girlfriend, model Suki Potier, in his Lotus Elan through South Kensington at high speed

(some reports suggesting in excess of 106 mph/170 km/h).
He was not under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time.
Browne failed to see a traffic light and proceeded through the junction of Redcliffe Square and Redcliffe Gardens, colliding with a parked lorry.
He died of his injuries the following day.
Potier claimed that Browne swerved the car to absorb the impact of the crash to save her life.
"A Day in the Life"
On 17 January 1967 John Lennon, a friend of Browne's, was composing music at his piano whilst idly reading London's Daily Mail and happened upon the news of the coroner's verdict into Browne's death. He worked the story into the song "A Day in the Life", which was later released on the album

Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band.
John Lennon's "Good Morning Good Morning" was the first song you heard on the last episode of The Monkees
"Song of the Siren" was its swansong."
The weird thing here is that roughly ten years after The Beatles released
Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band, the Bee Gees also starred in a movie and released an album called
"Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band", in which they also cover "Good Morning, Good Morning".
In 2007 Barry Gibb released a song for the movie 'Deal' called "Drown On the River".
"To "drown on the river" is to lose a poker hand because of the last card drawn."

"Drown On the River"
Is This a Joke Robin?
You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried, could you?
Oh yeah...and the Bee Gees would become the Bee Gees while living in Redcliffe, Queensland, which is not far away from a large island named Fraser Island named after a woman called Eliza Fraser.
The Lore of Synchronicity?
UPDATE: June 26th, 2017

June 24, 2017


Just listened to an interesting pod-cast at the 'Walking Home' site with a Danish artist who I had not heard of before named Christane Spangsberg -
I thought it was interesting that at the start of the podcast Michael Donovan laughs at himself for butchering Chritiane's name and when I Google image searched for Chritiane's art I found a guy dressed like a butcher standing in front of her artwork.
Turns out that photo was about a restaurant in Sydney displaying Chritiane's paintings/drawings -
Welcome to the New Paddington Inn
I thought it was coincidental that the Little Mermaid in Denmark got paint bombed recently the podcast came out.
I wrote about that attack on the Little Mermaid in this post -
Song to the Siren/Chase the Blues Away?
A blue Little Mermaid in Copenhagen, Denmark
I kind of like this work pictured above, as to my cloud-watching eyes it looks like a guy following a white rabbit...although I'm probably not even close to the meaning of the painting, but that's the way I'll view it until someone bursts my thought bubble. 
According to my AncestryDNA results 18% of my DNA is Danish/Scandinavian, which I pretty much knew anyway, as my mother's side of the family were from Denmark originally. 
Where the 19% Irish genes come from has me beat though.
Chritiane's work reminds me a lot of Matisse's work. 
I'm not sure if I like Chritiane's art better than Matisse's art, so I'll call it a draw ;-)