" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 23, 2017

Living on the Edge?

Is that bird in a Private Cage?-)
I finally decided to rent out a movie I previously had no interest in seeing called  'Edge of Tomorrow' starring Tom Cruise and the late Bill Paxton.
I actually forgot the movie starred Bill Paxton until I saw his image on the screen and thought I had seen a ghost, which in a way I had I guess, since I was first seeing it in 2017, months after Bill had passed in real life...which has no reset point...that I'm aware of anyway.
I only decided to hire this movie and watch it when I saw
Tom Cruise hit the edge of the building and breaking his leg while filming MI:6 -
Timing is Everything When it Comes to Synchronicity, Whether Personal or Pop Cultural
Well President Hillary Clinton didn't eventuate in this Gnostic nightmare of the future
The Military Industrial Media Complex
I actually liked this movie more than I thought I would, as although there are a few holes in the plot it is a bit of a mindf#ck of a movie, apart from the Groundhog Day and video game repetition of stating the same level over and over and over again.
‘Sad, but a happy sad’: Londoners fret about four years without Big Ben
A scene with Big Ben in it from the movie 'Edge of Tommorrow'
Cruise plays a guy with the surname of Cage who is stripped of his high rank and becomes a private Cage...get it?
Private Cage/Black Iron Prison?
How Gnostic can you get? 
What I like about this movie is that it questions and makes you think about fate, destiny and freewill and just how much we really have of each in our lives, if any.
Emma Watson's Eerie Circle
Bill Paxton and Glenne Headly who play Emma's parents in the movie 'The Circle'
So one minute Bill Paxton's character is poo-pooing fate, but then saying that destiny calls.
I see little difference in the words fate and destiny to be honest.
What I like about this movie being a Kubrick fan is that Cruise played Dr. Bill Harford in 'Eyes Wide Shut' and plays Bill Cage in 'Edge of Tomorrow'.
That's like Bill in dollar bill maybe?
And "Full Metal Bitch"?
'The Edge of Tomorrow' is worth watching, but it is no Kubrick film.It's worth watching in light of current events too, for those who have eyes to see.

Haruo Nakajima/Godzilla Passes Away During the Anniversaries of the Atomic Bombings of Japan?!

I read the above obituary in my local paper telling me that
Haruo Nakajima died on August 7, 2017 in Japan and I thought WTF?!
You couldn't make this stuff up if you tried.
He died in between the anniversaries of the twin A bombings of Japan.
Back to the Future: The Massive Speaker is Meant to be the Bomb that was Dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15
When Time Stopped in Hiroshima
A clock in 'Back to the Future' with the correct time on it
Let's hope history doesn't repeat on a monstrous scale in 2017.
May you rest in peace Haruo Nakajima and may we all try to live in peace on this planet in the coming decades and not fear.
Oh, yeah, Haruo Nakajima was 88 when he passed away, too.

August 22, 2017

The Other-side of Stand Up Comedy?

Jen Weigel Zanies Stand Up Set 11 16 2015
I really like what Kelly MacLean is doing at her podcast where she interviews comedians and gets them to open up on their spiritual slant on the world, even if they don't consciously have one at all.
My last post was about Jennifer Weigel's talk with Echo Bodine in this post -
Echo of the Spirit-world?
And I found a clip on You Tube of Jennifer Weigel doing some stand-up comedy at a Chicago comedy club named Zanies.
I guess that means that Jennifer could technically be interviewed as a comedian on Kelly's show now to talk about comedy and Jen's spiritual beliefs.
I might be trying to fit square pegs in round holes there suggesting that, but it's worth a shot.
And with Jennifer's guest on her latest podcast being Echo Bodine it's a little synchy that Kelly mentions the word echo at the 28th minute of Kelly's latest podcast with DeAnne Smith while talking about her deceased brother.
Another weird synchronicity was that if you go to
Kelly MacLean's iTune site for 'The Tao of Comedy' she has some recent mini-podcasts with comedians on the red carpet and her last one was posted on August 7th with Jim Carrey.
Then right after listening to Kelly's podcast with DeAnne I see Jim's tweet about Jerry Lewis' passing away on the 20th of August this year.
Who says everything's not connected?-)
I thought it was also synchronistically bizarre how Kelly made the comment about the guy at the Canadian comedy festival who was playing a flute with three rats dancing around him, which is obviously a pied piper reference and now with Lewis passing away there are calls for the infamous movie he made in the 70s where he played a clown that led children away to the gas chamber to be released for public viewing.
Jerry Lewis: Will his infamous 'lost' film ever be seen?
"The death of US comedy legend Jerry Lewis has prompted renewed interest in his notorious "lost film", The Day the Clown Cried.
The unreleased movie follows a clown who is sent to a concentration camp and told to lead children to their deaths.
Lewis, who has died at the age of 91, gave his copy of the film to the US Library of Congress.
In 2015, the library confirmed it would be shown to scholars and members of the public - but not before June 2024.
Some, however, are not prepared to wait that long.
"RIP jerry lewis, release 'the day the clown cried' immediately," wrote one Twitter user on Sunday.
"Is it horrible that my first thought upon hearing about Jerry Lewis's death is 'now they can release The Day The Clown Cried'?" asked Paul DeBruler.
Lewis directed the 1972 film and played the leading role - a clown who is arrested in Nazi Germany for drunkenly defaming Hitler.
The character is then thrown into a concentration camp, where he is beaten and forced to lead children into gas chambers.
Lewis kept what is believed to be the only copy locked in a private vault before donating it to the Library of Congress.
US comedian Harry Shearer, one of only a handful of people known to have seen the film, said he was "stunned" by how bad it was.
In 1992, he said: "This movie is so drastically wrong, its pathos and its comedy are so wildly misplaced, that you could not, in your fantasy of what it might be like, improve on what it really is."
And another film is soon to be released in cinemas about a clown who leads children away to their deaths based on a book by the KING of horror, Stephen King.
Jerry Lewis also passed away in the town of Las Vegas and I have more posts coming up soon about Vegas synchronistic connections, which I had planned to write before the passing of Jerry Lewis, so you might want to take note of DeAnne's joke about short term memory loss from being a vegan in that first You Tube at the top of this post.
I bought Melbourne author A.S. Patric's short story book
'Las Vegas for Vegans' at the recent Byron Bay Writer's Festival after seeing a talk he was in on the Friday of the festival and I started reading the book soon after and it's been synching like crazy with current events in some rather weird ways for me, which is what my future posts will be about.
A.S.Patric's short stories are far better than any Stephen King short stories I have ever read, not that Patric is a horror writer.
My first ever post on this blog was a sign that kinda sums up my hometown Brisbane for me -
BRISBANE (Sign Outside of the Gallery of Mordern Art, Southbank [the BEST] side of the River)
And in Brizvegas getting a glass of water to drink may be the least of your worries ;-)
Reports that Crown Prince Frederik was turned away from Brisbane nightclub Jade Buddha on Friday night...
TGIF or WTF in Brizvegas for the Crown Prince of Denmark?