" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 27, 2017

Gordon White Interviews Leslie Kean About the Afterlife

Gordon White from the Rune Soup blog talks to Leslie Kean about her new book on after death survival.
I first heard Leslie talking about her book at Alex Tsakiris' podcast site 'Skeptiko' a few weeks back -
SURVIVING DEATH: A Journalist Investigates Evidence For An Afterlife
and also heard her on the 'Mysterious Universe' podcast show after that.
All of those podcasts are worth listening to, I think.
And I'm halfway through Gordon White's book 'Star. Ships' at the moment and so far I'm not sorry I bought it (so you better not let me down Gordo) because it has brought up some very interesting insights about the human path of the past.
Star. Ships...and Hobbits
I never knew that humans share 50% of their DNA with a banana, until I read Gordon's book.
But there is much better stuff than that inside 'Star. Ships', especially with the human travels through the Pacific islands/Australasian lands.
Groundbreaking stuff in more ways than one. 

LEGOLAND May Have a Real Life Nemesis

Wax worms biodegrade plastic...
"Scientist and amateur beekeeper Federica Bertocchini picked parasitic wax worms from the honeycomb of her beehives and left them sitting in a plastic bag.
When she returned to the bag, it was riddled with holes and many of the worms had escaped.
It was that chance discovery that led her to collaborate with scientists at the University of Cambridge in England to unearth the possibility of using worms to munch through the world's plastic problem.

I kind of like the idea that nature has it's own solution to the toxic plastic pop-cultural world of children's (and adult's) entertainment. 
LEGO Wall project by Npire
Those guys pictured above better hope that their home is wax worm free.
It's good to see that nature isn't just another brick in the artificial wall;-)
Let's hope Mother Nature teaches the toxic pop-cultural consumer world a lesson when it comes to conforming with it;-)
Wax worm

April 26, 2017

Shamanic Journeying in the Now?

Another interesting podcast I listened to recently was the above podcast at the 'Entheonation' podcast site where Lorna Liana interviews Rak Razam (someone I've crossed paths with a few times now at recent events) about his views on modern shamanism and journeying techniques. 
You can listen to the show by clicking on this link -

You might also like to hear Lorna's follow up interview with Rak Razam in episode 22, which you can hear by clicking on this link -

April 25, 2017

Kind of Seems Appropriate That the Zen Motorcycle Mechanic Would Hit the Void at 88

I saw the news today that Robert Maynard Pirsig, the author of the cult classic novel,'Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance' passed away at the age of 88.
I hope Robert found his Satori on the other side of life's highway.
Robert Pirsig: Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance author dies
It's kind of synchy that I mentioned Robert's book in a post I wrote just over a month ago about Paul Carter's Bio-diesel bike ride around Australia -
Paul Carter: When Taoism and Synchronicity Collide
You might want to ponder that Bruce Lee quote for a moment?-)

April 23, 2017

Game of Phones: A Double Edged Sword?

I just listened to a great little podcast more or less about on line addiction and modern communication, or lack of...yeah, I see the irony of what I just wrote.
Hi, my name is Darren and I'm a...;-)
Or should that be FUTURE FOSSILS #2001?-)
It's a very thought provoking podcast, but it was
Aunia's shamanic like artwork that reeled me in to have a listen and take a look at her art.
Aunia Kahn's ARTWORK
You can also listen to the 'Future Fossils' podcasts on iTunes.
Why do I feel like a barman serving drinks at an AA meeting asking if I can be your sponsor?

Easter MOONday at Bluesfest, 2017

Easter Monday was day five and the last day of the
Byron Bay Bluesfest, which meant I could cut that annoying f#cking 5 day wrist band off, even though I only wore it for two days in a row, because I only went for three of the five days.
This year the Bluesfest think-tank brought in wrist bands that locked around your wrist, so if you managed to get the things off, chances are you weren't going to get them back on.
After attending Bluesfest on Good Friday I decided to take my band off, because I wasn't going back until Sunday and didn't want to wear it as I went about my normal life.
Previous years it has been no trouble to get them off and on your wrist...but not this year.
If you had a 5 day wrist band and happened to go Thursday and wanted to go again Easter Monday, then the BF gatekeepers expected you to keep it on the whole weekend, no matter how annoying that felt to your wrist.
It felt like I had a phantom wristband on the rest of the week after I had cut it off Tuesday morning when I got home.
The new bands also had an RFID chip in it, so if you wanted to buy alcohol you had to go to a top up point and have your money exchanged for an RFID chip deposit.
I never put money into my chip, as I don't like RFID chip technology and will refuse to play the game for as long as I can.
The only beer I drank all weekend was a tin that was given to me by a good Samaritan. 
You also had to clock in and clock out with your band when you went through the gate.
When I got home on Good Friday I cut my little white clip off and retied the band back onto my wrist for Easter Sunday...and boy did the sh#t hit the fan when I tried to get in the gate.
The guy on the gate looked at my wrist in horror like I had slashed it open in front of him and he said "mate, what have you done? You can't tamper with you wristband, you can be refused entry if you do that".
So I had to go to the Box Office and get a new one.
The woman at the BO had the manners of a Nazi prison guard when I told her what I had done, giving me a big lecture about the band and how you can't take it off, because then you could pass it on to someone else and they could get in with it.
I asked what happens when you only go say three days out of the five and she looked at me like I was stupid for forking out money for a five day pass and only going three times.
I explained that I bought the pass at the last festival when it was cheap and if I had off paid for three days when the prices went up it would have cost me more money and besides I had the option of how many days I could go if I wanted to.
I said to her that I thought these new bands were stupid as I like to take them off when I get home and aren't at the festival.
She then went on to tell me how she doesn't see the big deal because SHE has no trouble wearing her band for five days.
Lady, I don't care if you like wearing it all year round.
I'm telling you what I don't like.
Great customer service skills by the way.
Needless to say I didn't buy a five day pass for next year, in fact if I go I'll just pick the best two days to go as far as my musical tastes can stick your 5 day wristband BF.
Sorry about the rant, but I had to get that off my chest...or should that be my wrist?-)
And I have to give a shout out to my friends at 
Afends hemp clothing who had to put up with my ranting about the wristband as I was buying the above t-shirt from them and the good bloke who came along and gave me one of his nice cold beers as I was on my rant about how I wasn't buying alcohol this year on principle. 
Don't worry, I'm not a Satanist, as I don't believe in the devil, to me that's just Pan on a bad wrap from the church.
 Not that I believe in Pan as a real being either, but it sure is a great pop-cultural myth.
At least there was no need for rain-boots this year
The first act I went to see was Blind Boy Paxton at the Delta tent.
Blind Boy Paxton playing the Delta tent Easter Monday, 2017

Jerron "Blind Boy" Paxton
"Originally from the Watts district of Los Angeles, Paxton's grandparents moved from Louisiana to California in 1956.
These southern roots would have an influence on Paxton as a young boy.
After spending time listening to his hometown blues radio station, as well as the old Cajun and country blues songs his grandmother used to sing, Paxton became interested in these early sounds, developing a breadth of knowledge pertaining to such music along the way.
He began playing the fiddle when he was twelve, only to pick up the banjo two years later.
As a teenager, he began to go blind, losing most of his eyesight by the age of 16.
Since his childhood, he has added piano, harmonica,
Cajun accordion, ukulele, guitar, and the bones to his musical arsenal, although the banjo was his first serious instrument.
In addition to blues and jazz, he uses these instruments to play ragtime, country blues, and Cajun music."
After drinking my beer while watching and listening to Jerron entertain the tent with his music and humour I headed off to see 'The Wilson Pickers' play, since I had just bought a CD of theirs from the Bluesfest record store, because I liked the owl on the cover of their CD, even though I hadn't heard any songs off it at the time.
I wrote about seeing them play in this post -
Land of the Powerful Owl
So I won't touch on that again here.
A sign hanging in a Bluesfest coffee tent;-)
After seeing 'The Wilson Pickers' play I went and got a coffee and was pointed to stand over near the sign on the wall:-)
I couldn't help thinking of the lovely lady with all of her customer service skills at the Bluesfest BO the day before while she more or less told me what a dick she thought I was.
Cheers lady and right back at ya.
'St.Paul and the Broken Bones' playing the Mojo tent
Then it was off to the Mojo tent to see
'St.Paul and the Broken Bones' play, which I wrote about here -
St Paul & The Broken Bones...and Mojo
so I won't go over it again in this post.
'St.Paul and the Broken Bones'  Easter Monday, 2017
'Busby Marou' playing the Crossroads tent Easter Monday
Then I went to checkout a few songs from 'Busby Marou' at the Crossroads tent as the sun went down, before heading off to the Juke Joint to see Melody Angel play her full set.
But first I had to grab a bite to eat at the food tent and get in the line to get my 'St.Paul and the Broken Bones' CD signed.
You do know that it's not cool to wear Native American headdress to festivals, don't you?
Wearing lit up ducks on your head is cool, though
'St.Paul and the Broken Bones' in the signing tent
Melody Angel on the Juke Joint stage Easter Monday
I wrote about seeing Melody Angel play on Good Friday in this post -
The (Not-Quite?) Departed
But I didn't get to see Melody's whole set on Good Friday, so I made sure to catch her whole show on Easter Monday, even if it meant missing Kasey Chambers' set at Crossroads.
When you come to a crossroads I guess you have 
to make a choice?-)
It was a shame to miss Kasey's gig, but Melody's gig was one not to miss, I thought.
Neil Finn playing the Crossroads tent Easter Monday, 2017

Then it was off to the gig I had been waiting to see all weekend,
Neil Finn at Crossroads.
I had never seen Neil play live, but I did see his brother Tim play Bluesfest a few years back.
Neil singing 'Pineapple Head' at Crossroads Easter Monday, 2017
Was Pollock Just a Pineapplehead?
I also thought it was funny that Neil sung 'Chocolate Cake' and mentioned Trump's demented talk about eating chocolate cake with the Chinese Prime-minister while dropping bombs on Syria.
What a nut-bag Trump is, he can't even remember what country he ordered to drop bombs on.
Trump Brags About Eating the "Most Beautiful" Chocolate Cake During Syrian Missile Strike Decision...Then forgets which country he just bombed.
Neil Finn had replaced Barry Gibb as the Monday headline act when Barry cancelled his Australian tour, and while I would have liked to see Barry play live to me Neil was a great swap.
And it's a shame Neil Young cancelled his Good Friday act and Jimmy Buffett had to take his place, even if it pleased the Parrotheads.
Jimmy Buffett's Parrotheads
Oh well, like something Douglas Adams once said, I might not have come to see the artists I was hoping for, but I probably saw the artists that I needed to see.
Douglas Adams and his parrot
Neil Finn at the Crossroads tent Bluesfest Easter Monday, 2017
The Easter Moon rising over the Bluesfest site on Monday night
The 2017 Byron Bay Bluesfest, all over for another year
'Nahko & Medicine for the People' in the Delta tent Easter Monday
I finished the night off in the same tent I started the day off in, the Delta tent, watching the last act of the night,
'Nahko & Medicine for the People'
Just what the doctor ordered, I think;-)