" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 31, 2011

The Cave of Forgotten Dreams

I received a double pass to see the above movie by Werner Herzog called Cave of Forgotten Dreams.
 It's a documentary film about the 32000 year-old paintings discovered in 1994 in the Chauvet Cave in southern France.
It was filmed in 3-D, but I only saw the 2-D version, which I found fascinating anyway.
It's a magical film that I would encourage you to see if you get the chance.
Werner has made some great movies over the years.
I saw his movie Grizzly Man when it came out and while it was meant to be serious, it came across to me as darkly amusing and tragic at the same time (much how life really is, I guess)
Werner has another movie coming out in November this year called Into the Abyss
about ;
"Conversations with death row inmate Michael Perry and those affected by his crime, serve as an examination of why people - and the state - kill.
He certainly has made some interesting films over the years.
I'll have to try and catch up with the ones I've missed (which is lots).
He even made a short film in 2001 called Pilgrimage, which I found was a 'coincidence', since I have only just started reading  
Paulo Coelho's book of the same name, about a pilgrimage that Paulo took across Spain.
"Paulo Coelho details his journey across Spain along the legendary road of San Tiago, which pilgrims have traveled since Middle Ages. 
On this contemporary quest, he encounters a Chaucerian variety of mysterious guides and devilish opponents and learns to understand the nature of truth through the simplicity of life. The Pilgrimage holds an important place in Paulo Coelho's literary canon. 
His first book, it not only paved the way for his phenomenal novel The Alchemist ,but it also fully expresses his humanist philosophy and the depth of his unique search for meaning."
I came across this post -
Inspiring passage from The Pilgrimage by Paulo Coelho
at a blog called Enlighten Your Day
Worth reading, I think. 
"An enemy always represents a weakness. 
This might be fear of physical pain, but it could also be a premature sense of victory or the desire to abandon the fight because it is no longer (seems?) worthwhile." (The Pilgrimage)
Our Lady of Victories Catholic church, Brisbane, Australia
Paintings in the Chauvet Cave in southern France
PS. I came across an artist by the name of Ginny Hogan who paints pictures in a similar style to the ones found in the cave.
Very beautiful they are indeed.
And Ginny also has a page called About Petroglyphs, where she tries to explain the symbolism in her paintings.
shaman: communication
with spirits

October 30, 2011

Anthony Has Peaked My Interest ;-)

I was over at Synchrosecrets a blog I have been following for quite a while and I was looking down the right sidebar to see if there was a link to a blog which may be of interest to me (don't ask me why ... I like to go with the flow ... it seems to work for me) and I saw 
Anthony Peake's blog.
Now, I have heard of Anthony and I have a book on my wish list of his, but I have not read his material.
So, I clicked on the link and saw this post called,
 Anthony Peake takes inspiration from David Icke 
on BBC Live Radio HAARP discussion | PRLog
Having just spent a whole day listening to David on his latest tour on the Gold Coast, not far from my hometown, Brisbane, I can tell you that David is not the "nut" that a lot of people make him out to be.
I don't say I agree with everything David says, but let's not throw the baby out with the bathwater here, because there is a baby in there somewhere.
And I have to agree with Anthony, David is worth listening to.
Whether on a Jungian level, or something other ... listen to David, and listen with the gut.
And I'm sure if you listen closely you will hear he is not a "nut".
I don't say everything he says is gospel ... but he is worth a listen.
I'm with Anthony with the cross over stuff.
But you decide for yourself.

October 29, 2011

The One: Australia's Most Gifted Psychic

The One TV show, big rater
on the
Australian airwaves
There's a TV show, now into it's second season on Australian TV called The One where psychics are put through a series of tests
(ah la Survivor) to see who can pass the most tests week after week, with one getting voted off the show each week (also ah la Survivor).
Witches brave the fires of scepticism
One of the judges (Stacey Demarco) classes herself as a modern witch, and on Barry Eaton's Radio OutThere audio show this week Barry interviews Stacey about her beliefs  and the TV show.
I agree with Barry as to whether the show is a good vehicle to present the subject matter to the general public, but I can see where Stacey is coming from with her side of the argument, too.
Either way, I think it is great a show like this can rate so well on prime time TV.
It would be interesting to see if a show like this could rate high in England, or The States.

October 26, 2011

Our Lady of Victories Sync

Our Lady of Victories Church,
Brisbane 1928
Our Lady of Victories Church,
Brisbane 2012
I was just reading a post over at Mike Perry's blog 67 Not Out about his trip to Ibiza 
Santa Eulalia Church and The Roman Bridge 
and the Santa Eulalia church on the hill that he was drawn to take some photos of.
Mike Perry's Santa Eulalia church in Ibiza
It reminded me of my infatuation with a church 
in my hometown called Our Lady of Victories.
Our Lady of Victories as it stands today
Now, I'm not a Roman Catholic, so it wasn't a religious thing, even though I do feel very spiritual around a lot of old Catholic buildings, icons, artworks and tools of the trade, I run the other way just as fast when it comes to the dogma.
Probably why I joined the Liberal Catholic Church in my early 20's, because I love the spirituality of Roman Catholicism, but just can't handle that dogma.
Spiritually Blue 
Anyway, Our Lady of Victories has always had a very sacred place in my heart, and I don't really know why.
It's just one of those things more of the heart than the head.
I found this information about the church at a great blog called 
Your Brisbane: Past and Present
"Our Lady of Victories church in Bowen Hills, Brisbane, was constructed in 1924-5 on land purchased from the Perry family (Perry House, Perry Park).
This church is unique in that it was constructed not only as a place of worship, but also as a memorial to the Catholic servicemen who were killed in the Great War. 
The Spanish mission styled church was designed by Brisbane architectural firm Hall & Prentice and constructed by a Mr H Cheetham (just as well his first name wasn't Ian or Ivan!) for £9435, which included the £400 architectural fee. 
In 1955, Archbishop Duhig handed the church over to the Polish community, and the Franciscan Brothers have provided mass in English and Polish from that year onwards. 
Those wishing to read more about the history of this church should visit this Queensland Government EPA site.
Because of its landmark position at Bowen Hills, together with its 40-odd metre spire, the church is readily seen from many parts of Brisbane.
Another feature of the church is the blue neon cross on the top of the spire, ensuring that the church stands out at night as well as during the day. 
I thought this may have been a more modern addition to the church, but in fact "the large electrically illuminated cross" was evident from the very beginning, as reported in a Catholic newspaper of the time. 
It may have provided some comfort to the many soldiers stationed just down the road at Camp Perry Park during WWII."
The above photo taken from Perry Park shows Our Lady of Victories on the hill.
The well-maintained soccer pitch is evident, and the street behind the Field is Folkestone St, named after the original Perry residence.
On the hill in the background is the spire of Our Lady of Victories, the church built on the site of that residence after William Perry passed away.
I played about half a dozen games on this field as a junior soccer player, mainly semi-finals or finals.
The church is aptly named for me because every game I played on this field was a victory for my teams.
I would spend many a day or night watching my favourite senior teams playing here usually with my father beside me cheering the teams home.
I remember big Barry Kelso cracking a shot from 
beyond half way in the Queensland vs Norwich game and putting it over the English keepers head only to see it bounce off the crossbar at a massive force.
Yes, there where lots of memories here at Perry Park for me.
Now, though it is just a minor venue, since the big stadiums have been built.
Here's some history on Perry Park from "Your Brisbane: Past and Present"
"William Perry was an entrepreneur who, through his ironmongery business Perry Bros, became a substantial landholder in the Breakfast Creek area. 
William Perry bought Newstead House in 1891, and he also held substantial land at Bowen Hills, where the family home, Folkestone, was situated. 
The family also built Miegunyah (now also a historical site) on that land, and the area at the bottom of the hill where they used to run their horses and cows is now Perry Park."
Perry House today
During the years 1911 to 1913, Herbert and George highlighted their business by building Brisbane's then tallest building, the eight storey Perry House on the corner of Elizabeth and Albert Streets in the city.
So, thanks to Mike's post I've learned a little more about my own city and especially about the Perry's who I knew virtually nil about before. 
There will be more about churches, caves (of forgotten dreams) and the movie The Last Wave in a following post that I'm working on at the moment, so this story is oddly related, in a weird kind of way.

October 24, 2011

Manning a Day on the Green

A guy wearing a Manning #18 Indianapolis Colts jersey
 I snapped this picture of a guy wearing an Indianapolis Colts jersey yesterday at A Day on the Green concert at Sirromet winery.
I snapped it because at first glance I thought this guy was wearing a Seattle Sea-hawks jersey (which happens to be my favourite NFL team ... not that I follow the NFL all that much).
After I snapped it I realized this guy didn't follow one of the classiest teams in the NFL at all;-) 
But later on I realized he had a player's name MANNING and the 
player's number 18 on the back of the jersey. 
Manning getting tackled by a Baltimore Raven.
A day on the green
Strange, since I wrote a post on the Ned Manning talk 
at the Byron Writers Festival a few weeks ago;
Manning and Malthouse and The Dead End (Drive-in)
and to see somebody in Australia wearing an NFL jersey around is extremely rare indeed.  
Ned Manning was married to Bronwyn Bancroft who I wrote about here;
Stradbroke Dreamtime
Bronwyn illustrated the Stradbroke Dreamtime book written by Oodgeroo, about growing up on Stradbroke Island.
Stradbroke Island on the horizon (the blue hills)
Stradbroke Island is visible from the  winery.
It's just a short boat ride across the bay. 
Life Weaving (Blue) by Bronwyn Bancroft
Life Weaving (Green) by Bronwyn Bancroft
Washpool Sunset by Bronwyn Bancroft

Higher Love?

Steve Winwood on stage at the
Sirromet winery this afternoon
A little bit of a sync to share from the Steely Dan/Steve Winwood concert I attended today/tonight.
Just as Steve started to sing the words Higher Love, a flock of birds flew over the stage in a V formation, at one point it could even have been heart shaped formation ... but that might just have been my overactive imagination ... and continued to fly over the crowd heading towards Byron Bay.
I was eating pizza when this happened, but I managed to grab a shot before they completely disappeared from view. 
The birds flying in a guitar formation towards Byron Bay?

It was a great day and the music certainly made my spirit soar.

October 22, 2011

The Jules Knight Synch

Peter Helliar wearing his yellow 64 hoodie,
Blake in I Love You Too.
I remembered back, while watching the movie I Love You Too, to the first time I ever thought about the weird almost fateful coincidences life can throw up at you as you move through this world.
How It Feels??? Synchronistic That's How! (Part 2)
I had just started grade one and a boy who I hadn't met before introduced himself as Jules Knight and informed me that his dad knew my dad (as they were both cab drivers) and that we were both born on the same day September 23rd, 1964. 
He was quite excited about this quirk of fate and declared this made us like brothers.
I didn't quite share the same enthusiasm he had and thought something like "I already have a brain damaged brother, why would I want another one?-)"
But we were friends for a while, although never real close friends, classmates would be a more accurate term I suppose, until in Time's slowly moving river we drifted away from each other's company without ever really noticing, until the years had floated by us and neither of us really noticed the other had drifted off into other life directions.
Watching that movie brought back memories of the first real synchronicity/coincidence in my life and the boy named  
Jules Knight who shared the same birth-date, and had a cab driving father like mine.
In the movie the character named BLAKE wears a yellow (cab?) hoodie with 64 (1964?) on the front of it and has a father who drives cabs.
So, after watching the movie I got curious and wondered if I would be able to track down my old classmate through Google.
I entered 'Jules Knight + September 23', and while I never did find my old classmate, I did get this uncanny synchro;
Blake (band) 
A boy band type group of classical trained musicians going by the name of "Blake" with a singer in the group named Jules Knight, who happened to be born on September 22nd (1981 though)!?!
The interesting thing is that I have not heard of these guys before, even though apparently Jules is the best friend of the future King of England and his new bride.
Does that mean he is ... or is going to become a real knight?-)
I love their musical tastes and have just ordered four of  Blake's CDs from UK Amazon.
They sing some of my favourite songs of all time and bring back some really great memories as well as goosebumps from the emotion of those memories.
Songs such as -
* "Moon River"
* "God Only Knows"
* "Hallelujah"
* "And So It Goes"
* "Chasing Cars"
* "Up Where We Belong"
* "Steal Away"
* "Bridge over Troubled Water"
* "Ave Maria"
* "Nessun Dorma (Turandot) (None shall sleep)
* "Titans"

* "When a Child Is Born"
Just to name a few.
I might not have been able to track down the Jules Knight I was after, but through synchronicity I found another Jules Knight worth listening to, too.

P.S. Another blog friend was mentioning seeing the number 222 and thinking it was a sign to her from above.
I mentioned that I too see that number quite a bit along with numbers 23, 11:11, 7, and 64.
I didn't know why I keep seeing 222, so tried to find out what others thought it meant, and I came across this blog;
and this picture of a yellow taxi with the phone number on it of 424-222-2222!?!
And this picture
And since my dad's yellow cab number was 424 and I see 222 quite often and today is the 22nd and there is a 22 million dollar jackpot in the lotto draw tonight.
I thought I had better buy a ticket.

Just in case anyone was wondering about the lotto purchase.
It was a dud, not even a minor prize:-( 
But if you don't take a shot at goal, you'll never score.
Oh well, I might not have been able to retire with a big lotto win, but at least I'll have some great music to listen to out of this sync.

October 20, 2011

The "Bird of Paradise" "Coincidence"

Larry Santana's painting, 'Spirit of the Bird of Paradise'
I've been listening to Barry Eaton's Weekly Radio show on the internet every week since meeting him in person at the  
Byron Bay Writers Festival.
Some weeks it's good and some weeks it's just OK, but that's only because of the guests he is conversing with on a particular week, and that's only my own personal opinion, because of my own interests in what his guests have to say.
This week he had Valerie Barrow on his show
not that I had ever heard of her before, but I did find this interview particularly interesting on a conscious and subconscious level.
After listening to this interview I went over to to see what the latest post was.
It was called "UFO video".
I saw Mike Perry had left a comment, so I decided to go over to his site and see what was going on over there.
The Palheiros and Sights of Madeira 
He had a lot of beautiful holiday snaps from his trip to Spain.
One was of a flower that obviously impressed him, a plant 
(Bird of paradise) that I have growing just outside my window, about three feet away from where I'm writing this post.
Mike Perry's photo taken in Spain
The 'Bird of Paradise' plant
outside my computer room window
I love these plants and have taken these plants from house to house with me as I  have moved into newer houses.
My Bird of Paradise is coming to the end of its flowering run.
But a few weeks ago it looked just like the one in Spain does.
They are beautiful plants indeed.
I left a comment on Mike's post about the coincidence of that plant growing just outside my window, then hit the hay for the night.
The next morning I got up logged into my blog and saw Starr 
(one of the interesting people who's blog I follow) 
Starr at her Toowoomba Art Show
had  a new post about her Toowoomba Art Show and in that post she wrote about the wonderful new cocktail she had discovered up there called "Bird of Paradise"!?!
Now I had three "Bird of Paradise" coincidences.
So I returned to Mike's site and saw that the picture was taken in Santana, so I keyed 'Bird of Paradise' + Santana into Google and found an artist by the name of Larry Santana 
Papua New Guinea artist Larry Santana
who had painted a picture called 'The Spirit of the Bird of Paradise'.
I thought it was strange that in the radio interview about the Aboriginal  legend of the star people from the Pleiades's and Sirius and the painting by Larry Santana and my Blue Acturian statue I bought from Cynthia, the skin colour is always a dark pale blue.
My Blue Arctuian Sculpture
I felt drawn to buy off Cynthia
My bird of paradise - the Sacred Kingfisher
that hit the window from out of the blue.
 There seems to be a blue skinned alien theme running through these "coincidences".
Larry Santana's 'Kingfisher'
Larry even has a painting titled Kingfisher, which looks more human in features than bird like. 
Starr said I could use her painting of the bird of paradise from her Facebook site.
I didn't even know she had a painting of a bird of paradise, but unfortunately I don't have a Facebook account and don't want one, so I can't access it.
I tried to see if I could get an image of it by Google-ing Starr+  
Bird of Paradise, but I got an artist named 
Linda Starr who had a bird of paradise clay wall hanging instead.
Linda Starr's Bird of Paradise
Then when I clicked on Linda Starr's most recent post I found this photo and comment;
Linda Starr's Mockingbird photo
 "This is an un-retouched photo of a mocking bird outside my studio window teasing my cat. We have reflective film on our windows and the birds think they see a rival in the window. 
The bird kept flitting here and there up and down the window and I kept trying to capture it still so it would be in focus and then, strangely, this is the photo I liked the best. 
I love the mystical quality of this photograph as if from a dream"

 The funny thing also is that Larry must have sold his painting of 
'The Spirit of the Bird of Paradise', because the day after I had copied the image to file, he had taken it off his site.
So it is no longer there.
Lucky I took that window of opportunity to copy an image, or I would have nothing to show of his painting.
The white bird of paradise
 Also on Linda Starr's post she had this photo of a white bird of paradise  (white feather???) (I've never heard of these before) because she said it was white rabbit day.
How far does this rabbit hole go?!! 
One more strange thing to end this post on is I also found this song,