" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 18, 2020

Can't Help Thinking That The X-Files Episodes Are More Stephen King Schlock Than Stanley Kubrick Masterpieces For Some Reason?

The X-Files: Unrequited (aired 1997)
Stanley Kubrick died on March 7th, 1999
Room 217/237?-)
I don't know where the makers of 'The X-Files' TV show come up with their ideas for the episodes, although according to the IMDB trivia on the show it appears the writers travel about 6 years into the future and watch TV, then come back and write the episode;-)
The X-Files: Unrequited
A Walk in the Park with the Spirits of the Faithful Departed?
I watched season 4, episode 16 of 'The X-Files' for the first time on Amazon Prime the other day, which was about an ex-Vietnam prisoner of war who was killing higher-ups in the US army with the help of  a stealth technique where he hid in people's blind spots to appear invisible to them.
Yeah, pretty lame story-line if you take it as an action drama, but as an analogy it is quite good I suppose in that Bruce Springsteen 'Born in the USA' kind of way.
The Small World Theory?
I couldn't help thinking of
Stanley Kubrick's last two movies
'Full Metal Jacket' and 'Eyes Wide Shut' while watching this episode.
And being a fan of Kubrick's work I knew he had passed away on March 7th, 1999, so to see the main villain in 'Unrequited'
*SPOILER ALERTlaying dying on the ground and giving his name, rank and serial number, as well as his date of birth of March 7th, 1952 to Scully, really caught my attention, especially because Kubrick didn't pass away for over two years from the airing of that episode.
Cruise as Ron Kovic
But while I find the ideas explored in the TV series of 'The X-Files' interesting in a pop-cultural zeitgeist kind of way, the show reminds my of the crap movies churned out from Stephen King B grade adaptions for the screen like 'Christine','Maximum Overdrive' and 'The Lawnmower Man' , as opposed to great films like Stanley Kubrick's 'The Shining';-)
And I know that Chris Carter modeled 'The X-Files' on
'Kolchak: The Night Stalker' but I find the show doesn't rise much higher than that show as far as a TV spectacle goes.
It's no 'Twin Peaks' and I guess that's the standard I was expecting when I heard all these X-File fans raving on about this show.
I find it a slog to watch, like running over a bunch of speed bumps of shit shows to get to the good ones on this viewing road trip of 217 episodes to journey through.
217 episodes?
And I keep thinking am I there yet, as I try to get to the next season of shows?
I'll just be relieved to make it to the end of the 217 episodes, and I can't see myself doing any repeat viewing in the future, unless it happens to be for researching a blog post or some such task.
It won't be for my viewing pleasure that's for sure, as I don't see the attraction this show has for the fans.
Which I guess is why I'm no Trekkie either.
Good TV shows are far and few between I think.
Don't make me laugh Stephen:-)
But I'll just have to sit down and take my medicine, as I'm determined to get through all 217 episodes now that I've gotten this far.
I just hope they get better from season 5 onward.
2020: A UFO Odyssey?

The Deer Are Not What They Seem, Too[heys]?

Deer Spotted on the Loose in Sydney — Again?
The Deer Are Not What They Seem?
U.F.O. is the Debut Album by Psychedelic Folk Singer-Songwriter Jim Sullivan, Released in 1969?
As Good as Gold: Beer Prices to Spike as Climate Heats Up, Scientists Warn?

October 17, 2020

Drawing From Your Shadow Side: Never Again ... Again ... Again ...?

Scully's tramp stamp from the X-Files  'Never Again':-)
Aired in 1997 on Groundhog Day?

Groundhog Day
I had written about Jodie Foster voicing a tattoo named "Betty" in the 'X-Files' 1997 episode 'Never Again' when Chris Knowles mentioned that Trudi Fraser was probably a stand in for a young Jodie Foster -
The X-Files: Never Again
But I had never watched 'Never Again' until last week, and then I realized that episode was aired on February 2nd, 1997 (AKA Groundhog Day) and I wondered if that was just an accident with Scully having got an ouroboros tattooed on her tail?-)
Xs ...?
... and Os?-)
Chasing tail in life gets you nowhere fast it seems?
Black Mirror, Arkangel, Jodie Foster and The Horses?

ET and Emily Trim?-)

Emily Trim
I listened to a 2 part podcast episode at the 'Aliens & Artists' podcast site featuring Emily Trim recalling her encounter as an 8 year old school child in Africa from 1994 -
Emily Trim Part Two
I know nothing about Emily and the school where she claims to have had the experience, apart from what I have heard her say in the two podcast episodes above.
But what is it with art and aliens?
'Fault in Our Stars' and 'The New Mutants' Director Josh Boone Interviews Whitley Strieber About Whitley's New Book 'A New World'?
Christopher Walken as Whitley Strieber in Communion (1989)
Pollock/Strieber August 11th Premonition?
The Smoking [Gun?] Man and Aliens?
Robin Landsong
Emily's story kinda reminded me of Robin Landsong's story and art -

The Smoking [Gun?] Man and Aliens?

The Smoking Gun Man?
I watched 'The Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man' X-Files episode for the first time this year and wrote this post about the show - 
Musings of a Cigarette Smoking Man (1996)
That episode of 'The X-Files' aired according to IMDB on November 17th, 1996 in the Year of the Rat, which was as close as they could get to November 22nd that year I guess.
I also wrote about how the episode of the X-files titled
'Jose Chung's 'From Outer Space'' which takes the piss out of Whitley Strieber's book 'Communion' is my favourite episode so far -
Then I listened to the latest 'Dreamland' podcast episode (well the free part of it anyway) where nearly 24 years on from the airing of the Cigarette Man's X-Files show about the Kennedy assassination and in another Year of the Rat, 2020, Whitley talks with Mark Shaw about his books on the Kennedy assassination -