" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 5, 2020

Help Tracker Dance Again?

Join the fam online next Tuesday at 8pm on Facebook [I'm not on Facebook, and don't plan to ever get back onto it anytime soon, sorry] - grab a glass of your fave, snuggle up and settle in for some great live entertainment – too easy!
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These Days Were Nothing Like Those Days?

The May 23rd, 2020 'The Courier Mail'
My Happiness took a dive when I was looking through some old May, 2020 newspapers and realized that I had missed the live 'Powderfinger' internet reunion concert:-(
My Happy Mess?
Things Go Better with cOKe?
The May 23rd, 2020 'The Courier Mail'
Powderfinger's album 'Odyssey Number Five' turns 20 years old this year, which seems kind of synchromystic when you listen to all the tracks in 2020.
Tom Long Has Left the Building?
"These Days" was not released as a single, however it topped the Triple J Hottest 100 chart in 1999
It was also awarded Song of the Year at the 2000 Music Critic's Awards.
Powderfinger have described "These Days" as one of their most simple, enduring, and popular works to date.
In January 2018, as part of Triple M's "Ozzest 100", the 'most Australian' songs of all time, "These Days" was ranked number 77.
Heath Ledger on Bondi Beach in the movie 'Two Hands'

June 4, 2020

Evans Almighty?

I was thinking of watching the movie 'Idiocracy' again on Sunday night for a laugh, but now that '60 Minutes' is interviewing Pete Evans, I think I'll have more laughs watching that instead.
I hope Evans mentions the "Flat-Earth" theory for some extra laughs, too:-)
2020: End Times Fun?

2020: End Times Fun?

Just to prove synchronicity can be dark ironic stuff, as opposed to some new age beliefs, Lynn Shelton passed away in 2020 with only two projects as director completed for this year.
Four episodes of 'Little Fires Everywhere' and one Netflix special featuring her partner Marc Maron, 'Marc Maron: End Times Fun'.

Writers on Writing on Podcasts?

The Garret Podcast: Writers on Writing/At home with Ronnie Scott
I was once told by a palm reader when I was about 24 years old, that when I'm a lot older I will come into a windfall that would set me up for the rest of my life, from either (a) writing a best seller, or (b) winning the lottery.
In fact everything the palm reader told me about how my life would unfold has come to pass, except options (a) and (b).
I wish I had have kept, or not lost, the cassette tape of that palm reading, because while I'm not famous, Andrew certainly became infamous when charged and sentenced for a murder I doubt very much he was guilty of.
"Touch" the Deadman's Hand Coincidence
I think there would be a very intriguing story (or podcast) if that closed case was reopened again and female suspects were placed into the frame.
I won't tell you who I think killed the cat lady, but 'Neighbours' might make for a good title to any future podcast I think, if that case was re-examined properly in a crime podcast;-)
Why you ask?
It just seems to have the right ring, ring to it;-)
Although, I feel the "Salad Days" of making a killing out of a best seller are in the past now for the majority of authors.
Although, Ronnie will get $9.99 out of me for his "Salad Days" novel (or whatever cut Penguin gives him from that $9.99), as in this time of Covid 19 restrictions his 2014 book seems to have a nostalgic ring to it in 2020:-)  
A popular YouTube vlogger left a $10,000 gratuity at Sup Dogs in Greenville, North Carolina
Paying $10,000 for a gallon of his branded barbecue sauce?
Published on the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic (April 15th)?
Being a straight male reader I think I'll pass on
Ronnie's latest novel, as I don't think it will float my boat, to be honest.
Although it does take place in and around the Melbourne suburb of Fitzroy, and I am a Brisbane Lions member, so there is that angle I guess. 
But I will be looking forward to reading 'Salad Days' and seeing what other future books Ronnie writes.
The Garret Podcast: Writers on Writing/At home with Ronnie Scott
I admire writers who put their lives and views in the public spotlight by writing and promoting a book, but it's not something I would like to do really.
Maybe writing fiction isn't as bad as putting out autobiographical works, but I'm not one for the limelight.
Blogging is bad and unrewarding enough I think when it comes to a#reholes with opinions of how much they love your work and writing skills, or lack thereof, right Loren:-)
I hope my writing skills or lack thereof didn't contribute to
Loren's recent stroke on 9/11, but if he is going to work himself up over a high school dropout's lack of punctuation skills in writing an amateurish personal blog then I guess those fingernails on the blackboard of his life will bring him down eventually, like those dips-shit copy cats that you glorify at your
'Twilight Language' blog Loren.
Synchromysticism in 2020 with Chris KnOWLes?
"There are no magic underpants?"
Of course I could just hire myself a good editor to cover my poor writing skills, but I have no desire to write books, or even to be a guest on a podcast like 'The Garret'.
I'll leave writing books and talking on podcasts to expert writers like Loren Coleman;-)
The Copycat Effect
Well, there goes my chance of winning Loren's sync-head of the year award he hands out every year, not that I'll be slashing my wrists over that prestigious disappointment.
I guess sync "expert" Alan Abracadabra Green would be the favourite for this year's award anyway in hindsight;-)
Syncing with More Rings and Holes on Film in 2020?-)
SJ and Alan break down time cycle nodes with a Tiger in their Tank
I guess that 'Doomsday 2012' book agreement of Alan's was why he asked "sync-heads" like me to write what we thought would happen at the end of 2012 for his 'Sync Book 2', which came out that year.
Bill Klaus, Synchromysticism and the Kubrick Transformer?
My paragraph as it appears in SB2
2020 looks more like the beginning of the end of the world to me more than 2012 ever did, but I'm sure the world will survive 2020, even if a lot of humans may not.
Inviting US to Wonder About Our Deep Nature, Our Spirit, Our Place on Earth and in the Society?
Unlocking Us with BrenĂ© Brown: BrenĂ© and Celeste Ng on Little Fires Everywhere
Maybe Astrid Edwards should interview Celeste Ng about
'Little Fires Everywhere' for 'The Garret' for a star studded episode on current synchromystic matters?-)
Somewhere ... Beyond the Black Rainbow?
'Beyond the Black Rainbow' turned 10 this year, by the way
George Floyd and 2020?!
George Floyd’s Brother Terrence Calls for Peace
Did you mention Terence McKenna in that last synch video of yours Alan?-)
And what a coincidence that Richard Herd, who played such roles as Roman Armitage in the movie 'Get Out' and voiced Preacher Whitting in the game 'Bioshock Infinite' should pass away the day after George Floyd was murdered by a white cop.
Preacher Whitting in the game 'Bioshock Infinite'
The game 'Bioshock Infinite'
Richard Herd at a screening for Get Out in 2017
I find it fascinating to ponder just how writer's and artists get their ideas, or just what Muse inspires them to create such art.
Creator: Liz Tigelaar?-)
Is that a dark moon and the sun's corona behind you Alan?-)
I guess I will never know, being no expert on synchromysticism or coincidence, like some great artists and writers;-)
I'll just have to go with option (b) and keep playing the lottery for my future predicted windfall, right Al?-)