" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

December 31, 2020

At the End of My 2020 Calendars ... What Now?

Well, here we are at the end of the notorious year 2020 and at midnight it will be time to replace my 2020 calendars with 2021 calendars, but I have a problem that I have never faced before on New Years Eve.
I don't have a new Chinese wall calendar to hang this year, because I haven't been able to find one in time this year.
Not a very auspicious sign for the coming year (for me at least) it would seem
I did try getting a wall calendar from the Sunnybank newsagent I always buy one from, a few weeks ago, but they had sold out weeks ago and aren't getting any more in I was told.
The Brisbane River won't be seeing
any big
fireworks this NYE:-(
What my wall should look like tomorrow:-)
But I did pick up an Australian monthly wall calendar of pictures of my hometown of Brisbane to replace my 2020 monthly wall calendar of pictures of Australian beaches which I had planned to visit this year on my planned Australian coastal road-trip before the virus put an end to that.
I could have picked up a 2021 Australian beaches calendar, but what's the point, as I told my road-trip plans to God last year, and God just laughed it seems.
Plus, I don't have the money to do it next year, barring a lotto win.
I doubt if I'll be needing this middle part
 of my calendar next year:-)
I tried looking for a 2021 Chinese wall calendar again yesterday in other big Asian sections of Brisbane, but just like year 2020 it was just no luck anywhere.
Although one Sunnybank newsagent told me some are expected in next week ... maybe?
I used to be the K-mart trolley boy 40 years ago over there:-)
I haven't been to Market Square since
 this building
was opened
The nosebleed section of the Market Square carpark:-)
So, the December 31st, 2020 page on my current Chinese wall calendar will be hanging there on my wall for a few more days ... maybe weeks ... until I can replace it with a new one.
I wonder if that is bad Fung-Shui?
While I didn't find any Chinese wall calendars on my travels around Brisbane yesterday, I did find some 'Hell Money'
at an Asian grocery store in Market Square to burn through for next year instead of my own money, like I burned through in 2020;-)
And on the subject of fire, no spectators are allowed to gather along the banks of Sydney Habour tonight to watch the fireworks, so it's going to look a little weird tonight watching the fireworks on TV at midnight ... eerie even.
Ah, those wild NYE parties on the cruise-ships of days gone bye;-)
I personally can't see
2021 being much better than 2020, but I guess we can only hope?

Waiting Over Here in Oz for the Bell to Toll on the Other Side of Midnight from Christopher Knowles to Hear What He's to Say About the World?-)

It's always darkest endlessly before Dawn?
It will be 13 hours to 2021 when the bell goes off on my You Tube timer to hear what my old friend on the other side of the planet has to say about his new book, 'The Endless American Midnight'.
Ironically, it will be one hour until noon in the Australian state of Queensland where I live, but it will be high noon in the other eastern Australian states who are running on daylight saving:-)
Chris just makes me laugh when he gets all serious about the clowns running the world:-)
The 3 books "I chose" at Bribie Island;-)
Tasmania and a Lonely Planet?
Gilligan’s Island’ Star Dawn Wells Dies from Coronavirus?
The Joker Ignores His Wake Up Call (11:11)?

‘Gilligan’s Island’ Star Dawn Wells Dies from Coronavirus?

Adam Schlesinger, Tom Hanks and That Thing You Do?
Man rescued from beacon hours
after boat runs aground
It's certainly been a weird synchromystical year I think, and I can't see 2021 being much different to be honest.
It's Not the Number of Moments That Make Up Life ...?

No Pressure No Diamonds: A Soul's Journey in Progress?

A very powerful soul searching interview between author of the book 'No Pressure No Diamonds' Teri A. Dillion and 'Grief 2 Growth' author Brian Smith, about life and their own current life journeys.
I couldn't help hearing the lyrics to 'Soul Asylum''s song 'Runaway Train' in my head as I listened to Teri's words describing the journey she is currently on ... a journey I doubt I would choose to ride to the end of the line in my life's current mindset, if something like this were to happen to me.
I watched my own father dying with Alzheimer's, only to be cut mercifully short on his nightmare of a journey by eventually dying from pneumonia, and I've promised myself that I won't be riding that train to the end should I ever find myself on it.
And my soul guide/s know that I ain't bluffing with that threat, either.
Most souls do nothing but crack under life's tough pressures ... few make it to be diamonds I feel.
It's a nice metaphor to to dangle like a carrot on a string in front of our minds to keep us going on a grueling life journey though.
Personally, I've never seen much value in diamonds in my life, apart from their use in the tip of a needle to play records.
We're All Just Skeletons Trapped in Meat Prisons?

December 30, 2020


The parked vehicle broadcast Petula Clark's
cheerful hit "Downtown"
Season 10, episode 4 of  'The X-Files'
I wonder if this nut-bag that blew himself up in Nashville was an X-Files fan, as I had only just finished watching the whole 11 seasons of 'The X-Files' and remembered watching a stinker of an episode called 'Home Again' where the song 'Downtown' was featured.

New Zealand Test Great John Fulton Reid Dies at the Age of 64?

Reid made 108 runs?
Cricketer Martin Crowe is a relative 
Russell's, if I'm not mistaken?
I don't like cricket ... and no, I don't love it, either.
The game bores me to death, but I couldn't help taking note of the news story I saw on the net this morning of the passing of New Zealand cricketer John Reid.
It was told in that news story how Reid combined with Martin Crowe to beat the Aussies at my favourite sports ground, The Gabba.
But the sport I love to watch at the Gabba, isn't cricket, it's Australian Rules Football -
GAB[B]A Lockdown Special: Never Say Never ... Again?
My sons' Christmas/Birthday present to me this year:-)
The last time I was at The Gabba was for the 2020 AFL Grand Final, with my youngest son sitting beside me barracking like I was for the Geelong Cats, since our team the Brisbane Lions fell a game short of making it to the big dance:-(
My two sons gifted me the silver framed photo above for a Christmas present this year to remind me that they had already gifted me my Birthday/Christmas present of the $400 grand final ticket this year.
When I saw Reid had made 108 runs at The Gabba against Australia, and died at the age of 64, I couldn't help thinking just how important those numbers are in Asian thinking and philosophies.
Especially since me and Russell were both born in '64:-)  
Cricket may be a boring game to me, but LIFE is an intriguing game to me that never bores me like cricket does:-)
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