" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 12, 2020

The Secret is NOT to Tell GOD Your Plans?-)

Katie Holmes and Josh Lucas in The Secret: Dare to Dream (2020)
I recently read the centre-spread in my local Australian Queensland newspaper from August 4th, 2020 where the new movie
'The Secret: Dare to Dream' was featured.
A reporter had interviewed Rhonda Byrne about the movie's Australian cinema run about to commence, and Rhonda told the reporter that while it was disappointing that the movie wouldn't be seen in American cinemas because of the pandemic, Rhonda was glad that the movie was going to be hitting the screens in her Australian hometown of Melbourne, Victoria.
Was ... that is ... until the Australian state of Victoria was put into lock-down for at least six weeks because of the corona-virus.
It is screening in every other Australian state right now except Rhonda's home state.
Now showing at Sun Pictures?!
Which made me think of the trailers for the new Secret movie and Russell Crowe's new movie being similar in theme, but poles apart, as far as love and fear goes -
Which also made me think of this old 2018 post I wrote about Rhonda being in a Top 100 list -
What's "The Secret" Rhonda Byrne?
Is that a corona-virus themed cover?!
This year Rhonda only made it to #59 on the 'Mind Body Spirit' magazine's "Top 100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People" list.
I'm not a religious person, but I do believe in "God", and I can't help thinking of that old saying, 
"if you want to make God laugh, tell God your plans.":-)
How to Be Sane, Spiritual, and Saintly
Don't worry, God shat on my 2020 plans, too:-(
And that's no secret I'm telling you there:-)

UFOs are Just a Sign of the Times?

I was listening to an old 'Hidden Experience' podcast about
Arthur C.Clarke where Arthur is said to have said that UFOs are just signs of the times to say humanity is growing up -
Hidden Experience Audio: Arthur C. Clarke and Multiple UFO Sightings
While I'm a big Kubrick fan, I've never paid much attention to Arthur C.Clarke's work, but I find it amusing that Mike Clelland likes to quote Clarke's "magic" quote in his books and on podcasts when talking about the UFO phenomenon.
I find it amusing that Arthur C.Clarke, Philip K.Dick and
Bill Hicks all share their birthdays on December 16th:-)
2020: A UFO Odyssey?

August 11, 2020

Hindsight Alright?

You're right about 'Red Ice' and 'Alex Jones' Alan, but you're still an a#sehole with your head stuck firmly up your own ass, s#itting on other sync-heads behind their backs and whose work you don't get, or judge to be inferior to your own.
Writers on Writing on Podcasts?
If you had have concentrated more on synchronicity than politics, and took the middle path more like Jake Kotze and Chris Knowles do, then the SyncBook group might have become a lot more popular than having to rely on those RIGHT ICE Nazis to sell books for you, while you try to go hard LEFT on them.
The majority of the people are more centered in their politics and are sick to death of hard right/hard left politics and can make up their own minds, and don't want to hear your political whingeing all the time disguised as "sync".
Go back and listen to yourself (which I'm sure you like doing anyway) in all of those mostly mind numbingly boring
'Always Record' podcasts.    
And go down to South America and do some Ayahuasca when the Covid clears, and please "Always Record" those sessions for me to hear Mother Ayahuasca pull your head out of your ass.
I'll even throw in some Patreon money to hear those sessions:-)
No need to thank me when you do.
And take Trump, Biden, Putin and that Chinese dickhead with you when you go, too.
Cheers Alan (Green):-)

Happy Birthday Chris Hemsworth ... and to Everyone on the August 11th IMDB Birthday List for That Day ... Except Hulk Hogan?

To Everyone on the August 11th IMDB Birthday List ... except that a#sehole Hulk Hogan ... I wish you all a happy birthday.
I Wonder if Chris Hemsworth Still Wants to Play This A#sehole?
And thinking of those souls who passed away on August 11th and reflecting on their past life, as well.
Whitley Strieber, The Grays, The Afterlife, & Messages From Anne ... and Robin Williams?
Pollock/Strieber August 11th Premonition?
Christopher Walken as Whitley Strieber in Communion (1989)
The Secrets of the Soul’s Journey Through Life?
And news just in -
US wrestler James 'Kamala' Harris dies aged 70, WWE confirms
He likely contracted it from one of his numerous weekly visits to the dialysis center, his wife said.
Due to COVID-19, he started to experience complications from his diabetes.
He then went into cardiac arrest on August 9, 2020, before dying later that afternoon, at the age of 70."

August 10, 2020

August 22 - Southern Hemisphere [W]Hoodie-[W]Hoo Day?-)

[W]HO DAY?-)
August 22 - Southern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day?
Listening to an old 'Hidden Experience' podcast the other day I heard Mike Clelland tell a guest that his birthday was August 22nd, and I was curious as to who else, as far as movie celebrities at the IMDB August 22nd birthday page goesshared this day as their birthday with Mike.
Interpretation of the Poem August by Dorothy Parker
Someone told me Dorothy runs the 'Watching the Watchmen' Blog?
I found out at the IMDB site that Mike shares August 22nd with such celebs as Dorothy Parker, Tori Amos (I'm a big fan:-) and 
Ray Bradbury.
I mentioned Ray and Dorothy sharing August 22nd as a birthday with Mike in my last post -
2020: A UFO Odyssey?
It Came from Outer Space
Winter in Australia is Summer in North America
My Tori Amos CD collection on a bookshelf behind me
Southern Hemisphere Hoodie-Hoo Day
Thomas Roy and his wife Ruth have created approximately 80 "special days", which are listed in Chase's Calendar of Events.
Do I see a corona on the front of the 2020 edition?-)
Thomas Roy (born November 30 {AKA Stay Home Because You're Well Day}, 1944) is an American film, television and voice actor.
12 Moonkeys?-)
A Film Critic and Scientist Review Pandemic Films in the Era of Corona-virus?
Conversations With Neale Donald Walsch About Conversations With God?
"Hoodie-Hoo Day was made up by the folks at, who felt like nothing to celebrate. They decided to make a special ritual for the people, who are sick and tired of winter and would like to chase it away.
And since August is the last winter month in Southern Hemisphere, this holiday is perfect for people in South America, Africa and Australia.
What should you do on
Hoodie-Hoo Day to chase winter away?
Go outside at noon (your local time) raise your heads above head and shout “Hoodie-Hoo”.
That's enough to cheer you up for a long winter day (and even month), because you know, that you've performed a special ritual welcoming spring.
And do you known, where does the word
“Hoodie-Hoo” originate from?
Ironically, it was first heard on the TV show The Andy Griffith Show.
This is a greeting word of “How are you?”, in talking country lingo."
Three Eyed Owl Zip-Up Hoodie
Maybe wearing a three-eyed hoodie on 'Hoodie-Hoo' day wouldn't hurt, either?-)
[W]Hoodie-[W]Hoo ... are you?-)
WHO Watches the Watchmen?
Looks like Mike is born on a cusp, as well?
What about a Hidden Experience [W]Hoodie-[W]Hoo Day instead?
My [W]Hoodie:-)
Dressed NOT to Kill?
Lion's Gate, August 8: The “Dog Days” Are Just About Over?-)