" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 30, 2019

Pagan Tasmanian 'Pub Moots' and Uncanny Meetings?

I saw this story on the Australian ABC national news website today -
Witches, wicca, spells and pub 'moots' all form part of Tasmania's thriving pagan community
and immediately thought of my old pal Gordon White from the 'Rune Soup' blog for some reason.
I looked around on the net for any more news about those Tasmanian Pagans and stumbled across these two You Tubes below.
One uncannily featuring Gordon's witchey neighbour Avalon visiting a store in Hobart called 'The Wishing Well', where I noticed an absence of Gordon's books on their shelves.
Unlike the fine Queensland magical bookstore I do my shopping at;-)
Underlining Synchronicity?
Gordon White's book 'The Chaos Protocols'
in the 
'Ecclectica' bookstore
I'm sure Avalon would have put in a good word for your books though Gordon.
Next time I'm down in Hobart I'll visit the store and if I don't see Gordon's books on the shelf, I'll throw a few coins on the floor of the shop and when the owners ask me what I'm doing I'll say that I'm wishing that you would stock Gordon White's fine books on magick and other matters.
I know how wishing well spells work when you throw in a little money and wish for something:-)

Godzilla: King of the Monsters Explained?

I went and saw the movie 'Godzilla: King of the Monsters' this month at the cinema with my sons thinking that this was the Godzilla movie filmed in my hometown of Brisbane and on the Gold Coast.
But that's the next one I found out from my sons, before going into the cinema.
I probably wouldn't have bothered seeing this movie had I have known that, as I'm not a fan of Godzilla movies to be honest.
I don't really like imagining some of my favourite buildings in the world getting destroyed by a giant lizard like in that screen shot above taken from some crappy Japanese Godzilla movie.
I was only going to this movie because my eldest son told me they were filming a Godzilla movie outside of his workplace in the Brisbane CBD a few weeks back, and he saw Millie Bobby Brown standing on the street in between takes, but this was for the Godzilla vs Kong movie, not the one I saw.
I have to say that apart from the crappy acting I didn't mind this movie on a metaphorical level, even though the storyline was pretty stupid.
I liked the idea of a giant moth representing the spirit of the earth, as I've written about moths quite a bit lately showing up in my own life -
Raising a Psychic Child?
And I like the idea of a three headed dragon escaping from Antarctica representing climate change and wreaking havoc on the Earth.  
Although as I'm watching this movie, I couldn't help thinking that the writers of this movie are readers and fans of Chris Knowles's blog 'The Secret Sun' for some reason.
And they did let the monsters destroy Chris' hometown of Boston in the movie, plus there was a very Gordon White brief type explanation of the differences between the good Chinese dragon and the European bad dragon.
Probably just a coincidence.
I've got to say that on a synchromyistic level this movie Millie is working on called 'The Thing About Jellyfish' has caught my attention and sounds interesting to me -
Jellyfish: A Ubiquitous Creature?
Looks like fun times ahead, maybe?

June 29, 2019

Fallen Angel/Wormwood: It's ALL Bitter?

Fallen Angel?!
I saw a couple of Instagram posts from Jake Kotze recently referring to Chernobyl and wormwood, where he stated, "Chernobyl is featured in 2 popular shows right now and means Wormwood, a star or angel from Revelation."
And underneath that Instagram of Jake's was the comment"Makes me think of last year's Netflix docudrama Wormwood about MK Ultra".
I'd never heard of this show before, so I searched for it on Netflix and gave it a watch.
Very interesting indeed, I thought.
Seymour Hersh in Wormwood (2017)
At the end of the series Frank Olsen's son is asked whether the truth was worth finding, out and his reply was, "it's like wormwood, all bitter" ... hence the name of the show.
I was surprised that Seymour Hersh was still alive when I looked him up on Wikipedia, as for some reason I thought I had heard he was dead a few years back ... obviously not so.
And even more surprised that he has the same birthday as my late father of April 8th, which is also the anniversary of the death of my Nan (my dad's mother).
And I must say that in light of recent events regarding Iran that this passage from Sy's Wikipedia page about Iran seemed somehow familiar, "During one journalism conference, Hersh stated that after the Strait of Hormuz incident, members of the Bush administration met in Vice President Dick Cheney's office to consider methods of initiating a war with Iran.
One idea considered was staging a false flag operation involving the use of Navy SEALs dressed as Iranian PT boaters who would engage in a firefight with US ships.
According to Hersh this proposed provocation was rejected.
Hersh's allegation has not been verified."
Wormwood: The Parasite-Killing,
Super Herb
Ironically, the plant named wormwood is touted as a cure for cancer, so did Jake get his plants mixed up in this Instagram of his below?
Seems to be a lot of 'Strange Angel''s on this planet right now.
Let's hope they are not all bitter, like wormwood.

A Hell of a Coincidence, Too?

Cernunnos on the Pillar of the Boatmen
I've been listening to a podcast called 'The Wiccan Read-a-long Podcast' and as I was listening to episode 64, where the podcast host 'Phoenix the Reader' was reading from Doreen Valiente's book 'Witchcraft for Tomorrow', it was said that Notre Dame was built over a Pagan temple and in the 60s when doing excavation work underneath the cathedral the Pagan altar was found with the horned god they used to worship (see photo above).
13 Facts About Notre-Dame Cathedral
That made me think of my recent post where I wrote about the re-boot of 'Hellboy' getting a cinema release the week the cathedral's roof burned down -
A Hell of a Coincidence?
Now that really seems one hell of a coincidence bound to rattle a few conspiracy theorist's cages I'm sure.
I also found this fact below about the bell towers interesting.
13 Facts About Notre-Dame Cathedral
"At first glance, Notre-Dame’s two towers appear like identical twins.
Closer examination reveals that the north tower is in fact a bit bigger than the south.
As with all the elements of the cathedral, they were built over time, and reflect how the cathedral is more of a collage of architectural trends and leadership than the culmination of one person’s vision."
But that could also apply to the 'Twin Towers' of New York, since the north tower with the antenna was the higher one of the two, too.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as
Philippe Petit in 'The Walk'
Robert Zemeckis, the director of 'BTTF' and 'The Walk' is currently working as director of the re-boot of 'The Witches', which is due out in 2020.
The Bells and Whistles of "Angelic Wicca"?
Don't you just love all of these magical synchromystic coincidences?
Hell no, you say?-)

June 28, 2019

Dragon/Fly Energy and Synchronicity?

My dragon and Chinese Calendar 
I listened to the latest 'Connecting with Coincidence' podcast featuring Barbra Harris Whitfield this morning and found it personally amusing considering I was born in the Year of the Dragon and recently had my own dragonfly bit of strangeness that I wrote about in this recent post of mine -
Look Mate (May 8?-), a Dragonfly Just Flew Into My Home?
CCBB: Barbara Harris - Dragon Energy and Synchronicity
I'd like to check out Findhorn for myself one day, if I can ever be bothered to get myself a passport.
I've heard Barbra speak on Jeff Mishlove's You Tube channel back in 2017 -
Where Do We Go When We "Die"?
Is that the luck dragon in the clouds over the temple?

Desire, Universal Laws and Miracles?

Desire, Universal Laws and Miracles with Mitch Horowitz
Noah and Mitch discuss whether desires are bad, being under the influence of multiple universal laws, Neville Goddard and the power of imagination, AND how the majority spiritual "teachers" and gurus are in it for a quick buck.
I wish desire Noah to be a bit more professional in these podcasts in the future and curb his f#cking swearing.
I don't know if I can get into Neville's stuff, though.
Check out Mitch’s new book, ‘The Miracle Club‘ today.
Fun side note [from Noah]: While we were recording this podcast my wife, Alexis, went into labor (15 days early!) and we had our second son, Gabriel.
So, Noah is saying that another little miracle has entered the world?
Mazel tov Noah.

A Very Dark and Tragic 2019 Coincidence?

I couldn't help but think of Jake Kotze's Instagram post from the beginning of the year when I saw this tragic shark attack story about a girl swimming with pigs in the Year of the Pig being killed by sharks -
Student, 21, killed by three tiger sharks while snorkelling with iconic wild pigs in the Bahamas
Jake Kotze's Instagram post earlier this year
It just highlights that not all coincidences in life are good ones and tragic stories like this one do nothing to alleviate my fear of swimming in the ocean.
The "experts" will tell you that you have a better chance being hit by lightning than getting killed by a shark, so what are the odds of getting killed by a shark while swimming with pigs in the Year of the Pig I wonder?

UPDATE: July 3rd, 2019
Terrified dad playing with drone spots shark swimming towards his kids
"A dad who sent up a camera drone to snap his young children playing in the sea was horrified to see a shark swimming towards them.
Dan Watson
told how he and wife Sally screamed to their youngsters to get out of the water immediately after spotting the creature’s distinctive shape.
The professional photographer said: “As soon as I got the drone in the air I saw a shadow moving through the water towards them.
“It was too close an encounter for my liking.”
said: “I was like, ‘Get out, get out!

It was terrifying.
He showed me the frame on the drone.
You see that shark swimming right at our kids.”
Dan, who had taken his family on the day out near their Florida home, said of the drone:
“It’s now coming with me to every beach day.”
, visited by up to a million Brits each year, has a high proportion of shark attacks.
Half of the
32 incidents in the US last year were there.
It has had 827 unprovoked attacks since 1882, says the International Shark Attack File."
2019 is the 30th anniversary of 'BTTF2', too

June 27, 2019

Crystals: Just a Placebo Effect?

From the book 'Wiccapedia'
A chunk of rose quartz in the centre of the labyrinth
I was walking a labyrinth in a local park a few weeks back and in the centre of this labyrinth is a big pink coloured stone, which on closer inspection is what looks to me like a chunk of rose quartz.
Syncwalking the Labyrinth and Awakening at the Center of the Mandala?
Rose quartz is associated with women (and probably The Virgin Mary), so it made sense I guess, since the labyrinth is pretty much a womb like structure and the word matter is derived from the word mother, or so I'm told when listening to Nicholas Pearson talk about crystals and rocks and his book 'Stones of the Goddess' on the 'Stirring the Cauldron' podcast -
Nicholas Pearson Stones of the Goddess
I wrote a post about Nicholas' other book in this old post -
Healing Properties for Black Obsidian?
Even the word matrix comes from the Latin word for womb according to Nicholas, which is all powerful mental imagery if you happen to be walking a labyrinth while imagining this world as some type of simulation.
But do people give too much power to crystals when it comes to meditating and healing?
In the podcast the host brings up Wikipedia, which is funny, as I had just read the book 'Wiccapedia' where there was a section on quartz crystals and what the authors of that book think about crystals when it comes to healing, Wiccan ceremonies and picking a crystal to use as a pendulum -
I have a clear quartz crystal above me on my computer desk that I tell people is my meditating crystal, because it sits on my desk doing nothing:-)  
I don't use it myself for meditating, because I rarely meditate anyway, as my brain seems to be in a constant waking meditation anyway.
Although when I first bought the crystal, I did try holding it in my hand and meditating with it like the crystal gurus told me to do, and to be honest I didn't find it much different to meditating without holding it in my hand.
I personally think that while they look pretty sitting on a desktop their healing effects are pretty much no more effective than a placebo.
The placebo effect can be a powerful healing vehicle ... if you can believe in it, but when it comes to crystals I can't.
The imagination can be a powerful form of magick I imagine and that seems to be what magick is all about, especially when it comes to crystals ... or labyrinth walking.
Otherwise, it's just all a walk in a park and nothing more ... which can still be very Zen:-)