" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 31, 2020


M&M's size hail on Halloween:-)
Stormy skies over my roof
Lolly sized hail out the front of my home 
Looks like the east coast of Australia is copping hailstorms for Halloween, from my Queensland home right through to Sydney in New South Wales.
Hail hits Sydney
The entrance to my local supermarket today:-)
We don't officially celebrate Halloween over here in Oz, not that you would know it from walking down the aisles of my local supermarket.
But I thought I should maybe get some treats for any kids game enough to go trick or treating  between hailstorms and severe lightning strikes.
I can't believe 'Red Skins' are still around:-)
The last two Halloweens no kids knocked on my front door, but Halloween being on a Saturday night this year might be different I thought, and since I had nothing in the pantry to give treat-ers except baked beans tins and cereal, I thought I had better pick up some lollies just in case.
I thought I can just give the lollies away later to my niece for her little girl, if no kids knock on my door tonight, as I don't eat this junk anymore.
I picked up some
Byron Bay corn chips and garlic hummus to ward off Vampires, werewolves and Thor the god of thunder tonight.
I don't know if garlic works or not on those characters, but when I'm hungry and go shopping at lunchtime on an empty stomach I'll tell myself anything to justify a tasty meal:-) 
I only do stuff like that once in a Blue Moon anyway:-)
A Harvest and a Blue Moon in October 2020?
And in a surreal twist for me, I just listened to a fascinating 'Soul Search' podcast this morning which hit my Apple Podcast subscription list early Saturday morning and doesn't air on Australia's national radio service until Sunday, featuring a young singer who literally lives up the road from me.
In fact, that supermarket pictured above is literally down the road from Dami, too:-)
Singers, [Black] Dogs and the Corona-virus?
I like Dami's new song, as I was born in the Year of the Dragon, hence the dragon sitting under my Chinese kitchen calendar:-)
I find it rather 
bizarre that you can listen to this national Sunday radio show on Apple Podcasts days before it goes to air on the radio airwaves.
Dami is a great singer, and while I have not run into her around the neighbourhood, I have seen her sing live at the Brisbane Powerhouse and at the 2016 NRL Grand Final in Sydney, when my team the Sharkies won on the night over a team that seems to have gone through a name change this year, according to the local Queensland press.
Seeing a Local Star on Star Wars Day?
Dami Im on stage at the Powerhouse 
May the 4th, 2018
As Bruce Springsteen says, it's a small world -

A Harvest and a Blue Moon in October 2020?

The next time we will see a Harvest Moon
 in October
will be in 2028

Our harvest down here in Australia is still about 6 months away and Christmas Day is in summer, so northern hemisphere holidays and events kind of lose their punch down here.
Beltane: As Above, So Below and See You on the Other Side?
Witchcraft, Alien Craft, Artists and Halloween?
Make the most of these self-isolating conditions tonight, as they only come along once in a Blue Moon.
The Vegetable Plot and Halloween?
Happy Halloween ... and I wish I was living on Byron time [Sydney] right now, but I'm an hour behind Byron time and living on [Brisbane]Queensland time:-)

October 30, 2020

Tell Him He's Dreamin'?

The Oneironauts?

I could have sworn that I dreamed about an interesting talk on precognitive dreams at the 'New Thinking Allowed' site the other night;-)
Time for some dream-time I think.
Good night.
Dreams that Can Save Your Life?

Guy Pearce Look-a-Like Within the Gabba Before the Siren?

Guy Pearce Looks Within to Escape the Siren?

Guy Pearce?
When I was waiting outside of where the guys pee at the Gabba for my son last Saturday night, before the siren sounded to get the AFL Grand Final underway, I saw a guy who I thought looked like Guy Pearce, the actor.
I knew Guy was a Geelong Cats fan, but as far as I knew he was back in Holland with his partner and child. 
Oh well,
Guy Pearce or not, the photo still makes a good mememto of the 2020 AFL Grand Final, even if the real Guy was back in Holland wishing that he was in my shoes and in my seat on the night:-)
'Sopranos' Star Joe Pantoliano Hit by Car, Suffers Injuries After Marveling at a Double Rainbow?

Witchcraft, Alien Craft, Artists and Halloween?

I've been listening to a podcast called 'Aliens & Artists' for a few weeks now after hearing the host Stuart interviewed on Mike Clelland's 'The Unseen' podcast, and part 2 of a podcast I had listened to last week hit my Apple Podcast subscription list this morning of October 30th (Australian time ... or should that be Australien time?-) and it was about a person named Raven Dana [Scully?-] who calls herself a witch.
Dropped right in time for Halloween I noticed:-)
This Jungian Life: Episode (October?-) 31 - Food Addiction?
I don't mind hearing people tell their stories of "alien contact?" and what they believe to be true, but I'm growing tired of hearing vague encounters, just like Fox Mulder does in the 'Patient X' and 'The Red and the Black' episodes of 'The X-Files', where an "abductee" played by an actress from the 'Alien' movies, who just happens to be born on Hitler's birthday of April 20th, very much tells a story like Marci Peterson does in the You Tube above to Richard Cox.
Veronica Cartwright
Not that I'm a religious person:-) 
And so is [John]Hurt?-)
Skeptiko Podcast #379: Dr. Michael Shermer on Near-Death Experience Science
That guy sure looks like Captain Scully I think;-)
It's hard to know what to believe anymore, don't U think?-)
Are those gals telling the TRUTH?
Some Queenslanders even believe that the Queensland State election has two witches running for election, which is being decided on October 31st;-) 
Not me though:-)
But I'm inclined to vote for the devil that I don't know in 2020 and then try another one I don't know next time, as well;-)
Chris Hemsworth in the hood 
October 31st, 2019? 
Aliens & Artists?
The Lighthouse and the Dark Synchromystic Rabbit Hole?

UPDATE: October 31st, 2020
I watched 'Hunt for the Skinwalker' on Amazon Prime last night, because it was included in the free movies when you have an Amazon Prime account, and I have to say that I'm glad I didn't fork out any cash to watch this piece of something that rhymes with Knapp:-)
I never liked the book when I read it, and I like the movie even less.
And what a cringe worthy acting performance from George Knapp pretending he has a big secret to hide from Joe Q Public.
You are probably getting sleepy by now listening to Knapp?
And did you place that
X above George's head Jeremy to give the shot that subliminal 'X-Files' feel to George's fish tales?-)
It was hard not to take a real nap while watching this 2 hour bore of a movie.
I don't doubt some of the local's encounters and sightings, but Jeremy, Bigelow and George just pick up the ball and try to run it towards the cash registers with this film.
It's like one of those terrible "ghost hunting" TV shows where a TV film crew go to a place that is famous for a "real" haunting and then spend one night there filming and going "WHAT WAS THAT?", "OH MY GOD!!!" and not really proving a thing.
Hey, if you don't believe me and you already have an Amazon Prime account, then check it out for yourself, but I wouldn't pay any money to watch it if I were you.