" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 9, 2022

Dame Olivia Newton-John Passes Away as the Commonwealth Games are Handed Over to Australia?

Well if that piece of news doesn’t set my old mate Christopher Knowles at The Secret Sun blog, who thinks everything that happens on the world stage is one big evil magic ritual OCD off, then I can’t imagine what will:-)
I believe that there is only one Great Magician running the show, and that we are all a part of it, but then again maybe I’m crazier than Chris:-P

Does Anybody Really Know What the Temperance Card Means?😇

Reading about the Temperance card in‘Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey’ where the author thinks the angel is a female figure and represents Aquarius (which makes the most sense to me) and then raves on about the card like a shrink just placed a Rorschach test in front of her and asked her 
what comes to mind, and then me watching these videos below where one expert tells the viewer the angel is Michael, and with another saying the angel is a female, but represents Sagittarius, is enough to drive me to drink:-)
Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey?

August 8, 2022

Consider the Lobster ... Again?

Funnily and synchromystically enough, as I was watching Scarlett Ravenswood’s You Tube video about the Death card in the RWS tarot and she pointed out the lobster in the Moon Card I remembered seeing the star of the movie Thirteen Lives’ at the cinema in the movie The Lobster’;-)

What’s with the White Flower🌹on the Flag of the RWS Death💀 Card ... and on the Back of All of the RWS Tarot Cards?

When I was researching the RWS Death tarot card I wanted to know the significance of that white flower on the flag, which just happens to be on the back of all the RWS tarot cards like some big funeral bouquet.
13 Lives and the Death Card?
Turns out apparently going by popular opinion that it is a white Tudor Rose or a Tudor Rose that the card makers couldn’t be bothered to colour in for some reason:-)
I’ll go with Scarlett’s explanation in the video below which is from her webpage on the Death card.

Rick Bettua, Flying Fish Lane and Other Stories?

After watching a new movie called ‘Thirteen Lives’ on Amazon Prime last night, which was filmed in my home Australian state of Queensland, about the true life story of a Thai soccer team and their coach who were rescued by cave and Thai navy divers, I see my American friends just released a podcast featuring Rick Bettua, a navy seal diver who nearly lost his life after being bitten by a shark off the coast of Queensland.
13 Lives and the Death Card?
This podcast episode features Rick’s incredible survival stories that are now featured in his book, BREATHE: A Master Diver’s Survival Tales.
But I think there is a much bigger story waiting to be written here, especially when Rob tells how Rick and him both lived on Flying Fish Lane in Florida, but never met each other until hooking up with a book firm based in Britain, while Rick was living in Queensland, Australia.
Which reminds me of when I met some English tourists who lived next door to each other in England and first met each other on a Byron Bay brewery tour in Australia, which I was on, too -

13 Lives and the Death Card?

As fate would have it ... or so it seems to me ... I watched the new movie Thirteen Lives’ on Amazon Prime last night, right after reading about and researching the #13 Death card of the tarot, which is the subject of the chapter that I’m currently up to in my reading of Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey which seems rather good timing.
I’ve been waiting to see this movie on the screen, but I was planning on seeing it on a much bigger screen ... but if you want to make God laugh, tell God your plans, don’t they say -
Earth Swallows Boys and Boy Swallows Universe?
I liked this movie, but would have preferred seeing it in a cinema instead of on my iPad screen.

Gaia’s Dance: The Story of Earth & Us ... and James Lovelock?

I listened recently to Elisabet Sahtouris talk about James Lovelock’s Gaia hypothesis on an episode of David Lorimer’s podcast ‘Imaginal Inspirationswhich was recorded way before Lovelock passed away at 103 years of age on his, Stanley Kubrick’s and Carl Jung’s birthday of July 26th this year ironically enough, and I liked Elisabet talking about the transformation of the caterpillar into a butterfly, which is also seen by many as a metaphor for the passing from this world of Gaia’s and into the next -

August 7, 2022

The Black Phone 📞 the Devil 😈 and the Wheel of Fortune🔮? 🎡

I wrote in my last post about the Wheel of Fortune tarot card and in another post about seeing the movie ‘The Black Phone’ at the Brisbane Southbank Cinemas last week.
I even took a photo of an eerie looking Brisbane Wheel lighting up the Brisbane night sky after coming out of the cinema/Plato’s Cave with my Black Cell Phone to recall my night out at the movies:-)
I’m no fan of of serial killers or Satanists, but as an allegorical movie I liked it.
If you view it in a symbolical way, sort of like a tarot journey through the underworld and out I find it more interesting than an outright horror movie.
I mean ... SPOILER ALERT ... the masked devil/sicko chains his black dog (Anubis?) to the exit of the underworld/basement which the victim has to get past to leave his black magician’s basement/prison.

Just Watching the Wheel of Fortune🔮and the Tarot Cards Go Round? 🎡

Last night after posting my post about the August 6th anniversary of the bomb being dropped on Japan and using a quote in the title of that post, which I thought appropriate to the occasion -
I read through the chapter I was up to in my book on the tarot on the Wheel of Fortune card and stumbled across the same quote.
I was amused to see that the Wheel of Fortune chapter was the 13th chapter in the book and was subtitled Help!
Being a John Lennon fan and with the title of my blog as a reminder, I couldn’t HELP! but notice a theme running through this chapter, especially when at the top of page 197 it is written in the second paragraph that,Imagine is the key word”:-)
The Hermit, The Lamp and the Number 9? ♍️

Chinese Whispers ... or Telephone 📞 ☎️?

I brought up the children’s game of Chinese Whispers in my post about Ryan Bledsoe getting Jon Ronson’s name wrong in his and his sidekick’s review of ‘Stranger Things’  season 4, as us older Australians grew up knowing the game ... or the game Telephone, as Americans and other non-Australians might have grown up knowing the game.
And this all made me think back to the new horror movie I saw last week with my youngest son, ‘The Black Phone’:-)
I guess memory can be as faulty as an old black phone at times, no matter how much we try to recall our past ... but at least cell phones of today have cameras to help us recall:-)
I even took this picture below with my cell phone of the red phone on the wall just inside Cinema 2 for old times sake, as I was leaving the cinema:-)
Stranger Things Than Bledsoe Said So👽👺?🤑
Chinese whispers (some Commonwealth English) or telephone (American English and Canadian English) is an internationally popular children's game.
Various reasons have been suggested for naming the game after the Chinese, but there is no concrete explanation. One suggested reason is a widespread British fascination with Chinese culture in the 18th and 19th centuries during the Enlightenment. Another theory posits that the game's name stems from the supposed confused messages created when a message was passed verbally from tower to tower along the Great Wall of China.
This movie is set in 1978, the time I was a teenager, and features The Sweet’s song ‘Fox on the Run’ in the movie soundtrack, which I found nostalgic, as I wrote about seeing The Sweet play live just across the road from this cinema and what the band meant to me as a teenager in this old post -
Sweet Concert On Wednesday Night

The Hermit, The Lamp and the Number 9? ♍️

Being a half Virgo and an introvert myself I can relate to the #9 card of the tarot in more ways than (1) one ... or even more ways than (0) none for that matter:-)
I even own a battery powered lamp which I found had two Everready nine lives batteries in it when I went to replace the old batteries for the first time since I’ve owned the lamp after many years, which made me think of the passing of Oscar the therapy cat on Twosday this year, and which I wrote about in this recent post -
Larry Dossey, Imaginal Inspirations and Something Doing We Don't Know What?

August 6, 2022

Imaginal Inspirations?

I mentioned the Imaginal Inspirations podcast in a recent post, but thought that I would highlight it in a stand alone post, as this is one of the most interesting podcast shows I have stumbled upon in a while.
I love how David Lorimer starts off most of his podcast episodes like the one I just listened to featuring Jeff Mishlove about the caterpillar turning to mush before reconstituting its cells into a butterfly, which is something I’m reminded of every time I visit the Butterfly House on Bribie Island.
It's Not the Number of Moments That Make Up Life ...?
I also listened to the episode featuring Elisabet Sahtouris, which I found interesting apart from the reference to the Seth garbage.

"Those who fail to learn from history are condemned to repeat it."?

August 6th marks the 77th anniversary of the A Bomb first being dropped on Japan, but has humanity learnt anything from history as we look back from 2022?

Larry Dossey, Imaginal Inspirations and Something Doing We Don't Know What?

I wrote a recent post about watching my DVD of the 2009 film Something Doing We Don't Know What, and discovering Oscar the therapy cat had passed away on Twosday this year -
Then I wondered if Dr. Larry Dossey was still in the land of the living and discovered that he was and that he even did a recent podcast interview on David Lorimer’s podcast show Imaginal Inspirations’ which is a podcast and person that I was not familiar with ... until now ... and what a jackpot of episode guests it was for my ears.
And I had to laugh when David asks Larry at the end of that podcast episode for an inspiring quote and Larry tells him a quote from Erwin Schrödinger (the cat in the box guy), but I think Larry meant the quote attributed to Arthur Eddington, which was, Something Doing We Don't Know What”:-)
Consciousness and Coincidences?