" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 31, 2018

Taking the Red Pill?

I liked this talk (above) Dr. Beitman had with Joe Cambray, Ph.D, a former president of the C.G. Jung Institute of Boston.
They talked about the coincidences Sir Alexander Fleming ran into developing the world's first antibiotic substance benzylpenicillin (Penicillin G) from the mould Penicillium notatum in 1928, for which Sir Alexander shared the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1945 with Howard Florey and Ernst Boris Chain.
While I found it all interesting, ironically, I'm allergic to penicillin to the point that it could kill me.
When I was a child I was given penicillin and broke out in a massive red rash like the kid pictured below.
A boy who is allergic to penicillin, like me
I was playing squash at the time I realized something was wrong and remembered seeing black dots on what normally should have been a white wall in front of me and looking down and seeing a 
red rash developing on my arms.
My heart was beating so wildly I could remember hearing the beat in my ears.
My mother took me back to the doctors and he just laughed and said to my mother he's allergic to penicillin, lucky he didn't die on the squash court, he'll have to remember never to take penicillin again.
I haven't forgot what that pill can do to me, either.
So, while penicillin was an important discovery for the world's population, for people like me taking that pill could prove a deadly mistake.
Or at least a bite out of a mouldy sandwich;-)

The Heavens Are Lining Up in Oz?

'Super blue blood moon' to grace Australian skies in special lunar eclipse
Looks like I'm in for a long night tonight if I stay up to watch the whole show.
I like how it all ends at 1:11am on the Ist of February in my part of the world and at 11:11pm on the 31st of January in Perth.
I used to see 11:11 on my clocks for years whenever I turned to see randomly what time it was, but not so much anymore.
Perth's Kings Park alight, suburbs in haze
Although things are looking hazy in Perth by the looks of the news story above.
And that Perth Festival slogan of "experience art in a different light" might apply to the moon over there tonight.
I notice Adelaide get the maximum eclipse right at midnight over there.
I'm planning a road-trip to Adelaide this year and last night I was doing some "research" on South Australian wines.
I also like how the total eclipse ends in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra and Hobart at 1:08pm on February 1st.
I saw this interesting post by an astrologer named Dana -
Is this a Super Blue Blood Wolf Moon Eclipse?
Dana's post kind of ties into my Justin Timberlake post about Justin's birthday falling on January 31st -
A Birthday on the Super Blue/Blood Moon, a Halftime Show at the Superbowl and #TimesUp?
I hope Justin isn't telling us that this is the end?-)
Australia's murder capital: Why can't Adelaide bury the myth?
I think it is rather ironic that Australia's mythological "Murder Capital" is the only capital Australian city that will get to see the maximum eclipse at midnight.
The Adelaide Crows/Murder Capital, get it?-)
I live just outside Brisbane and we are half an hour further east of Adelaide, but because of us not having daylight saving we'll see the maximum eclipse at 11:30pm, while Adelaide get to February before we do.
Also ironic is I'm planning to see a game at the Adelaide oval (pictured above) to cheer on my team who will probably get murdered on the day if we play like we did last year.
I had to laugh, as I was listening to the above podcast at 'Aeon Byte Gnostic Radio' as I was working on this post and in the introduction there is a couple arguing about the end of the world being at midnight ... but midnight in what part of the world is the question that confounds the prophetess of doom in that intro:-)
Don't worry though, as I don't think it will tonight in Adelaide.
I also had to laugh at hearing the sound "Byte" in that podcast where it is said, "It's a huge s#it sandwich and we are all going to have to take a bite"as I was also reading about how NASA scientists have found a way to make their astronauts eat their own s#it ... and probably as a sandwich spread too, I imagine.
Scientists have found a way to convert human waste into a Vegemite-like food for astronauts
Mmm ...Vegemite.
I also found it interesting that Louis Nero celebrates his birthday on September 24th, which is the day after I do (September 23rd).
Conjunction of  Venus, Regulus, Jupiter and
the crescent Moon on
September 23, 2017
Looks like Louis has more in common with John Young though, as they were both born on September 24th.
John Young, the Legendary NASA Astronaut Who Walked(?) on the Moon, Dies Aged 87 ... Between Two Super-moons in the Same Month?!
And you are right Miguel, life is sometimes a big s#it sandwich that we a forced to eat, and another guy called Young who had a wife die this month had a top ten song that really does sum up that feeling of your intro to your podcast.
Paul Young's wife Stacey dead aged 52 after two-year battle with brain cancer
I can sympathize with your situation of getting laid off by a company that sing your praises one minute then make you redundant the next.
I worked for a company for 24 years only to be made redundant because they wanted to replace full-time workers with part-time workers.
I was glad to leave that place to be honest, as it had become like a prison to me and I didn't like the guy who owned the company, because I thought he was a good bloke when I fell for the company's PR about him, but the more I heard in later years about this prick the more I despised him and his slave labour driven company.
But I was my own jailer in reality, too scared to leave in case I couldn't pay my mortgage and let my family down by not being able to land another job that paid the bills.
I did land another job after leaving my life's prison and that was a Monday to Friday job with great hours and every weekend off.
I didn't have to wear a clown costume like the last place, and it was like freedom to me compared to working in the big blue prison run by arseholes.
Alas after two years I got retrenched because the company hit the skids ... and last on, first off, which was fair enough and I had money coming to me from the sale of my house after my divorce and my father had been placed into a nursing home with his Alzheimer's, so I wanted some time off to visit him every second day with my mother (who was battling lung cancer, as well ... and she never smoked in her life)
So, I can relate to the Paul Young song above more, but without the girls to sleep with.
Home was wherever I could rent one, until they would sell it and I would have to move.
Ironically, the night I was celebrating the Swiss Tennis player Roger Federer winning the Australian Open, because I had money on him to win, I heard straight after the game that the owner of my old prison who used to live in Switzerland to avoid paying tax to Sweden had passed away.
I did shed a tear that night, but it was only for Roger, not Ingvar.
I don't believe in hell, but hopefully he gets reincarnated into an Indian sweatshop that makes toys for his old company.
Well, that's my fantasy anyway:-)
I've got to say Miguel that while I find the whole Gnostic thing entertaining, I believe that the best Gnostic movies I have seen are films like 'Bronson' (if you look closely at the end of the movie Bronson is one of his own jailers locking his cell door) and TV shows like 'The Prisoner' where the jailers turned out to be their own prisoner.
That rings truer to me than some devil god running the whole shebang over some loving god who doesn't really give a f#ck about us, like some hen-pecked husband too scared to step in and take charge.
Most times we are the Wally in the picture we should be looking for, instead of trying to blame some evil demonic figure.
Tonight, I'm blaming the moon if this year turns out bad for me.

UPDATE: 31st January, 2018
"Gold Coast beaches are being heavily eroded by a king tide driven by the Moon at its closest distance to Earth on this orbit (hence the super tag)."
"The eclipse that will turn the Moon red only begins to occur from 9:48pm, Queensland time. But clear skies are expected to disappear long before then.
Bureau of Meteorology senior forecaster Sam Campbell said a south-easterly change would bring cloud cover to the Gold Coast and Brisbane first.
"That's probably going to come through after around 7:00pm and then it'll head up to the Sunshine Coast, probably pushing through there by nine or 10:00pm," he said.


January 30, 2018

A Gnostic & Magic Review of 2017 (and Predictions for 2018)?

I only listened to the first part of the show as interesting as it was, but for the second half of the interview, you will have to become a member of the Archive of Past Shows:
I already own a copy of Gordon's book and I don't pay for any podcasts on the net, so I don't know how it all pans out in the end ... pretty much like living through 2018 ironically.
Just a bone to pick with Gordon when he is talking about Hollywood.
"Everyone in that town is grose"?!
What a f#cking stupid statement that is.
That's like saying all Queenslanders are morons.
All Jews are bad.
All Germans are Nazis.
All women are sluts.
All men are bastards.
All priests are kiddie fiddlers.
And I'm not throwing out my DVD of 'American Beauty' just because Spacey is a sexual creep.
It's still a great movie no matter what.
I had a good workmate once that confided in me that "all Jews are bad" and I said to that person what if I told you that I was a Jew?
This person looked at me like they were thinking "oh, no not you?" and then the penny dropped and this "friend" told me "but you are a good one though".
That made a lot of sense after telling me that "ALL Jews are bad".
You obviously don't know many people in Hollywood Gordon.
Rant over.

Connecting with Coincidence with Dr. Bernie Beitman, MD - EP 14? (13?) Guest: John Townley

I listened to a podcast today where Dr. Bernie Beitman interviewed John Townley, who is an astrologer and has a website called 'Astrococktail'.
It's still the 'Year of the Fire Rooster'
until February 15th, 2018
John also used to write a blog called 'Matrix Blog', which is still up but doesn't seem to have been added to since 2010.
I did like an old post on that blog titled -
Playing In Tune…
"By happenstance, most of my friends on Facebook happen to be musicians, not astrologers, but here’s something musical that connects.
First, rhythm and harmony.
Did you know that if you take two beats, like one at 60 beats-per-minute (bpm) and another at 80 bpm, basically a 3 against 4 syncopation, and double it (like you would octaves) until it rises into the tonal range, you get a perfect fifth?
Other common beat combinations create harmonies as well.
And if you raise the frequency/wavelength all the way up until the single octave of visible light, something similar happens.
Proportions that sound good lower down look good higher up.
If you do the opposite, and start halving frequencies to way down below bpm all the way to beats per day, month, or year, or century, you get the frequencies of the earth’s rotation and planetary revolutions, all of which tug on us en masse in exactly the same set of proportions.
It’s like the rhythm of the planets’ push and pull are the deep, bass and rhythm track of our entire existence, echoed in ever higher sets as we reach sound and finally light.
Although we seem to perceive and experience each set separately, they are all integrally part of the same stack, like nested matryoshka dolls."
"Synchronicity is the face of a deeper level of inter-connectivity" Tony Vigorito
"Further, in each separately-perceived set, we assign the same qualities to that particular spectrum.
Slow rhythms and deep tones feel more worrisome and ominous, fast and high seem more playful and less threatening.
The same goes for colors, with the lower-frequency red end more hostile and threatening, the higher blue and violet happier and lighter in tone.
And way down below, as any astrologer can tell you, it’s the slow, long-period outer planets that are the darker movers of difficulties (like Saturn on out), and the faster ones more positive, uplifting, and accessible (from Jupiter inward)."
What I liked about listening to this podcast was tomorrow is the Super Blue/Blood Moon eclipse, so I found it rather synchy that John had a book titled 'Lunar Returns' and I listened to this podcast just as the Super Moon was about to return in the same month.
A Birthday on the Super Blue/Blood Moon, a Halftime Show at the Superbowl and #TimesUp?
I like how John's book is priced at $23.99, because the 23rd of September (23/9) is my birthdate, but I won't be buying the book, because I'm not that much into astrology to be honest.
I thought that maybe Bernie was trying to pull a casino trick on You Tube by numbering what was the 13th episode on his podcast site number 14 on his You Tube site to avoid the unlucky connotations number 13 has with a lot of people (but not me).
Go the Sharkies!!!
The podcast with John though is less about astrology and more about strange things like this incidence described below in the You Tube description -
"According to John Townley: At 6 AM in New York City one morning in the 1960s, dreamt I was in my childhood bathroom (shared with my parents) in Coconut Grove, that I went to pee and peed blood, woke up quite upset.
Talked to my mom in the Grove (same house) that evening on the phone and she told me that at exactly 6AM that morning my dad woke up and peed blood, was alarmed, had to go to the doctor. There’s also an interesting dream in which he reappeared after death to tell me about what happened, which very much fit the Buddhist/Theosophical description of afterlife, with a couple of nice touches."
Well worth a listen, I think.
"John is also a well-known journalist, elected member of the American Society of Journalists and Authors, historian, preservationist, performer, and record producer.
He can be regularly found, camera and microphone in hand, covering cultural and technology events ranging from the Consumer Electronics Show to the Toy Fair, from international music festivals to ocean sailing races.
When he's not behind the camera and microphone, he's in front of them, performing at maritime concerts in the U.S. and across Europe."
Maritime concerts?!;-)
"The world hums.
It shivers endlessly.
It's a low, ceaseless droning of unclear origin that rolls imperceptibly beneath our feet, impossible to hear with human ears.

A researcher once described it to HuffPost as the sound of static on an old TV, slowed down 10,000 times.
It's comforting to think of Earth as solid and immovable, but that's false.
The world is vibrating, stretching and compressing.
We're shaking right along with it.
“The earth is ringing like a
bell all the time,” said Spahr Webb, a seismologist at Columbia University.
The hum is everywhere.
Its ultralow frequencies have been recorded in Antarctica and Algeria, and — as announced this week by the American Geophysical Union — on the floor of the Indian Ocean.
We still don't know what causes it."
For Whom the Kristen Bell Tolls?
I don't really worry too much about the
"Big Bong Theory", but ... ;-)

UPDATE: 1st February, 2018

I clicked a link to John's 'What's Happening' section to his 'Astrococktails' website and saw the above page, and while I don't know too much about astrology my gut feeling is exactly summed up when he says - "February is another wild ride, with the roller-coaster feeling of Earth alone outside and far away from the bowl of the rest of the solar system."
I don't know whether I should buckle up, or put on my floaties for February.
At least there is only 28 days to make it through ... hopefully;-)