" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 31, 2024

Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings ... and Imaginary Friends?πŸ²πŸ§šπŸ‡πŸ₯šπŸ£⛪πŸ°πŸ‰

I saw
the news of the passing 
Louis Gossett Jr. and looked up his IMDB page to see what movies he had starred in over the years, apart from the obvious, and saw he voices a character in the upcoming animated film 'IF' (Imaginary Friends), which also stars Ryan Reynolds the part owner of Wrexham FC (AKA The Red Dragons), who was born in the Year of the Dragon ironically, with Louis Gossett Jr. passing away in the Year of the Dragon this year.
🐲Enter the 2024 Dragon?πŸ‰
Humans love telling each other stories to the point most people don't know what to believe anymore.
I guess we all need something to believe in, as we pass through this unbelievable lifetime>;-)

March 30, 2024

And So, This is Easter ... and What Have You Watched? πŸ“ΊπŸ•³πŸ‡πŸ°

I've been wondering what to watch over
Easter and have had no shortage of suggestions from cinema and TV streaming companies from e-mails hitting my inbox this Easter.
I like how 20th anniversary screenings of 'The Passion of the Christ' started on March 27th, World Theatre Day -
Happy World Theatre Day ... Break a Leg? 🎭
The Passion of the Christ (2004)
'The Passion of the Christ' turns 20 this year I'm told, but seeing it again was like me reading The Bible from cover-to-cover years ago, once is enough for me for this lifetime anyway;-)
As for 'Watership Down' ... no thanks Doc>:-)
I did start watching my DVD copy of the 1977 TV series 'Jesus of Nazareth' thinking it was a movie, but realizing it ran for something like 328 minutes when I made it to where Michael York enters as John the Baptist.
I'll have to watch the rest before Sunday comes around, since I did start watching it on Good Friday, so spreading the series out over 3 days seems fitting, I think.
The only reason I bought the DVD set in the first place was to see Robert Powell playing Jesus, as I had watched him in 'Jude, the Obscure' and couldn't get over how green his eyes looked.
Then I picked up the DVD of 'Jesus of Nazareth' and saw he had bright blue eyes as Jesus and thought how did they go from green in 'Jude, the Obscure' to bright blue as Jesus?
Jude the Obscure: The Last Book of Thomas Hardy's I Must Read Before I Die?⛪πŸ’ŒπŸ“š
To me 
Robert Powell was always Tommy's dad Captain Walker, as I hadn't really seen him in anything I watched growing up over the years, apart from 'Tommy'.
Who knew?-)
That part of The Bible was probably just made up, right?-)
Maybe I'll have to give 'Tommy' another watch this weekend after I've finished watching 'Jesus of Nazareth'?
I wrote about seeing the 40th anniversary screening of 'Tommy' in this old post -
Immaculate (2024)
So many movies to watch over the Easter holidays, and yet so little time.
Happy Easter>;-)

March 29, 2024


I might have to check out this 'Immaculate' movie over the Easter Weekend sometime ... and not just because I think Sydney is a hot chick, either;-)
Immaculate (Anna McGahan)
I've been dying to see this movie since reading Anna McGahan's novel of the same name ... well I'm not getting any younger:-)
Although, I do have a lot of reading to do over Easter ... and before I die:-)
Falling Man Falls Well Short of Being a Great Book?πŸŒ‡
I listened to a few more recent podcasts shows featuring
Anna McGahan this week, as I stumbled across a DVD at work of the Underbelly Razor series, starring 
Anna McGahan, even though I started watching the series on the STAN streaming service recently.
And I'm working on a post about biographies, including Anna's semi-fictional autobiography, as well as a few other people's "real" life stories ... so far.
Ironically, I wrote a post about beauty myself -
135: Anna McGahan on the Stories that
 Shape Us, Break Us, and Make Us
We all like a good story over Easter, whether a book or movie, true or not, I think;-)
Another movie I picked up at the Op shop,
which I'll have to watch over the weekend:-)
I'd like to see Anna's book 'Immaculate' made into a movie or TV mini-series, too.

March 26, 2024

Frost and the Art of Food Consumption and Art?πŸ”πŸŽ¨πŸŽ­

That's a BIG MAC?!
When I saw that McDonalds in Australia were introducing an Adult Happy Meal to their menu last February, I was curious as to why people would buy them ... so I bought one ... and ended up with the "toy" that I didn't want to get.
McDonald’s Adult Happy Meals
Have Arrived in Australia
Not that I had any idea of who 
Kerwin Frost was at the time.
So, I looked him up through Wikipedia and was surprised to see that Kerwin shared a birthday with Carl Jung and Stanley Kubrick.
I didn't worry too much about getting the lame Darla "toy", as I thought I had a few months to try and get the Kerwin figure.
Afterall, 1 chance in 6 are Russian Roulette odds of shooting yourself in the head.
And I've already tried once (to get a toy, not shoot myself), so how hard could it be to get a KF "toy" eventually?
The next visit when I asked for an Adult Happy Meal at the Drive Thru, I was told they didn't have any, because they were SOLD OUT.
I started thinking that when it came to artists, maybe Kerwin was a sell-out?-)
I asked when they were getting more in and was told that's it, GAME OVER.
Can't say that I was happy:-)
Ironically, the first time I got an Adult Happy Meal was coming back from the Logan Art Gallery after seeing the exhibition that was on there at the time.
Which was probably why I wanted to check out Kerwin's pop art on the way home, while getting something to eat
What is it with portraits?
Portraits bore me, even though I admire people who can paint or draw them, as I can't ... or don't think I could, even though I have never tried to.
I prefer trippy art to portraits any day of the week.
The second time I tried getting an Adult Happy Meal was when I was heading home from work and then heading out to my youngest son's place to watch the first Brisbane Lions game of the season on his TV, because we couldn't get tickets to the Gabba, as the match was SOLD OUT.
Seems to be a theme running through this post, do you reckon?-)
He is coming over to my place to watch the Brisbane Lions/Collingwood Magpies game Thursday night and I'm paying for pizza ... not McDonalds:-)
And I'm hoping to turn my frown upside down with the Lions first win of the season:-)
One group of losing fans will not be happy after the game on Thursday night, since both teams are winless since meeting in last year's GF, which I'm still not happy about losing:-(
Maybe McDonalds should get Ben Frost to make some art for their Australian Adult Happy Meals?-)