" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 30, 2013

Pulp Fiction?

" The classic Chevrolet convertible featured in the film Pulp Fiction has been found nearly two decades after it was stolen.
The San Bernardino County Sun reports movie director Quentin Tarantino's 1964 Chevelle Malibu was recovered in the San Francisco Bay area earlier this week.
John Travolta's character drove the cherry red car in the movie.
Sheriff's Sergeant Albert Anolin said an investigation into an old Malibu in the desert city of Victorville on April 18 led detectives to another Malibu in the Oakland area. They then confirmed that vehicle belonged to Tarantino and was reported stolen in 1994.
Authorities say the car's current owner is not believed to be involved in its theft and is considered to be a victim of a fraud.
A message seeking Tarantino's comment was not immediately returned." 
 Now that jive I can swallow,but this following story -
"The rusted metal aircraft part believed to be from one of the hijacked jetliners that slammed into the World Trade Center in the Sept. 11 attacks came from a wing, not landing gear, police said Monday.
The 1.5-metre piece is a trailing edge flap support structure, police said. It is located closer to the body of the plane and helps secure wing flaps that move in and out and aid in regulating plane speed. Investigators initially thought it was part of the landing gear because both pieces have similar-looking hydraulics.
Boeing officials told police the part came from one of its 767 airliners, but it isn't possible to determine which flight. Both hijacked planes that struck the towers, American Airlines Flight 11 and United Airlines Flight 175, were Boeing 767s. 
 Workers discovered the part Wednesday between a luxury loft rental building and a mosque that in 2010 prompted virulent national debate about Islam and freedom of speech in part because it's near the trade centre site. Other World Trade Center wreckage has been discovered at the buildings and around the area in years past.
An inspector on the roof of the mosque site, which is under construction, noticed the debris and then called 911.Police documented the debris with photos. The twisted metal part — jammed in a 45 cm wide, trash-laden passageway between the buildings — has cables and levers on it and is about 1.5 metres high, 43 cm wide and 1.2 metres long.
The piece was found with ropes that aren't believed be part of the plane. Police are trying to determine whether someone had tried to lower the piece off the roof at some point in the past, and the ropes snapped or the piece became stuck. There's no indication that the part was planted in the space, said Paul Browne, chief spokesman for
 the New York Police Department. "
9/11 plane debris is from wing, not landing gear
 I have a feeling someone's not wearing any clothes,somehow?
 Does something seem wrong with this picture the media are painting us?
I think these media guys have
 been drinking something
... and at the Story Bridge Hotel by the sounds of it
One of my old t-shirt designs
seems appropriate here.;-)
Or maybe mention of the number
Chinese burger joint?-)
 Which rabbit hole are the media trying to send us down here with their stories?
I think the media are about to
slip on their own
spin soon
I'm beginning to think that they are talking through their ...

Happy birthday for yesterday Uma
(29th April)
I think the press are serving
Cherry Lie-made more like it
... and skating on the thin ice of credibility maybe?
Good luck and try to stay wide awake when reading your morning paper, or watching the news, because they'll try to tell you anything lately and expect you to swallow it.
from this rabbit hole, anyway

Damn Those Reptilians ;-)

"Luxury fashion labels are buying up saltwater crocodile farms in Australia to meet demand for crocodile skin products.
Australia has 14 commercial crocodile farms that export millions of dollars worth of croc leather each year.
It is estimated that Australia's saltwater crocodiles produce up to 10 per cent of the world's croc leather.
International fashion houses are major buyers of the skins, but crocodile farmer John Lever, based in Rockhampton in central Queensland, says that is starting to change.
"Now that's not sufficient - THEY want the guarantee of getting the skins so they're buying into the farms as well," he said.
Mr Lever says he is approached at least once a month by foreign investors keen to buy his Rockhampton-based farm.
"A cartel of buyers could form a monopoly and control the price of the skins," he said.
He says he is concerned local crocodile farmers will lose their independence, and is urging caution.
Business consultant Jeff McClure says as high-end fashion houses struggle to meet demand for crocodile skin products, they are looking to farms in Queensland and the Northern Territory to help guarantee supply.
Mr McClure says Louis Vuitton has bought a farm in Innisfail in far north Queensland, while Hermes has bought a farm in Cairns, also in the state's north, and two in the Northern Territory.
"To ensure their own supply from egg right through until finished skin," Mr McClure said.
He says it is good for the future of crocodile farms, but says it may weaken farmers' ability to set prices."
Designer labels buy up Aussie croc farms

April 29, 2013

Sync Up: The Majestic vs The Mask

I just watched a great sync movie yesterday, 
if you want to watch it click on this link and watch it at 
You Tube -
It goes for about 4 minutes, but is well worth a look.
So, it is syncing up the bridge scenes in both of these movies -

Little Red Wagon

I've been noticing a lot of Little Red Wagons in movies lately and just found out there is even a movie by the title.
Probably going nowhere with these little red wagon appearances, but I thought I would mention them, just in case there is something there that I just don't quite get yet.
But it's probably leading me up the garden path;-)


Chem-trails over my house?
I was reading page 550 of David Icke's 
Human Race Get Off Your Knees yesterday.
It was about chemtrails being sprayed in the air overpopulated areas.
I think I might need to clean the gutters of my house now;-)
Then I saw another post on chemtrails last night -
which had this You Tube with a Native American guy pointing them out over his house and talking about 'Giant Sylphs', whatever they are?
I posted it here because that's exactly what the sky looked like for most of the afternoon.
There was a series of planes fly over trails
of this s
#!+ for about an hour.
This stuff doesn't evaporate like a normal contrail, it just floats apart and stays in the sky all afternoon, unless a strong breeze gets hold of it and takes it elsewhere.
Then this morning I read another blog post about Graham Hancock's TED talk at this site -
Scientists Intervene in TED Controversy 
Which linked to this site -
Scientists Intervene in TED Controversy
which had this picture of a sculpture with a chemtrail flying overhead.
Sculpture with a chemtrail flying overhead,
not in my garden though;-)
Rubber ducks being dumped into the
Brisbane River in broad daylight.
If you mention this sky spraying to anyone in conversation, most people just say,
"What trails?", like they have never seen them before. 
So, I'll never bring up a UFO sighting if I ever see one fly over my house, if they treat you like you are nuts because you say planes are flying over your house spraying the skies with some white crap.
And the governments don't tell you squat about what they are spraying, in fact they don't even tell you they are spraying anything over your house.
But then again, look what they are doing to our rivers;-)

Cosmic Creativity: How Art Evolves Consciousness: Alex Grey at TEDxMaui 2013

My Alex Grey necklace ...
It hangs near my desk like a work of art
I love Alex Grey's art and the ideas behind his paintings.

Happy Birthday David Icke

Happy Birthday David.
David Vaughan Icke turns 61 today.
David loves his lions and being a Brisbane Lions fan myself I can see his point.
But there are others who love lions just as much, so which is the right lion?
I'm a fan of reggae music myself
The lion is a major Israeli symbol, as well.
And to make matters worse you've now got this infamous avatar as well -
A not so good image since
Boston April 15th, 2013
 It just shows you any image can be used for good, or bad, depending on which side of the fence you are on.
I may not believe in Reptilians, but it's good to know the there is a David Icke keeping an eye on the world.
The world may be a better place if there were more David Ickes.
Nice seeing you on the Gold Coast in 2011.
Cheers mate.

Update:30th April 2013  
Jim Tucker, Bilderberg Hound, Dies at 78