" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 31, 2014

The Conjuring, Joey King and Real Life Imitating Art?

Joey King from the movie, The Conjuring.
I really had no interest in seeing this film until after my "Joey King" synchronicity I had and wrote about in this previous post -
 Joey King?
Joey King from Oz:The Great and Powerful.
Joey King and his partner Rahi, killed in a fiery plane crash last week.
When I looked up Joey King's films on IMDB I saw she starred in  
The Conjuring.
I also saw (pardon the pun) that fellow Aussie James Wan  
was the director of this movie, too.
James Wan
James Wan was born on February 26, 1977 in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia, but grew up in Australia
The missing Malaysian jet was MH370.
3, 7, 0
Interesting combination of numbers, because actress Joey King is born on the 30th of July, or as we would write it in Australia 30/7.
If you have seen  The Conjuring
what time do the clocks stop in the haunted house?  
Seven past three in the morning, or 3:07 AM.
And what date did flight MH307 ... I mean MH370 ... disappear?
The answer is the same as, what date (but one year later on) was
 Oz:The Great and Powerful released?
Joey King
also played Older Prison Child  in 

The Dark Knight Rises.
Now The Conjuring is about true life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren working to help a family terrorized by a dark presence in their farmhouse.
The Warren's home museum in the above clip is a bit of a fair ground attraction I feel, but the doll in the glass case is the main doll based on the more creepy looking doll in the film, which I think was made by James Wan himself, as he did make the doll for the Saw movies he was involved with. 
The real Annabelle doll was a rag doll, 
not a broken porcelain doll as the movie depicts. 
Joey with the China doll she does the voice for in the Oz movie.
The real doll (left), the movie doll (right).
Lorraine Warren and Andrea Perron served as consultants to director James Wan and the screenwriters. 

They both claim the movie is accurate to the real story of what happened to the Perrons during the 10 years they lived in the farm house. 
Andrea Perron wrote a three-part book based on her experiences in the house titled House of Darkness, House of Light.
Experiences written about in her book also appear in the film. 
Perron cites the film as a work of art and not a work of fiction.
 The film broke box office records after bringing in a total of $41 million at the box office during its opening weekend. 
It stands as the third highest grossing opening weekend for an
R-rated horror film behind Paranormal Activity 3 (2011) and Hannibal (2001)
The Conjuring made a total of $137 million at the box office.
Not only marks the second film composer Joseph Bishara has scored a James Wan film, but it is the second time he has played a demon figure for Wan
He portrays the demon embodiment of Bathsheba Sherman and previously played a lipstick-faced demon in Insidious (2010)
Fast & Furious 7 (2015)
Production on the film had been canceled on 1 December 2013 due to the tragic death of star Paul Walker, who had been killed in a car crash on 30 November 2013
Shooting had been underway in Atlanta and the film was scheduled to be released on 11 July 2014
Director James Wan and Universal executives held a conference call on a discussion about necessary rewrites and how to proceed with the production in a manner respectful to Walker's death. 
Paul Walker

March 30, 2014

Type1RadioLounge with Jake Kotze

We welcome Jake Kotze into the Lounge. 
Jake is best known for his mind expanding videos on synchromysticism.
Join us for a chat down the SyncWhole.
Type1RadioLounge with Jake Kotze  
His latest Hurt video can be viewed in full on his vimeo channel  
(link below) -
Jake Kotze
Type1RadioLounge with Jake Kotze
By the way, Jake's view of sync being orchestrated by a collective unconscious is pretty much my view, too ... not to say there aren't groups trying their best to manipulate world events to their liking (e.g. Banksters/oilmen/politicians) ... but they can't orchestrate events like the collective unconscious can. 

March 27, 2014

There is No R in Noah ... But R There Aliens?-)

Thanks to my two Sync-head friends Jake Kotze  
(for the posters of his I defaced) and Joe Alexander for his excellent Star Gate of Oz video above.
Cheers guys.
Checkout Peter Weir's (Master and Commander) great 1977 movie The Last Wave, if you get a chance.
One of my all-time favourites ... even with the corny acting, at times. 

The Last Wave

And how about this for art imitating life?
Noah opens in Brisbane cinemas today and look at the forecast for my hometown.
Brisbane weather warning: flash flooding possibly on Thursday afternoon
And who said that there was no i in "team"?-)
There is an R in "Tugger" though;-)
Following the white rabbit can be a bit of a nightmare I guess.
Thanks to King Uke for making
this picture for me:-)
Maybe it's time to follow a good football club Rus?
Go the ShAAAHHHHHHrkies!
Or should I say ShARKs?-)
Crowe is also a New Zealander who grew up in Australia, so you might say he is more of an Austr-alien than an Australian? 

UPDATE: 28th November, 2014
Weird, since the day Noah opened in Brisbane the weather forecast is 
nothing but rain and potential flooding for the Brisbane area for the next week.
Here's a shot from the Brisbane Courier Mail newspaper. 
Click on photos to make them bigger
Big wet hits Southeast Queensland: roads cut, flash flooding, massive rainfall
UPDATE: 29th March, 2014. 
Russell is certainly a sync magnet right now.
UPDATE: 29th March. 2014.
I saw the movie Noah today.
I'm not really into Biblical myths, but I enjoyed this movie.
My advice is go see it.
If you are a sync-head like me you are bound to like it, too.

March 26, 2014


Joey King from Oz:
The Great and Powerful
I was discussing my Heath Leger/Joker/Oz/Joey King syncs in a closed Facebook group 

(The Kitchen Sink/Sync) half an hour before a fatal plane crash in Keith Urban's 
(Nicole Kidman's husband) 
hometown of Caboolture.
See my last post -
Black Swans and Synchronicity?
"Caboolture is an urban centre approximately 44 kilometres (27 mi) north of Brisbane, the state capital of Queensland, Australia. 
Caboolture is considered to be the northernmost urban area of the greater Brisbane metropolitan region within South East Queensland, and it marks the end of the Brisbane suburban commuter railway service along the North Coast railway line
As at 30 June 2010, Caboolture had an estimated population of 46,882. 
It hosts an annual country music festival and a ute muster each year, 
called the Urban Country Music Festival"
Caboolture, Queensland
Keith Urban with partner Nicole Kidman
The next day I see that there was a Joey King killed in the Cabooture air tragedy.

Joey King and his partner
Life is way stranger than fiction.
People who don't think so ... well they're just not paying attention.
My condolences to friends and family of all the people killed in all the recent plane tragedies and to Mick Jagger on the sad loss of his partner.

UPDATE: 29th March, 2014
I saw there was a fundraiser held last night to raise money for
Joey King's kids.
Oddly enough, it was held in the venue that I had my wedding reception in 25 years ago, although it's been through some renovations since then.

March 21, 2014

Black Swans and Synchronicity?

O.K sync-heads, was this post of mine darkly synchronisticly prophetic, or what?
Considering The Stones would only make it to the West coast of Oz (the black swan state) before Mick's girlfriend L'Wren Scott would take her life like the real life mother of the women portrayed by Mia/Alice in the movie Tracks
Don't forget that Nicole Kidman was close friends with
L'Wren Scott.
Black Sea of Oz?
In the movie Tracks Mia Wasikowska plays real life adventurer Robin Davidson who sets out from Alice Springs to walk right through the desert of the Black Swan State,
Western Australia and to the Indian Ocean.  
Wasikowska plays a Robin in the black swan state and Jagger was in the black swan state when he heard about Wren.
Lots of bird's names involved here in a synchromystic way don't you think

Mick Jagger and 

partner L'Wren Scott

A Black Swan event is an event in human history that was unprecedented and unexpected at the point in time it occurred. 
However, after evaluating the surrounding context, domain experts 
(and in some cases even laymen) 
can usually conclude: “it was bound to happen”.

What are Black 

Swan events?

Black Swan emblems and popular culture

Scientists resign 'living dead' 

species to extinction

Tasmanian Devil

The Rolling Stones jet on a Perth
runway earlier this week.
Rolling Stones livery is seen on the
Aeronexus Corporation
's - Boeing 767

Movies of the Year

Click on the Indian Rolling Stone magazine Black Swan link above. 
Wasikowska plays India Stoker in the movie Stoker with
Nicole Kidman playing her mother.
Cancelled Australian tour poster
Notice that Jennifer Palmer's talk on the Rolling Stone's logo above goes for 14:41 minutes in the You Tube. 
14 on Fire? 
41 is a mirror reverse of 14.  
Basic Information on the Black Swan
Let's not forget that black swans are native to Australia.
As Jennifer says in the clip above, John Pasche was the artist that created the Stone's lips logo.
Scene from the movie, Black Swan
Jennifer admits to being Bi-sexual and in the Black Swan scene above the two actresses in the movie are ... what we call in Oz ... pashing each other.
Pasche designed The Rolling Stones "Tongue and Lip Design" logo in 1971.
He made a promotional sticker for Goats Head Soup 
(the image being an actual pot of soup being made with a goat's head) and the single sleeve for the single She's So Cold.
She's So Cold is a song recorded by The Rolling Stones, released on 19 September 1980 as the second single from the album  
Emotional Rescue.
Emotional Rescue features songs with such titles as, Let Me Go, Indian Girl, Where the Boys Go, Down in the Hole,
Emotional Rescue, She's So Cold and All About You.
Down in the Hole?
Mia Wasikowska as India Stoker. Indian Girl?
Kidman in a L'Wren Scott dress
Heath Leger's ex plays Anni /Glinda in the Oz movie and Heath's ashes are scattered where?
Off the coast of Perth, Western Australia

And if you look at the Oz movie poster it says the movie was released on March 8.
What date did the Malaysian airliner go missing? 

Mila Kunis also the 

star of "Black Swan"

"The talented Milena "Mila" Markovna Kunis was born to a Jewish family in Chernivtsi, Ukraine, USSR (now independent Ukraine)."
Milena "Mila" Markovna Kunis

Black Sea

of Oz?

The Imaginarium 

of Doctor Parnassus

Let's not forget that Heath died before he could finish the above movie as well.
Even though he is more famous for his role as the Joker being his last film.
Joey King who was in the Oz movie
 as the
Little China Girl.
I was discussing my Heath Ledger/Joker/Oz/Joey King syncs in a closed Facebook group half an hour before a fatal plane crash in Keith Urban's (Nicole Kidman's husband) hometown of Caboolture.
And who should be named as a passenger on this doomed flight?
A guy named Joey King.
You just can't make this stuff up.
Joey King, 32, and his fiance Rahuia Hohua, 27,
 were aboard the
skydiving plane
"THALIA was just seven years old, and her brother Cruz only five, when their mother gathered them in her arms and kissed them goodbye for the last time.
It wasn’t supposed to be a farewell. She should have been back in time to make dinner and tuck them into bed.
It was Saturday morning. 
They were at a drop off point, half a kilometre from the Caboolture Airfield, when an excited Rahuia Hohua and her fiancΓ© Joey King waved goodbye to her children and a gathering of relatives and set off for a long-awaited adrenalin rush."
Siblings left to struggle on after loving couple lost Caboolture skydiving plane crash
I just watched the clip in the above link and found out the guy who was the brother-in-law of Glenn Norman is named Wayne Swan.
Not only that but I think I ran into Glenn a week or two ago when the place I work for had a routine fire inspection.
His station is the closest one to my workplace, so I'm pretty sure it was him.
Aussie Flight Disaster Film 'Deep Water' Shelved Over Eerie Resemblance to Missing Malaysia Flight
Deep Water a loose follow-up to hit horror movie Bait 3D tells the story of a flight that mysteriously crashes into a remote stretch of the ocean on its way to China.
That movie (Bait) was filmed on the Gold Coast of Queensland where these black swans were filmed surfing last November.
Just keep swimming!?