" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 30, 2021

Wouldn't the "Baseball Gods" Tell You That Synchronicity is a Team Sport and That There is No "I" in Team?

Jonathan Fink, 6.27.21
Jonathan Fink, 6.27.21 - Baseball Gods, Music Gods, Ghosts, UFOs and Reincarnation
I wrote in a previous post about the 'Wendy's Coffeehouse' podcast, which I stumbled across when I was searching for podcasts about Dolores Cannon's hypnosis techniques -
Mind Games: Dolores Cannon on Atlantis, Healing, Hypnosis and ... Water?
I can't say that I'm a fan of Dolores Cannon's theories about the universe after reading that book above or the infallibility of hypnosis regression sessions, but I'm glad I read it all the same, just to make up my own mind.
I am a big fan of synchronicity (for lack of a better word Laura;-), so I was happy to see that the latest 'Wendy' Coffeehouse' podcast episode featured a manic sounding (maybe he had too much coffee beforehand?-) author of a book titled 'The Baseball Gods Are Real' which was worth a listen I thought, even though I'm not really into baseball.
I thought it was funny how Jonathan talked about
'The Counting Crows' and taxi cabs in that podcast episode -
I Read the News Today ... Oh, Boy! Sad, but Synchy News on So Many Levels to Me
The Music Gods are Real: Volume 1
I then listened to a previous podcast featuring Jonathan at
'Wendy's Coffeehouse' and while I'm rather skeptical about some of his personal beliefs surrounding his personal synchronicities, it certainly was an interesting listen I thought.
Jonathan Fink, November 11, 2018
I then scrolled down through the previous episodes of
'Wendy's Coffeehouse' to see who else Wendy had interviewed and was surprised to see that there was an episode released on
Apple Podcasts on my birthday featuring someone I had met years ago in Byron Bay, Daniel Pinchbeck.
The Occult Control System?
Daniel Pinchbeck- Psychedelics, Conservation, UFOs and shifting views
The funny thing here is that I've been sorting through old books, movies and CDs I don't want any more and to give them away to the book exchange.
And I've had this DVD pictured below featuring Daniel Pinchbeck sitting near my TV to watch once more and decide if I should keep it or give it away.   
Certainly has been a time for change since Elliot Page starred in this film:-)
I just couldn't motivate myself to sit down and watch it, until now that is.
I then found a 'Wendy's Coffeehouse' podcast  featuring
Mike Clelland talking about his owl book, which I have since read and passed on to the book exchange on a previous trip.
I was a good read, but I wasn't going to read it again, so I passed it on rather than having it sit on my bookshelf gathering dust as time flies by. 
The Messengers: Owls, Synchronicity and the UFO Abductee
Another funny thing was it was from listening to Mike talk and write about Dolores Cannon years ago that led me to buying and reading 'The Convuluted Universe: Book One' in the first place:-)
I thought it was interesting how Wendy started the podcast featuring Mike off with
'Lola' by 'The Kinks' and saying how the lead singer claims to have had UFO experiences -
God don't play dice with the universe, it's more like dominoes:-)
I tend to blame it all on the
footy gods rather that the baseball gods when it comes to synchronicity and the domino effect though;-)

What Ulysses Did to a Supposedly Balanced Psychologist?

Boy Swallows Universe and Brisbane Dentist Wakes Up With an Irish Accent Coming Out of Her Mouth?

Timing is everything it seems when it comes to reading a book, as I had only seen on 60 Minutes just over a week ago a segment about a Brisbane dentist who grew up in Australia, but woke up after surgery with an Irish accent, then I started reading the Brisbane based novel 'Boy Swallows Universe' again and read the chapter about a Brisbane boy hearing an Irish woman's accent for the first time in real life -
Mind Games: Dolores Cannon on Atlantis, Healing, Hypnosis and ... Water?
Memoir or Fiction? Trent Dalton On Boy Swallows Universe
Slight SPOILER ALERT ... in the novel 'Boy Swallows Universe' the main character who is semi-based on Trent Dalton's life loses a right index finger at some point, so I thought it was ironic that I listened to last week's Dublin Unity Church service where a story is told in an Irish accent from the pulpit about a Norwegian guy who loses a finger and can't fight when called up for the army, because he has no trigger finger:-)
I've never been to Ireland, nor been to a
Unitarian Church service, and while I'm not a Roman Catholic I am familiar with the Church and Catholic life through my Nan (my father's mother), which is probably why I joined the Liberal Catholic Church as a teenager and still am a member, even though I haven't been to a service for many decades.
But I usually associate Dublin and Ireland with Guinness, good music and Roman Catholicism, not Unitarian Churches.
If I ever go for a visit to Dublin I might have to check out a service at that Unitarian Church for myself - 
Episode 49 - Trent Dalton - Boy Swallows Universe
A Local Magick Shop Disappears in All of the 2020 Chaos?-)

June 29, 2021

Eat, Drink and Be Merry ... For Tomorrow We ... Lock-down?!

Scenic Rim Eat Local Week 2021
Just when I was thinking of heading down to the Queensland State border (but not crossing it) to get a bite to eat and bring home a few bottles of 'Grumpy Old Bastard', I've been given my stay at home orders by the Queensland government:-(
You can now ditch the beanie for one of those caps below:-)
Grumpy Old Bastard Caps $25 now available!
They don't come with Trump's ugly mug on the label, but they should have:-)
At lest I could go for a drive-thru my local Macca's if I wanted to, but I don't:-(
Queenslanders heading for three-day lockdown
Would you like fries with that?-)
Brisbane's Prince Charles Hospital?!
Oh, and doesn't an outbreak from the Queensland Prince Charles Hospital go synchromystically well with my last post?-) -
The Elephant, the Castle and the Smoke-screen Memories ... a Timely Synchromystical Metaphor Maybe?-)

The Elephant, the Castle and the Smoke-screen Memories ... a Timely Synchromystical Metaphor Maybe?-)

A huge blaze has broken out in South London – after a massive explosion under Elephant and Castle train station?
Prince Charles Investiture July 1st, 1969
Diana, Princess of Wales
July 1, 1969 – Charles, Prince of Wales is Invested with His Title at Caernarfon?
July 2 commemorates the supposed UFO crash in the 1947 Roswell UFO Incident
U.F.O. is the Debut Album by Psychedelic FOlk Singer-Songwriter Jim Sullivan, Released in 1969?
US report on Pentagon-documented UFOs leaves sightings unexplained
"... But we will go wherever the data takes us," the official added?