" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 22, 2018

A Magical Drive in Tasmania with Gordon White from Rune Soup?

"The conscious mind allows itself to be trained like a parrot, but the unconscious does not—which is why St. Augustine thanked God for not making him responsible for his dreams." - Carl Jung
I had no idea who Jordan Peterson was, but as soon as Gordon mentions that he is doing a drive video, I'm in the passenger seat like a dog with its head out the window and taking it all in.
I made the You Tube full screen and then just sat back and went along for the ride.
Luckily my office chair is like a car seat as well, because that sure makes it a bit more VR.
My white cockatoo statue in my living room
I read Gordon's post 'SAINT AUGUSTINE AND THE PARROT' yesterday just after a massive flock of white cockatoos flew over my home.
The crow on my back fence yesterday
Unfortunately I didn't get to my camera and switch it on in time to catch the massive flock flying over my roof, but the racket these cockatoos made brought my crow friend to my back fence to see what was going on, so at least I had my camera all fired up when the crow landed in front of me. 
I like how as soon as Gordon says at around the 20 and a half minute mark that, “this is a chaos magick blog and podcast”, a flock of birds fly over his ute (pick-up).
Not parrots by the looks, but it was still kind of magical to me.

Anyway, if you like drive videos like I do, sit back, full screen it, relax and enjoy the ride.
I guess I owe you some petrol money now, Gordon?-)

March 21, 2018

Is Mark Frost the Red Lens in the 'Twin Peaks' Spectacle?

Pages from 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks'
After reading Mark Frost's two books 'The Secret History of Twin Peaks' and 'Twin Peaks: The Final Dossier' it became clear to me that if the Frost/Lynch writing/director partnership was a pair of 3-D spectacles, then Mark Frost would be the red lens and David Lynch would be the blue lens.
50 Years of Mr.Freedom and Rosemary's Baby and 40 Years of Halloween?
An interview with Mark Frost
Watching the second season of 'Twin Peaks' again I think I see where Mark Frost/David Lynch got the idea for Dr. Amp's gold s#it digging shovel from.
Shovel Your Way Out of the S#it Day?

Skeptiko Podcast 376: Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Brings Science to Spiritual Practices

Interesting interview with Dr. Rupert Sheldrake over at the Skeptiko podcast site...and in the Year of the Earth Dog, too;-)
Click on the link below to go to the Skeptiko podcast site and have a listen -
Dr. Rupert Sheldrake Brings Science to Spiritual Practices |376|
I notice Rupert was born in 1942, but I'm not sure what that means...if anything?-)

March 20, 2018

March 20th Fifteen Years Ago?

"Anna Von Mertens, 5:34 am until sunrise, March 20, 2003, Baghdad, Iraq (from the Palestine Hotel looking toward the Presidential Palace on the Tigris River), 2006.
This work documents the star rotation pattern above Baghdad—with the constellation Scorpio tracking across the southwestern sky—as the bombing began on 20 March 2003 during the second war between Iraq and the United States.
The vantage point from the Palestine Hotel is familiar to many Americans, as that is where most members of the foreign press were staying.
I remember hearing witnesses describing the bombs that lit up the Baghdad sky that night as looking like fireworks.
In this instance, the sense of mediated, distanced observation that characterized the American experience of the war is mirrored in the impassive wheeling of the stars."
Page 123 from the Sarah Sentilles book 'Draw Your Weapons'
Anna Von Mertens (born in 1973) is an artist who uses traditional quilting methods and textile processes to create conceptual art.
"Anna is an artist who uses traditional quilting methods and textile processes, like hand dyeing and stitch together with digital technology to create stunning conceptual art.
Her work is a combination of art, science and history and compels the viewer to contemplate what it means to be us."

Death and Comedy?

Kelly MacLean is a comedian who hosts the dead funny (and sometimes sad) podcast 'The Tao of Comedy', where Kelly interviews comedians about their lives, career, outlooks on life...and death.
Kelly seems to have started this podcast after her brother died in a car crash and she herself was questioning just what life...and death was all about.
She has been a bit quiet lately over at 'The Tao of Comedy' and I was a bit worried that she had given up those fine and insightful interviews with other comedians, but it turns out I found out after listening to another podcast show that Kelly was on, that Kelly is currently working on a film called 'When You Die'.
Skip to the 22 minute mark in the interview above to get past all of the talk about cryptocurrency and you'll hear Kelly talking about the 'When You Die' movie that she is working on.
And on the subject of death and comedy, I've been listening to a few podcasts featuring Dr.Raymond Moody and was surprised to learn that Dr.Moody started out as a stand-up comedian and even released a comedy album on vinyl back in the 70s.
Discussing Life After Life with Dr Raymond Moody – Paranormal Podcast 525
Dr. Raymond Moody on the Duncan Trussell Family Hour
Dr. Moody even wrote a book called 'The Last Laugh' (now there is a good name for a podcast about death and comedy).
I also listened to comedian Tracy Morgan talk to Oprah in the above interview about surviving his horrific car crash and his thoughts on life and death, and I thought both he and Dr. Moody would make great guests on Kelly's podcast show.
Remember Kelly that Dr. Moody is technically a stand-up comedian, so he qualifies for your show.
Anyway, try and have a listen to Kelly's show
'The Tao of Comedy' before you run out of time to do so.

March 19, 2018

An Ocean of Meaning with Dr. Dean Radin at TED

"For three decades, Dr. Radin has been engaged in frontiers research on the nature of consciousness.
Dr. Dean Radin is the Chief Scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences.
He’s also the author of books like The Conscious Universe, Entangled Minds and his latest, Real Magic.
Click on the link below to go to the 'Third Eye Drops' site and listen to Dean on Michael's 100th podcast -
Mind Meld 100 | An Ocean of Meaning with Dr. Dean Radin
I probably should have given a drum-roll to that 100th TED link, but I didn't want to go overboard;-)
Agent Cooper from the TV show 'Twin Peaks'