" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

May 31, 2019

"Catching the Bug of Synchronicity"?

I listened to an old '42 Minutes' podcast this morning featuring the author who wrote the first chapter in 'The Sync Book 2' titled 'Catching the Bug of Synchronicity', Paul Levy -
42 Minutes Podcast 06.17.13 Episode 89: Paul Levy "Catching the Bug of Synchronicity"
I was listening to this podcast while working on two future posts that I'm writing on the number
237 and 217 and Will or Doug mentioned in the talk to Paul about Room 237 from 'The Shining' film of Stanley Kubrick's adaption of Stephen King's novel of the same name where the room number in the novel was 217 instead.
Between Room 217 and Room 237?
And of course, Room 227 would have just been a big Pi in the face, wouldn't it?-)
I had to laugh when I took that screen shot above from Paul's website from his post of Jung and the bug, and as I was cropping the image for this post realized the time I took the shot on my computer was 7:32 am, which is the numbers 237 backwards:-) 
I decided not to crop that part of the shot out and placed a red arrow to the time that was showing on my computer (click on the photo to make the time readable).
I've haven't read any of Paul's books yet, although I have listened to him talk about his books in You Tubes and podcasts.
I see that he has a new book out called 'The Quantum Revelation', but I have to admit that most books with the word "quantum" in their title are a red flag to me.
Paul may as well  have titled the book 'The Elephant in the Room Revelation' as far as I'm concerned;-) 
Although, I wouldn't mind reading his earlier books sometime in the future if the bug bites me ... or I catch the bug:-)
And if Paul thought there was a book in George W. Bush's madness, then I'm sure there is a few books waiting to be written about the current POTUS:-)

The Eiffel Tower has a Zip Wire?!

Travel at over 88MPH?! Great Scott!!!
I don't know why this news story above about a wire being attached to the Eiffel Tower reminded me of this old chestnut below.
"The Program travels through time and space to share Back To The Future Day with our favorite synchromystic filmmaker, Joe Alexander.
Topics: The Walk, BTTF, Bob Gale, Zemeckis, Philippe Petit, The Wire, 911, Strength & Mercy, Twin Towers, Liberty, Interstate 60, Trump, Cubs, Magic."
42 Minutes Podcast 10.29.15 Bonus 38: Joe Alexander

May 30, 2019

Witchetty Grubs, Dreaming, Termites and Synchronicity?

I don't usually remember my dreams when I awake in the morning, but last week I remembered dreaming about being in a house that I thought was being eaten by termites, only to pull back a few large planks of wood to reveal witchetty grubs eating the wood of the house.
I thought it was a bit of a strange dream as I had never heard of a home being eaten by witchetty grubs before, but of course termites are always a worry for homeowners.
I'd recently bought a new kitchen floor mat with images of moths and witchetty grubs, so I was pretty sure this was why I had dreamed of the grubs and the termites
Could have just been my anxiety of thinking about selling my home and putting it on the market -
Which Life Path to Take?
Witchetty Grubs Dreaming: 2049 and Beyond and the Future of Food?
After lying in bed for a while puzzling over the dream, I gave up and picked up the book on my bedside table that I was reading at the time titled 'The Many Faces of Coincidence', as it was still quite early in the morning, but I didn't feel like sleeping any longer, even though I was still kind of sleepy.
I was still wondering about the termite/grub dream when I came across the passage in the book pictured above about Frederick Forsyth, who claimed that a termite riddled tree gave way as a sniper took a shot at his head and the bullet went whizzing by his head just missing him.
This really struck me as a synchronicity reading about a termite riddled tree in a section of a book I had never read before, just after dreaming about infested wood that I thought was caused by termites, but turned out to be grubs what were on their way to morphing into moths instead.
I'd never read any Frederick Forsyth novels in my life, but I did go to the cinema to see two movies that were made from his novels, 'The Day of the Jackal' and 'The Odessa File'.
I was pretty young when I saw those two movies, but I always remember how lucky the French President was when he bent down and the bullet smashed into the pavement, foiling what would have been a killer head shot.
The movie was about a professional assassin code-named "Jackal" who plots to kill Charles de Gaulle, the President of France.
Looking up Charles de Gaulle's details on Wikipedia I was surprised to see his birthday was November 22nd, which is now famous for being the date of the anniversary of the day Kennedy was shot and killed.
And I was surprised to see that de Gaulle passed away on the 9th of November which is a date that Trump found out he had won the Presidency of the USA.
I was expecting to find out that Frederick Forsyth had passed away years ago, but no, he is still alive and kicking and dodging bullets from the grim reaper.
Synchromysticism, Mega-Synchronicity, Chance and COINcidence?

Scientific Study of ET Contact and the Paranormal?

I only listened to this 'Skeptiko' talk with Rey Hernandez because I noticed a few numbers that brought a smile to my face in a Trickster synchronistic sense.
For one, I noticed that the 'Skepitko' opening video at the You Tube channel had 424 views (my late father's old yellow cab number for those who haven't been reading my blog) and I had just written a post the other day about Wolfgang Pauli's morbid fascination with the number 137 and Jake Kotze being on episode #137 of the '42 Minutes' podcast and also noticed that the latest Skeptiko podcast went for 1:37 minutes -
42 Minutes Podcast Episode 137: Jake Kotze TRUTH/HURT?
I also noticed that the 'Skeptiko' episode was #412 and Jake Kotze really likes the combination of those numbers, because Jake associates those numbers with the planet Jupiter and Joy.
From Sibyl Hunter's chapter of 'The Sync Book'
Interesting talk, but I don't really care about the UFO/alien stuff to be honest.
I've never seen an alien or UFO ... that I can remember anyway.
The paranormal stuff does interest me though, so it will be interesting to see how Rey goes in his pursuit of the HURT TRUTH;-)

UPDATE: June 8th, 2019
On the subject of truth here (above) is a more recent interview with Rey on the 'Truth Be Told' podcast show.

2019: The Year of the African Swine Fever?

China struggles to contain African swine fever, resorts to mass live-pig burials, millions of culls
"African swine fever (ASF) does not affect humans, but can cause up to 100 per cent mortality in herds of wild and domestic pigs within a week.
mainly contract the virus through the consumption of contaminated pork products and feed.
A particularly virulent strain has spread to more than 55 countries on three continents, affecting more than 77 per cent of the
world's swine population, according to veterinary scientists.
The spread has been driven by migrating wild populations and human movement of contaminated pork products that harbour the virus for as long as six months."
Ironically, this year is the 24th year anniversary of the movie 'Babe', which was released in 1995, which was also the 'Year of the Pig'.

Burning Man?

Robert Mueller resigns as special counsel, addresses Russia report
"Special counsel Robert Mueller has just thrown fire on the simmering Trump-Russia investigation, finally breaking his silence."
Man sets himself on fire outside the White House
"Moments after he set himself ablaze police officers arrived on the scene and sprayed the man with fire extinguishers.
He was arrested and taken to hospital with burns to
85 per cent of his body and “life-threatening” injuries, according to reports.
“I can confirm that we’ve transported one patient with burns from the
Ellipse and we’re now on the scene assisting law enforcement,” a spokesman for the Washington Fire Department said.
The incident took place shortly after noon on the
Ellipse — south of the president’s residence — near 15th Street and Constitution Avenue, the Secret Service said on Twitter."

2019 Art Theme: Metamorphoses
I couldn't help thinking that 'Burning Man' is just around the metaphorical corner in 2019 as well, so I thought I would check out some of the upcoming artwork attractions for this year at the 'Burning Man' website;-)
Is the Trump Presidency About to Croak?
The elephants in the room?-)
Chapel Perilous for 2019?!
Ring of the Phoenix?
Rose window/Portal?
I wonder if they will be breaking bread
 at this playground as well?-)
That artwork above reminds me of Jack Heart's current post titled -
Bread and Circuses
The nine lives of Donald Trump?
More Russian spin?
There is something rather nostalgic about that swing-set to the child in me, but I can't see it being bought for 91.1 million dollars like the "Money Bunny" of Jeff Koons for some reason -
Bunny Money?
Donald Scrooge McDuck?-)
Godfather actor Carmine Caridi dead at 85
Carmine Caridi as Sam Giancana in 'Ruby'
Carmine Caridi as Frank Costello
Donald Darko?
So, is it game over for Trump ... or not?