" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 31, 2022

What the Bleep🀬!? Down the RabbitπŸ‡Hole in the Year of the Water Tiger🐯?!

I was sorting through some old DVDs to keep or give away recently and watched the cringe-worthy 2006 release of ‘What the Bleep! Down the Rabbit Holethinking “what was I thinking when I bought this longer version of the 2004 movie”?!
I even watched the extended 5 hour version that came with the DVD set:-(
There are a lot of “actors” in this movie I can’t stand like JZ Knight/Ramtha and Fred Alan Wolf/Dr. Quantum, just to name a few, but I do like Marlee Matlin and Dean Radin just to name a few of the few that I do like in this “movie”.
I won’t be keeping ‘What the Bleep’ in my DVD collection, but there was a lot of food for thought for me to devour while I was watching these DVDs ... mainly junk food though:-)
I wrote about watching this DVD ind this recent post -
Is The Chemistry of Tears 😭 an Ugly Duckling or a Beautiful Swan?
I never knew that Marlee Matlin and William Hurt were an item at one stage and that Marlee had accused him of rape in that relationship in her 2010 book, until I read up about them after William’s passing earlier in this Year of the Tiger (he was born in 1950, the Year of the Tiger, as well) ... and next year will be the Year of the Rabbit, oddly enough, in a WTB?! Kind of way -

July 30, 2022

Howard Hughes, Gianni Russo and the Passing of James Caan ... and Paul Sorvino?

Thanks to Howard Hughes ... no, not that Howard Hughes ... replaying an old Unexplained’ podcast episode of his featuring Gianni Russo, I discovered the ‘Hollywood Godfather’ podcast and listened to some interesting episodes and I even watched the first two Godfather movies on Amazon Prime this week and am hoping to rent out the third one to watch soon too, especially after I had finished reading the novel ‘Windswept House’ recently as well.
I laughed when I listened to an episode of the Hollywood Godfather podcast (#12 The Vatican) and amusing when Gianni Russo mentions Howard Hughes ... yes, that Howard Hughes ... and I thought it was rather uncanny when the hosts mentioned that “Hollywood deaths come in threes” when talking about the passing of James Caan in a more recent episode, that I read of the passing of ‘Goodfellas’ actor Paul Sorvino in the news -

James Lovelock, creator of Gaia ecology theory, dies on his own and Kubrick’s birthday?!

After waking up on this fine cold wintery Saturday morning I reached over to my bedside table and picked up my iPad (monolith) to see what recent podcasts had dropped onto my Apple Podcast list, and to check my blog stats for the week.
I was surprised to see that my top post for the week was my post about the passing of James Lovelock on Jung’s and Lovelock’s own birthday of July 26th, and that it had 237 hits for the week.
Seeing the number 237 always reminds me of  Kubrick’s movie ‘The Shining’ ... and guess what?
July 26th is Kubrick’s birthday, too:-)
James Lovelock, creator of Gaia ecology theory, dies on his own and Jung’s birthday?!
Funny thing is the podcast I was listening to was the new Connecting with Coincidence’ podcast episode where the song Daisy (bicycle built for two) is featured, which is the song featured in Kubrick’s movie ‘2001: A Space Odyssey’ and I sleep under a signed movie poster of that movie, having met the two stars of the movie in Brisbane at a screening of the movie.
9/11 Screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey?

Field 0f Vision ... and Dreams?

Reading Mike’s Hidden Experience’ blogpost about a fatally injured robin hopping up to him on a hike next to a baseball field and resting on his boot for a few seconds made me think of a sculpture by Australian artist Ricky Swallow titled, Together is the New Alone -

Fahrenheit 11/9?

This golfing news story about Trump reminds me of a Michael Moore movie I saw years ago:-)

July 29, 2022

The FARcast and the Fear of Flying?

I wrote a recent post about picking up my copy of the Fear of Flying’ to continue reading from where I  had left off, as I had stopped reading it to read another book at the time which I also had on my bookshelf titled ‘Windswept House’ and which I have also written a few posts about, such as this one -
Fatima, Art Bell and the Number 13?
Once I started reading Erica Jong’s book again I read the passage where Erica writes about the main character in the book being born on March 26th, which is actually Erica’s real birthday, too.
Which made me think of the FARcast podcast episode I had listened to when I was searching for podcasts about people who had read ‘Windswept House’ and laughed when about 25 minutes from the end of that podcast episode the host makes a comment about “the zipperless f#ck” which is an expression/meme made famous from the novel ‘Fear of Flying’ ... the same novel I had put on the back burner to read ‘Windswept House’:-)
What are the odds?

July 28, 2022

A Tribute To Robin Tunney in ‘22?

I couldn’t help thinking of Jake Kotze’s old Robin Tunney synch videos from 14 years ago after reading    the news stories today about the passing of James Lovelock and the body of an Australian climber found on K2 the day before James passed away on his own (and Carl Jung’s) birthday on July 26th at the age of 103, considering Robin turned 50 this year just over a month before.

James Lovelock, creator of Gaia ecology theory, dies on his own and Jung’s birthday?!

Wow! This news story about James Lovelock passing away on July 26th really ties in with my last post about Jung’s birthday and life journeys -

Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey?

On Carl Jung’s birthday this month (July 26th) I decided to start reading a book that I’ve had on my bookshelf for years titled ‘Jung and Tarot: An Archetypal Journey, which is pretty much unread by me apart from a quick random flick through.
So I started reading it from the beginning and am now up to the chapter about the #1 card, The Magician.
As I was reading the chapter about the 0 card (Fool) on the 27th I read a post at Mike Clelland’s ‘Hidden Experience’ blog about him finding an injured robin while on a journey near a baseball field.
The 27th was also the anniversary of the passing of 
‘Rockin’ Robin’ singer Bobby Day I would later find out that same day (pardon the pun:-), a song which also became a hit for Michael Jackson in 1972.
Mike not only writes about strange bird encounters like that one on his blog, but also about aliens and UFOs.
And in that chapter about the Fool card mention was made of 
Jung’s book about UFOs (see photo further down in this post) and “heavenly circles”.
I also stumbled across a podcast episode featuring Mariana Louis when I did an Apple Podcast search for the Sallie Nichols book and then watched a few of Marianna’s You Tubes about the archetypal tarot.
In the chapter about The Magician card it is written, “The Fool plays tricks on us; The Magician arranges demonstrations for us” and “The Jester fools us and makes us laugh; the Magician mystifies us and makes us wonder.”

July 27, 2022


I just read a rather sad, but synchy post at Mike Clelland’s ‘Hidden Experience’ blog (posted on July 26th ... Carl Jungs birthday) about Mike crossing paths with an injured robin that might have flown into a fence around a baseball field and broken its neck, but later died resting on a rock that Mike was going to use to put it out of its misery.
I couldn’t help thinking of the movie Field of Dreams’ starring the recently deceased Ray Liotta while reading Mike’s post -
Ray Liotta Makes His Way to The Field of Dreams?
I’m a fence sitter when it comes to Mike’s UFO stories, but I love his strange animal encounter stories like this robin one, and I couldn’t get the Bobby Day song ‘Rockin’ Robin’ out of my head once I saw the picture of the dead robin laying across the rock.
And 50 years ago Michael Jackson hit #1 with his version of the same robin song.
Turns out that today (July 27th) is the anniversary of the passing of Robert James Byrd (AKA Bobby Day) and that Byrd shares a birthday on July 1st with Mike’s UFO buddy Richard Dolan -

July 26, 2022

Plain/Plane American English and the Fear of Flying?

I’ve been on a jet plane only 3 times in my entire life (and once in a single engine propeller plane for a joy flight) not because I have a fear of flying, although each time I was up in the air I wondered if this was going to be the last thing I did before dying in a crash, but I also think that thought every time I get into a car, whether I’m driving or not.
Listening to a podcast episode today called ‘Plane English’ about the 737 MAX while reading the novel ‘Fear of Flying’ from where I was up to when I placed it aside a few months back, made me reflect back to the day I picked the novel up and stated reading it in the first place.
On March 26th, 2022 I picked Erica Jong’s novel ‘Fear of Flying’ out of my bookcase thinking I should read this book and either keep it, or give it to a secondhand bookshop, as I bought it years ago after seeing the book on one of those “books you have to read before you die” lists... and the book angel was telling me that I ain’t getting any younger, so I started reading it on March 26th wondering if Erica was still alive.
Turned out after looking her up at her Wikipedia page she was and that March 26th is her birthday:-)
I’ve read halfway through since March, and I had put it aside to read a few other books since then, but I’ve picked it up again now I have finished those other books ... but Here’s The Thing ... back then in March when I was looking for podcasts featuring Erica I found an old podcast episode on Alec Baldwin’s podcast Here’s The Thing’ and then I listened to a more recent episode where Alec talked to Rory Kennedy about her new Netflix movie ‘Downfall’ which made me never want to get on Boeing 737 MAX in the near future, especially if I head off to Singapore in a year or two, like I’m planning to.
Knowing my luck I’ll still get hit by an Airbus:-)

The Ride is Over for Paul Sorvino?

I saw the sad news this morning of the passing of another ‘Goodfellas’ star this year, Paul Sorvino.
Looking at his IMDB acting credits it looks like ‘The Ride’ will be his last movie.
Ray Liotta Makes His Way to The Field of Dreams?