" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 19, 2018

The Birds of the Four Directions?

The birds of the 4 directions from the book 'Bird Medicine'
Reading any metaphysical book written in the northern hemisphere when you happen to live in the southern part of the world as I do can be confusing when it comes to directions and seasons.
Bird Card Medicine?
I'm enjoying reading 'Bird Medicine', but I was wondering if eagles in the north, hawks in the east, owls in the west and (my favourite of the four) crows in the south still translates down here in Australia?
To head south down here means going towards Antarctica and north towards the equator.
East and west would still be similar thought, because the sun still rises in the east and sets in the west.
Yesterday (or the day before, I'm not sure now since time passes so quickly these days;-) I was trying to figure it all out when I was reading about the Red-tailed Hawk being the gatekeeper of the east and about its red tail feathers.
I had the radio still on in the kitchen from when I was doing the dishes, but I was sitting at the table reading 'Bird Medicine' when a song that was requested by some listener came on.
The song was 'Dragon's 'Young Years' sung by Marc Hunter, the then lead singer, who has since passed on (it must have been July 17th I heard it since that was Marc's birthday and would make sense).
Written by Alan Mansfield and Sharon O'Neill?
I'm not a 'Dragon' fan really, but my younger brother was (probably still is) and in our young years my brother would often go watch 'Dragon' play at the Mansfield Tavern.
Sometimes he'd ask if I was interested in going to see 'Dragon' and other bands that played there, but I steered clear of the Mansfield Tavern, having gone to high school in the area and not wanting to run into any old "friends" with a few drinks under their belt and who I knew frequented the tavern.
Looking back now I never set foot in the Mansfield Tavern at all. 
When I heard a 'Dragon' song was about to come on I was thinking of switching the radio off, but then the DJ said it was going to be their song 'Young Years', a song I don't mind and hadn't heard for quite some time, so I left the radio on, not thinking too much about it.
Just as I was about to read the word "broken" in the book Marc Hunter's voice said the first word of  the 'Young Years' song which was also "broken".
That got my attention and I then listened to Marc sing a few more lyrics of the song.

Young Years
Broken cars, old guitars
Waiting here for the time to pass
Time takes it's toll it took it fast
Secret meetings at the rivers bend
Simple days when I called you friend
Came a time we went separate ways

Those were our young years, our wings were drying in the sun
Now the winter, at our window, feels so cold
Where are our young years?

Everything seen better days, boats in which we sailed away
Lie all rusted on rocky ground
Here we sit with a schooner of ale
Dreaming of a wind that'll make us sail
Taking us far away
Do you remember how it was
We had the moon and tide behind us
We used to take it out up to here 

Those were our young years, our wings were drying in the sun
Now the winter, at our window, feels so cold
Where are our young years
Back in our young years, sometimes the good did not die young 
Now we live, on memories alone
Of our young years

If we had the moon and tide behind us
We could sail so far away
And time will pass and things will change
Our memories would fade away

Those were our young years
You know we live it all again
We could turn the tide and sail way
Back to our young years
I couldn't make out some of the lyrics on the radio, so I looked up the You Tube of the song was dancing around with a couple of feathers in his hat, one being a red one.
Probably not hawk feathers, but I was reading about Red-tailed Hawk feathers at the time, so I thought it was all rather "coincidental" at the time. 
I have never seen any eagles or hawks up close in real life, but I did see a Peregrine Falcon snatch a small bird out of my garden one day when I was looking out of my kitchen window in the house I had when I was married.
And to prove my point about the northern and southern hemispheres and bird medicine I found the above birth totem.
I'm born on September 23rd, so for me being born in Australia this would be my bird, even though I tend to relate to crows and ravens in my life, which if I was born on the same day in the northern hemisphere would have been my birth totem.
Sometimes here in Australia I don't know which way is up when it comes to the birds of the four directions, but I won't let it get me down though;-)

THC Podcast: Thomas Sheridan: Sorcery, Druidic Culture, & The Christian Steamroll

Interesting talk with Thomas Sheridan at
'The Higher-side Chats' site, although I only listened to the free part, as I'm not a paid up member to THC.
I don't necessarily agree with Thomas in everything he says (that would go for just about everyone that I listen to in podcasts by the way) in the talk (although a fair bit of it I do), but it is worth a listen to, I think.
Thomas Sheridan | Sorcery, Druidic Culture, & The Christian Steamroll

Skyscraper: Enter the Dragon?

Went and saw the new Rock movie 'Skyscraper' tonight with my sons just after reading Chris Knowles' 'The Secret Sun' blog post featuring the movie -
Dog Days Media Blitz: A Piece of the Rock
We had planned this night out the week before, so Chris' post had no influence on our decision to go see this movie, though it was good reading that post before heading to the cinema.
We stopped off at the Netherworld/Hellmouth Diner to grab a bite to eat first and I just couldn't resist ordering a 'Siren' vegan sub with a side order of shoestring fries and washing it all down with an Alley Cat American Hemp Brown Ale.
The 'Siren' sub and fries
My Hellmouth Diner pin
I even bought a Lovecraftian looking pin as a souvenir from the diner and then went off to play some pinball.
Loving Lovecraft?
There did seem to be a theme running through the place I must say.
If they ever make a sequel to 'The Shape of Water' then this place would be ideal.
I had a good night out seeing 'Skyscraper' as it was a fun movie.
The effects were good, although the story was pretty ordinary, I thought.
If you do plan on seeing 'Skyscraper' I recommend reading the post at 'The Secret Sun' first for a bit of a "what the..." reaction.
Oh and bear this scene from 'Enter the Dragon' in mind, as that's pretty much the ending in a nutshell right there.
'Skyscraper' is more like a fun-house of mirrors than a tower of terror.
Oddly enough, I met one of the stars of 'Skyscraper' just a few blocks away from the Hellmouth Diner at a cinema in person when I won tickets that year to see his film 'He Died with a Felafel in His Hand'.
There was no Hellmouth Diner back then though.
Noah Taylor in 'Skyscraper'
And that year was 2001.
I actually keep the movie pass on a bookshelf in a envelope rack wedged between a real American one dollar note and a fake 9/11 one dollar note.
I didn't even realize 'He Died with a Felafel in His Hand' was released just before 9/11 until now when I looked up its release date at the movie's IMDB page.
I even met the author of the book the movie was based on at a writer's festival in Brisbane.
John had a broken (or at least bandaged) left hand when I asked him if he could sign his book for me.
I remember saying lucky it wasn't your right hand, to which he replied "but, I'm left handed".
So he signed what he said was up until then, the only right handed signature of his book in the world
(what a lucky break for me;- ).

Six Synchronistic Degrees of Fred Schepisi
It's a small, weird, synchy and sometimes frightening world that we all live in it would seem.

July 18, 2018

‘THE (AUSTR)ALIEN LADY,’ Mary Rodwell?

I was over at Rob McConnell's You Tube channel looking for some videos about shamanism this morning, because I'm reading
Evan T. Pritchard's book 'Bird Medicine' at the moment and knew he was interviewed by Gwilda Wiyaka on her show at
Rob's You Tube channel, so I was hoping there may have been more recent videos featuring Evan's work.
  I also have Gwida's book 'In Touch With Spirit' ready to read after I get through Evan's book.
There was nothing new for me to watch as far as shamanism went at the You Tube channel, but I noticed the newest video there was one of Rob's with "THE (AUSTR)ALIEN LADY," Mary Rodwell.
I don't know about the UFO stuff, but I do find Mary's work bordering on shananic in many ways.
"Recognized Internationally as one of Australia’s leading researchers of Encounters with non-human intelligences, Mary Rodwell has lectured in North America, Europe, Scandinavia, and Asia.
She has also featured in several documentaries, including a personal one with her son.
“ My Mum Talks to Aliens”, produced in Australia by SBS, (2010) ET Contact. They Are Here (2017) Australien Skies 2 (2018 ) Orenda Force of Consciousness.
Mary’s research explores the Encounter phenomenon from a multidimensional consciousness perspective.
She has worked with families and children.
Her research suggests that Star ‘Visitors’ have orchestrated many complex multidimensional programs to ‘upgrade’ and activate the consciousness of Homo sapiens.
Mary believes this is a global phenomenon and the recent generations of humans, often called Indigos’ or crystals some labeled ADHD, Dyslexic, or Autistic etc. are already ‘awake ‘ and conscious of their star origins and their Earth Mission to help activate the consciousness of Humanity."
Sounds like a bit of a rabbit hole Mary has climbed into to investigate, but an interesting one.
The New Human: Awakening to Our Cosmic Heritage?
I'll have to keep an eye out for those "new humans", too;-)
Chameleon Eyes?
I'll let you know if eye see any, O.K.?-)
‘THE ALIEN LADY,’ Mary Rodwell
I might have to read Mariana Caplan's book, as well?-)
As soon as I finished writing this post Gwilda's latest interview with Sean Kelly was posted at Rob's channel.
By Sean's view in that interview with Gwilda it sounds like the planet we are on needs all of the help it can get right now.
Gee...I like that labyrinth pattern on the cover of that book of Sean's above for some reason.
That would make a good avatar for a blogger, I think;-)