" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 17, 2018

Australia is Fake?!

I listened to this podcast yesterday from the 'Oh No, Ross and Carrie!' podcast site, which I found to be personally and collectively very synchromystic.
The podcast I listened to was the latest episode uploaded on 11/9 as Americans write the date, or 9/11 as we fake Australians write the date.
That night I was at a screening in Brisbane, Australia of '2001: A Space Odyssey' with a Q&A with the actors -
9/11 Screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey?
Oddly enough, the MC of the Q&A made a joke to the two actors that some people think that Australia doesn't exist and that we "Australians" are all paid actors taking part in a conspiracy.
The MC who made the Australia is not real joke at the screening of '2001'
Keir Dullea and Gary Lockwood doing Q&A
This podcast is a recording of Carrie Poppy's talk at the Australian Skeptics Convention on October 13th (10/13 as Americans write the date).
October 13th happens to be the birth-date of 'X-Files' creator Chris Carter, also.
The name of his production company, Ten Thirteen Productions, comes from Carter's birth-date, 10/13/1956.
On The X-Files (1993), Mulder's birthday was also 10/13.
Plus, Ross and Carrie share the winners of the owl art contest and announce some upcoming live shows!
Ross and Carrie and Carrie's Australian Talk: Hypocrisy Edition
The last time I had listened to a Ross and Carrie podcast was the one I wrote about in this post -
Ki ... kinda Looks Like Something Other Than an Owl?
So it was kind of synchy that Ross and Carrie were announcing the winners of the owl art competition in their latest "fake Australia" podcast.
In Australia the 11th of November is known as Remembrance Day (AKA Poppy Day).
The voice of HAL died on Poppy Day, or 11/11
Hmm ... born on Poppy Day?
Once Upon a Time in Hollywood?I think Carrie Poppy mentions Leo in her talk, too;-)
But the syncs are just getting started here, as far as Ross and Carrie's show and our adventures are concerned.


Charles ... Bronson and the Ironies of Acting?

Tom Hardy as Charles Bronson
Tom Hardy is one of my favourite actors and I wrote about discovering the movie 'Bronson' after a puzzling dream I had years ago that lead me to watch the Tom Hardy movie -
"Bronson is a 2008 British biographical crime drama film co-written and directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring
Tom Hardy as Michael Peterson, known from 1987 as
Charles Bronson.
The film follows the life of this notorious prisoner, known for violent attacks against other prisoners, guards, and governors in prison; protests, armed robbery, and art.
He was renamed Charles Bronson by his fight promoter, for his bare-knuckle fighting years.
Born into a respectable middle-class family, Peterson became known as one of the United Kingdom's most dangerous prisoners.
Because of his violence, Bronson was repeatedly put into isolation or solitary confinement, which likely contributed to his emotional problems."
I guess Prince Charles meeting Tom Hardy is as close as we will get to Charles meeting Charles:-)
#1, #6, or a free man?-)

November 16, 2018

Ki ... kinda Looks Like Something Other Than an Owl?

The owl ain't what it seems?
"Thousands of keen bird-watchers flock to Serbia’s northern town of Kikinda every winter to see one of the world’s largest roosting populations of long-eared owls.
But the small town on Serbia’s border with Romania is now trending on social media for a different reason: a protest over a statue aiming to brand it as the city of owls which many say resembles a phallus rather than an owl.
The protesters say the terracotta statue’s elongated shape and minimalist features were obscene and demanded its removal."
Ki ... kinda kinky looking, not to mention spooky looking, too.
Ross and Carrie Meet The Owl Guy: The Mike Clelland Interview
What's the message with this owl?-)
Major Briggs looks kinda like a dick, too, come to think of it;-)
Kikinda owl middle finger puppets might send a message?-)
I think this statue will be a big tourist attraction for the town of Kikinda, because I'd never heard of the town or its owls before reading the news story about the "owl" statue.
The souvenir market possibilities are endless with a statue like that, but Kikindians would probably tell me to go shove my souvenir ideas where the sun don't shine.
I'm not even going to go into the anal probe product possibilities this statue could inspire;-)
My photo of the powerful owl statue in Canberra with the moon in the sky
Are the Powerful Owls What They Seem?
At least the statue of the Powerful Owl in Australia's capital city Canberra doesn't look as phallic as Kikinda's.
But with Canberra being the Washington D.C. of Australia's political life, we certainly don't need any more pricks in that town;-)

New Thinking Allowed: The Life and Work of Rudolf Steiner with Gary Lachman?

Interesting talk about Rudolf Steiner with Gary Lachman at
Jeff Mislove'New Thinking Allowed site for anyone like myself who finds the work and legacies of Steiner intriguing.
Jeff Mislove
"People everywhere have heard of Waldorf schools, Biodynamic farming, Camphill Villages, and other innovations of the Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925).
Indeed, Steiner-as an architect, artist, teacher, and agriculturalist-ranks among the most creative and prolific figures of the early twentieth century, pioneering work in alternative education, holistic health, and environmental research. 
While his accomplishments are felt all over the world, few people understand this unusual figure.  Steiner's own writings and lectures fill several bookcases, intimidating those who would like to know more.
Works on Steiner are often dense and "insider" in tone, further deterring the curious.
No popular biography, written by a sympathetic but critical outsider, has been available.
Gary Lachman's Rudolf Steiner provides this missing introduction.
Along with telling Steiner's story and placing Steiner in his historical context, Lachman's book presents Steiner's key ideas in a readable, accessible manner.
In particular, Lachman considers the spread of Steiner's most popular projects, which include Waldorf schools-one of the leading forms of alternative education-and Biodynamic farming-a popular precursor to organic farming.
He also traces Steiner's beginnings as a young intellectual in the ferment of fin de si?cle culture, to his rise as a thought leader within the influential occult movement of Theosophy, to the founding of his own metaphysical teaching called Anthroposophy.
Finally, the book illustrates how Steiner's methods are put into practice today, and relates Steiner's insights into cosmology to the work of current thinkers.
Rudolf Steiner is a full-bodied portrait of one of the most original philosophical and spiritual luminaries of the last two centuries, and gives those interested in the history of ideas the opportunity to discover one of the most underappreciated figures of the twentieth century.
But did you have to go and spoil your talk Gary with the use of four letter words that I find upsetting, like IKEA?-)
The Real Horror of Red Hook?

November 15, 2018

How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything?

I was reading chapter 23 of Simran Singh's book
'Conversations with the Universe' titled 'Putting It Together', and saw the line, "How you do one thing is how you do everything", and I thought didn't I just read that line somewhere this week and thought what the hell does that even mean?
And sure enough it was a title of a blog post I saw Gordon White had written at his 'Rune Soup' blog, which I didn't read, but did skim through the pictures featured in that post.
I've since gone back and read right through that post.
When the universe speaks to me I tend to listen:-)
Which is why I do no thing really well:-)
Oh, and with Gordon writing about Libra and Venus in his blog post, I'm a Virgo/Libra born on the 23rd of September:-)
Whatever you do, do nothing really well, I say;-)
Zen out now and zen and you'll find that you'll have nothing to lose by doing so:-)
Illusory Magick?
What's the sound of one arm swimming?

November 14, 2018

Illusory Magick?

I just listened to a podcast at Jason Louv's 'Ultraculture' site, where he interviews Mitch Horowitz about Mitch's latest book
'The Miracle Club'.
Ironically, I also just watched the 
Derren Brown Netflix special 'Miracle', where Derren, a stage magician/illusionist, "reinvents the concept of "faith healing” through a series of stunts that "debunk" the confines of fear, pain and disbelief."
So Derren, a professed atheist, is trying to show up the healing stunts of people like -
I'm Spiritual Dammit Podcast: Charlie Goldsmith from the hit show ‘The Healer’
And while I'm not an atheist, I do like watching stage magicians fool around with things that they don't quite understand themselves, like hypnosis and suggestion.
Magic All Around and Within Us?
Waiting in the audience for the 'Illusions Magic Show' to begin
My sons shouted me to a night out at a magic show last month called 'Illusions' for a birthday present, as my oldest son hangs around with stage magicians, so he enjoys stage illusionist shows.
'The Headless Rite'?!
The elephant in the room?!
And just like stage magic, or real life magick, timing is everything.
I had just read 'Elephants on Acid', a book I randomly picked up in Byron Bay last August, which was about bizarre and morbid experiments in the name of science, and one of those experiments was trying to find out how long a severed head retains consciousness.
Things Come in Threes?
I actually picked up an 'Ocean Road' magazine at my motel in Byron Bay that featured the advert of
Matt Hollywood's 'Illusions' stage show (see the photo right at the top of this post) and had shown it to my sons, which was what inspired them to take me to the show for my birthday present.
The Elephants in the Room 2?
I had also read one of the more intriguing magickal practices Gordon White mentioned in his book 'The Chaos Protocols', called 'The Headless Rite', so when I saw Matt Hollywood stick his head in a guillotine just before the interval in his 'Illusions' stage show and appear to chop his head off, all of these thoughts about headlessness from magick, science and stage magic got me thinking to how all of these practices had in common with each other.
Of course stage magicians would believe everything is just a trick or illusion to be played on the gullible (much like Buddhist thought?-), scientists would believe everything had a rational explanation and that death is the end (much like atheists believe?-), and "real" magicians would believe that their thoughts could influence the real world of stage magicians and scientists through magickal spells with their minds influencing the gods and demons to do their bidding for them.
Ear Spring Isn't Listening to Your Chaos Magick and Wishes?
I haven't read any of Mitch's books, but I have watched a few You Tubes of Mitch talking and he seems an interesting guy, but I don't really know enough about his work to endorse it.
Same with Jason Louv, I haven't read any of his books, but I have listened to a number of podcasts of his and other podcasts that he has been on and I have to say that the jury is still out for me on Jason, so I can't endorse his work either.
Gordon White interviews Mitch about  'The Miracle Club' in his 'Rune Soup' podcast, as well (above).
I just finished Gordon White's book 'The Chaos Protocols' and have to say it is worth a read, but I have mixed feelings about the ideas in it as far as the "magick" goes.
If I was going to do an Amazon type review on Gordon's book (which I'm not going to) I would give it a 3 star rating.
'Star.Ships' is the best book of Gordon's in my opinion, after having read 'The Chaos Protocols' and 'Pieces of Eight'.
Gordon's magical rituals described in his books just don't appeal to me.
John The Baptist
Whatever floats your boat I guess, but don't go losing your head over it I say;-)
Make A Wish Large Wishbone Necklace
I wouldn't mind reading Mitch's miracle book though in the near future, so I'll have to put that one on my wish list:-)