" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 31, 2016

Jupiter Gets Hit on Jake Kotze's Birthday?!

Hey Zeus!
I saw a news story this morning about Jupiter being hit by a mysterious object on March 17th (St. Patrick's Day) this year and thought WTF(?), that's fellow sync-head Jake Kotze's birthday and he just loves Jupiter and Joy so much that he never stops raving on about them.
Radio8Ball - Jake Kotze
"In what may appear to be a “Star Wars” style cosmic fight, gas giant Jupiter was hit by a celestial object and that was captured on a 20-centimetre telescope by an amateur Austrian astronomer
It could have been a technical glitch and therefore the event was verified by a 28-centimetre telescope in Ireland (St. Patrick's Day is the 17th of March, too;-)
The result was the same. 
Jupiter was hit by a mysterious object, most probably a comet or an asteroid.
The video of the explosion is available below. 
Viewers would be able to spot a blip of light on the right hand of Jupiter
However, what may seem insignificant from thousands and thousands of miles away, was actually an unusually powerful explosion that surprised scientists.
Jupiter is a massive planet and almost 1,321 Earths can fit in Jupiter
Considering this fact, the small blip seems a lot larger. 
However, Phil Plait of Bad Astronomy, has confirmed that the mysterious object to hit Jupiter was not massive (maybe only 100 feet in diameter) in size although the impact of collision was quite large.
Plait is of the opinion that in case of celestial collisions, the attacker’s size is not that important as the mass of the object it is hitting.
“On average (and ignoring orbital velocity), an object will hit Jupiter with roughly five times the velocity it hits Earth, so the impact energy is 25 times as high ... At these huge speeds, hitting the atmosphere is like slamming into a wall. 
A lot of people get understandably confused how an asteroid can explode due to air, but the pressures involved as it rams through the atmosphere at these speeds are ridiculously huge,” Plait wrote on Slate.
In 2013, the asteroid that exploded over Chelyabinsk, Russia, exploded with energy of 454,000 tonnes of TNT
 Thus, when it comes to Jupiter, one need to multiply it by 25 to understand how a similar celestial body will explode into the planet, once it starts passing through the atmosphere. 
It can very well be seen from Earth."
Jupiter gets hit by mysterious celestial object
From the guy who posted that video above on his You Tube account-
"On 17.03.2016 i was observing and filming Jupiter with my Skywatcher Newton 200/1000 Telescope. The seeing was not the best, so i hesitated to process the Videos. Nevertheless 10 days later i looked through the Videos and i found this strange light spot that appeared for less than one second on the edge of the planetary disc."
ARMED With a DREAM - Peace of Me
from Jake Kotze

Jake Kotze interview, 

On the Road to the Olympia Sync Summit

God Does Not Play Dice
from Jake Kotze
Jake Kotze interview: On the Road to the Olympia Sync Summit

March 30, 2016

Good Friday at Bluesfest 2016

This year instead of driving back and forth between Brisbane and Byron Bay I booked a motel room in Brunswick Heads and spent three nights down there starting on Good Friday and coming back Monday night.
Ah, the comforts of a motel room
and a good night's rest
Archie Roach playing the Crossroads tent
After checking into my motel room I arrived at Bluesfest to see Archie Roach playing the Crossroads tent and planted my butt on the grass to have a listen to one of my favourite singers while waiting to see another of my favourite singers who was meant to be next on the program, but Don McLean wouldn't be coming until next year now according to this news article -
Don McLean: American Pie singer delays Australian tour to reunite with wife
So, it's lucky I already have my ticket for next year, I guess.   
Elle King playing the Mojo tent
When I found out Don wasn't going to show I wandered over to the Mojo tent and caught Elle King, so I guess that kinda made up for Don's no-show at the festival.
Elle has a powerhouse voice and loves using the f#cking F word between songs. 
She put on a great show, and I loved when she sang "Ex's & Oh's".
I couldn't get that song out of my head for a while.
Grace Potter on the Mojo stage
Then Grace Potter hit the stage and sent my blood pressure to dangerous levels, I'm sure.
I loved her tribute to David Bowie earlier this year in that You Tube above.
I missed her last time she played Bluesfest when everyone was telling me how good she was, and they weren't wrong.
And I was convinced when I took the photo below that Grace gave me a wink, but I think looking at it now that a bug must have hit her in the eye;-)
Tom Jones may have reigned supreme over the Bluesfest long weekend, but my underpants belong to Grace.
Nahko & Medicine for the People
on the
Mojo stage

Then it was Nahko & Medicine for the People who followed Grace on to the Mojo stage, and unlike when I saw them in play in Mullumbimby, or attempted to, I didn't have someone constantly dropping their guts next to me, so I could enjoy the show surrounded by fresh air and good vibrations. 
The Mullum(bimby) Music Festival 2014 (Part 2)
I was really impressed by the guy playing the electric violin ... fiddle ... or whatever it was.
Snapped a few shots of the guys afterwards at the signing tent while I was waiting for Steve Earle to sign my CD.
I might have made it into the background of this shot above.
I hope Nahko likes those rabbit ears that will show up in that shot seemingly sprouting from his head, after-all it was Easter:-)
Only kidding, but it was tempting not to give him a peace sign coming out of his head for the shot.
Steve Earle signing the CDs of two
lovely young ladies from
I met two young jazz musicians from Canberra who were in the Steve Earle line and and they were telling me all about Canberra when I told them that I had never been there before, but I was driving down in mid-April to visit my son and his girlfriend and take in the sights and watch the Sharks smash Canberra in the Rugby League clash in the capital that weekend that I'm down there.

But that didn't get them riled up over me slinging off at their home team the Canberra Raiders, because one didn't follow the NRL and the other was a Rabbitohs supporter.
Of course she would have to be a Rabbitohs fan being Easter and all:-)
Actually, with a helmet and a set of horns Steve would make a good Canberra Raiders mascot, don't you think?-)
I'll be getting a lot of mileage out of this CD when I hit the road to Canberra and back in a few weeks and it may be the last one Steve ever signs for me again if he ever stumbles across this post and the Canberra Raiders mascot jibe.
Reminds me to slap my sticker on the car before I head off on my trip to the nation's capital;-)
Steve Earle playing the Jambalaya stage
Steve Earle playing the Jambalaya stage
Tex Perkins and the Ape headlining the Delta stage
The last act of the night should have been a toss-up between Tex Perkins and the Ape and Mick Fleetwood and his band, but me not being a fan of Fleetwood Mac it was a no brainer, and I didn't need a coin to decide that I was off to see Tex and the boys ... or ape/s.
The last time I saw Tex was at the 2015 Bangalow Billy Cart Races -
Pictures from the 2015 Bangalow Billycart Races Last Sunday
But the last time I saw him play live was as Johnny Cash at Jupiter's Casino in 2014.
63 Not Out? 
The weird thing about 2016 being the Chinese Year of the Monkey and the band Tex Perkins and the Ape was that the guitarist in the red shirt kept reminding me of Mike Nesmith from The Monkees.
Mike Nesmith from The Monkees?
Mike Nesmith
The full moon rising over the Pacific
Ocean and
Bluesfest on Good Friday
Well, that was how I saw Good Friday at Bluesfest.
But I'm inclined to call it Great Friday after all of that great music.

NOW Here is a Synchronicity

I picked up Ash Grunwald's new CD called NOW at Bluesfest on the weekend, only because before I left for Bluesfest on Friday morning I had received the above NOW watch photo in my feed from  
Mathew Manning's FB page on Thursday -
Matthew Manning
I replied to Mathew's photo by writing in a share of that photo on my FB page,  
"Although, I'm heading for New South Wales tomorrow and they are on daylight saving time, so I 'll have to remember to set my watch an hour ahead of NOW in the morning" 
"Hang on, I think my watch has stopped. I better find another battery NOW".
"I had my watch upside-down and thought it was Monday for a second".
I had never heard of Ash's CD before picking it off the shelf in the Bluesfest CD shop. 
In fact, I bought it without even hearing a track off it, and I didn't see Ash play Bluesfest this year, but he signed it for me on MONday (NOWDAY?-) when he happened to be there at the shop to sign his CDs. 
I told him I only bought it because of the title called NOW and how Mathew had sent the NOW watch photo through in my FB feed. 
He just said, 
"Yeah, NOW is really in right NOW"
NOW that's funny Ash:-) 
And BTW this CD is fantastic. 
It's a bluesy Rock and Roll type album, which I have had on repeat for the last 3 hours and will probably have on repeat for the next 3. 
I love it.
I never realized that Ash had a song on the 'Limitless' soundtrack until yesterday when I was looking up his You Tubes
Notice that movie starred Robert De Niro?-)
See my last post about the Robert De Niro lookalike I spotted at Bluesfest on Easter Sunday
Weird Orbs/Light Effects at Bluesfest
The Adjustment Bureau, or Limitless???

March 29, 2016

Weird Orbs/Light Effects at Bluesfest

'Star of David' orbs surrounding De Niro
lookalike guitarist of
Sahara Beck's?
Bluesfest rarely lets me down and this year was no exception.
My old cell phone/camera
The iPod camera I used at Bluesfest
This year I was forced to use my new 8 mega-pixel iPod camera instead of my old Ericsson 2 mega-pixel cell phone camera, which by the way I  was going to use all weekend, since I had little experience using an Apple camera before this weekend.
But I forgot my Ericsson phone charger and there was no way my cell phone battery was going to stay charged for one day, never mind four days, so I decided that I had to take all my photos on my iPod, since I could charge it every night in my motel room and that way keep a fully charged cell phone in case I need to use the phone.
I went to see Sahara Beck's set at the Jambalaya tent on Easter Sunday and thought her guitarist looked a lot like Robert Di Niro out of the movie 'Taxi Driver', so I snapped a couple of shots of him on my iPod camera.
More 'Star of David's orbs surrounding
De Niro lookalike guitarist?
These 'Star of David' lighting effects were only visible on my camera. 
The band had no lighting effects making these visible while watching the performance. 
It was a mystery to Sahara when I showed her the shots on my camera as she was signing my CD. 
I am of part Jewish descent, by the way, but I'm not a religious Jew. 
In fact, I used to have a Star of David tattooed on my left hand, but I had it removed surgically in my early 20s.
My old tattoo that I once had as a teenager, long gone now
There is just a straight scar there now from the surgery.
I also caught a few orbs in shots at the Eagles of Death Metal gig on Saturday, but they were just sphere shaped.
The Eagles of Death Metal gig on Saturday
 and blue orbs in the crowd
I tend to think of these camera orbs as just the way the light interacts with the cell phone lens when taking a shot, but I must admit that they happen in the weirdest circumstances and of course you don't usually see them until you review a shot.
Sahara Beck on the Jambalaya Stage
Easter Sunday at Bluesfest
I also couldn't help thinking how much Sahara's CD cover artwork reminded me of a print I bought at the recent SOMARA conference at Byron Bay in February this year -
A Dark Night of the Soul?
One of the prints I bought at
SOMARA in February 2016
 Maybe the orbs were only "talkin' to me"?-)
Anyway, I thought I would share these weird orb/light effects from my Bluesfest weekend before I started the Bluesfest posts that I'm about to write to capture each day that I was there, which was four this year.
Morning clouds over Bluesfest 2016