" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 21, 2018

Synchronicity #150: Noah Lampert Talks with the Greys ... Minus Allyson;-)

After getting a tour of the about to be finished, Entheon, Noah had a fun chat with Alex Grey, legendary visionary artist and mystic ... but not with Alex's life long partner, legendary visionary artist and mystic Allyson:-(
Admission to the Shamanic World?
My Alex Grey coin, which I still have, unlike my gold wedding ring:-)
Maybe you can tell that I'm a big Alex (and Allyson;-) Grey fan?
My Alex Grey Skull/Fetus necklace
The necklace hanging on my computer desk
You better get that interview with Allyson together soon Noah, or I might just have to write a one star review at iTunes;-)

Jung, the Scarab and the Fox?

"The 'something' is bound up with them and is also independent of them"
"Jung’s life practice of paying attention to coincidence and symbolic popups in the world around us is a model of how to navigate by synchronicityRobert Moss.
Robert Moss About Coincidences & Synchronicities
When most people explain Jung's meaning of the word "synchronicity" to someone they will invariably tell you about the "scarab" beetle incident.
I just wish someone would start off with the fox incident for once.
But I guess even people who claim to "be into Jung" aren't that familiar of that chapter in Jung's life.
In the excellent little book 'Introducing JUNG: A Graphic Guide' they tell of both encounters, as does Robert Moss in his post -
The scarab and the fox: how Jung navigated by synchronicity
"When he saw patients in his house at K├╝snacht, on Lake Zurich,, he liked to sit so that they both faced the garden, the poplars at the edge of the lake, and the water beyond, noticing what the world was saying.
 He found significance in every shift in the environment — a sudden wind whipping up the lake water, the shape of a cloud, the cry of a bird.
He was especially intrigued by how animals or birds sometimes seemed to participate in a human exchange.
 On one occasion, he walked in his garden with a woman patient.
As they wandered beyond the garden into light woods, she was talking about the first dream of her life that had major impact on her; she said it made an “everlasting” impression.
“I am in my childhood home,” she recalled, “and a spectral fox is coming down the stairs.”
She paused and put her hand on Jung’s arm, because at this moment a real fox trotted out of the trees, less than forty yards in front of them.
The fox padded softly along the path in front of them for several minutes.
 Jung noted that “the animal behaved as if it were a partner in the human situation.”
Jung’s willingness to trust an unexpected incident — and accept it immediately as guidance for action — was evident in a meeting he had with Henry Fierz, who visited him in hopes of persuading him to support the publication of a manuscript by a recently deceased scientist.
Jung had reservations about the book and opposed publication.
The conversation became increasingly strained, and Jung looked at his watch, evidently getting ready to tell his guest he was out of time.
Jung frowned when he saw the time.
“What time did you come?” he demanded of his visitor.
“At five o’clock, as agreed.
Jung’s frown deepened.
He explained that his watch had just been repaired, and should be keeping impeccable time.
But it showed5:05, and surely Fierz had been with him for much longer.
“What time do you have?”
“Five thirty-five,” his visitor told him.
“Since you have the right time and I have the wrong time,” Jung allowed, “I must think again.”
He then changed his mind and supported publication of the book."
Life's a ball of shit, when you think of it? Think again, maybe?
Yes, life can seem like a big ball of s#!t at times, but that depends really on just how you look at it.
Look closer when life seems shitty and take time to smell the ... roses;-)
I'm always amazed at HOW (ever noticed that "how" is an anagram of "who"?) much people don't see when it comes to life. 

September 20, 2018

Eating for Peace?

The reality of life on earth sadly is not a Disney movie
I'm NOT a vegetarian or a vegan, but I have been following a fairly strict vegetarian diet for over a year now, barring last Christmas where I ate plate fulls of prawns, as I will do again this Christmas most likely.
My motives are personal health and the earth's and the environment's sustainability.
I've cut meat (barring those Christmas prawns) and dairy right out of my diet for the last year, although I still eat eggs and don't intend giving them up in the future. 
Having said that though I admire people who can lead a vegan lifestyle without driving themselves and others mental in the process.
Militant vegans creep me out like fundamentalist Christians and other fundamentalist religious nut-bags do.
I've written posts before about my views on the vegetarian lifestyle and I still stick by them today -
Vegetarian Zen: Vegetarian and Vegan YouTube Channels?
Vegetarian Zen?
And having stated my views above, I still think listening to this 'Astral Hustle' podcast where Cory Allen talks with Gene Baur is well worth a listen to -
There is No Denying That the Universe Has a Dark Sense of Humour When It Comes to Some Gray Areas in the Arenas of Art and Life

Sound and Healing?

"Eben Alexander, MD, is a former professor of neurosurgery at Harvard Medical School and author of Proof of Heaven, The Map of Heaven, and (with Karen Newell) Living in a Mindful Universe. 
Here he describes the use of ultrasound in medicine and then goes into some detail regarding the effects of the binaural beat effect on the human brain.
He also describes some incredible tales of healing associated with near-death experiences.
Then, he explains his association with the Sacred Acoustics work of his life partner, Karen Newell, and how he believes that certain sounds can quiet the brain to the point of opening individuals up to perception of spiritual realms."

Me and the Collective Shadow ... Brighter Than a Thousand Suns?

'Introducing JUNG: A Graphic Guide'
GORDOn Cole? AlamoGORDO?
"Collective projection occurs in many predictable and unpredictable ways.
It happens when a mood, a perception, a mode of behavior appears to spread through the population like a virus; spontaneously passing from one person to another.
We might attribute some to fashion, or trends perhaps.
Often the media fuels collective projection and even directs its focus.
With the advent of social media, in itself the epitome of collective projection, an event, topic, or even a feeling can circulate the globe several times in a matter of hours.
Therefore, the pressure of collective projection on people’s behavior is an important factor to consider when dissecting social trends."
Probably more like hot air than a shadow, but the world we live in does seem to be heating up in more ways than one, I feel;-)
Jung and the Art of Being Stoned?
Feeding the Chooks in the Year of the Cock?
I blame China for putting such a big cock in the White-house, not Russia;-)

September 19, 2018

Jung and the Art of Being Stoned?

I read in 'Introducing JUNG: A Graphic Guide' that Carl Jung as a youngster would often sit on top of a rock playing Zen like mind-games.
I bought this book the day before the Byron Writers Festival opened, like I wrote about in this recent post -
What Are We Going to Do About the Ibis?
And then the next day at the writers festival I noticed all the artwork involving large stones scattered across the festival grounds.
David Walsh's 'Standing Stones: Pelican' at the Byron Writers Festival
Artworks from the 2018 Byron Writers Festival?
Peter Neilson's 'Yanshi'
Rod Johnston's 'Large Bull Frog'
Looking at that rock frog above after listening to two pod-casters talking about smoking toad  -
Transmissions From the Galactic Toad Storm?
I wonder if I had of chipped off a few pieces of the frog and put it in a pipe if I would have gotten severely stoned?-)
I'll take that as a yes then Donald:-)
Christopher Dean's 'Portal of Creation'
And I'm not even gonna to ask Donald his advice about this one. 
Time to go grab a drink instead at this point, I think:-)
'Introducing JUNG: A Graphic Guide'  is a good read too, whether you're a stoner, or not.
And I wouldn't mind checking out more graphic content when it comes to books ... not rocks
I decided to extend this post and include the Al Borealis Jung video above because I did some further reading in my Jung book and found some more "stonework" from Jung's life.
I don't know if Jung was a Freemason or not, but he was very much the "widow's son" with his father dying when Jung was 20 years old and he built Bollingen House/Tower out of stone when his mother passed away.
Jung's 'The Stone Speaks'
When Jung was 69 he had a heart attack and while recovering in hospital he claimed to have had a near death experience [and what sounds like a 'Twin Peaks' experience to me:-] where he went to a huge stone floating in space, detailed below in the book that I'm reading.
That kind of reminds me of a bad 70s movie for some reason;-)
I didn't know that Boorman's first choice to play Z was
Burt Reynolds.
2018 and the Head Above Water Meme?
I think we're going to need a bigger boat;-)