" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

March 22, 2023

The Bledsoe Family?🕳🐇

Why do I always look forward now to hearing what
Ryan Bledsoe and his family and friends are up to in the latest wacky episode?
Is it just good marketing and PR skills like Ryan's wife Jennifer admits to having studied in this most recent episode above?
Maybe it's just the "Peppa Pig Effect" where I like to hear their strange Southern American accents?-) 
But I was intrigued by their dream stories about old man Depp who turns 60 this Year of the Water Rabbit, as I mentioned earlier this year in my post -
The Peppa Pig Effect?!🐖🐷🐇🐰
Born June 9, 1963?
Angels and Aliens?👼👽

Winnie the Pooh Horror Film Screening Cancelled in Hong Kong, Likely Due to Xi Comparisons?🩸🍯😷

I didn't want to see this movie until seeing that Hong Kong want to ban the movie.

March 20, 2023

March 20 is World Frog Day?🌈🐸

I've already written a post about frogs and mentioning World Frog Day being March 20th, so what can I say, but -
I also am almost exactly midway through listening to George Eliot's novel 'Middlemarch' today and laughed when I heard Chapter 41 being read to me -
"The copy in this case bore more of outside resemblance to the mother, in whose sex frog-features, accompanied with fresh-colored cheeks and a well-rounded figure, are compatible with much charm for a certain order of admirers. The result is sometimes a frog-faced male, desirable, surely, to no order of intelligent beings. Especially when he is suddenly brought into evidence to frustrate other people's expectations—the very lowest aspect in which a social superfluity can present himself."What's a Bloke Like George Eliot Got to Do with International Women's Day?📚🐇
It's probably not much easier being blue either, I guess?
A Queensland man has set the internet abuzz after a video of him cooking and eating a cane toad went viral.

UPDATE: March 21st, 2023
I had to laugh when I heard 
chapter 46 being read of 'Middlemarch' last night after writing the above post and heard that a guy named Keck was the editor of 'The Trumpet';-)
Chaos Magick?
"Brooke has taken him up," said Mr. Hawley, "because that is what no man in his senses could have expected. Casaubon has devilish good reasons, you may be sure, for turning the cold shoulder on a young fellow whose bringing-up he paid for. Just like Brooke—one of those fellows who would praise a cat to sell a horse."
And some oddities of Will's, more or less poetical, appeared to support Mr. Keck, the editor of the "Trumpet," in asserting that Ladislaw, if the truth were known, was not only a Polish emissary but crack-brained, which accounted for the preternatural quickness and glibness of his speech when he got on to a platform—as he did whenever he had an opportunity, speaking with a facility which cast reflections on solid Englishmen generally. It was disgusting to Keck to see a strip of a fellow, with light curls round his head, get up and speechify by the hour against institutions "which had existed when he was in his cradle." And in a leading article of the "Trumpet," Keck characterized Ladislaw's speech at a Reform meeting as "the violence of an energumen—a miserable effort to shroud in the brilliancy of fireworks the daring of irresponsible statements and the poverty of a knowledge which was of the cheapest and most recent description."
"That was a rattling article yesterday, Keck," said Dr. Sprague, with sarcastic intentions. "But what is an energumen?"
"Oh, a term that came up in the French Revolution," said Keck."

Chasing Rabbits Star Peter Hardy Drowns in the Year of the Water Rabbit?🐇

Peter Hardy (11 January 1957 – 16 March 2023)

UPDATE: 20th March, 2023
Sattler famously led the South Sydney Rabbitohs to premiership glory in 1970, playing the majority of the contest with a broken jaw.Black Friday 2019?
The March 16th, 2023 edition of The Courier Mail newspaper
I was reading some old fish wrappers (Australian slang term newspapers) and saw the day Peter would  drown that Cody Simpson was pictured in the March 16th edition of The Courier Mail newspaper "making a slash for drowning awareness".
Cody Robert Simpson (born 11 January 1997)
Peter Hardy (11 January 1957 – 16 March 2023)
Ironically, Cody Simpson shares January 11th as a birthday with the late Peter Hardy.
You know what they say about the Simpsons?

March 19, 2023

Woman Bitten by Blue-Ringed Octopus at Chinaman's Beach in Sydney?🌊🛑🐙

That news story sounds more like a metaphor for all the trouble looming in the Pacific Ocean between ChinaAustralia and North America:-)

British Shamanism?𐂂🌍🦌

I have written a post about Elen Sentier back in 2017 -
Deer Me, British Shamanism and the Old Ways?
And I have also written about Dr. Lotte recently in this post -
Imaginal Inspirations/Science with Soul? 🦋👼
So, it was good to hear the latest 'Dr. Lotte: Science with Soul' podcast this morning featuring Elen Sentier when it dropped onto my Apple Podcast playlist.
My youngest son has just gotten back from a 10-day tour of the USA east coast following a punk rock band called 'Bayside' around and attending 5 of their shows. 
He brought me home a bottle with a 8 of pentacles tarot card in it he bought from a "witch" in Salem, which I now have sitting above my computer next to a plastic wolf I found recently -
Wolves Back in Belgium After 100 Years, Sparking Controversy?🐑🐺

Getting in the Flow in 2023, the Year of the Water Rabbit?🌊🐰

I found these music meditations at a You Tube channel for Universal Co-Masonry, not that I'm one, but I do find a lot of the You Tubes there worth a watch/listen.
These Universal Co-Masonry music videos kind of remind me of the trippy space scenes from '2001: A Space Odessey' for some reason;-)

March 18, 2023

Lance Reddick Passes in 2023, the Year of the Rabbit/Cat?🐇😿

Can't say I have watched any
John Wick movies or most of the shows Lance Reddick starred in over the years, but I did see him in 'LOST', 'Godzilla vs. Kong' and the 1998 kind of prophetic movie 'The Siege'.

Wolves Back in Belgium After 100 Years, Sparking Controversy?🐑🐺

I found a plastic wolf in a carpark the other day and thought it was interesting that I would stumble across a wolf not long after finishing Whitley Stieber's book 'The Wolfen', so I put it in my pocket and took it home and placed it on the shelf above my computer screen.
Then that night I when I placed the plastic figure on the shelf, I turn on my computer to see this news story below about wolves:-)
The Twin Towers, Whitley Strieber and [The] Wolfen?🐺👽