" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 16, 2018

Bird Card Medicine?

I watched the above video today of Evan T Pritchard giving a bird card reading to a group and to say that I was impressed would be an understatement.
It reminded me of the same energy that Andras Jones seams to have around when he does his 'Radio8Ball' show -
Sleepin’ in the Daytime (Words and Music?)
I've written about hearing Evan before on a few podcasts and deciding to buy his bird medicine book -
Bird Medicine?
I started reading Evan's book today and thought I would do a video search to see if Evan had featured in any talks that are available on the net.
I found three videos I had not seen before and I have to say are worth watching, especially the bird card video.
He also mentioned the turtle heart looking like the hearts drawn on Valentine's Day cards and that was something I was not aware of.
I looked around on the net to see just what a turtle heart looks like and found a rather gruesome video of a guy who had cut up a turtle to eat it and held the beating heart of the turtle in his hand to show how long it keeps beating for.
A real life turtle heart
Here is the video below and I would advise not looking at it if you are a sensitive to such things.
While you don't see this guy cut it out of the turtle, he does show it beating in his hand for quite a while.
I'm on a vegetarian diet at the moment and certainly don't condone the killing of turtles to eat, and even if I was eating meat still this video would sicken me, but that would be a real hypocritical stance wouldn't it?
I have no idea who the guy is in the video or why he eats turtles, I just found it by an internet search when I keyed in "turtle heart".
So that video has nothing to do with Evan's teachings as far as I know.
Native american wisdom of our hearts
I'm really looking forward to reading Evan's 'Bird Medicine' book after watching his videos above (the turtle heart video is not Evan's I should stress once again, it was a random search that I found  that one on when I was trying to see what shape a real turtle heart looks like).
I love what Evan writes in the beginning of his book about caged birds, which very much resonates with my own view about birds -
"When one says bird, the first thing people think of is a cage, but by caging a bird we deprive the world, and ourselves, of its healing and its messages.
It is mainly wild birds that have the freedom to live, move, and have their being as messengers of spirit.
Caged birds don't behave the same way, and yet that is how modern humans prefer their birds, locked up."
Mike Perry's great bird signs blog
I also smiled when I read in the first chapter of 'Bird Medicine' that Evan wrote -
"Archaeologists have found sites that seem to be of similar antiquity all over the United States, including a ten-thousand- year-old site near Perry, Florida..."
My English blogging friend Mike Perry has been writing a fantastic blog called '67 Not Out' about birds and spiritual signs, or fantastic coincidences if you are of the skeptical bent, that is just mind blowing reading.
There are bird signs everywhere in daily life I feel, if only we keep our eyes open for them.

'The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath' Read by 'A Poetry Channel'?

Loving Lovecraft?
I've been working my way through reading H.P. Lovecraft's complete works and I was up to his rather longish story
'The Dream Quest of Unknown Kadath' and I just knew that my mind would go into a coma if I attempted reading it, as 'Lord of the Rings' type stories just bore me to death.
Even listening to an audio reading of the tale could probably send my brain into trance state where the words wouldn't register to keep hold of my attention.
But I did find a seven part audio reading at You Tube on a channel called 'A Poetry Channel' that illustrates the story, more or less, and which kept my eyes and attention focused on the adventure while it was being read out to me.
I enjoyed watching and listening to these seven parts of Lovecraft's story and will be back to 'A Poetry Channel' to listen to the reading of 'Swann's Way' and a few other readings.
It's a great little You Tube channel for lazy bastards like me who like being read to from time to time and especially at bedtime.

Life Form Replicas?

Just when I was thinking that life is full of all sorts of ridiculous crap the Cosmic Joker throws a bucket of plastic shit my way in the form of  an internet search with this as my answer -
Nasco SB49923 Life form Replica, Bucket of Scat, 13 Different Animals
With a model number of SB49923 it was almost a personal message to me from the universe, if it wasn't for the extra 9 that is, because my birthday is on the 23rd of September and Americans (not Australians though) write the date as 9/23.
So SB49923 could almost be considered a personal birthday greeting from the universe, as in "shit bucket for 9/23";-)
I'm told that people who buy the plastic shit bucket often purchase the above book, so maybe that's a sign for me, as well?-)
But life has to mean more than just a bucket of shit, right?
I was thinking about buying this plastic scat bucket to have around the home to ponder the mysteries of life on this weird planet we live on, but then I thought to myself that there is enough plastic shit floating around on this planet as it is.
SCS Direct Ocean Sea Creature Action Figures - Big Bucket of Sea Creatures - Huge 30 Piece Set
As if kids don't have enough buckets of shit to handle in their lives without all of this "replica shit" floating around in toy stores and "replica" internet toy stores.
I like to go through my bucket list from time to time and transfer the worthless plans that don't seem so important anymore on that list into my "fucket" list.
Celebrate the good things in your life while you still can I say, because shit will always happen when it comes to life on this planet.
Feed me?!
Life is full of mysterious and funny shit, not to say that it can't be painful though.
I gotta go now.

July 15, 2018

Pickman's Model/Strieber's Communion?

Another, but subliminal alien/demon on the cover?
I couldn't help thinking of Whitley Strieber's 1987 "true" novel 'Communion' when I was reading H.P.Lovecraft's 1927 short story 'Pickman's Model'.
It wasn't so much the contents of Strieber's novel I was thinking of, but the cover image where I spotted a subliminal image lurking under the chin and to the side of the main alien on Strieber's cover.
Just an ink blot, or a deliberately placed image to somehow grab our subconscious attention? 
I've written about the cover image on 'Communion' and the artist who painted it before -
What Are the Eyes Actually Seeing?
Thinking about the artist in 'Pickman's Model'  made me wonder if Strieber's book would have been such a big seller if it wasn't for the alien image/images on the cover by Ted Jacobs.
I know that it was the cover image that got the attention long enough of a teenage me in a bookstore back in 1987 long enough for me to want to go over and read the blurb on the book and then decide to buy it.
""Pickman's Model" is a short story by H. P. Lovecraft, written in September 1926 and first published in the October 1927 issue of Weird Tales."
That's sixty years before Strieber's 'Communion' came out.
Sleeping Cthulhu by Pickmans-Model
"The story revolves around a Bostonian painter named Richard Upton Pickman who creates horrifying images.
His works are brilliantly executed, but so graphic that they result in the revocation of his membership in the Boston Art Club and he is shunned by his fellow artists.
The narrator is a friend of Pickman, who, after the artist's mysterious disappearance, relates to another acquaintance how he was taken on a tour of Pickman's personal gallery, hidden away in a run-down backwater slum of the city.
As the two delved deeper into Pickman's mind and art, the rooms seemed to grow ever more evil and the paintings ever more horrific, ending with a final enormous painting of an unearthly, red-eyed and vaguely canine humanoid balefully chewing on a human victim.
A noise sent Pickman running outside the room with a gun while the narrator reached out to unfold what looked like a small piece of rolled paper attached to the monstrous painting.
The narrator heard some shots and Pickman walked back in with the smoking gun, telling a story of shooting some rats, and the two men departed.
Afterwards the narrator realized that he had nervously grabbed and put the rolled paper in his pocket when the shots were fired.
He unrolled the paper to reveal that it is a photograph not of the background of the painting, but of the subject.
Pickman drew his inspirations not from a diseased imagination, but from monsters that were very much real."
Kind of makes me wonder just where the inspiration comes from in the artist's mind after reading Lovecraft's short story.

""The Silver Key" is a short story written by H. P. Lovecraft in 1926, considered part of his Dreamlands series.
It was first published in the January 1929 issue of Weird Tales.
Randolph Carter discovers, at the age of 30, that he has gradually "lost the key to the gate of dreams."
Randolph once believed life is made up of nothing but pictures in memory, whether they be from real life or dreams.
He highly prefers his romantic nightly dreams of fantastic places and beings, as an antidote for the "prosiness of life".
He believes his dreams to reveal truths missing from man's waking ideas, regarding the purpose of humans and the universe, primary among these being the truth of beauty as perceived and invented by humans in times past.
As he ages, though, he finds that his daily waking exposure to the more "practical", scientific ideas of man, has eventually eroded his ability to dream as he once did, and has made him regretfully subscribe more and more to the mundane beliefs of everyday, waking "real life".
But still not certain which is truer, he sets out to determine whether the waking ideas of man are superior to his dreams, and in the process, he passes through several unsatisfying philosophical stances.
Discouraged, he eventually withdraws from these lines of inquiry, and goes into seclusion.
After a time, a hint of the fantastic enters his dreams again, though he is still unable to dream of the strange cities of his youth, leaving him wanting more.
During one of these dreams, his long-dead grandfather tells him of a silver key in his attic, inscribed with mysterious arabesque symbols, which he finds and takes with him on a visit to his boyhood home in the backwoods of northeastern Massachusetts (the setting for many of Lovecraft's stories), where he enters a mysterious cave that he used to play in.
The key somehow enables him to return to his childhood as a ten-year-old boy, and his adult self disappears from his normal time.
The story then relates how Randolph's relatives had noted, beginning at the age of ten, that he had somehow gained the ability to glimpse events in his future.
The narrator of the story then states that he expects to meet Randolph soon, in one of his own dreams, "in a certain dream-city we both used to haunt", reigning there as a new king, where the narrator may look at Randolph's key, whose symbols he hopes will tell him the mysteries of the cosmos."
"The Key is a book by American horror author Whitley Strieber that was first self-published by Strieber in January 2001.
An expanded edition called The Key: A True Encounter was published as a trade paperback by Tarcher/Penguin in May 2011.
The book centers around a conversation Strieber claims to have had with a mysterious visitor to his hotel room in the early morning hours of June 6, 1998, while on a book tour in Toronto.
The man did not identify himself, and in The Key Strieber refers to the man as the Master of the Key."
Interview with Wilson Bryan Key
The Key?
The key to it all is out there...maybe...or in here (writes while pointing to my head)?

How Lucky Was I on Friday the 13th?

Last week I listened to the above audio reading of H.P.Lovecraft's 'Herbert West RE-ANIMATOR' by the actor who played Herbert in the 1985 movie adaption of the taleJeffrey Combs.
Loving Lovecraft?
I had never seen that 1985 movie before, so on Friday I looked around on the internet for a free screening and found one at this link -
WARNING: This is a film for adults only 
Re-Animator (1985)
And how appropriate to find a black cat in the movie that I was watching on Friday the 13th?
Herbert West, who hated his roommate's cat tries to explain that he found the cat suffocated by getting its head stuck in a jar, so popped it into his bar fridge to show his roommate at a more appropriate after his roommate's girlfriend found it in Herbert's bar fridge perhaps?
Here I am thinking as if a cat would get its head stuck in a jar and die.
And after watching the movie I grab my local paper out of my letter box for a read and see this story about a possum getting its head stuck in a jar, but luckily for the possum some kind soul saved it from dying.
This guy on the front page sure looks like some kind of animator with that jacket:-)
And there was also a story about a scientist named Jeffery murdered March 13th, 1996
As I was watching the movie I spotted a 'Talking Heads' poster on the wall for the movie 'Stop Making Sense', which reminded me that I had to grab some tickets for David Byrne's Gold Coast show in November before they sold out.
Thanks for the Head's up in more ways than one 'Re-animator';-)
So I've got my ticket now for November 21st, 2018...which oddly enough is two days past what would have been my 30th wedding anniversary this great timing David.
Well November should be something to look forward to if I should find myself there. 
And Friday the 13th turned out alright on the night too for my beloved Sharks as they beat the black cats on the cats home turf.
Oops...sorry for the old photo above Panther fans, as Matty now plays for the Sharks, not the Panthers anymore.
Silly me, but didn't he have a blinder for his new team?
It's like he's been re-animated with a new lease on life at the Sharks, don't you think?-)