" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 26, 2012

Supernature Syncs

I've been reading The Holographic Universe as people who have read my last few posts would know. 
And this morning I was reading page 126, the sub-chapter called  
Psychokinesis on a Grander Scale.
Where Talbot writes,  
"Biologist Lyall Watson, author of the bestselling book Supernature and a scientist who has studied paranormal events all over the world, encountered one such individual while visiting the Philippines.
The man was one of the so-called Philippine psychic healers, but instead of touching a patient, all he did was hold his hand about ten inches over the person's body, point at his or her skin, and an incision would appear instantaneously.
Watson not only witnessed several displays of the man's psychokinetic surgical skills, but once, when the man made a broader sweep with his finger than usual, Watson received an incision on the back of his own hand.
He bears the scar to this day."
I recalled reading Watson's Supernature years ago, so long ago really that I don't remember that much about it except the bright orange cover with the words Supernature printed on it.
And the one I've just bought at Amazon Used Books has the cover in the photo below, I'm lead to believe.
I must say I like the top one the most of all the front covers.
But here come the syncs ... I wondered if the scars where still on Lyall's hand today and wondered whatever happened to him, so I Googled his name.
Lyall Watson  
Sadly, he passed away on 25 June, 2008, according to the above link.
Which also informed me, "He is credited with the first published use of the term "hundredth monkey" in his 1979 book, "Lifetide". 
It is a hypothesis that aroused both interest and ire in the scientific community and continues to be a topic of discussion over a quarter century later."
But this last part on the Wiki page hit me like a bolt from the blue,
"He was the eldest of three brothers, one of whom (Andrew) lived in Gympie, Queensland, Australia. It was while visiting Andrew that he died on 25 June 2008."
My mum's side of the family are from Gympie, and I have quite a few relatives that still live there.
In fact, the first funeral I ever attended was my uncle Bill's, which was held in Gympie.
I was probably 7 or 8 years old, I'm not too sure, all I really remember of the day was the strong smell of pine trees as we drove into the town and the really high TV antennas people had coming out of their roofs, because there was poor signal reception in the town.
I don't ever remember visiting Gympie again since that day, as most times the relatives would come down to visit us in Brisbane, rather than us go up there.
I wanted to know more about Watson and the Gympie connection, so clicked on the first link in the Wiki "References" section;
Lyall Watson, Adventurer whose books about the paranormal promoted New Age ideas and who introduced Uri Geller and sumo wrestling to Britain.... And I found this link just as fascinating, especially this line,"Describing himself as a "scientific nomad", he considered conventional science simply inadequate to explain much human experience"
Nothing much has changed there.
And this paragraph,"Although he had no children, he indulged his five nieces on their 18th birthdays by taking them anywhere in the world they wanted to go. 
On the first of these trips – to Egypt – a diner in a restaurant offered Watson 200,000 camels for the hand of his eldest niece, Katherine. 
After a lengthy, pregnant pause, Watson successfully called the admirer's bluff when he replied that her price was her weight in gold".

I then Googled Supernature + Lyall Watson again to see if there were any other sites worth looking at, about this fascinating man.
And I found this one;
Katherine Lyall-Watson
 A blog run by the "Katherine" mentioned in the above article from "The Telegraph" newspaper.
Katherine says, "My uncle was the author Lyall Watson. 
He was born Malcolm Lyall-Watson in Johannesburg, South Africa on 12th April 1939. 
He died in Gympie, Australia on 25th June 2008 and I had the privilege of being with him shortly before he passed away".
While he delighted in his notoriety and in giving interviews, he kept his real self very private.
I loved him so much and yet, when he died, I felt as if I’d hardly known him.
That’s one of the reasons that I’ve now started researching Lyall’s life. 
I plan to write a play about my journey to discover the man behind the myth.
 If I find out enough about him I may also try writing his biography.
I’ve been contacting the people I know who were in Lyall’s life – family members and friends – and asking them to share their memories with me. 
And now I’m asking the people I don’t know, who were also part of his life, if they would like to share their stories.
If you stumble on this page and you knew Lyall Watson and feel happy to share your memories with me, I would love to hear from you. 
You can make a comment on this page, or you can contact me by email"
If you click on this link you can see a picture of Katherine with Lyall at the pyramids for her 18th birthday -
Her blog looks like it is still active, as there is a recent post, and I have to say this blog looks worth reading, by the quick scroll I did on it.

I remembered thinking it's a shame Mike Clelland never got to do a podcast with Lyall at Mike's Hidden Experience blog, as I would have loved to of heard him being interviewed.
And then I find this wonderful interview posted on Kathrine's blog;
Lyall Watson radio interview
This is a great interview. 
And here is another sync ... Today is February 26th ... and this radio interview was recorded on... 
Lyall Watson radio interview 26 Feb 1996
Tomorrow's World: Elliot Light-Pen 22 March 1967 - BBC
The pineapple/pineal gland shaped vase
 with the
fake purple orchids
Also, the vase with the purple flowers pictured above, I bought from the Chinese temple on 
Chinese New Year, which I blogged about here;
Welcome to the Year of the Dragon  
It was the first time that I picked up on the pine cone/pineal gland imagery in just about all major religions of the world.
A lady was selling these flowers in a pineapple shaped glass vase filled with sand up to the top and laced with coloured rocks, so it looked even more pineapplely at the time that I bought it.
It had been raining that night and the flower stall was out in the open, so the flowers had rain on them.
This gave my brain the illusion of real flowers, for some reason, so I bought them to take home to my wife.
They were only five dollars, too.
I thought the vase was at least worth five bucks anyway, and that she could at least keep that when the flowers died. 
But the next morning I realized my mistake ... the flowers weren't real.
They weren't going to die.
Kind of reminds me of the cover, right up the top of this post, with the purple orchid emerging from a blue cosmic egg, don't you think?

February 25, 2012

Universal Placebos - Nothing Works Better

I have a bottle of sugar pills sitting on my bookcase that look like pills you would get from any medical doctor.
They're called Universal Placebos and have an orange orb with wings, crowned by the infinity symbol on the front of the bottle and the saying underneath "I shall please".
I bought these from a shop in Sydney a couple of years ago and thought it would be a good idea to put a bottle in the medicine cabinet,  just as a re(mind)er that nothing works quite as well as the power of the mind.
You might argue that in your mind you don't believe this to be true ... in which case I've proven my point;-)
I picked up the bottle of pills from my shelf a few weeks ago and couldn't help thinking just how much the flying orange orb looked like the orb I photographed at the  Byron Bay Writers Festival last August (photo above).
Now here's an odd "coincidence", even though I purchased these pills through the mail from a shop in Sydney, when looking on the side of the bottle I noticed that they are made in a town called Mullumbimby ... which is literally just over the horizon in the above photo.
Now, some people would be laughing at the thought that an orb photo has any real bearing in reality, and that it is just a
placebo effect on film pretty much anyway.
Maybe they're right? 
Maybe it was just the angle of light hitting the lens from the sun, creating the illusion of an angelic type spirit that I imagined was walking/flying beside me on my walk along the beach at 
Byron Bay? 
One thing I know is that if I could put that feeling into a pill and sell it, I would be a trillionaire in a month;-)
The fact is whether the orb is a visual illusion, or not, to me it is a visual representation of what I felt, so to me it is real. 
And the fact that I pick up a bottle of placebo pills months after and read the fine print and see that they were made just over the horizon where I captured, what looks like to me, an orange orb winged flying thing, like on the label of the pill bottle, just bowls me over.
Especially since I'm reading The Holographic Universe and am reading about placebo effects.
I'm only up to page 111, which is not even half way through the book, but I would highly recommend this book to anyone.
Even though it can become a slog in places, it is well worth the read.
The tragic irony though is that Michael Talbot wrote about all of these cases of cancer patients using the power of the mind to heal themselves, but he couldn't save himself using the mind, and lost his own life to cancer. 
A test that I wouldn't like to try to pass, either, to be honest.
But he has left a fine legacy by writing this book.
While he didn't succeed in curing himself there have been many, many remarkable stories of people who have, and not just in his book.
One guy was Ian Gawler
And there are a multitude of lesser ailments that have shown how powerful the mind is also.
You can see more fascinating clips on the placebo effect if you click on this link;
The Labyrinth at The Crystal Castle, Mullumbimby
Now here's a bunch of syncs from this past year of my sync weirdness for those game enough to walk the sync labyrinth ... don't get lost now;-)
I wrote about these strange syncs last year, between myself and Trish MacGregor and the green frog with the red eyes;
The Green Frog With the Red Eyes  
Well, The Crystal Castle is located 7km outside Mullumbimby in the surrounding hills, and here is an interesting sync that wasn't so apparent at the time -
Holographic image of Kwan Yin
Although I did write about it in this long winded post about my trip to The Crystal Castle,
Sychronistic Sunday Surprizes
I bought a hologram (The Holographic Universe?) of Kwan Yin, which is the Chinese equivalent of the Virgin Mary (in a very rough way), from the same shop that I bought the frog with the red eyes.
I haven't seen a live green frog in ages, but we've had a lot of wet weather in the last fortnight and what should turn up on our glass sliding door like it wanted to get in, or be seen?
A green tree frog!!!
Even the frog looks like a holographic frog, through the glass sliding door.
My brother-in-law bought my family a holographic photo he had made up, from a photo of his mother and father, which was taken of them together when his father was still alive.
It's a rectangle of glass with a holographic photo in it that sits on a black wooden rectangle with lights in it to project the light through the image. 
The above photos don't really do it justice, because when viewed in real life it looks eerily lifelike.  
It's the next best thing to a ghost.
My wife likes to leave it on all night, as a ghostly nightlight.
To me though, reading The Holographic Universe, I couldn't think of a better representation of that title, than to see a hologram of 
one living person and one "dead" person sharing the same space in a hologram.
And here is one more little sync.
The post where all the green frog syncs started to happen for me was this post,
Time, Space, and Costa Rica
as I mentioned further up this post.
But one thing that struck me now, is that Trish took a photo of an active volcano that dominated her views on her vacation in 
Costa Rica.
Trish's photo of the Costa Rician
volcano from her motel room
But the town I talked about above - Mullumbimby, lies at the foot of an extinct volcano which dominates the scenery when approaching the town.
Mt. Chincogan at the foot of Mullumbimby,
as you drive into town.
So, the sync has come full circle ... or maybe just almost full spiral;-)
DVD - The Road to Mullumbimby with Len Hend
Is that a green frog with red eyes I see staring at this painting on the link above?

February 23, 2012

The Grey/The Grays and the Triad

When I first received a free pass to the Liam Neeson movie The Grey I wondered if it was anything to do with aliens, along the lines of Strieber's book The Grays.
Well, I was re-reading Strieber's book Communion at the time. 
The Grey turned out nothing like one of Strieber's books ... or did it?
As I said in this previous post I wrote about going to see this movie -
My Syncs with Other Bloggers  
The only reason I could be bothered going was to get the picture of the blue neon cross on top of the church while it was glowing at night, so I could show Mike Perry what it looked like.
Oddly enough, there was a cross very similar to this in the actual movie, which made me think there was a message here for me in this sync ... but what was it?
At first viewing the movie seems to have very little meaning other than wolves stalking plane crash survivors in the Alaskan wilderness and picking them off one by one.
And without me reading Strieber's book Communion and the blue cross syncro, I wouldn't have given it another thought.
The wolves in the movie seemed supernatural, or otherworldly to me for some reason, much like Strieber's gray aliens. 
Which made me think of Wolfen and Strieber's fascination with wolves and vampires.
Then it dawned on me ... they are otherworldly creatures,but for this to work in the movie The Grey these guys being stalked would have to be dead already.
So when the plane crashes there are no survivors in the real world.
The guys who "survived" are already dead.
They just don't know it yet.
They have to confront their inner demons and fears in order to be assimilated into the afterlife properly.
Which is why most of them see "memories" of dead relatives before the wolves "kill" them.
I was reading the chapter in The Holographic Universe called  
Dreams and the Holographic Universe where Talbot mentions a painting by Rufino Tamayo titled Animals.
Rufino Tamayo's Animals
"Painted on the eve of America's entry into World War II, while Tamayo was living in New York, this pair of snarling dogs captures, in the words of fellow Mexican painter Juan Soriano, "that horror before a world that was turning to stone before our eyes." 
Set against an eerily vacant yellow backdrop bathed in a red glow, the dogs, with their fangs bared, strike an anxious note, while the pale-blue bones near their paws suggest death or carnage. 
The subject matter was likely inspired not only by contemporary events but by pre-Columbian terracotta burial sculptures. 
In Aztec and Maya mythology, dogs were considered guides to the underworld, and statues of them were often buried with members of the ruling class."
It says in the above passage about the painting that 
"the pale-blue bones near their paws suggest death or carnage".
Maybe, but when I Googled this painting I couldn't help thinking about the pale blue neon cross that I went to photograph and the blue neon cross that just happened to also pop up in The Grey.
It also reminded me of the cover of Rob MacGregor's book  
Double Heart with the two red wolves and the blue katchina face. 
Which reminded me of W.P Kinsella's (author of Shoeless Joe, the book Field of Dreams came from) book Red Wolf, Red Wolf.
Strieber, author of Wolfen, Communion and The Grays wrote about the triad in the last pages of Communion.
To quote Strieber's words, "I began to think of triangles, of triads, of the struggle I have had to find a finer balance within myself.
There are many ancient traditions that view man as being with three parts: body, mind, and heart ... The fundamental idea of the triad as a creative energy is that two opposite forces coming into balance create a third force."
"The idea of the triad is not static.
It is an expression of a series of emanations."
"The idea of the triad is not static.
It is an expression of a series of emanations.
The third force emerges when the first and second forces come into balance, and when all three are in harmony they become a forth thing, an indivisible whole...
We could be part of a triad that includes the visitors.
They might be the aggressive force, entering us, enforcing our passivity, seeking to draw from the relationship some new creation.
But the triad can never come into harmony until there is a firm ground of understanding.
We need not be blindly welcoming.
What is required is objectivity.
We must have a care, for if they are real it can be persuasively argued that they are aggressive as it can be that they are benevolent...
It is, however, too easy to call them evil, just as it is too easy to say that they are saints, kindly guides from the beyond.
They are a very real and immensely complex force, the provocative nature of which demands neither hate nor love, but rather respect in a context of intellectual objectivity and emotional strength....
This was also thought by the Aztec and many other cultures to be fundamental to everything.
And duality, when it was in harmony, formed the triad.
When the internal triad of mind, body, and heart becomes fixed in a state of permanent harmony, it is because the seeker has finally died to himself and all the allures of life.
Out of this death the forth state emerges.
This is the ecstatic objectivity that the Western seeker cherishes, the nirvana of the Hindu, the blooming lotus of Zen."
Interestingly the cross folded in equal squares at ninety degree angles becomes a cube, which could easily represent the forth state of emergence, could it not
Or maybe that should be the other way round? 
And since the movie The Grey is based on the short story
 Ghost Walker by Ian MacKenzie Jeffers who also co-wrote the movie. 
And a Ghostwalker (also referred to as Deathwalker) assists souls that have died and been stuck on the earth plane to transition to the next realm.
I would say that I'm on the right track with this interpretation.
On my next viewing of The Grey I'll be taking all the above into consideration while I'm watching the movie. 
The Grey (film) 
Thanks to Rob and Trish MacGregor for pointing out this clip which is mainly about the novel Shoeless Joe.
Shoeless Joe (novel) 
by W. P. Kinsella and the movie Field of Dreams.
Synchronicity on film
Which reminds me of another film about another dead guy named John;
Red Dog and the Sacred Kingfisher/Tree/Owl Synchronicity

February 22, 2012

A Holographic Universe?

I found this five part You Tube series made by a guy that goes by the name secretkeyactivator, while I was looking for clips on
The Holographic Universe, a book that I am reading at the present time and finding quite interesting.
I found these clips quite interesting as well.

February 21, 2012

Another Dark Story to My Favourite Bridge

Jason Lees
This story proves that not all syncs are good ones.
The Truth Behind Jason Lees Suicide Murder Unfolds
"Finally, it was confirmed that Jason Lees, who committed suicide after killing his own son by throwing him off of the
Brisbane's Story Bridge, was facing relationship problems.
While friends and families continued paying tribute to the late highly-regarded teacher and his son Brad, it was figured out that Mr. Lees was having some relationship issues with his wife Danielle." 
I wrote about my day under the bridge in the post,
Story About a Bridge 
and used the photos I took from my cell phone.
I love this bridge, but it does have a dark side.
About four people a year on average take their own life by jumping off it.
Usually they do it on the other side of the river, because there is solid concrete there.
But since I took these photos, these tragedies (murder/suicides) have occurred right where I took those photos in my initial posts.
I could not get the thought out of my head that day I took the photos that someone was going to jump onto me, to end their life in that spot I was standing in.
It got to the stage where I wouldn't walk under the bridge without looking up, in case someone did jump on me and take me out with them.
I could not shake the thought that on both sides of the pillions there was tragic ground.
I thought maybe I was picking up some ghostly memories from past jumpers, but I had never heard of jumpers losing their lives in these spots. 
Although I'm sure there have been ... it's a very old bridge.
But in the space of probably not even two years, there have been two very tragic murder/suicides with the jumpers landing in the two spots that sent eerie chills down my spine and a compulsion for me to get out of those spots, just in case, on the day I was there.
Police on Story Bridge in Brisbane where a woman climbed the railings and jumped
Sidonie Thompson axe murder: Violent death of schoolgirl who had big dreams
 "The victim of what is suspected to be a murder-suicide yesterday at her home in the affluent suburb of Paddington, in Brisbane's inner-west, the Year 10 Sommerville House student had dreamed of being a neurosurgeon.
The discovery was made by her father, who had returned home from a game of tennis about 7am to find the lifeless body of his only daughter and his only son missing.
He found his daughter's body in her bedroom suffering slash wounds believed to be caused by an axe. Neighbours reported hearing screams about 6.30am.
Across town, at about the same time, traffic was banked up around the Story Bridge after Sidonie's 48-year-old mother stopped her car on the side of the road - with her 12-year-old son inside it
- and jumped to her death.
"It looked like it was just a broken-down car, I think she just flicked on the hazard lights and off she went to jump over the bridge," a witness said."
I did an update on my bridge story here last year when the first murder suicide occurred,
Darkside of the Bridge
And in some dark syncs the murdered girls name was Sidonie, and my middle name is Sydney.
Sydney of course being famous for its harbour bridge worldwide.
The man who took his life yesterday was named Jason Lees and in one of the most precognitive movies I have ever watched, which I've written a fair bit about on this blog, Jason Scott Lee played the tragic Bruce Lee in Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story.
"Dragon" Movie '93 - Brandon's Death - Precognition???
And Jason Lees took his life and that of his son in  
2012-The Year of the Dragon.
Not all syncs are good unfortunately