" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

November 15, 2019

Serendipity and Creativity?

CCBB: Wendy Ross - Serendipity and Creativity
I just listened to this latest 'Connecting with Coincidence' podcast (the You Tube above) this morning featuring Wendy Ross and found it rather interesting.
"Wendy is a cognitive scientist based at Kingston University, London.
Her main area of research is the role of serendipity in creativity and problem solving from both an experimental and a philosophical perspective.
Her recent publications have explored mathematical and insight problem-solving, collaborative creativity, and serendipity.
She is also a section editor for the
Palgrave Encyclopaedia of the Possible and Secretary of the Serendipity Society."
The Serendipity Society
I hadn't heard of Wendy Ross before listening to the podcast, but I laughed when I read her current Twitter feed and saw she had a Tweet featuring Matt Haig, who I met in Byron Bay not that long ago through serendipitous circumstances -
Anxiety, Crossing Our Bridges When We Come to Them and a Plate of Shrimp?
I also like how Bernie starts off the podcast with the story of how the word serendipity came about, as I just wrote a post about an author who gave a talk at a London bookstore and related the same story, but with a more personal twist -
Treasure Hunt?
Treasure chests are usually filled with gold coins, jewels and pearls, aren't they?-)

The Dance of Chance for an Avid Reader?

Putting Out the Fires With Kerosene?!

Are bigger water-bombers the answer to Australia's bushfire woes?
The Differences Between Kerosene & Jet Fuel
I find it ironic that IF(?) the the planet is heating up from humanity's use of fossil fuels rather than the sun heating up the oceans of the planet in a cycle that has been repeated throughout history (my money is on this theory, by the way ... not that I'm opposed to the ban on fossil fuels which fouls the planet up, whether it really is heating up the planet as well, or not), that bombing bush-fires with jet airplanes with names such as "Gaia" seems to be a bit of a joke.
There's Always the Sky?
Whichever earth heating theory you happen to subscribe to, humanity is in for nasty times ahead weather wise, for the next 500 years or so, I believe.
Qantas flight touches down from London

Remote Viewing of Past Life on Mars?

Kind of ironic that the man who fell to earth passed away on
remote viewer #1's birthday of January 10th, don't you think?-)
Peter Cushing in Top Secret! (1984)
Top Secret! (1984)

November 14, 2019

The Power of Vulnerability?

I listened to the 100th Guy Lawrence podcast today titled
'The Power Of Being Vulnerable', which I thought was a very fitting solo talk for such a milestone.
Guy's intro to his podcast shows starts off with him saying,
"... I decided to do something deemed a little crazy, I let it go, set a new destination called [for?] the unknown, and used my heart as a compass."
Published by Gotham Books on September 11th, 2012?-)
Maybe Guy should get a tattoo like mine, but with a heart in the centre of the compass?-)
I think apart from the very dark elements of the film 'Joker' where Arthur really does miss his "wake-up" call and lets the elements of who he thought he was break him and drag him down into the gutter of greed and the dark-side of fame in this world, that most people can relate to this film on an allegorical level.
The Joker Ignores His Wake Up Call (11:11)?
I think people who can't keep an emotional balance as they walk through life are in for a big fall sooner or latter in their life and yes, that does include myself and my life.
Life is neither "all good" like some head up their own ass hippies like to tell you, or all bad, as some fundamentalist religious nuts will tell you ... and tell you where you are going to go too, unless you join their one true religion to save your soul, like they have saved their's ... or so they think:-)
The "God" that made those religious a**holes made us all and "God" doesn't need them to tell us what "God" thinks when everyone has a direct line to the same "God", if they will only listen to their heart and play by the "Golden Rule".
Many a true word is said in jest.
That Joker could use a little make-up after he shuts up:-)
Sirens and Sheppards?
“Cruelty is easy, cheap and rampant.” ― Brene Brown, The Gifts of Imperfection
Looks like everyone who owns a meat or clown suit is vulnerable when it comes to life, doesn't it?
Dark nights of the soul can sometimes help you to see just how good the sunrise can look the next day ... if you make it to the next day that is;-)
The Guy Lawraence Podcast:The Power Of Being Vulnerable