" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 17, 2019

Heroic Self Care with Rosie Waterland?

I listened to a podcast yesterday morning featuring a lady I've met in real life -
Better Than Yesterday Podcast: Heroic Self Care with Rosie Waterland
Rosie's Chicken Soup for the Soul
And I couldn't help thinking just how eerie that old post of mine is now seeing that water hazard sign I included from the Byron Writers Festival, because of the play on Rosie's surname WATERland.
I didn't know her best friend was lost to a drowning accident at the time, plus last Friday singer Dami Im, who just lives up the road from me, released a song about a friend's suicide titled 
'Crying Underwater', and it was released last Friday (the 13th), which happens to be the third year anniversary of my own father's death (not from suicide though).
This year Friday the 13th was the Chinese Harvest/Moon Festival -
A Dark Moon Festival for 2019?
Last year RUOK Day was on September 13th, but this year
RUOK Day fell the day before on September 12th.
Things Go Better with cOKe?
Not the Kind of "Surprise" in the New Year I Saw Coming from a Royal Palm Beach Swim
On Friday the 13th I went to see the Australian movie 'Palm Beach' directed by Rachel Ward whose birthday of September 12th fell on RUOK Day this year.
What Happens When You Only Pursue Pleasure?
Sam Neill's birthday was September 14th, but I have another post about Sam's birthday in the WTF(?) works coming soon.
Bad Omens: The Final Conflict?
I was impressed by the soundtrack when saw 'Palm Beach' and had no idea that Dami had a cover of The Carpenters'
'(They Long to Be) Close to You' featured on it.
Seeing a Local Star on Star Wars Day?
Oddly enough, I saw Dami play the Brisbane Powerhouse on Star Wars Day (May the 4th) last year, which was the same venue I saw the podcast host who interviewed Rosie Waterland, Osher do his live show this year ... and just after one of his friends had committed suicide -
Back, After the Break ... LIVE?
And the week leading up to RUOK Day there was the death of
Danny Frawley the day after his 56th birthday.
A minute silence for Danny in Brisbane last Saturday

And as fate would have it on Friday the 13th, just before the Brisbane Lions/GWS Giants game on Saturday night, Paul Cronin the first chairman of the Brisbane Bears (what the Brisbane Lions were called before merging withe the Fitzroy Lions) passed away.
It was a double black arm-band night on Saturday.
And my team the Brisbane Lions' season came to an end for 2019, too.
I should have known that an orange coloured moon rising over the Gabba just before the start of the match was not a good sign for my team, since orange and black are the GWS Giants' colours:-(
The Cars Frontman Ric Ocasek Found Dead?
And with Danny crashing his car into a tree, it was rather bizarre hearing of the death of 'The Cars' lead singer Ric Ocasek straight after listening to Rosie on Osher's podcast.
I couldn't help thinking of the video for the band's song 'Drive' where the clip features a woman (who would later become Ric's wife in real life) having a mental breakdown and the singer singing "who's gonna drive you home tonight?"
I read an article about Danny Frawley during the week recalling how when he was sacked as the Richmond coach he sat in his car not remembering how to drive back home and had to phone someone to come and pick him up and drive him home.
Danny Frawley's birthday was September 8th BTW
Synchronicity can be creepy, even if you just see it as all coincidence and nothing more, right?
Destination Happiness and the Cosmic Prankster?

September 16, 2019

How to be Completely Carefree?

May the 4th be with you NOW?-)
The Never Ending Flow of the NOW?
The Power of NOW?
Something for you to think about ... later MAYbe?-)

The Cars Frontman Ric Ocasek Found Dead?

IT's a sad song ... Too many clowns saying everything's all right?
"Ric Ocasek, the lead singer of iconic new wave rock band The Cars, was found dead in his Manhattan apartment on Sunday, law enforcement sources told The Post. 
He was 75 years old.
Ocasek was discovered unconscious and unresponsive at around 4.14pm inside his Gramercy Park pad by his estranged wife, Paulina Porizkova, sources said.
He appeared to have died from natural causes, sources added

What Happens When You Only Pursue Pleasure?

Last Friday (the 13th) I went to the cinema to see the Australian movie 'Palm Beach' and before the movie started there was a commercial for Cunard Cruises (I think) and a monologue from what sounded to me like Alan Watts talking over the top of the commercial soundtrack.
I tried to find a video of the commercial on the net, but couldn't.
And I'm not sure what talk it was of Alan's ... maybe life is NOT a journey ... but I'm not sure.
I'll have to keep an eye out for that commercial next time I'm at the movies.
The only "cruise" I've been on in my life was getting to Tasmania and back in 2016 -
 Going With the Flow in Devonport on My Last Day in Tasmania
Ironically, Alan Watts was a heavy smoker and drinker throughout his life according to his Wikipedia page.
Destination Happiness and the Cosmic Prankster?
Oh, and I really enjoyed the movie 'Palm Beach', too.

Who's in the "Illuminati"? Everybody But You Apparently, But We Know That You're in it, Too?-)

My last post was about watching what I thought was an interesting documentary film on Amazon Prime called
'Secrets of the Ancient World' directed by a guy named
Philip Gardiner -
Secrets of the Ancient World?
I wondered if Amazon Prime had more films made by Phil and you can bet your gold class Illuminati card on it they do:-)
Well, that's a safe bet anyway, because if you lost that bet you would just be given your gold card back anyway, since you'd be "too big to fail" being in the Illuminati.
It turns out Phil has 93 directing credits at his IMDB page, which coincidentally 93 just happens to be the Thelemic greeting and how Thelemites greet each other in writing correspondences.
I decided to watch Phil's 'American Illuminati' and 'American Illuminati 2' films, as well as his 'A Conspiracy to Rule: The Illuminati' and by the end of AI2 Phil will have you convinced that if you ain't in the "Illuminati" then you are probably the only one on the planet who isn't.
Phil even ends AI2 with a section on how COKE turned Santa into a guy dressed in red and white, which are COKE's colours.
SPOILER ALERT: Santa isn't real, but I won't wreck your Illuminati fantasies for you.
I'll let you discover that for yourself, because with me being a secret member (maybe ... hey, you never know, right?-), that's exactly what I would tell you anyway, right?
Did I mention that I watched these films of Phil's on Amazon Prime?
A company owned by the richest known human on the planet?
I guess the joke is on Phil ... that's if he isn't just jokin' around in the first place?
Let me just try to sum up the the conclusion I came to from watching Phil's Illuminati films with just one picture.
And now David Icke has his new film 'The Trigger' out where he says it's the Jews, but not the Jews, because these people hate the Jews, it's more or less the the British, Catholics and Nazis who run Europe and America and who are Ultra Zionist Jews at the top?
I'm glad David has cleared all of that up for me.
It's all as clear as looking into a muddy puddle for me now.
What I find truly amusing with a lot of people who believe in this secret organization running the world is that a lot of these people who believe in this Illuminati story also believe in God.
Now call me naive (and I too believe in "God" for lack of a better word), but how can any man made conspiracy group trump God when it comes to the game of life?
It's a bit of a no brainer, if you ask me.
World Weird Web?

September 15, 2019

Secrets of the Ancient World?

I watched a documentary show on Amazon Prime last night called 'Secrets of the Ancient World', which was about serpent worship, as opposed to snake worship, throughout the ancient civilizations and I found it rather interesting indeed.
Ironically, I also watched the You Tube of Stewart Alexander give a talk at an English  Spiritualist church (below), because of Leslie Kean's recommendation of Stewart as someone she was impressed with who had given her a reading.
And at the 1 hour and 25 minute mark Stewart tells of having a pet snake as a boy that he was terrified of and that he would feed maggots to it by lifting the lid on the snake's box and throwing in the maggots to feed the snake, but being too scared to look at the snake while he was feeding it.
He was going to take the snake to school one day for show and tell and when he went to check on the snake he found that the maggots had eaten it:-)
Aliens, Psychics and the Dead?
The Unexplained Podcast: Edition 410 - Leslie Kean
Stewart seems like a nice and sincere bloke, but my past experience of visiting Spiritualist churches in Australia leaves me with the impression that there are a lot of wacky and deluded people who get up on stage and try to do readings on the congregation.
I've always come away unimpressed by what I've seen and heard on those visits.
I'm sure that there are people with real abilities in these churches, but I'm yet to come across any on my visits that I would say had any real abilities in contacting the spirit world on behalf of a congregant or visitor to the church.
I wouldn't mind seeing this film now that the Celtic Cross was mentioned in 'Secrets of the Ancient World' as being linked to serpent worship and Thoth.