" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 30, 2019

Just a 'Touch' Reckless There Kiefer?

From an August 19th, 2019 newspaper
From the same August 19th, 2019 newspaper
I saw a story from an August 2019 newspaper about
Kiefer Sutherland having to cancel his 'Reckless and Me' tour in Denmark.
FOX 8 journalist Nancy Parker killed in New Orleans East plane crash
I also saw a story about a FOX news reporter named Nancy PARKER being killed in a plane crash in the same August 19th newspaper and couldn't help thinking of my post about the FOX TV show 'Touch' and the Spider-verse Alan Green was on about in his new synch-film.
Joseph Gordon-Levitt Confessed on the Web on 22/7 (Danny Glover's Birthday) to Seeing BTTF Predicts 9/11?
'Snowden'/Open Road?-)
Everything does seem connected in some eerie other-worldly way doesn't it?
Bad Omens: The Final Conflict?
Starring Sam Neill as the POTUS
Starring Sam Neill as Leo
But having just seen the new Australian movie 'Palm Beach' I couldn't help thinking of another song with the word "Reckless" in the title.
Heroic Self Care with Rosie Waterland?
Actually it's the only word in the title of the song (unless you count the words in the brackets).
I don't think 'Reckless' is actually featured in the movie, but there is a song titled 'Fearless' written by James Reyne the guy in the You Tube above who sings 'Reckless'.
"The name of the 1977 hit song sung by the rock band the Pacific Sideburns was "Fearless".
The song was written for the movie by former surf rock group Australian Crawl member James Reyne who in real life had had a similar 1983 hit song with the band called "Reckless" - with the two songs having rhyming titles[?]."
"Palm Beach, which is situated north of Sydney in New South Wales in Australia, is well-known to Australian television audiences as a major filming location in the Australian soap drama 
'Home and Away'."
Not the Kind of "Surprise" in the New Year I Saw Coming from a Royal Palm Beach Swim
Princess Mary of Denmark and family
swimming at
Palm Beach, Sydney, Australia
"Actor-producer Bryan Brown, actresses Heather Mitchell and Jacqueline McKenzie, and writer-director Rachel Ward, all previously appeared in another "beach" titled feature, all in acting roles, with this being the tele-movie remake 'On the Beach' (2000)."
The house number in the movie is 42 by the way:-)
But like JGL says in his remark about our little BTTF/9/11 sync movie, "you can see connections anywhere if you want to ...", which is exactly our point Joe, because EVERYTHING is connected , and we are just showing how bizarrely and coincidentally it is.
People who think that we are implicating Bob Z and JGL as having foreknowledge to the 9/11 events are as dumb as Flat-Earthers when it comes to working out the facts.
And that's not meant to be a veiled complement to Flat-Eathers either, because I'm firmly in the Globe Trotting camp when it comes to the shape of the Earth.
Life on the road or the beach has it's dangers for sure, but it's hard to deny that life is one strange and seemly connected trip, and who knows what's at the bottom of it all?

Coming Full/Fool Circle?

Looks like Philip Gardiner is laying his cards on the table with his film 'Gods Super Collider', which I think is quite good apart from Phil's preachy bitching in the the last five minutes.
Strange how Philip Gardiner is credited as the director on the Amazon Prime site, but Simon Oliver is given the credit for directing on the movie's IMDB page.
This was one of Phil's/Simon's better films as opposed to such click-baitey trash like this one below called
'Indistinguishable From Magic'.
But then again being from the same
'Reality Entertainment' film stable doesn't necessarily mean Phil is riding this horse to the finish line I guess.
Unless J. Michael Long is just another one of Phil's AKAs on the road to making his fortune;-)
Just Who is Philip Gardiner?
Like one former POTUS said "fool me once ... um ...":-)
God is Dead and/or Alive?