" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 15, 2018


The World Wide Web?
I started reading Matt Haig's book 'Notes on a Nervous Planet' today after finishing one of Matt's other great little books
'Reasons to Stay Alive'.
Plus I also listened to Jason Louv's latest podcast where he interviews Marty Beckerman (who I have never heard of before today).
I think Matt's book (the pages I have read so far) and this podcast make good companions -
Marty Beckerman on the Shocking Secrets of the Mainstream Media
Although I have to say that the last podcast I listened to that Jason was a guest on was an almost total train-wreck -
Jason Louv, A Strange Mix of Scientism and Magick
Not much "social" in that media exchange I think and I felt embarrassed for both of these guys who really showed just what dicks they can be when push comes to shove on this media platform.
I guess some personalities shouldn't be mixed together in a "social" setting?
You twit face is surely not one of those reasons, I'm sure;-)

Cuttlefish are the Rockstar Aliens of the Sea?

Budgy smugglers?
A budgy pecking at a cuttlebone ... ouch?
I just wrote a post about "budgy smugglers" last night -
Things Go Better with cOKe?
RUOK with wearing "budgy smugglers"?-)
And then I get up this morning and see a story about cuttlefish at the ABC news website -
Cuttlefish are the rockstar aliens of the sea — and we don't know why they're increasing in numbers
I'm dead against keeping birds in a cage, but I'm sure you have seen caged birds like the ones above pecking and rubbing their beaks against a cuttlebone before.
I was thinking how the cuttlefish would be a great mascot for RUOK Day, as they have the uncanny ability to blend into their immediate environment.
Plus a pair of "budgy smugglers" with a cuttlefish on the front of them would give them something to keep their pecker in good shape;-) 
This budgy is all barred up over that idea methinks;-) 
A scene from the movie 'Tea and Sympathy'
I mentioned the album and movie both named 'Tea and Sympathy' in that last post, and while I have never watched the movie I take it by the trailer that the young man in the movie is bullied for being feminine, but looks like he gets the sympathy and the woman in the end.
So I like in the cuttlefish news article where it is written -
"We know that cuttlefish come to this breeding aggregation to mate using a range of amazing strategies and behaviours — for example, small males impersonate females to avoid detection by larger males and gain access "under cover".
Because the population on the breeding aggregation is skewed towards males
(an average of four to one), females have some choice over who they mate with.
After mating takes place, females deposit eggs on the underside of rocks.

A scene from the movie 'Tea and Sympathy'
"The past is holding on so tight
I never heard the warning bell..."
Make that 49 today
And happy birthday for today Bernard.
I just want to wish you well;-)
Cheers and have a good one.
And let's put a bit of space between us and our ex's;-)

August 14, 2018

Things Go Better with cOKe?

I have to say that my weekend in Byron Bay for the Writers Festival certainly proved bizarrely synchronistic on many levels.
The Shamanic Artists of Byron Bay: The Medicine of Karuah and Sean O'Shea
After I had spent Thursday afternoon relaxing on the on the beach at Byron Bay staring out to sea while listening to some great busking and then going for a walk through Byron to buy some books and get something to eat, I get back to my motel room and switch on the TV to see the news that a massive cocaine bust happened the day before just out beyond the horizon I was staring at on Thursday afternoon.
"Two men were charged after Border Force and defence officers tasked with patrolling the coast from the air spotted the men's vessel heading towards the mainland on Wednesday.
When authorities sent a boat to intercept it, it is alleged the pair dumped their drug haul overboard and tried to flee but were caught about 70 kilometres off Byron Bay.
The pair were charged with possessing a commercial quantity of illegal drugs, after authorities fished parcels of cocaine out of the sea."

Then I see in the news that weekend that Ray Hadley's police officer son was busted for trying to buy cocaine while off duty.
Emotional Ray Hadley breaks down over son’s drug arrest
I feel particularly inadequate as a father and as a spokesman for RUOK Day [a day about raising awareness about mental health], when in fact, my own son is not okay.
There is a personal irony for both Ray and myself with RUOK Day falling on September 13th this year.
For me (and yes, I'm OK before you ask) the 13th of September is exactly the day my father (who was a Yellow Cab driver by the way ... just take a look at the RUOK Day colours if you still don't get that one) passed away on two years ago.
For Ray Hadley his son will appear at court on September 12th (the day before RUOK Day)
Oh, and while on the subject of RUOK Day and cab drivers, here's a story that may be relevant considering the RUOK Day colours -
Why taxi licence holders are killing themselves
You might want to ask a cabbie if they are OK on September 13th this year and just how they feel about UBER?
And the irony just keeps flowing as you can buy
Byron Bay cookies at the RUOK Day website.
Let's hope there are no secret illegal ingredients floating around in those cookies;-) 
Black SynchroiciTEA?
RUOK and how's the tea?
Bernard Fanning and Tim Rogers at the BWF Sunday
I bought a vinyl copy of Bernard Fanning's album
'Tea and Sympathy' on the Sunday of the Byron Writer's Festival and was lucky enough to get him to sign it for me.
The only song I don't really like on the album is 'Wish You Well', but when I sing "wish you hell" instead of "wish you well" it works for me while thinking of my divorce;-)
Reading Matt Haig's great little book today (and I don't suffer from depression by the way ... touch wood) he writes about cocaine and Freud's use of it in his own depression - 
"A lot of Freud's work was based on his analysis of his own depression, and what he believed to be the solution.
Cocaine was what worked for him, but then - after dishing it out to other sufferers - he started to realise it could be a tad additive."
I've personally never used cocaine in my life and don't intend to either, as I have suffered from very bad nose bleeds when growing up and I think cocaine would bring them back with a vengeance, plus I would fear getting addicted to it if I started snorting that stuff.
I'm OK without COKE in my life thanks Dr. Freud.
And on another personal sync, the anniversary of Freud's death happens to fall on my birthday, which is why my personal hero among shrinks is Jung:-)
"Both Gary and Michael Houston — who would travel with their sister and serve as bodyguards — admit to their own evildoing in facilitating and participating in their sister’s drug use.
“If anything was gonna be done, I was gonna be the one to show it to her,” says Michael in the film.
But it was a friend of the brothers, Keith Kelly, who admits that he was the one who first gave Houston drugs — a bag of marijuana and a snort of cocaine — on her 16th birthday.
Certainly, the film clears up any lingering misconception that it was Houston’s ex-husband, Bobby Brown, who exposed her to drugs.
Says Macdonald: “There’s an amusing but also kind of tragic moment where her brother Michael says, ‘We used to do rings around Bobby.
He was not able to keep up with us.
We lapped him in drug-taking.
He’s a lightweight.’ 
That kind of vindicates Bobby.”"
It's almost time to put on my coca ... I mean budgy smuggler's and hit the Byron Bay surf, because things go better with salt water;-)
Who knows, I might even find my old wedding ring that I threw from Cape Byron years ago when I got divorced ... and then throw it out into deeper water maybe?-)
My wedding ring with the date of the wedding day inscribed inside - 19/11/88
Remember, Remember the 19th of November...Some Dates Are Made Not to Be Forgot?
From Matt Haig's book 'Reasons to Stay Alive', ironically enough
Tea and sympathy (not the album) doesn't interest me anyway, as I don't really like tea that much being a coffee drinker.
And the stronger the coffee the better.
Who needs COKE when there is coffee to consume?
Mandy Nolan, Bernard Fanning and Tim Rogers at the 2018 BWF 
Bernard Fanning looking for signs at the BWF? 
Who in this world really is OK anyway?
And if so, for how long?
You might want to ask yourself that one come RUOK Day?-)
And happy 49th birthday for tomorrow Bernard and thanks for hanging around to sign your album for me, it's a good one.
I hope your birthday is more than OK, too.