" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

August 31, 2021

WHO's Watching the Watchmen ... Still?

I watched 'WATCHMEN: The Ultimate Cut' on the BINGE streaming service the other night thinking about my old mate(?)
Christopher Knowles and his love/hate relationship with
(no, not with me;-) comics and movies and all things Mithras.
I realized that the original WATCHMEN movie was released in 2009, which is one complete cycle of the Year of the Ox back from 2021:-)
One cycle of the Ox, or 12 years old?
And sure enough Christopher Knowles' latest post rants on about Mithras and the evil empire which Christopher still lives in.
Christopher Knowles reminds me of the Rorschach character out of WATCHMEN for some reason:-)
What is IT Going to Take to Transform People Like Chris KwOWLes and His Kind ... of Thinking 🎪🎶💃?-)

The Role of Sunlight on Mental Health ... Maybe There's a Baby in the Bath-Water Somewhere?

Solar Power (album)
The subject of Sunlight in mental and physical health in the media has caught my eye in more ways than one lately, and I don't just mean Lorde's raunchy (I'm not complaining about it BTW;-) new album cover.
Maybe sun and water has been on my mind because the southern hemisphere of the Earth is about to go through the seasons of spring and summer?
Solar/Spring colours ... and birth (baby in the bathwater?-)
Nevermind turns 30?
The Vital Veda Podcast
I've been picking out podcast episodes like the one's pictured above from 'The Vital Veda' podcast to have a listen to, and while I'm not into Indian belief systems anymore than I'm into Christian belief systems, I do find some episodes worth a listen when it comes to our common human Earthly experiences.
Our sensory systems respond to the sum of all ...?
Ironically I stumbled across this podcast show when I was searching for podcasts about the mountain which is the first place the rising sun hits the mainland of Australia ... Wollumbin.
Certainly some interesting listening to be had at the
'The Vital Veda' podcast no matter what you happen to believe, I believe:-)
AbSOLutely Addressing AnXiETy?-)
Anyway, time to head out into the sun and charge my bio-battery and top it up with some water;-)
But what effect does the moon have, if any on our moods, bodily water levels and sanity?-)

August 30, 2021

What (or Who) Are Your Drivers in Life?-)

I listened to the latest 'Let's Talk Near Death' podcast episode this morning, which for the second week in a row featured a survivor of a car crash.
I wrote a post about last week's episode in this post -
Crashing by Design?
But when I went to this week's guest's web-page which was linked to the LTND episode I couldn't help but wonder if it wasn't some kind of ironic Freudian slip when at about the 1 minute mark in the Vimeo video Sue asks, "What are your DRIVERS?":-)

Ed Asner Goes UP to Meet His Maker?

Ed Asner, Emmy-winning Lou Grant and Mary Tyler Moore Show star, dies at 91
Edward Asner (1929–2021)
I never knew that Ed had starred in a 2020 movie tilted
'Tiger Within' until I was looking through
his acting credits at his IMDB page this morning when I saw he had just died (Monday Australian time), which makes the post I wrote yesterday kind of synchromystically eerie.
Life of Pi (The Novel) Turns 20 in 2021?
And there's that name CARL again;-)
Synchronicity, 42 and Owls?

August 29, 2021

[Vedic] Astrology ... or Just Lost in Space?

Checking the Cosmic Weather?
I'm not saying that there isn't a baby in the bathwater somewhere in the astrology Belief Systems of the world, whether that be "normal" astrology, Chinese, Vedic astrology or whatever type of astrology floats your spaceship, but I couldn't be bothered consulting astrologers or working out where the stars may be steering me when I can just go with the flow ... or the way ... of the universe:-)
I find it interesting listening to people try to tell you why they think astrology systems work, but it sounds like a lot of bathwater to me when I'm just looking for the baby in it all:-)
If it's written in my stars, I'm sure I'll find that baby in the bathwater when and if the time is right for me;-)

Life of Pi (The Novel) Turns 20 in 2021?

Publication date: 11 September 2001 (Canada)
Yann Martel about his novel Life of Pi
I was listening to the author Yann Martel talk about his book 
'Life of Pi' in a BBC Bookclub podcast from September 2010 this morning and I remembered that the book was published on
September 11th, 2001 and will turn 20 this year on
that very infamous date.
Considering the story-line of the book is which of the two stories do you believe, I think the book being released on that date is very synchromystic.
The 2012 movie which was made from the book turns 10 next year ... in the Year of the Water Tiger, by the way:-)
You might want to listen to that
2010 BBC Bookclub podcast and ponder Life ... of Pi?-)


Confluent is for the exploration of
Communing with well-being 
Dr Jimi Wollumbin
I stumbled across a series of podcasts featuring a guy named
Jimi Wollumbim who lives near the bottom of
Wollumbin (AKA Mount Warning) when I was actually looking for podcast episodes about the mountain, not the doctor.
Mount Warning ...
I thought I should link a few of the talks in this post, as I think he is an interesting guy and worth a listen to.
I feel better already.