" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

September 22, 2017

Something Fishy in the Collective Unconscious?

I've been working on a post about goldfish and saw this news story this morning about dumped goldfish growing to monstrous proportions in Australian waterways -
Salt-resistant goldfish found in rivers prompt biologist to issue warning
"Dumped pet goldfish have been found in Australian estuaries, prompting fears the fish could make their way into connected river systems and kill off native species.
Last year, scientists from the same university discovered giant, football-sized goldfish weighing more than two kilograms stalking the waterways.
Now new research has revealed the invasive species are living in salt water, which means they can travel between river systems and colonise more ecosystems.

I've always used the goldfish in a bowl as a mascot for my blog since day dot, because I've always felt like a goldfish looking out at a f#cked up, although mysteriously strange and beautiful world and feeling that I don't really belong in this world and that I'm just an observer.
I guess it all stems back to when I owned two goldfish in a bowl that I had won from the Brisbane Ekka.
That goldfish article above was written by William McInnes, who happens to have a gold frame on the Redcliffe "Walk of Fame", which I wrote about in this post -
Successful Whale Watching Thought Experiment...or Just a Big Coincidence?
At first it seemed like a novelty to own fish and feed them every day with fish-food, but the novelty soon whore off and every now and then when I would watch TV I would glance over at the goldfish bowl and think just why do people keep fish trapped in glass bowls to look out at the bizarre world of their captors and probably bored out of their brains?
I vowed then that fish should be free to swim where they liked and not be trapped in bowls, so I turned against the "owning" of any animal that was captive to a great extent like birds, fish, etc.
This Is Water: David Foster Wallace
"Proof of the existence of a collective unconscious, and insight into its nature, could be gleaned primarily from dreams and from active imagination, a waking exploration of fantasy.
Jung considered that 'the shadow' and the anima and animus differ from the other archetypes in the fact that their content is more directly related to the individual's personal situation'.
These archetypes, a special focus of Jung's work, become autonomous personalities within an individual psyche.
Jung encouraged direct conscious dialogue of the patient's with these personalities within.
While the shadow usually personifies the personal unconscious, the anima or the Wise Old Man can act as representatives of the collective unconscious."
"Jung suggested that parapsychology, alchemy, and occult religious ideas could contribute understanding of the collective unconscious.
Based on his interpretation of synchronicity and
extra-sensory perception, Jung argued that psychic activity transcended the brain.
In alchemy, Jung found that plain water, or seawater, corresponded to his concept of the collective unconscious.
In humans, the psyche mediates between the primal force of the collective unconscious and the experience of consciousness or dream.
Therefore, symbols may require interpretation before they can be understood as archetypes.
Jung writes:
We have only to disregard the dependence of dream language on environment and substitute "eagle" for "aeroplane," "dragon" for "automobile" or "train," "snake-bite" for "injection," and so forth, in order to arrive at the more universal and more fundamental language of mythology.
This give us access to the primordial images that underlie all thinking and have a considerable influence even on our scientific ideas.
A single archetype can manifest in many different ways.
Regarding the Mother archetype, Jung suggests that not only can it apply to mothers, grandmothers, stepmothers, mothers-in-law, and mothers in mythology, but to various concepts, places, objects, and animals:
Other symbols of the mother in a figurative sense appear in things representing the goal of our longing for redemption, such as Paradise, the Kingdom of God, the Heavenly Jerusalem.
Many things arousing devotion or feelings of awe, as for instance the Church, university, city or country, heaven, earth, the woods, the sea or any still waters, matter even, the underworld and the moon, can be mother-symbols.
The archetype is often associated with things and places standing for fertility and fruitfulness: the cornucopia, a ploughed field, a garden.
It can be attached to a rock, a cave, a tree, a spring, a deep well, or to various vessels such as the baptismal font, or to vessel-shaped flowers like the rose or the lotus.
Because of the protection it implies, the magic circle or mandala can be a form of mother archetype.
Hollow objects such as ovens or cooking vessels are associated with the mother archetype, and, of course, the uterus, yoni, and anything of a like shape.
Added to this list there are many animals, such as the cow, hare, and helpful animals in general."
Lifeboats, Flying Fish and the Sea of the Subconscious
A real life flying fish
Skye Whales Synchronicities and Catching the Big Fish

September 21, 2017

An Arrow, I Awake

Symbolic arrows have been coming at me from all directions lately in a synchronistic sense.

I've been listening to Sarah Blasko's album 'I Awake' since I bought a copy off her during the Byron Writer's Festival and I have especially been listening to one of the songs off it, 'An Arrow' the past few days as my mind has turned to Zen and archery.
Although only in a mental sense, since I don't own a bow and arrow to physically practice with.
Funny thing was this morning I was reading this blog-post above about the new 'Tomb Raider' trailer while I was listening to
Sarah Blasko's 'An Arrow' and noticed the arrow flying through the 'Tomb Raider' title on the You Tube and poster for the movie.
The Light Between Oceans
I bought Sarah's album the night I saw her playing piano and singing songs for the show 'Bedtime Stories' at the
Byron Bay Community Centre on the Saturday night of the writer's festival.
I went to see this show not because of Sarah being in it, but because John Safran was in it and last year his show at the BBCC was sold out before I could get a ticket and since I was staying down in Byron Bay for the weekend, I figured seeing this show would kill a Saturday night and give me an excuse to walk into town and look around.
It was lucky for me that John's show was sold out last year though, as I never would have gone to see Richard Clapton's show if John's show wasn't -
The Best Years of Our Lives?
Were my eyes deceiving me, or was that really a storm-trooper on the streets of Byron?  
No, it was a storm-trooper alright and a few AI dancing buddies attacking my wallet
Sarah Blasko singing in 'Bedtime Stories' while John Safran and gang listen
John Safran on mike with Erik Jensen, Jennifer Down and Hannah Kent listening on
I'm in the middle of John's new book at the moment, but since I didn't bring the book with me on Saturday night I got him to sign Sarah's CD cover.
His is the "I'm not Blasko!" signature pictured on the cover in the photo back up at the top of this post.
Sarah Blasko and Holly Throsby at 'The Music Makers' talk on the Sunday
Sarah's talk pictured above was the last talk I attended at the BWF for 2017 and with the arrow theme of this post I thought it was rather ironic now that one of the last photos I took was of the sun setting over a tee-pee that was on the festival grounds.
And one thing that I didn't know until writing this post was that I share the same birthday with Sarah, but I'm 12 years older.
Which means that we are both also Dragons.


Great podcast by Noah Lampert talking to Luke Storey over at the Synchronicity podcast site and being the Year of the Fire Rooster I have to warn listeners that there may be some FOWL LANGUAGE scattered throughout.
Luke’s podcast site

September 20, 2017

Dark Side of the Sucker Punch?

Lennox Castle Hospital in Scotland
I had just read Chris Knowles' post
So Now You Know (Part Two) UPDATED
where he writes about Lennox Castle Hospital in Scotland being an MK Ultra testing ground.
I remembered that the movie 'Sucker Punch' featured a mental hospital named Lennox House and the movie was about, "a young girl is institutionalized by her abusive stepfather, retreating to an alternative reality as a coping strategy, envisioning a plan to help her escape".
"The asylum is named Lennox House.
The song playing during the opening scene is a cover of 
"Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)", written and originally recorded by British pop music duo Eurythmics, comprising David A. Stewart and Annie Lennox (who is Scottish, by the way)."
But I also found out at the movie's IMDB trivia page that the film apparently synchs with Pink Floyd's 'Darkside of the Moon' album.
"There are a striking number of coincidences between events in the movie and musical cues (and lyrics) on the 1973 Pink Floyd album, "Dark Side of the Moon".
A fan discovered the synchronicity and has revealed all details including the compilation itself through the internet.
In a phenomena known as 'synchronicity' the album is played as an alternate soundtrack for the entire film that not only works as a metaphorical piece to the themes shared between the film and music, but also sound cues that act as a sound effect or inner monologues spoken out loud for the characters through the album.
A few of the too-numerous-to-name coincidences include (but are not limited to):
Climactic screams to the reveal of the dead mother and the gunshot that kills Amber.
Heartbeats as the girls are at high risk of getting caught or dying as they enact their plan.
"Run, rabbit, run" is heard as the door is kicked down at the beginning and end of the film, mirroring the stepfather kicking the closet door open to reveal the little sister
(the beginning) and Babydoll kicking Blue down as the door opens to reveal Sweet Pea in the closet (the end).
Babydoll is also running another time this is spoken.
"Don't be afraid to care" as BabyDoll looks through the peephole worried about her little sister.
"Look around..." as BabyDoll turns her head to "choose your own ground" 
as BabyDoll realizes what she's done after firing the gun, the music shifts mirroring her descent into madness.
The song "Money" plays as Madame Gorski and her counterpart, The Wise Man, gives BabyDoll advice much as the song does.
The three samurai appear to speak as drunken men on the album.
When the main samurai takes a step forward, a loud sound of a footstep is heard as the screen shakes right in tune.
Bells are heard when the cafeteria/theatre is revealed to BabyDoll and later as the bell rings for dismissal of class.
The increasing cries for 'The Great Gig In The Sky' are heard as BabyDoll is crying at night in the asylum and as the baby dragon's throat is slit.
The woman's voice seems to mirror the fury of the mother dragon after discovering the dead child.
"I never said I was afraid of dying" Rocket defying the cook and the baby dragon's lifeless body is lifted by its mother.
"Eh" Babydoll appears to say this right in tune with the album.
'Us and Them' as Babydoll takes on the three samurai and the girls take on the train of robots.
As BabyDoll takes center floor to "dance" and the plan is initiated, a heart beats as Babydoll imagines herself in a different place - "The lunatic is on the grass.... remembering games and daisy chains and laughs, got to keep the loonies on the path."
"The lunatic is in my head" as a pilot flies into the head of a blimp with a face.
Many allusions to Rocket's death. 
There are a couple of instances where Rocket seems as if she is saying things like "I never said I was afraid of dying" and "Why should I be afraid of dying..."
When Rocket is on the train that explodes in the city, drum beats are to the tune of a succession of glass breaking from the blast.
BabyDoll looks in in disbelief as the city goes dark (an allusion to the death of her sister) as "I'll see you on the dark side of the moon" is said.
Said again as Sweet Pea watches Rocket die in her arms.
"You raise the blade, you make the change..." as the cook raises his knife out of Rocket.
"You rearrange me 'till I'm sane." happens as all the girls walk side by side
(all representing different aspects of the "star of the show") and later as their group is torn apart.
"Home, home again" Babydoll closes her eyes and imagines herself
(Sweet Pea) going home to her own "paradise."
This phenomenon is known as "Dark Side Of The Sucker Punch".
Similar to The Wizard of Oz (1939) in "Dark Side Of The Rainbow"."
Not that I have tried it for myself, but there seems to be a lot of opinions on the net saying that it does. 
Brian Ferry's song 'Love is the Drug' is also covered on the 'Sucker Punch' soundtrack and Brian has done a cover of Tim Buckley's 'Song to the Siren', as well.
Something in the Air About Emily?
Sucker Punch Vs. Inception Suckerception Side by Side

Who Can You Trust, if You Can't Trust Your Friends?

At the end my whale-watching post I wrote about a guy who appeared to be hoodwinked and was about to be tossed off a jetty and under an incoming whale watching vessel -
"And just when I thought there could be no more weird surprises on this whale watching trip, we were greeted with a film crew and some guy tied up and blind-folded and about to be pushed under a docking whale-watching boat by his "friends"."
Successful Whale Watching Thought Experiment...or Just a Big Coincidence?
I'd been out in the bay watching whales for most of the day, but this was truly the most bizarre thing I had seen that day.
Maybe he was just going to sing a Pink number, who knows?
The captain of the whale watching vessel couldn't believe what she was seeing either I'll bet and asked them to please go and kill your friend someplace else, as we are about to dock a bloody big boat where you are about to push your friend into".
Although she didn't say it quite like that, as I'm translating her words here.
So his "friends" led him of to safer waters...maybe?
Luckily for me by the time they had set up the shot for the cameras I was off the boat and on to the jetty for a bird's eye view for whatever these guys were going to do to their friend.
I had no idea whether these guys were Freemasons, Christians baptizing a new member into their weird church, or maybe both.
I noticed that there was something tied around his waist like a cable tow.
When the cameras had stopped rolling I yelled down to them and asked them what the film was for.
They told me they were making a motivational film about trust, which they screen to high school kids around the area.
The blindfolded guy was meant to think that he was going bungee jumping...hence the rope tied around his waist...which probably would have left him with a broken back if he was really going to do a bungee jump with the rope tied like that.
The night before they told me that they put him on stage at a real stand-up comedy club blindfolded.
Who needs enemies I say.
I saw the film crew's van when I was walking back to my car and decided to look them up on the net when I got home.
I got a kick out of their website when I saw that they were based in the suburb of Deception Bay.
Sounds kind of appropriate from what I had seen from them on Monday down by the bay.
Well, it looks like Motivational Media make some interesting films and presentations, but if it's one thing they taught me on Monday is when it comes to trusting people that there is only one person in this world you can really trust and that's yourself and don't be hoodwinked by your "friends" either.
Keep your eyes open at all times or you might end up under a whale watching vessel and sleeping with the fishes.
And on the subject of "motivational media" I found Tracey Spicer's Redcliffe walk of fame frame.
Apart from the Acid on the Road I Had a Good Trip
I also came across Mel Gibson's Redcliffe walk of fame frame, which I thought was a good sign, since I was wearing my 'Signs' watch that day.
Stop the Clocks? Signs? 
The Bee Gee's Redcliffe walk of fame frame
The Lore of Synchronicity?