" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 15, 2012

"Touch" the Deadman's Hand Coincidence

"Touched" by the Deadman's Hand?
I've been recording the TV series 'Touch' off our local TV station broadcasts, but I haven't watched any for about 8 weeks.
This morning I decided I had better start watching them before my wife records over the top of them.
They are kind of corny and contrived and I can see why other sync heads might be a little disappointed with the show, but my inner guidance tells me that I should keep watching and not fall into the trap of thinking this show is just commercial crap.
" In Season 1 Episode 7 ( 1+7=8 ): Noosphere Rising of the television series Touch, a key is given to a child, Jake Bohm (David Mazouz), by Dr. Teller (Danny Glover) with the number 1188 on it and it is identified by Martin Bohm (Kiefer Sutherland) as the  
This number was part of the number pattern of the fictional Amelia Sequence."
The 'Brisbane Powerhouse'
My seat at 'The Church' gig on
Christmas eve 2011, Brisbane
'Deadman's Hand' is also an EP by 'The Church', a band I was lucky to get a ticket to to see and hear them play on Christmas eve last year at the Brisbane Powerhouse.
'Deadman's HandEP by 'The Church'
  I bought a copy of 'Deadman's Hand' on the night.
"The dead man's hand is a two-pair poker hand, namely "aces and eights".
This card combination gets its name from a legend that it was the five-card-draw hand held by
 Wild Bill Hickok, when he was murdered on August 2, 1876, 
in Saloon No. 10 at Deadwood, South Dakota."
The Dakota, New York
There is a track on 'Deadman's Hand' titled 'Dakota'.
 John Lennon was shot four times outside 'The Dakota', the building he lived in.
"At around 10:50 pm on 8 December 1980, as Lennon and Ono returned to their New York apartment in The Dakota, Mark David Chapman shot Lennon in the back four times at the entrance to the building.
Lennon was taken to the emergency room of the nearby Roosevelt Hospital and was pronounced dead on arrival at 11:07 pm."
He was shot on 8/12/08
How close is that to a deadman's hand, 8118?
The Bob Dylan song 'Rambling, Gambling Willie' also mentions the Deadman's Hand.
In 'Batman R.I.P.', while Batman is talking to  
The Joker deals himself a "Dead man's hand".
 'The Dark Knight Rises' starts this coming weekend in cinemas too, interestingly enough.
This morning before deciding to watch "Touch" I was reading a book written by an old acquaintance who I knew in the 80's.
The book is out of print now, but I managed to get a used copy from Amazon.
It is about developing your psychic sense and Andrew sets out to show the reader how to go about it from his perspective.
His first real tip is to take up tea cup reading by seeing what you interpreted the tea leaves in the bottom of your cup to mean to you.
I'm a coffee drinker so I'm reluctant to take up tea leaf reading, so I thought if the universe gives me a nudge towards tea drinking ... well then I'll think about it.
A book about Andrew Fitzherbert's
botched (IMO)
murder trial
I wrote about Andrew Fitzherbert here -
Speaking About Fishy Things and Librarians
Seeing the above trailer for 'The Dark Knight Rises' with the scenes of Catwoman, jail and a football player with the number 86 on his back 
(Andrew's book, "Psychic Sense" was published in 1986) 
trying to outrun disaster, brought my thoughts back to Andrew.
Brisbane's "catwoman" murder case
"In 1999, palm reader Andrew Fitzherbert was sentenced to life imprisonment for the murder of Brisbane veterinarian Kathleen Marshall.
Marshall, who was president of the Cat Protection Society, was stabbed more than 50 times in the surgery beneath her home at Wilston, in Brisbane's inner north.
Fitzherbert was the first person in Australia convicted on DNA evidence alone.
There was no other corroborative evidence."
After watching 'Touch' I decided to do a post about
"Deadman's Hand",
so I Googled for some information on the dead-mans hand and "Touch"
and I stumbled across this post -
which I found quite interesting, so I clicked on Jake's latest post which was this -
" Ever say to yourself....."Wow, what a coincidence" ?
Well I wanted to talk about this briefly... If something crosses your path that seems like just a coincidence, it most likely is not.
Most likely it was put in your path for some reason.
To do something, to reach out to someone.
Listen to your gut feeling when it comes to times like these.
Your inner self knows best, so listen ".
Teacups ???
We are trained to see and hear what we are told to look for.
We train ourselves enough, its hard to break that focus and practice am I right?
So try this, see if your one of these narrow focussed people?
The more practice we get the more apt we are to be able to train ourselves to do this better the better we will get at looking at different perspectives.
Ok ready?
I want you to in your mind, on a piece of paper draw me a coffee cup, or teacup...go",
In the "Deadman's Hand" episode of 'Touch' a key with the numbers 1188 plays a significant part in the show.
I couldn't find out a lot about 1188 as a number, but the year seems to be interesting.
* Saladin unsuccessfully besieges the Hospitaller fortress of Krak des Chevaliers in modern Syria.
*  Newgate Prison is built in London.
*  Alfonso IX of LeΓ³n convened at the Basilica of San Isidoro the Cortes of LeΓ³n with representatives of the nobility, clergy and towns. These Cortes are considered as the first parliament in Europe.
The legendary Cutting of the elm occurs at Gisors in Normandy.
The Cutting of the elm was a diplomatic altercation between the Kings of France and England in 1188, during which an elm tree near Gisors in Normandy was felled.
Cutting of the elm
 The event has been used in the history proposed by Pierre Plantard and other pseudo-historical theories. In this context, the Cutting of the elm was portrayed as marking the split between the 
Knights Templar and the Priory of Sion.
Gisors in Normandy

Touch – Recap & Review – Noosphere Rising

Our number of the night is 1188, Dead Man’s hand, as they say in poker.
This number is on a key that Teller gave to Jake just before he died, and now Martin is on a mission to find the door the key opens and hopefully find Teller’s research.
1188 is also the blog entry that a young woman by the name of Natalie is videotaping in the hopes of finding a young man to reunite with a woman he met in Paris.
Finally, a son goes back to Australia to the reading of his father’s will, and gets a surprise he was not expecting.
Let’s see how Jake connects everyone …

Martin and Clea watch a video that shows Teller, just before he died, go into Jake’s room and give him his name badge.

Taped to the back is a key with the number 1188.
Just then, Jake deals the cards and Ace, Ace, eight and eight are laid down.
In the poker-world this is called Dead Man’s Hand.
Spooky or what?
Martin goes to Teller’s house and meets his daughter/nurse and finds out she use to be his assistant.
She tells him to go to a building that she saw her father frequent.
Martin finds himself in an underground poker gambling room and meets Stacey who tells him that Teller was talking to another man named Logan who is another “numbers guy”.
She never tells him his last name, but how she has to pay back his big winning because they think she was working with him and helped him win.
Then Martin gets a call from Clea saying that his sis-in-law, Abigail is there to visit Jake.
Martin freaks out because he knows she wants custody of Jake.
When he arrives at the institution he finds Jake on the tablet that Abigail gave him and he shows Martin an entry 1188 from Logan Coteweiler about Unlocking the key sequence…Martin takes the hint.
He is getting pretty good at understanding what Jake is trying to say.
Jake finds Logan on the floor unconscious and calls 911, he checks the phone in Logan’s hand and sees that he was trying to call a Devon and so he dials the number.
Devon tells him Logan is Diabetic and helps him revive Logan.
Logan tells Martin that he and his partner were using the Amelia sequence to win some money to get out of debt.
When he finds out Stacy is working to pay back the winnings, he and Martin play poker to win again.
Martin wins big on Aces and Eights!
Logan tells him where Teller’s office is and he finds room 1188.

Natalie is in Paris and makes a video blog #1188 telling everyone how she broke up with her boyfriend and found a flash drive with a video of Palo declaring his love to Celeste, whom he just met and fell in love with.

But before he can tell her how he feels, her friends whisk her away.
He knows she is going to NY for her birthday and he plans to meet her there.
Natalie is sad that Celeste doesn’t know of Palo’s feelings and plans, so she asks everyone to look for Celeste and tell her that Palo is planning on meeting her at CafΓ© Kismet.
Natalie gets a response from the Happy Pop twins- the ones we have seen in several episodes.
They are awesome!
Natalie is excited at the response from others and tells everyone to wear red and show support on March 28 in the belief of true love.
Then dumb ol Darrell calls Natalie and calls her video blogs silly and un-cool.
She is sad and crying and she video blogs about it and then signs off.
When she awakes she finds a flood of affection blogs who support her.
A guy in Brazil mentions how he found a phone (the same one that went missing in episode 1) and it has Celeste on it.
Everyone believes she will be there to meet Palo.
Nat shows up at Kismet to watch Palo and Celeste reunite, but when she walks in, she is greeted by many fans that have been following her blog.
Palo walks in and tells her that he is there to meet her and not Celeste.
He has fallen in love with Natalie.

Devon goes home to Australia to the reading of his father’s will, to find out that he left 1188 hectares (over 2900 acres) to his horse, Zeus.

If Devon can ride Zeus, then the land is his to do what he wants.
Throughout the episode he ignores the family friend, Zeke, and is chasing the horse all over the countryside.
Finally, Devon breaks down crying, saying that he just wanted his dad to love him.
This is when he gets the call from Martin about Logan.
 This is also when Zeus walks up to Devon and nudges him.
Devon jumps on and rides him all the way home.
Devon gives the ranch to the family friend that loves it and he goes back to NJ. New Jersey over the Australian countryside, I don’t think so.
I noticed the theme of the episode was love.
Martin- loving his son and trying to protect him from Abigail who is trying to take him away. Natalie- trying to reconnect two people and keep love alive, only to find out that she is the one everyone fell in love with.
Devon- just wanting his father’s love.

Touch is an American supernatural thriller television series created by Tim Kring. 
It stars Kiefer Sutherland, and debuted on Fox on January 25, 2012, 
before beginning to air regularly on March 22, 2012.
Twelve episodes were ordered for the first season, 
with the two-episode season finale airing on May 31, 2012. 
On May 9, 2012, Fox renewed the show for a second season.


  1. When I came to your blog the number of page-views shown at the bottom of the page was 6767!

    Yet another amazing detailed post - never knew what a dead man's hand was before now.

    I remember once going to a woman who read tea leaves but she didn't give me anything useful. Strange, as Karin got a good reading from her the week previous to when I went. Usually clairvoyants can't read me.

    Lots of interesting stuff on the post!

    1. Re:
      " When I came to your blog the number of page-views shown at the bottom of the page was 6767! "

      Mike,you might want to look at the number of that Batman comic in the above post,too.
      676 !?!

  2. I never knew what a dead man's hand was before watching the "Touch" episode either Mike.I had heard the expression before but I never knew it was a specific set of cards like "black aces and eights".
    I was going to mention to you also that in the prisoner TV show the prisoner is known as "Number 6" and his car is number 7.
    My grandmother used to take me along to teacup readers with her when I was a little boy,and even at that age I was never much impressed by their reading skills.But Andrew says the leaves just act as a focal point to keep the rational mind busy while the subconscious or psychic part slips past with the reading,more or less.
    I'm not a tea drinker,so I would really have to go out of my way to get into tea cup reading,but I am intrigued to give it a try.Sounds like it could be fun:-)
    I must say that I was always impressed by Andrew's no nonsense approach,and he was(probably still is)a good palm reader.I still can't believe he is doing time for murder.
    I don't believe that he did it though,and I think the book on his trial by Paul Wilson pretty much says that as well.
    I becomes,in my opinion,quite clear who the likely killer was really was and that it wasn't a male killer.

    1. I think your right about the tea leaves being a focal point. As with other things used in this way they can probably be eliminated once the so called 'psychic' powers have been developed.

  3. If you like to gamble, I tell you I'm your man
    You win some, lose some, it's all the same to me
    The pleasure is to play, don't make no difference what you say
    I don't share your greed, the only card I need is
    The Ace Of Spades
    The Ace Of Spades

    Playing for the high one, dancing with the devil,
    Going with the flow, it's all a game to me,
    Seven or Eleven, snake eyes watching you,
    Double up or quit, double stake or split
    The Ace Of Spades
    The Ace Of Spades

    You know I'm born to lose, and gambling's for fools,
    But that's the way I like it baby,
    I don't wanna live for ever,
    And don't forget the joker!

    Pushing up the ante, I know you've got to see me,
    Read 'em and weep, the dead man's hand again,
    I see it in your eyes, just take one look and die,
    The only thing you see, you know it's gonna be,
    The Ace Of Spades
    The Ace Of Spades

  4. Fascinating, all of it. One of the best readings I ever had was from a woman who read tea leaves. I was always convinced she didn't read the leaves: they were her conduit Timmy energy field, a conduit, like cards, shells, coins, any tool. Mike, this Cassadaga psychomerist could read you. She's amazing

  5. Recently bought Deadwood (1-3) & the death of Wild Bill Hickok is depicted in S1. I googled it at the time and got Deadman's Hand. What's super cool is that I'm sucking on a James Boag's as I write this. Im on S2 atm & am just about to hit a few more episodes. :-)

  6. I think that bottle of James Boag pictured in the blog-post above was the last one that I've had since,oddly enough.