" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

April 30, 2015


Andras Jones shared on Facebook, a little bit about the weird number synchronicity
(or coincidence...for you skeptics reading this post)
that happened right before filming the above music video.
He wrote -
"OK, so I had a really weird number sync right before recording this last Sunday. 
Scott (who I'm singing with) and Sylvie (who took the video) and I were in a sushi restaurant near the theater waiting for the crowds to gather. 
The restaurant shared a bathroom with the adjoining hotel and required a code (9-8-7-5-3). Sylvie had to write it down on a slip of paper because she kept getting it confused with (867-5309)
When it came time to pay the bill Scott pulled out some ones and a five, and there, written in pencil on the bill were the numbers 9-8-7-5-3
He'd been carrying it with him from Oly. 
Sylvie, who hadn't told us the number was like, "Wait a second..." and pulled our her slip of paper with the exact same number sequence on it. 
Even as someone who is used to sync, I was all kinds of blown away and inspired. 
It was like some kind of magic trick but there was no magician, or we were the magicians but we didn't know how we did it. 
I'm sure you all know the feeling."
I put  98,753 into Google search to see if there were any news stories featuring that number and the first one I got was about a bowler named Maynard Johnson of Crystal, Minnesota, becoming the 15th member of the 100,000-Pin Club at the  
United States Bowling Congress Open Championships 
during his singles event about a year ago.
"The 83-year-old right-hander entered the 2014 tournament with a career pinfall of 98,753, and needed 1,247 pins this weekend to reach the milestone in his 61st USBC Open Championships appearance"
Maynard Johnson becomes 15th member of 100,000-Pin Club
I couldn't help but think of the movie The Big Lebowski after reading about that bowling milestone...or should I say crystal of Maynard Johnson's?-)

Also weird, I typed the number 98,753 into the Google search engine and it gave me a link to a Nightmare on Elm Street  parody of Freddy trying to give up smoking.
The number is in the actual link - 
Look at the address bar on your computer when you go to the link.
Andras Jones was one of the main characters in  
A Nightmare on Elm Street 4 
in case you weren't aware,
which makes that 98753 link an even stranger coincidence I think.
Andras Jones as Rick in Nightmare on Elm Street 4.
Let's not forget that Andras was busking to songs written by  
Paul McCartney and Elvis Costello
I also just realized that Elvis Costello has a song on  
The Big Lebowski soundtrack
 3. My Mood Swings - Elvis Costello 

April 29, 2015

Pentamental 10: Julia Mossbridge & Dean Radin: Unfolding With Entangled Minds

Part 1 - Entangled Minds w/ Dr. Dean Radin:
Parapsychologist & author Dean Radin offers insight on the history of parapsychology, 
the fundamentals/politics of scientific research, and the nebulous nature of quantum mechanics.
Topics: Music, Bell Labs, Psi & Parapsychology, Sociology & Science, 
Francis Bacon & Intention, JB Rhine & ESP, Micro/Macro PK, Seance Rooms, 
SRI & Remote Viewing, Presentiment Research, Replication & Meta-Analysis, 
Frequentist vs. Bayesian Statistics, ASA & Jessica Utts, Ganzfeld, Practicality, Skeptics, Information & Non-Linearity, Bell’s Theorem, Quantum Biology, Quantum Discord, Orch-OR.
Part 2 - Unfolding w/ Dr. Julia Mossbridge:
Psychologist & author Julia Mossbridge discusses the nature of time, its relationship to the collective unconscious, and how indoctrination/psychological imprints hold back human progress.
Topics: Dreams, Time, Meta-Analysis, Presentiment, The Unconscious, Illusions, 

Everything Happens Now, Correlative Brain Activity, Freewill, Irreducible Causation, 
Non-Local Consciousness, Story-Telling, Teleology & Utility, Shared Mind, 
Animal Presentiment, Indoctrination & Scientism, Choice Compass, Responsibility & Extended Adolescence, Imprinting, 8-Circuits, Infophelia & Infophobia, Fear & Creativity. 

Click on the red links (or this one) to go to the site and listen to the podcasts.

April 27, 2015

Subliminal Product Placement in Back to the Future 2?

Left click to make image bigger.
I saw this image on the Pepsi bottle in a scene from BTTF 2 and wondered if it was just an accident, or maybe a nod to the work of Wilson Bryan Key?
Skull maybe?
 Hmm...I think I'll stick to Coke Life from now on. ;-)

April 25, 2015

Ludacris Furious 7 Synchs?

Ludacris,born in Champaign, Illinois, USA
The Rock lip syncing in his "People's 7 Champ" t-shirt.
I caught this clip of The Rock lip-syncing to Taylor Swift's  
Shake it Off wearing a t-shirt that had "People's 7 Champ" on the front.
Of course I was aware The Rock had a film to plug, 
so the "People's 7 Champ" shirt was an obvious nod 
to his latest film Furious 7  I thought, 
but it also got me thinking was there any other 7s synching with the film, as I knew the release date for the movie was Good Friday, because 
1. the date for Good Friday this year was 4/3 (4+3=7) 
and is on the poster for the film, and 
2. holiday periods like Easter bring the cash to the Box Office in bucket-loads if you can get people interested enough to see your film?
And of course the death of Paul Walker was obviously going to get people along to the cinema to see his last "Furious" film 
(I have to admit that it was one of the main reasons that I went to the cinema to see it).
When I looked up the actors who starred with Paul Walker in Furious 7 I was surprised to see that  Ludacris was born in Champaign, Illinois, USA and that he plays Tej (Jet spelled backwards?) in the "Furious" movies, and that Paul's birthday is the next day (September 12th) to Ludacris, 
even though they were born 4 years apart.
My real interest though was to see how fellow Aussie James Wan, director of Furious 7 would handle his first non horror flick.
James Wan was born on February 26, 1977.
James Wan was born in 1977, same year as
Ludacris was, too.
James is probably best known for writing and directing movies 
such as Saw  
(which has a current IMDB score of 7.7, ironically enough)
Insidious and The Conjuring.
In fact James' next film in the director's chair is  
The first Conjuring movie was based on a real life haunting involving a possessed doll.

I notice in the Annabelle video above that there is a
 #15"The Devil" tarot card attached to the dolls case.
Tarot card #15? 2015?
"Meanwhile....Furious 7 races to worldwide BOX office lead.
Interest in the film was at least partially tied to its late star Paul Walker, who died in a car crash in before the film was completed in 2013.
Following the fatal accident, production on Furio
us 7 was suspended while the filmmakers decided whether or not to proceed.
The team ultimately decided to delay the release from its scheduled July 2014 date. 

Walker's scenes were completed using a mixture of computer animation and body doubles - including two of the star's younger brothers, Caleb and Cody.
Paul Walker was attending a charity event in 2013 when the car he was traveling in crashed
"This is a bittersweet installment in the franchise," said Phil Contrino, vice president and chief analyst at
"Walker's passing made this movie more intriguing for people who hadn't seen some of the installments. 

It raised awareness and its success is a tribute to him."
Film company Universal said Walker's death "probably created some curiosity" amongst audiences but added: 

"It's not by any means the prime motivator to see the movie"."
The ironic thing I also see here with the movie Furious 7 getting a Good Friday cinema release is that the media try to bring an Easter message of road safety to motorists in a nation wide campaign to avoid deaths on our roads in Australia.
And having spent Easter Thursday driving from Brisbane to Byron Bay and back again, this was rammed home with signs saying double demerit speeding fines were in force for the Easter weekend. 
Then the next day I see this story on the news -
"Bob Burns, a founding member of rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd
has died in a car crash at the age of 64.
The drummer, who played on the band's first two albums, 

was killed when his car left the road on Friday, 
striking a mailbox and a tree.
Georgia State Patrol spokeswoman Tracey Watson said Burns, 

who was not wearing a seat-belt, was killed in the wreck.
He was alone in the car, and no other cars were involved. 

Police are trying to establish if weather was a factor."
Lynyrd Skynyrd drummer Bob Burns dies in car crash
Bob Burns (November 24, 1950 – April 3, 2015)
I couldn't help but think of Donnie Darko when I read this about ROBERT Burns running into a mailbox then a tree on Good Friday (Easter Bunny?),
as one of  Lynyrd Skynyrd's big hits was "Free Bird",
which made me think of ROBERTa SPARROW who kept checking her mail box in the movie.
The band  Lynyrd Skynyrd rose to worldwide recognition on the basis of its live performances and signature tunes "Sweet Home Alabama" and "Free Bird". 
At the peak of their success, three members died in an airplane crash in 1977, putting an abrupt end to the band's most popular incarnation.
Burns’ vehicle went off a road just before MIDNIGHT as it approached a curve near Cartersville, Georgia, striking a mailbox and a tree, State Patrol spokeswoman Tracey Watson said. 
The plane that drops the engine on Darko's house in the movie left the airport at MIDNIGHT.
Not that I'm a Roman Catholic, but the whole midnight thing reminds me of the two great Roman Catholic occasions for celebrating a Midnight Mass.
The birth and resurrection of Jesus.
"By long tradition and liturgical law, Mass is not celebrated at any time on Good Friday 
(but Holy Communion is distributed, with hosts consecrated at the evening Mass of the Lord's Supper on Holy Thursday, to those participating in the Celebration of the Passion of the Lord) 
 or on Holy Saturday before the Easter Vigil 
(the beginning of the celebration of Easter Sunday),
 in other words, between the annual celebrations of the Lord's Supper and the Resurrection of Jesus (see Easter Triduum)."
Time of celebration of Mass
An Easter Bunny in October?
To me the cinema has just about always been a holy place that I go to step outside of my mundane life and think about life for a couple of hours.
And I think this is why people flock to a film where a lead actor has had his, or her life cut tragically short, before the film could be completed.
Because it makes people think about life and DEATH,not just mundane life.
You can't help sitting there when watching a movie like this and wonder if this is all there is...unless of course you've had some near death which case you wonder what awaits you after you hang up your stupid man suit.
With James Wan being born in '77 and from Oz (Australia) 
it also brings to mind Crowley's Liber Oz.
"Liber OZ (or "Book 77") is a single page by English author and occultist Aleister Crowley purporting to declare mankind's basic and intrinsic rights according to Crowley's philosophy of Thelema
Written in 1941, the work consists of five succinct and concise paragraphs, being one of the latest and shortest of Crowley's many "libri," or books.
The document is written in very simple English. No word within Liber OZ has more than one syllable. 
This is to ensure that it will be understandable to anyone who reads it, no matter what their proficiency in English."
Although, not being a big fan of Crowley myself, I prefer to think of Oz as  
somewhere over the rainbow and associated more with the number 42.

April 23, 2015

Heard on the Grapevine that the Real McCoy is Back in Town ;-)

Johnny Depp made headlines in late March about hurting his hand while filming 
"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" 
movie on Australia's Gold Coast.
Turns out according to this Queensland newspaper article that he had an argument on the phone with his wife Amber Heard and put his fist through a glass door in the house he was staying in while he was out here making the film.
But the story I found interesting here was the one that ran alongside the story about Johnny Depp's drunken night ending by putting his fist through the glass door.
The story about a guy named McCoy who tried to get onto the set of
"Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales" 
by dressing as a Jack Sparrow look-a-like and pulling a knife on a security guard when he was denied admission to the set.
Cobin McCoy

 Captain Jack Sparrow (Character)
 "A pirate ahead of his time in many ways, Jack Sparrow likes to consider himself as the epitome of a free spirit. 
He swishes his way through life with a slightly odd, but strangely wise attitude. 
He is perhaps a bit crazy, for we learn he may have been overbaked in the sun while marooned once. 
But he still is smart enough to survive in a tough world without resorting to force to get what he wants. 
In fact he once said, "Why fight when you can negotiate?" 
This leads to some people seeing him as a coward and truth be told Jack is not heroic in the straightforward sense. 
He watches and reads people and gladly manipulates them for his own ingenious ends. 
That said, he avoids harming people for even his enemies only get what they truly deserve. 
Jack has a sense of right that may fluctuate by circumstance in the details, but he still has a sense of honor. 
When the chips are down Jack will come through, if at all humanly possible, for his friends or the greater good. 
Jack carries on his person little tokens or souvenirs from places he's been or people he's met. He has a habit of picking things up as he goes along, like the rings he wears. 
His hat is probably his favorite article of clothing. 
A compass that shows its user what he wants most in the the world is another crucial possession. 
He also carries a silver-plated pistol and a short cutlass. 
Jack's a good swordfighter, but compared to the other characters in POTC he is not the most skillful. 
He probably wins in the creativity department though, he has used both an oar and a coconut as a weapon. 
He has a good eye and amazing aim, and is a bit of an acrobat. 
Jack also has an eternal love of rum, like many other pirates, and is immensely proud of the Black Pearl, originally the "Wicked Wench", his ship."
Gold Coast judge issues warrant for no-show ‘pirate’
" A WANNABE pirate who allegedly tried to storm the set of Johnny Depp’s new movie now has a bounty on his head. 
Cobin McCoy, of no fixed address, failed to front at Southport Magistrates Court on Friday to face charges of going armed in public to cause fear.
Magistrate Catherine Pirie promptly issued a warrant for his arrest.
It is the second time in a fortnight the wannabe movie star has been on the run from authorities.
Earlier this month McCoy turned up at the Gold Coast set of the new Pirates of the Caribbean blockbuster dressed in full buccaneer garb, including a live parrot named Essa perched on his shoulder.
He asked for work as an extra before allegedly producing a knife when denied entry to the set by security.
That started a manhunt that ended almost 24 hours later. 
McCoy was arrested and served with a notice to appear in court on March 27.
However, despite earlier vowing to clear his name, McCoy failed to turn up, activating a warrant for his arrest.
The court was told McCoy had penned a letter from Byron Bay asking to be excused from appearing because he could not afford the bus fare to make it back to the Gold Coast.
Police Prosecutor Sergeant Mike Campbell said McCoy had been fined for possessing a knife in a public place late last year and should be present to explain his actions over disturbingly similar accusations.
Ms Pirie agreed.
“A warrant for a pirate,” she said.
She said he would not need to afford a bus fare.
“He can come to court in a police car.”"
Cobin McCoy, who allegedly pulled a knife on a security guard on the Pirates of the Caribbean film set.
Johnny Depp starred in The Rum Dairy with his 
current wife Amber Heard.
The rum loving Captain Jack Sparrow.
What I find amusing here in these news stories is we have a case of life imitating art imitating life imitating art, or vice versa.
What Trouble In Paradise?? Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Look Totally In Love After A Long Flight To Australia!
A few weeks ago I was hoping that Johnny was going to meet up at Bluesfest on Good Friday and play with The Black Keys, for which I had tickets, as he has been known to play with them in the past, but he had to fly home after "the incident", and then The Black Keys' drummer goes and busts his shoulder,  forcing The Black Keys to cancel all Aussie engagements.

Operator please
Put me back on the line
Told my girl I'd be back
Operator please
This is wreckin' my mind

Oh can it be
The voices calling me
They get lost
And out of time
I should've seen it glow
But everybody knows
That a broken heart is blind
That a broken heart is blind

[Verse 2]
Pick you up, let you down
When I wanna go
To a place I can hide
You know me, I had plans
But they just disappeared
To the back of my mind


[Verse 3]

Treasure maps, fallen trees
Operator please
Call me back when it's time
Stolen friends and disease
Operator please
Patch me back to my mind

And we all know that broken hearts can do some pretty stupid things.
Love meltdown before sky massacre? REDRUM?
I have to admit that I would hate to be a famous actor with the press on my every move.
In the movie Deadman Depp plays William Blake and is confused with the real McCoy by a Native American who thinks William Blake is the famous painter and poet.
Also "Pirates of the Caribbean: Deadmen Tell No Tales" is being filmed in Down-under at the moment.

And happy birthday to Amber Heard for yesterday.
Let's hope it's all smooth sailing from here on.

April 21, 2015

Scott Onstott at the Olympia Sync Summit: Synchronicity in Architecture

Scott Onstott, of Secrets in Plain Sight, gave a talk on Synchronicity in Architecture, Measurement and Sacred Geometry at the Olympia Sync Summit, August 9th 2014.
Interesting talk, I think.

April 19, 2015

Some Wild Stevie Ray VAUGHAN Syncs Today

I just finished reading Cheryl Strayed's book Wild today after already seeing the movie of the book starring Reese Witherspoon twice since it's release, so I decided to watch it a third time, now that I finished the book and understand Cheryl's story more.
 "A chronicle of one woman's 1,100-mile solo hike undertaken as a way to recover from a recent catastrophe."
Boot Hill?

The dog named after Stevie Ray Vaughan in Wild.
I will be doing a much larger post on the movie soon, but I'm just going to focus on the part of the movie where a dog named  
Stevie Ray Vaughan comes into it for now.
When Cheryl asks the people in the car the name of the dog they tell her it's name is Stevie Ray Vaughan, because it was brought home the day Stevie Ray Vaughan died, which would have been August 27, 1990.
 "On August 27, 1990, Vaughan had just performed with Eric Clapton at Alpine Valley Music Theatre in East Troy, Wisconsin. 
All of the musicians boarded four helicopters bound for Chicago, which were waiting on a nearby golf course. 
According to a witness, there was haze and fog with patches of low clouds. 
Despite the conditions, the pilots were instructed to fly over a 1000-foot ski hill. 
Vaughan, along with three members of Eric Clapton's entourage 
(agent Bobby Brooks, bodyguard Nigel Browne, and assistant tour manager Colin Smythe), boarded the third of the four helicopters—a Bell 206B Jet Ranger—flying to Meigs Field
At about 12:50 am (CDT), the helicopter departed from an elevation of about 850 feet, veered to the left and crashed into the hill. 
All on board, including the pilot, Jeff Brown, were killed instantly."
Cheryl then asks about the photo of the little boy hanging from the rear view mirror only to be told he was eight when he was hit by a truck and killed.
Now the coincidence here was I was on the net buying  
the soundtrack to the movie Wild, as I liked a lot of the music I was hearing and knew there was more good songs to come.
But there were no Stevie Ray Vaughan tracks on the soundtrack, so I keyed up Stevie's discography and noticed his last album 
was The Sky Is Crying.

Back to the Future: The Massive Speaker is Meant to be the Bomb that was Dropped on Hiroshima at 8:15

I noticed that The Sky Is Crying was released after Stevie had passed away and that it was released on November 5th, 1991.
I've just been writing a few posts about Back to the Future, so Nov 5 was still fresh in my mind, see the post by clicking on the red link just below the BTTF photo above.
 The first song on the album The Sky Is Crying is a song called 
Boot Hill, which is rather synchy considering the movie Wild starts off with Cheryl losing a boot down the side of a hill, then throwing the other one after it in a fit of rage.
Stevie Ray Vaughan Boot Hill
Look up on the wall baby, hand me down my shootin' iron
Look up on the wall baby, hand me down my shootin' iron
Call your mother long distance, tell her to expect your body home

If the city don't bury you baby, lord knows the county will
If the city don't bury you baby, lord knows the county will

You made your last mistake, you going way out on that boot hill

Lord I don't want to wax you darlin', 'cause you gave me my first thrill
Lord I don't want to wax you baby, 'cause you gave me my first thrill
You did me so wrong, you're going way out on that boot hill
Boot Hill?
There is also a Reese W
playing keyboards on The Sky Is Crying
I was also buying Hozier's album at the same time, as I saw him play live on Easter Thursday at the Byron Bay Bluesfest, but for some reason they weren't selling his CD there.
Hozier on stage at the Bluesfest Easter Thursday.

Hozier is an Irish singer born on St.Patrick's Day (March 17th) and in the film Wild there is a scene where Cheryl is walking the streets on St.Patricks Day at night not knowing that her mother had passed way in the early hours of March 18.
Cheryl walking past revelers the night her mother passed away.
The headstone of Cheryl's mother's grave in the movie Wild.
Now, here is where things start getting weirder, a man named Michael Vaughan died in a parachuting accident right next door to the Bluesfest site a week before Hozier would play there.
"Michael Vaughan was critically injured in the incident when his parachute became entangled with another, at Tyagarah on the far-north coast of New South Wales.
Mr Vaughan was taken to the Gold Coast University Hospital in a critical condition, but the 45-year-old died in hospital Saturday afternoon.
His skydiving partner, 29-year-old Briony Clarke, died at the scene."
Second skydiver dies after accident at Byron Bay on NSW north coast
Cheryl Strayed's mother was the same age as Michael Vaughan 
when she passed away (45 years old) and Hozier was born the same year Stevie Ray Vaughan passed away, 1990.

Life By The Drop
Hello there, my old friend
Not so long ago it was til the end
We played outside in the pouring rain
On our way up the road we started over again

You're living our dream oh you on top
my mind is aching,' Lord it won't stop
That's how it happens living life by the drop

Up and down the road in our worn down shoes
Talking about good things and singing the blues
you went your way and I stayed behind
We both knew it was just a matter of time

You're living our dream oh you on top
my mind is aching,' Lord it won't stop
That's how it happens living life by the drop

No wasted time, we're alive today
Churning up the past, there's no easier way
Time's been between us, a means to an end
God it's good to be here walking together my friend

We're living our dreams
my mind's stopped aching,'
That's how it happened living life by the drop
That's how it happened living life by the drop
That's how it happened living life by the drop

 Then I see this news story today -
'Ultimate guitar hero' 
Sadly, Vaughan died in 1990 at the height of his blossoming career in a helicopter crash. Armed with his signature Stratocaster, the Texas bluesman was an unstoppable force on six strings.
John Mayer called it the "honour of a lifetime" to induct Vaughan, whom he called "the ultimate guitar hero."
"Stevie used his guitar to lead him out of town," said Mayer, who later traded licks on Texas Flood with Gary Clark Jr. 
"He gave me hope because heroes give you hope. 
While Jimi Hendrix came down from outer space, Stevie came up from below the ground."
Now, in Australia where I live, Vaughan is not a common first name and I should know, as that is my brother's name, not that he was named after Stevie Ray though.
And on the subject of guitar heroes I have to say that mine is The Boss, who does have a track on the Wild soundtrack,
Tougher Than the Rest.
 Tougher Than the Rest
is being played in the scene above when Cheryl is approaching Kennedy Meadows.
Now apart from me sharing the same birth-date (September 23rd) with Bruce, I have just finished reading his biography, and it is mentioned in the book that Bruce's father's sister was hit and killed by a truck when she was riding her tricycle as a five year old and this had a tremendous impact on his family and his growing up.
Maybe even on the songs he wrote? 
So Bruce's Grandmother would have known what the lady in the car at the top of this post was going through by losing a child in similar circumstances.
The name Vaughan is a Welsh name. 
In Welsh the meaning of the name Vaughan is: Little.
Little? You are here? The Sky is Crying?-)

The Sky is Crying

  1. "Boot Hill" (Writer Unknown) – 2:15
  2. "The Sky Is Crying" (Elmore James, Morris Levy, Clarence Lewis) – 4:36
  3. "Empty Arms" (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 3:29
  4. "Little Wing" (Jimi Hendrix) – 6:49
  5. "Wham" (Lonnie Mack) – 2:25
  6. "May I Have a Talk with You" (Howlin' Wolf) – 5:49
  7. "Close to You" (Willie Dixon) – 3:10
  8. "Chitlins con Carne" (Kenny Burrell) – 3:57
  9. "So Excited" (Stevie Ray Vaughan) – 3:30
  10. "Life by the Drop" (Doyle Bramhall, Barbara Logan) – 2:28