" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

June 30, 2022

A Higherside Chat with Chris Knowles on the Anniversary of Tim Buckley’s Death?

I only listened to the freefirst hour” of this podcast episode of THC (a podcast show I rarely listen to much since Covid hit the planet, because I don’t agree with Carlwood’s paranoid theories about the virus ... a virus I have right now, even after 3 Pfizer shots), because I saw Chris was bragging at his Secret Sun blog about being on the show, and I guessed correctly that he would be chatting about the Buckley's and Fraser at some point.
I just wonder if Greg was aware he uploaded that episode on the anniversary of Tim Buckley’s death?
A Tragic Love Story/Song That Had Buckley's Chance From the Get Go?

23 Executives and 9 Keys to Synchronicity?

The latest ‘Connecting with Coincidence’ podcast featuring a Singaporean author named Philip Merry hit You Tube 23 hours ago and I watched it as I got out of bed to start the day with a coffee.
I had listened to the podcast yesterday at my dining-room table when the episode hit my iPad, which I had propped up against a pile of books, when watching some You Tubes beforehand ... and one of those books was a travel guide to Singapore, as I’m halfheartedly planning a possible 2024 trip for a personal milestone year to celebrate the age I’ll be turning on 23/9:-)
I’d also like to check out Philip’s old house, which is now a museum, at #137 Queen’s Ave. Singapore, which Philip confirmed was his old home in a comment to me in a post about the number 137 at the Synchrosecrets blog.

June 29, 2022

Why the Lack of Religion Breeds Mental Illness?

I find it ironic that this month on my kitchen calendar is a picture of an iconic Brisbane landmark, St.Andrews Uniting Church, a church I have seen from the outside and passed by many times in my hometown without ever venturing inside to have a look.
Now the census results for Australia have been released this month and the data shows that Australians  are less religious (for the record I don’t put my religious denomination on the census, because I don’t believe it’s any of the government’s business as to what I believe).
I would say that I’m more spiritual than religious anyway, believing in “God” , but not falling for man-made dogmatic religious beliefs that seem to fragment “religious people” instead of “Uniting” them.
There’s even a story in the Australian national news at the same time about Australia’s only Flying Spaghetti Monster Church:-)
Synchonistic Spiritual Gumbo

June 28, 2022

Whales, Fungi and Merlin Sheldrake?

I was surprised last week when looking for podcast episodes about whales to hear Merlin Sheldrake on the latest episode talking about the largest living organism on Earth not being a blue whale, but a fungi patch?!
I’ve written about Merlin on this blog before, so to hear him answering questions from little kids was a laugh ... not to mention that I actually learned something from listening to both the very first podcast and this latest one featuring Merlin, both involving whales.
How Fungi Make Our Worlds, Change Our Minds and Shape Our Futures?

Enlightenment is Giving Up All Hope of Immunity?

I found those words in my blogpost title above, written in chapter 4 titled ‘Choosing a Poem’ from the book ‘Saved by a Poem’ , which I’m currently reading, from poet David Whyte rather amusing on a personal level, when I picked up my book, which was laying next to my positive RATS test on my table, as well as D.H. Lawrence’s words, “body, breath, and voice- means letting go of the hope that the poem will give you only the feelings you want and will protect you from the ones you don’t”:-)
Timely advice for someone whose body, breath, and voice are not what they were a few days ago.
Then Kim Rosen adds,”I have found (to my great joy) that no affirmation will help me avoid the more difficult colours of what life brings”.
David Whyte on The Art of Poetry, Prose ... and Doorways of the Mind?

Billy’s Back ... But Paul is Dead? Really Jay?

I was going through some old DVDs last night, which I had bought years ago and was deciding whether to keep them or pass them on, and one was the Jay Weidner movie ‘Infinity: The Ultimate Trip’ which I watched again last night, only having watched it about 11years ago, and I had forgotten it was made by Jay Weidner and wondered what he was up to now.
The Twelfth Insight”?
I discovered Jay has a podcast called ‘Reality Check[out?-] and one of his more recent episodes is about the Paul is Dead hoax, which Jay seems to have fallen for hook, line and sinker:-)
What next Jay ... Flat Earth:-P
I’m giving the ‘Infinity’ DVD away, by the way, because I’m not a Neale Donald Walsch fan, as I’ve written about why that guy gets on my nerves in a previous post, and Jay seems to focus on Walsch’s syrupy BS throughout this movie too much for my liking, Brinkley’s theory sits better with me -

David Whyte on The Art of Poetry, Prose ... and Doorways of the Mind?

Reading the book Saved by a Poem’ by Kim Rosen she writes in an early chapter about finding an audio cassette tape under her radiator in her patience waiting room (lucky the place didn’t burn down I think) and it had the poems of David Whyte.
Saved by a Poem?
I hadn’t heard of David or his poetry, so I did a podcast search for any recent podcasts he may have been on, and the latest one I could find was uploaded last Wednesday on the ‘The One You Feed’ podcast show where he talked about the symbolism of doors and doorways, and I thought about Mike Clelland’s fascination with his bedroom door and the meaningful patterns he sees in that door, and David also talks about the metaphor of d doorway in a podcast episode titled ‘How Loneliness Tells You Where to Go, with David Whyte’  -

June 27, 2022

Saved by a Poem?

Just like I wrote in a previous post about having the bookThe Secret Life of Whales’ sitting on my computer desk to read for years until I finally picked it up a week or two ago and finally read it, well I’ve also had the book Saved by a Poem’ in the pile of books sitting on top of my printer on my computer table and I had planned on reading that one first until I had a lot of whale and dolphin syncs hit me.
Looks Like I Picked the Right Day to Start Reading The Secret Life of Whales 🐳?
As I was just about finished reading ‘The Secret Life of Whales’ I was wondering what book I should start reading next and Micheline Jenner ended her book with a 3 page poem she wrote out on the ocean, and since the cover of Saved by a Poem’ has a photo of the ocean stretching to the horizon I guess I had my answer, so I started reading her book and listening to some interesting podcasts featuring Kim Rosen talking about being saved by a poem.
Funny thing is that I bought Micheline’s book down in Byron Bay at a writers festival, which seems somehow poetic to me:-)

June 26, 2022

Today is Michel Tremblay’s Birthday?

Either Wikipedia is wrong or Michel Tremblay was throwing us a red herring in his book ‘Bambi and Me’ by mentioning his birthday is June 26th ... I wonder who is right?-)

No Stupid Questions ... Only Answers?

I listened to two podcasts recently about the coincidences of seeing particular colours and makes of cars and just how unique and meaningful finding those cars were.
One podcast called ‘No Stupid Questions’ talked about the red Honda coincidence where the hosts use lame examples to prove their conformation bias theory, and the other podcast was ‘The Mystical Underground’ podcast featuring Pam Grout talking about the VW Jetta principle ... and on a personal note yesterday when I went to the local shops and hopped out of my car I noticed a VW Jetta next to my car, and then on the way to the chemist shop to pick up a RATS test a white Holden car pulled out in front of me with a number plate that had TAS as the letters part of the numberplate.
While I snapped a picture of the Jetta at the shopping centre, my phone was in jeans pocket, plus it’s a $1000 fine to use your phone while driving, so you’ll have take my word on that one.
The thing was that I wasn’t even looking for these cars and numberplates yesterday ... and unfortunately this morning the RATS test returned a positive result, which means I’m stuck at home for the next 7 days at least:-(

Felix Salten‘s Bambi?

I watched Disney’s 1942 movie version of ‘Bambi’ on DVD last night in honour of Michel Tremblay’s 80th birthday, because I’m reading his book ‘Bambi and Me’ and then I listened to a podcast about Felix Salten’s new English translation, which was a very interesting podcast episode I thought. 
And rather eerie timing with the Disney movie coming out during WWII in 1942, with Salten’s family background, I thought.

June 25, 2022

OrphΓ©e: Death and Mirrors?

The first movie in the book ‘Bambi and Me’ to get its own chapter is the French film ‘OrphΓ©e’ directed by Jean Cocteau, a film I’m yet to see in full, only having watched the trailer below, but I’m very intrigued by the themes in the film and listened to an interesting podcast this morning at the Cinepunkedpodcast.
I had added the podcast episode to my playlist last night before going to sleep only to wake up at 3:21am to hear it playing, which I found amusing, as 3 ... 2 ... 1 ... is like the backward count of a hypnotist trying to put you under:-)
The Hypnotist and The Joker?
It’s also Michel Tramblay’s 80th birthday today, so I might have to watch ‘Bambi’ today in his honour?

What’s the Big Deal About Bambi and Who is Michel Tremblay Anyway?

I wrote a recent post about reading a book called ‘Bambi and Me’ which was written by a French Canadian guy named Michel Tremblay, whose work or background I never really knew much about until yesterday when I did a search on the web to find out if he was still alive.
Turns out he is still alive and that today is his 80th birthday:-)
So Many Books to Read and So Little Time?