" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

July 21, 2017

Spontaneous Combustion? I Am Heath Ledger Depicts a Soul That Burned Too Bright?

Is this a prophetic scene from Heath Ledger's movie 'Two Hands'?
I was writing a post about the Heath Ledger movie 'Two Hands' and came across the above screen shot in a movie where Heath's character plays a bank robber -
Pooh Poo-Pooed in China?
A kid sitting on the couch with a Batman mask painted on his face while their grandmother reads a book called
'Spontaneous Combustion'.
There was a lot of talk about burn out surrounding Heath's accidental death, from what I can remember and then I read a review of the documentary that was released this year about Heath Ledger
I Am Heath Ledger depicts a soul that burned too bright
"But the implication raised by more than a few of the people interviewed in this loving tribute is that Ledger burned a little too brightly to survive much longer than that.
“He was 50 in awake years,” as one old friend puts it, and everybody here—from lifelong pals, to family, to his agent, to admiring peers like Naomi Watts, Ben Mendelsohn, and Djimon Hounsou—remembers the late night phonecalls, early morning drop-ins, and limitless creative energy of a man who seemingly (no, actually) never slept."
 'Spontaneous Combustion' from 'Two Hands'
You just wouldn't read about these eerie synchronicities with your own 'Two Hands', would you?
The Joker card seemed to be in play in Heath's movie career long before he stepped into the Joker role which would bring home the gold.

The Snowman

It's been about a year since I saw my first ever real snowman when I was staying down in Tasmania last year -
Room at the End of the World?
And I saw a news story a few weeks back that the top of the mountain was covered in snow again.
"Winter proper has finally arrived in Tasmania with snowfall and dangerous black ice, as cold conditions sweep across much of Australia."
It kind of made me homesick reading that story and thinking of those wonderful warm Hobart pubs that I spent time in drinking that beautiful black ale, but I am back at home in my home-state of Queensland.
Weird how I can spend four days in a city and feel at home there.
I loved seeing that little snowman that someone had made and plonked on the sign on top of that mountain in Hobart.
Then I see one of my favourite actors is trying to do a Kubrick/Clockwork Orange effect with my pleasant little snowman memory by starring in a chiller/thriller called 'The Snowman'.
'The Snowman' actually looks like a good movie, so I'll probably check it out when it hits the cinema screens, as long as I don't find out that that bloody Phil Collins version of the song
'A Groovy Kind of Love' is on the soundtrack, as well, because that would make it into a horror movie, as far as I'm concerned.
Michael Fassbender shot a movie down in Tasmania not long ago, so he probably is no stranger to Tasmanian pubs either.
The Light Between Oceans
But filming a snowman movie in Norway would make Hobart's winter seem like Norway's summer, I would imagine.
And on the subject of horror movies and my hometown, I see that the Spierig twins from Brisbane are directing the next Saw movie.
Jigsaw (2017 Movie) Official Trailer
I think I have only seen up to number three and then got sick of those movies.
The first two were good at least.
The latest one going by the trailer seems to have a heavy suicide theme to it where the "contestants" are continually offered the choice to kill themselves, or carry on.
And I couldn't help thinking the "live or die" line was right out of the movie 'The Grey'.
Then again, it's been one of those puzzling "live or die" kind of days, I guess.
Chester Bennington: Linkin Park singer found dead in apparent suicide, LA coroner says

The Siren Song Sings on in the Ripples of the Wake?

"Linkin Park lead singer Chester Bennington, who sold millions of albums with an ever-changing mix of hard rock, hip-hop and rap, has been found dead in his home near Los Angeles, the Los Angeles County coroner said. 
"Bennington was said to be close to Soundgarden vocalist Chris Cornell, who took his own life in May.
Just stating the obvious here...July 20th
Formed in 1996, Linkin Park have sold more than 70 million albums worldwide and won two Grammy Awards.
The band had a string of hits including Faint, In The End and Crawling, and collaborated with the rapper Jay-Z.
Sync Log: Heath Ledger, the Joker and the Siren
Scenes from the movie 'Two Hands'
Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water

Chris Cornell: The Muses Choose Broken Vessels

Pooh Poo-Pooed in China?
Don't get caught in the RIP.
Chilling hints in Linkin Park lyrics: ‘I don’t like my mind right now’
"He told Billboard: “And I remember Chester walked in and it was, ‘Hey, how are you doing today?’ and he’s like, ‘OH, I’m fine,’ and we were hanging out for a minutes and he was like, ‘Y’know what?
I have to be honest.
I’m NOT fine.
Too much stuff is just happening to me.
I just feel underwater.’
“It was like that saying “when it rains it pours;” It’s that kind of feeling that stuff is piling up one on top of the other, and it creates this feeling of just being overwhelmed, like, ‘Things feel so heavy to me…’”
Heavy was the first single from the band’s seventh studio album One More Light.
Other tracks on the album include Nobody Can Save Me, Talking To Myself and Good Goodbye.
Chester reportedly took his own life and was found at a private residence in Palos Verdes Estate in Los Angeles just before 9am on Thursday TMZ reports.
Needless to say that this post won't be viewed in China;-)

July 20, 2017

Highwayman Signs?

""Highwayman" is a song written by American singer-songwriter Jimmy Webb, about a soul with incarnations in four different places in time and history: as a highwayman, a sailor,
a construction worker on the Hoover Dam, and finally as a captain of a starship."
I wrote about seeing Jimmy Webb play Brisbane a few weeks ago in this post -
Sleepin’ in the Daytime (Words and Music?)
My view of Jimmy Webb's Brisbane show at the Powerhouse in Brisbane

And he actually played the song he wrote 
'The Highwayman' and that was made famous by 'The Highwaymen' years ago.

'Highwayman' was one of my father's favourite albums, which I now own, since my mother passed the album on to me with a few other of my father's other albums -
Drive the Carrot, Don't Let It Drive You
I've always liked the song 'The Highwayman' as well, as I believe in reincarnation.
I always have to some degree, way back to my childhood, long before I even knew it was an excepted theory in many parts of the world.
The albums of my father's my mother gave to me. Highwayman ringed
Half of the albums pictured above that my father had were mine originally anyway.
Springsteen, Chris Cross, the BTTF soundtrack, Beaches, Beverly Hills Cop, Jerry Harrison, The Proclaimers and the Alan Parsons Project were all albums I gave to him when I got rid of my record player, when records were a thing of the past...remember?
I doubt if my father would have ever listened to those albums, but I know he loved to listen to Kenny Rogers, Tom Jones and The Highwaymen.
Although, there was one last album I received after my father passed away.
Willie Nelson's 'The City of New Orleans', which mum found on the turntable of my father's record player when she was giving the record player away.
My mother must have given the empty album cover to someone else who thought there was a vinyl disc in it, because the cover was nowhere to be found.
My father's ashes were dug into the soil around his favourite tree in the family backyard
My father was in a home when he passed away, as he had Alzheimer's disease for the last few years of his life, even though it was pneumonia that killed him in the end.  
My father's body was cremated and since the crematorium wanted thousands of dollars for his ashes to be placed behind a plaque on their grounds my mother decided to take them home and said she would just place them under my father's favourite tree that he had grown from a seed.
I told her that was a good idea, little did I know that she was going to dig his ashes into the ground around the tree.
When my mum told me what she had done she told me when she died she wanted her ashes to go under the tree, as well.
The alarm bells started ringing in my head when she said this to me, as the house was being left to me and my brothers and the only way I was going to get my share was to sell the house.
Then because of a friend of the family who is a lawyer and told her that when she dies the home that my oldest brother is in (he was born brain damaged) will want his share of the money for the value of the house even though they already have his invalid pension going to their bank account.
So my mother put the house on the market and sold it and split the money between me and my other brother to cut them out of any will when she dies, since there will be nothing to take.
My parents old refurbished bedroom where my father's albums were kept
The only problem was my father's ashes would have to stay under the tree...not that it worries me, as I see ashes as akin to fingernail clippings, they might have been part of you, but they are not you.
Anyway, my mother and brother moved into a duplex that's in my brother's name, so he gets to keep it when mum passes on, if he out lives her (in that case his son gets it).
And I got my share and have bought a unit outside of Brisbane.
The weird thing was that the night I was going to see Jimmy Webb, mum told me the real estate agent was bringing around a sword and some coins the new owners of the house had found when they were refurbishing the house. 
The sword my father hid in the roof years ago
I asked my mother what sword was the real estate guy talking about, as I had never heard of a sword that my father had.
At first mum thought he must have been mistaken, then she remembered that he did bring a sword home once that someone had given him and wanted to mount it on the wall.
She refused to have a sword in the house and told him to get rid of it.
The sword was made in India the land of reincarnation beliefs...Hmm 
Dad must have hidden it up in the roof and forgot about it, as it wasn't in real good condition now.
The velvet like material was all eaten, or rotted away and parts of the sword were rusty.
The sharp pointy end of the sword
I thought it was uncanny that the real estate guy would pick the night that I was going to see Jimmy Webb play in my hometown of Brisbane to bring this sword I didn't know about from our old house.
An article with a sword featured in the 'Rolling Stone' magazine that I bought
But I had also bought a 'Rolling Stone' magazine only because I had flicked through it at the supermarket and saw an article about Jimmy Webb's new book and this was before I even knew that Jimmy was coming to play in Brisbane.
The Rolling Stone magazine that I bought
A day, or two before I saw Jimmy play Brisbane I saw that Harry Styles step-father had just passed away and Jimmy Webb mentioned at his concert how his own father had passed away only last year like my father had, too.
Harry Styles' stepfather Robin Twist has died aged 57 after a "long cancer battle".
It looks like we all have something in common there.
The strange thing also was I laughed when my mother told me she was scared of having a sword around the house.
I asked her how many times do you hear in the news about someone using a sword to try and kill somebody in their house when there are plenty of other household weapons lying around like sharp kitchen knives?
Then as I was typing this post up I see a guy in Western Australia attacked a policeman today who came to his home over a domestic violence call.
Samurai sword attack: Australian cop butchered in Perth home
Sword and pistol by my side?!
And the weird thing about that news story was that 'The Samurai' was one of my favourite TV shows growing up and where I got the idea about reincarnation, as a lot of the ancient traditions of Japan really resonated on a deep level with me, so much so that I felt I must have lived in that country before at some time.
And I still feel that way today, although modern Japan doesn't hold the same appeal to me even though I still resonate with the country on some level.
Too hard to put into words really, but it's a feeling I've always had since the first time I saw that show.
I have the same feelings toward Ireland, as well.
Probably all just a mind mirage, right?-)