" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

October 20, 2021

A Free Double Pass to Free Guy?

'Free Guy' on the cinema screen Monday night
I went to the cinema for the first time in a long time Monday night to see the movie 'Free Guy' ... for free, because my youngest son was given an Event Cinemas double pass voucher that expires at the end of the month from a co-worker and wanted to know if I was keen to see a movie with him at an Event Cinema.
Wasn't much to pick from, but based on reviews we chose 'Free Guy' as it was FRESH on the 'Rotten Tomatoes' site (which must have been reviews pulled out of the RT freezer as far as freshness goes I think) and set our sights on the 5 pm session at the
Coomera Cinemas, as we had never been there before.  
Coomera Cinemas
We got there right on 5 after having to take the back way through the cane fields because of a stand still on the free-way, probably a wet weather crash, because of a serve storm that was hitting the area as we tried to get to the undercover car-park before getting hit by hail or lightning ... or other cars that were trying to not get hit by hail or lightning:-)  
This cinema complex had the biggest cinema candy bar I had ever seen in or around Brisbane ... and I failed to get a photo because we were rushing to grab a snack and get to our seats at the time.
Although I had to stop and grab a picture of whatever was happening in cinema 1.
Star Wars movie/s at an educated guess would you say?-)
Tickets please?
Empty cinema ... awesome:-)
Wasn't even a need to rush it turned out, as there were still a few adverts to go yet. 
Is that woman in the commercial wearing a blue shirt?-) 
I'm glad that I decided not to wear my sky blue linen long sleeve shirt that night like I was going to, as I didn't know before seeing the movie that the "blue shirt guy" is the hero of the movie.
That could have looked a little fan boy ... or at least stupidly ironic on my part if I had have worn it.
The only reason I didn't wear the blue linen shirt was I didn't want to get it wet in the rainstorm that hit just before we left my place.  
Coomera Cinemas
I thought that Monday night at the cinema might be a little quite, but not completely dead.
Me and my son were the only ones in the cinema until the movie was about to start, and then four other people entered and sat down a few rows behind us ... which was a bummer, as we then had to put our masks back on:-(  
Even the food joints around the cinema were deserted when we came out of the cinema at around 7 pm.
Everything did not look awesome like in 'The Lego Movie' which is I feel what 'Free Guy' was trying to send up, but just in video game format rather than in plastic bricks, not to mention
'They Live', 'The Truman Show' and 'Groundhog Day' and maybe even a bit of 'South Park' thrown in with the Guy/Buddy routine, as well:-)
But I can't complain, since the movie was free, guy, right buddy:-)
They Live ... in 'The Lego Movie'?

October 18, 2021

Frankenstein (The Movie) Turns 90?

Cover to Credits Podcast: Frankenstein
I listened to the latest 'Cover to Credits' podcast episode which was about the differences between the novel and the 1931 movie of 'Frankenstein' and realized that I bought the book in 2018, the novel's 200th anniversary and still haven't read it yet -
Curiouser and Curiouser Affection?
Sophomore Lit Podcast #62: Frankenstein
I also found our that the
'Sophomore Lit' podcast had done an episode about the book back in 2018 when the book had turned 200.
And I noticed oddly enough that when I wrote my 'Peter Pan' post that the 'Cover to Credits' podcast and and the
'Sophomore Lit' podcast are both at 119 episodes right now:-)
History Unplugged Podcast: Was there a real life Dr. Frankenstein?
I'll have to watch my
'Director's Commentary: Terror of Frankenstein' DVD again now -

Lucid Awakening and Synchromysticism?

The Mystical Underground: Christine Clawley: Lucid Awakening
I caught this podcast dropping onto my Apple Podcast playlist this Monday morning in Australia as I was waking up from a dream, which is rather synchy as the podcast is about dreams and lucid states.
And as usual I have since forgotten what I was dreaming about just before I woke up.
I just hope I wasn't dreaming of tonight's winning lotto numbers:-(
The Mystical Underground: Christine Clawley: Lucid Awakening
I can't wait to see the movie when it comes out.
I've been listening to some interesting podcast episodes lately.
You might say that I getting hooked?
Hook Island and Sharks: A Geographic Synchronicity?
The Universe Works in Mysterious [Radio] Ways It Seems?

October 17, 2021

The Universe Works in Mysterious [Radio] Ways It Seems?

Mysterious Radio: Chaos Magic – Oct 13/14, 2020
On Friday night I wondered what the clowns at
'Mysterious Universe' podcast were going to be laughing at this weekend and since I had flicked their show off my Apple Podcast list I put in a podcast search and a show called 'Mysterious Radio' came up as well.
I scrolled through the available episodes and found one featuring Gordon White from exactly one year ago, which I thought was weird and downloaded it to play on the weekend, as I had just given my books of his away to the Bribie Island Book Exchange just over a week ago, along with a whole heap of other books, DVDs and CDs.
Not that they weren't an interesting read, but now that I've read them I couldn't see me reading them again, so I decided it was better to pass them on to others who may be interested, rather than the books gathering dust on my bookcase.
26.15 – MU Podcast – Casteneda’s Star Wars
I listened to the
MU podcast above in the early ours of Saturday morning, but to be honest I've never been interested in Casteneda's books, since I always figured the guy was a lying fraud like
Lobsang Rampa was when he wrote all his BS books around the same era.   
Rune Soup: Night is a Sharkskin Drum?
I listened to the year old 'Mysterious Radio' podcast featuring Gordon White around lunchtime today and was surprised when Gordon was talking about sharks and speculating about an Australian Prime-minster who disappeared in the surf in '67 as maybe being the victim of a shark attack.
Like me, the current Prime-minster is a Cronulla Sharks supporter and there was a lot of memes floating around Shark Park featuring Harold Holt, until 2016 when we won our first NRL grand final trophy:-)     
Interestingly on Friday night when Gordon was going into a 3-day lock-down in southern Tasmania and people in Queensland were free to play that weekend, there was a shark attack in Queensland
Then I see after I posted my last post this afternoon that Gordon had written a blog post about a sharkskin drum -
Rune Soup: Night is a Sharkskin Drum?
You'd swear it was shark week, wouldn't you ... that's if it wasn't Dolphin month/year up here in Queensland right now?-)
The Deadly Red Dolphins?

A Pictorial Podcast?

Pictorial Podcast: Theosophy & Abstract Art
I stumbled across the 'Pictorial' podcast when searching for podcast episodes through Apple Podcasts search about Theosophy after hearing Gary Lachman talk about Theosophy in some recent podcasts -
A Secret History of Consciousness: The Conscious World According to Gary Lachman?
I also found out that there are visual podcast episodes on the 'Pictorial' podcast You Tube channel, but unfortunately they seem to only be up to #33 at the You Tube channel, and at 
Apple podcasts they are up to #45, so it might be a while until I can view #41 on the You Tube channel:-(  
But I'm happy to wait for now and watch some of the available 33 video episodes in the time being.
#1: Can Artificial Intelligence Make Art?
How a Teenager's Code Spawned a $432,500 Piece of Art?
I read this in a local newspaper the other day:-)
#1: Can Artificial Intelligence Make Art?

Hook Island and Sharks: A Geographic Synchronicity?

So it’s a synchronicity combined with a tale of woe?
The 34-year-old man had been swimming near Hook Island?
On the 14th of October, 2021 my American friends wrote a post about having interviewed Rick Bettua for their
'The Mystical Underground' podcast about Rick surviving a shark attack off the coast of my Australian home state of Queensland.
Rick Bettua: Sharks And Synchronicities
Rick and Rob have co-authored a book, called BREATHE, which is about Rick’s shark attack survival story ... or actually many survival stories throughout his career and afterward.
I wrote a post about listening to that podcast that was aired about 2 weeks ago, as well as listening to another podcast about another American living and swimming in Australian waters and who has also written a book about it -
I also wrote a post about listening to a podcast about the book
'Peter and Wendy' and how that book just celebrated its 110th anniversary this year, and how the movie 'Hook' also turned 30 this year -
Peter and Wendy Turn 110 in 2021?
Hugh Jackman in 'Pan'
Hugh Jackman who played the main pirate in the movie 'Pan' celebrated a birthday on October 12th and the
'Sophomore Lit' podcast about the book 'Peter Pan' and the movies made from the story dropped on October 12th, 2021, as well.   
Peter Pan (2003 film)
The 2003 movie 'Peter Pan' was even made in the Australian state of Queensland on the Gold Coast.
So I found it quite bizarre to read in the news that
a man was bitten by a shark off Hook Island just off the coast of Queensland on Friday night.
What are the odds, right?
Hyperstition - Fictions Becoming Real ... Really?