" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 28, 2023

Richard B. Spence, Freemasonic Para-Politics, Murder and Russian History?

I recently watched the 
Richard B. Spence lectures about Secret Societies on 'The Great Courses' streaming channel and found them interesting, even though I wondered how he got these lectures on a channel like 'The Great Courses'?
Richard B. Spence is [was] a Professor
at the University of Idaho
This was the first time I had heard of Richard B. Spence, so I did a podcast search for any podcasts Richard had been on and I found some more interesting listening from Richard, not that I agree with everything he says, but I do agree with a majority of what he says.
He is certainly smarter and saner than a lot of the usual suspects you hear talking on these shows below.
Freud Disappeared from the Earth in 1939, the Year of the Rabbit?🕳🐰
Crimes of the Century  by Richard B. Spence
Richard also has a series about crimes on the same TV streaming service.
And what caught my eye when watching his 'Secret Societies' lectures was it was said he was a lecturer from the Idaho University in Moscow, Idaho, USA.
This is the same university where a nutbag just stabbed to death 4 students from that university.
Time and Punishment?⏰👀

February 27, 2023

Freud Disappeared from the Earth in 1939, the Year of the Rabbit?🕳🐰

Freud had a thing about holes, so I find it somewhat amusing that Freud passed away in 1939, the Year of the Rabbit, which was the year that 'The Wizard of Oz' was released:-)
Life really is a Looney Tune cartoon it seems to me:-)
My birthday is always the anniversary of Freud's passing on September 23rd.
But sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, right?-)

Synchronicity is Emerging into Global Consciousness?🌏🧠🌎

I've written about Richard Tarnas before on this blog and always find his talks interesting -
A Message from the Whole to the Part?

February 26, 2023

Killers of the Flower Moon?🌕🐇🌑🐰

I see that Martin Scorsese has a film coming out in 2023 called 'Killers of the Flower Moon' starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert De Niro based on the book of the same name by David Grann.
I just wrote a post about Marty's 1999 film 'Bringing Out the Dead' -

2023, The Year of the Dolphins?🐬🐇🐰

WB who was the coach of the Rabbitohs is now the inaugural coach of the Dolphins in 2023, the Year of the Water Rabbit.
Wanye will turn 74 on New Years Day, 2024, but it will still be the Year of the Water Rabbit until February 9th, 2024:-)
Rabbit Rabbit Rabbit ... Hole?
Warner Bros.
Personally, I think 2023 will be the Year of the Sharks;-)
And this recent news story below is not a good omen as far as Dolphins go.

UPDATE: March 6th, 2023

February 25, 2023

Why Read War and Peace in 2023 When You Can Listen to it and Watch it?💣☮🕊🐇🐰

I read 'War and Peace' when I was a teenager just so I could say that I had read it.
At the time it bored me to tears and was a slog for me to get through.
I knew nothing about Russian history back then and very little about European history, either. 
And if you had have asked me what I recall of reading the book as a teenager I would have only told you I found it boring and confusing and wouldn't bother reading it again in my lifetime.
But I did read (well listen to it being read to me) it again this year and loved it.
Funny how the book hasn't changed over the years, only my life perspective changed before I read it again.
I watched the excellent BBC TV series based on Tolstoy's book and starring 'The Fablemans' and 'The Batman' (plays The Riddler) actor Paul Dano as the main character Pierre Bezukhov, before listening to the book on audio, which gave me an idea of who was who in the story as I listened along. 
Now I'm getting ready to read 'Middlemarch' (well, listen to it being read to me), but I want to watch the 1994 BBC series first, but can't find it anywhere on streaming services or You Tube, so I have to buy the DVDs to watch it, which means I probably won't be able to start listening to the book until the middle of March:-)

UPDATE: February 25th, 2023
Love and Consequences:
George Eliot's
Ironically, I recently added the IDEAS podcast to my Apple Podcast list and this week they dropped two podcast episodes about the book 'Middlemarch':-) 
I wrote about the IDEAS podcast in this recent post -
Tom Sizemore in 1999's 'Bringing Out the Dead'
I have a feeling that the book angels really want me to read this book ... like now ... or at least by mid-March at the latest:-)

February 24, 2023

UFO of GOD?🛸👼👽

I like Chris and think he believes he is telling the truth, but do I believe it?
All I know is that there is probably a baby in the bathwater here, but where, I don't know.
The Virgin Mary archetype is a very powerful archetype for a lot of people like me who grew up in and around Catholic culture (not that I would consider myself religious).
I'm not a Roman Catholic myself, but my Nan was semi-hardcore in many ways, as were a lot of my friends and their families, so it kind of mentally rubs off on me from a childhood of growing up around Catholics, while not being one myself ... although I was baptized an Anglican at birth by my parents (not that they were religious people), and I am now a Liberal Catholic convert since my early 20s (not that I've been to a church service in decades).
"The Lady" does seem to visit Chris on some very Catholic dates, such as Easter and October 13.
Or should I say 10/13?-)
Or X/XIII?-)

UPDATE: February 25th, 2023
29.07 - MU Podcast - Contract with the Goddess
I listened to the latest (free) Mysterious Universe podcast episode which dropped onto my Apple Podcast list overnight and the boys talk about Chris Bledsoe's new book UFO of GOD (which I have not read) and his Job like life story ... which ain't over yet by the way.
Job (biblical figure)
Hardcore Literature: Ep 59 - The Book of Job
And why does the new MU logo look like an MJ?
Looks kinda BAD to me, and not in a good way:-)
The Mysterious Rabbit Hole of the Universe?👽🕳🐰🛸

February 23, 2023

If it Bleeds, it Leads?🩸🐊

I was watching the 7 News tonight and one of the first news stories aired was a 
man, aged in his 30s, being mauled at the Bloomfield boat ramp, north of Cairns, about 5.30pm on Wednesday [February 22ndby a crocodile.
The irony wasn't lost on me that Wednesday just happened to be the late Steve Irwin's birthday. as well.
2022, Australia Zoo and the Year of the Tiger?
Of course, 2023, is the Year of the Rabbit ... or the Cat.

UPDATE: February 25th, 2023
It is the Irwin family and Australia Zoo’s belief that
 individual culling and relocation are not effective
ways to manage
crocodile/human co-existence
How ironic is life when a guy gets attacked by a croc and losses his dog on Steve Irwin's birthday and now there is a renewed debate about culling crocs because of this guy's croc attack, something Steve was dead against, when he was alive:-)