" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

January 31, 2022

The Eve of the Tiger?

Well, there won't be any visit to the Chinese Buddhist temple for me tonight seeing that the food stalls and activities have been called off because of Covid, but I will be watching the live You Tube link of the Light Offering Blessing Dharma Service at around 9:00pm Queensland time.  
After I have cooked and eaten my Singapore Noodles dish tonight ... and maybe some leftovers for tomorrow:-)
Beyond Sex and Soup and Everything Imaginable?
At least I can celebrate the
Chinese New Year coming in at home with a Tiger Beer or two:-)
2022 Water TigerExplosive Energy ... ?

It's a Wonderful Life ... and Podcast?

The Greatest Gift- It's a Wonderful Life
All That You Can Take With You- It's a Wonderful Life
These two podcasts above of Josh Reeves' about the movie/book
'It's a Wonderful Life' hit my iPad well after Christmas 2021, but I have seen the movie years ago and am familiar with the story, so maybe I have to watch it next Christmas now, unless my guardian angel knows something that I don't;-)   
I like Josh Reeves' little podcast episodes, which I stumbled across when looking for podcasts about David Lynch oddly enough.
Maybe my guardian angel steered me to Josh's podcast a few weeks before Christmas?-)  

January 30, 2022

'Safety Last' is Nearing its 100 Year Anniversary for 2023, But is There Enough Time Left?

I just finished reading Simon Garfield's book 'Timekeepers' which has a picture of Harold Lloyd hanging from the minute hand on the cover of the book, similar to the way Lloyd is remembered hanging from the minute hand in the iconic 1923 movie 'Safety Last', a movie I have never seen in full until this week in 2022 when I found this free You Tube below uploaded illegally I would imagine.
The movie takes place 100 years ago in 1922.
So, you might want to watch it too, while there is still time left before You Tube pull it down, like they eventually do, even though this Tube has been up for 7 years so far ... and counting:-)
I find it ironic that Lloyd and Hitler both shared a birthday on April 20th, even though they were born years apart from one another:-)
Harold Lloyd didn't believe in luck apparently, he believed in fate, much like I do.
And I'm glad that I picked Garfield's book out of a bunch of books that were on sale in the QGOMA bookstore, because while every book you read changes your life in some way, no mater how good or bad it was to read, I think Garfield's book has changed my life for the better, but had I have read it in 2016 it wouldn't have changed my life the way it has while I took my time to read it over the 2021/2022 time period in-between reading other books.
The Last Book I Read Changed My Life and So Has Every Other Book I Have Read
While I don't think I'd like to read any other books Simon Garfield has written so far, I like how Simon is fascinated by subjects like letter writing, type fonts and maps.
I'm sure that he has time for a future book on a subject that I will enjoy as much as 'Timekeepers' or maybe even more.
Time will tell if I am right I guess;-)
And when 'Safety Last' turns 100 it will be on April 1st, 
The Clock is a Film That I Will Have to See (in) One Day?

Shatner in Space ... the Final Frontier?

I just watched 'Shatner in Space' on Amazon Prime last night and while going into space to look back at the Earth is a mind-blowing thing to contemplate, I couldn't help wondering about the astronaut in that show who passed beyond the veil of death on November 11th, 2021, not long after being on that flight ... 
Glen de Vries. 
Any gambler worth their salt would never have placed a bet on Glen being the first astronaut to pass away after that flight.
The red-hot favourite would have been Bill Shatner, because of his age and past health problems.
Life and death seem unpredictable with no certain bets in this life ... well from down here at least.
The actor who voiced HAL in '2001: A Space Odyssey' passed away on November 11th, as well, but 3 years before Glen did -

Soylent ... Life After Food?

Kind of ironic I thought that I had never heard of the Soylent meal-replacement drink until today in 2022 when reading a book from 2016 called 'Timekeepers':-)
The Art of Food and Saving Time?
The movie turns 50 in 2023, so you'll be able to take a bottle along with you to the cinema (maybe?) and watch a 50th anniversary screening while you reminisce about 2022, the year that would have just passed and the year the movie was based in:-)

January 29, 2022

Beyond Sex and Soup and Everything Imaginable?

I hope the universe isn't trying to tell me something here, but after already writing posts about soup and healing and listened to a podcast that dropped onto my playlist one night about a woman who had written a book about healing with the subject of soup in the title.
A book I haven't read, and at this stage don't plan on reading, even though it does sound intriguing to me ... and not because it has the word SEX in the title, either:-)
I have to admit that the host of the 'Everything Imaginable' podcast Gary is a strange guy who I'm glad is on the other-side of the planet from me and not living next-door to me, the way he goes on about "Angel Dust"(the drug, not fairy dust) and wanting to inflict pain on himself (as in hitting himself in the head with a hammer, to quote one example he "jokes" about when he interviews Kelle Sparta), but he does interview some interesting people ... sometimes ... like Kelle and Anna.
Everything Imaginable:
Kelle Sparta -
The Spirit Doctor
But he also interviews a lot of weirdos who aren't worth listening to unless you want a good laugh a just how gullible some people can be.
Gary likes to push "open-mindednes" to the limits on his podcast, probably with the aid of a hammer and some "Angel Dust" on his part, but he does have some good interviews among the mostly bad, so it keeps me subscribed to his podcast, even though I'm tempted to flick it off my list now and again, but it has led me to people like Anna and Kelle and their work with other people who they have stumbled across.
I was also surprised to hear that Anna was born in a Singapore hospital, as Singapore is a place I have been thinking of paying a visit to, maybe next year or the year after ... God willing, as they say:-)
And who knows what kind of soups I will find over there?-)
A book that I have been reading lately
Anna Parkinson - 
Beyond Sex and Soup:
 Living a Spiritual Adventure
Interestingly, or synchromystically enough, Kelle Sparta's latest podcast hit my Apple Podcast list as I was writing up this post, and it is about "healing":-)
Spirit Sherpa Podcast: Kelle Sparta
Healing - Talking To Illness/Trauma
Maybe Gordon White over at the 'Rune Soup' podcast should have a chat with Anna about her sex and soup book?-)
I still have a can of tomato soup in the pantry, so I guess that's what I'll be eating tonight while I watch Ash Barty in the AO tennis final ... and it won't be delivered by UBER EATS, either:-)