" Synchromysticism:
The art of realizing meaningful coincidence in the seemingly mundane with mystical or esoteric significance."

- Jake Kotze

February 28, 2013

The Art of Darts & Dying

Bruce Spence in a short movie
The Art of Darts & Dying
I was looking through the IMDB information on the actor  
Bruce Spence who I've written about here -
Sync Degrees of Jackie Weaver  
and came upon a short movie he stared in called 
The Art of Darts & Dying.
" Terry Discount is a celebrated darts player at his local pub. 
He is also an inveterate drinker and fervid smoker - so much so that Death arrives at the pub one day, looking for Terry. 
Soon the two are engaged in an epic darts match for Terry's soul and, more importantly, his status within the pub. "
You can see highlights of it here -
The Art of Darts and Dying
It's all that I have seen of it too, so far.
Bruce has been in some movies he probably wishes he hadn't like this one -
But he has also been in some classics as well.
Dark City
Queen of the Damned
Bruce's next project is a video game called Edge of Twilight -
"Edge of Twilight plays in a world where day and night have been split into two separate realms. 
The player takes control of Lex, who is the only being alive holding the ability to transverse between the two realms."
Maybe he should see if he can get a part in the movie Salt 2;-)
Flipside of the Dartboard

Santa Cruz Signs?





I wrote a post a while back because of some bad Santa Cruz signs I was noticing in the media -
Signs? "Santa Cruz" means "Holy Cross" in Spanish
and just now, the day of the Pope's resignation (here in Oz anyway) I see this creepy story news story -
LOS ANGELES - One of two police officers killed in a shootout with a suspect in Santa Cruz was from Lomita and went to school in Torrance.
Detective Elizabeth Butler was a 10-year veteran of the Santa Cruz Police Department.
Butler, who leaves behind a partner and two young sons, and 28-year Santa Cruz police veteran Sgt. Loren "Butch" Baker were both in plain clothes when they were gunned down around 3:30 p.m. outside the suspected shooter's house. 
Baker leaves behind a wife and three children. 
The suspect, identified as 35-year-old Santa Cruz resident Jeremy Goulet, was shot and killed by police about 30 minutes later.
Butler and Baker were the first officers to be killed in the line of duty in the history of the Santa Cruz Police Department.
Butler, who has family in the South Bay, graduated from Bishop Montgomery High School in Torrance, according to CBS2.
Santa Cruz detective killed in shootout was raised in Lomita
Jack Torrance
Butler (caretaker) of Torrance?
" Jack Torrance is a writer and former teacher who is trying to rebuild his and his family's life after his alcoholism and volatile temper cost him his teaching position at 
a small preparatory school."
 Jack Torrance
"It's what the old timers called
cabin fever" The Shining
Butler (caretaker) of Torrance?
The Black Madonna?
A black Madonna and her black "Christ"
is the guardian of the "Holy house".
The Pope prays before the
Black Madonna of Loreto.
It's all a bit like a bad dream these Santa Cruz signs. 
 Even when you have your eyes wide open;-)

The Fisherman's Ring

Scene from Back to the Future Fish?
Is "Back to the Future" a Film About the Knight's Templars and Their Fight with Rome?
Papa Don't Preach Coincidence?

New Post ... Tomorrow ... I Promise